Another Petroda robbery suspect dies after Malawi Police shooting

Another suspect involved in the K46.4million armed robbery which occurred at Kanengo Petroda Filling Station that claimed life of a police officer and injured another has died while receiving treatment at Kamuzu central hospital in Lilongwe, hours after being shot by police in Nkhotakota.

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

The deceased is suspected to be among the armed thugs who shot dead No.A 5570 sergeant Antony Mkokho and injured No. B 3060 Constable James Clifford on May 8 2015, before going away with K 46.4 million cash . He was shot by the police on the night of Monday 28 2015 at Dwangwa township in Nkhotakota district.

On the incident the criminals also snatched two riffles from the officers, however, one of the riffle AK2C serial numbers K007376 and five rounds of live ammunitions were recovered.

Before this, the armed thugs using BS Nissan Tilda saloon-stolen from Isaland Investments and real registration number MJ 7494-unexpectedly blocked a minibus and shot the security officers.

According to central police publicist, Ramsy Mshani the suspect was shot on the leg at Dwangwa township in Nkhotakota and was taken to a nearby hospital before referred to Kamuzu central hospital in Lilongwe where he died while receiving treatment.

He said: “The suspect was shot as he was trying to escape an arrest and officers took him to a nearby hospital and he was immediately referred to Kamuzu central hospital in Lilongwe. Unfortunately, he died while receiving treatment.”

Added Mshani: “The suspect was found also with other items including BMW motor vehicle and five live ammunition, which we believe are connected to the K 46.4 million KanengoPetroda robbery.”

The deceased has been identified as Kingsley Manyenje (41) popularly known as Mbenje of Mlaji village in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Mwadzama in Nkhotakota.

Meanwhile police say the manhunt is still in progress to track down the other suspects and bring them to book.

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39 thoughts on “Another Petroda robbery suspect dies after Malawi Police shooting”

  1. MTELEZI says:

    opha mzake nayenso aphedwe basi baibulo limatero.

  2. Gibo thegreat says:

    Keep itup officers

  3. wit marley says:

    have done the great deal

  4. Chatsalira says:

    Shot in the leg and later died receiving treatment???

  5. MOG says:

    While I totally support “shoot to kill” but dieing after being shot on the leg looks abit smocky. Don’t try to hide the truth. Shoot in the head and say it as it is. Otherwise, keep it up. Arms are meant for our security and not that of the criminals. Shoot them!

  6. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Good move and well planned.

  7. Machete says:

    Very good our offivers

  8. Wa-Fodya says:

    Shaaah, too bad for my home-boys, kukonda chamba too much these young men.

  9. Chief Cadet says:

    Well done,opha mzake afe

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Mpaka having or driving a Black Man’s Wheels, without being a Bwana Nkubwa or Bwana Pwepwete, or without access to Cashgate money?
    So, where else did he get the money for the BMW? And why run away from the authorities?

  11. Petros says:

    Good work

  12. Abiti bakha says:

    Men in khaki have done it again well done

  13. ZOBA says:

    Good job officers.

  14. makhilikhili says:

    Nice work abakha, we need a robbery free state

  15. ZOBA says:

    Good job.

  16. good job deal with them all

  17. Christian life says:

    Tell me which book when you say brimg them to book. Which month yes we read on 28 but of what. How many were they in total. Are they really of petroda kanengo or you don’t know? Please report profFessionery otherwise 0 out of ten on reporting to both you and your so called edditor. Mbuzi za anthu pitaninso kusukulu there are so many schools now you should enroll. No need to complain of quota.

  18. tadala says:

    where bring them to book shall mean killing them, hehehe!

  19. mtumbuka1 says:

    As much as I don’t celebrate any loss of any life, this soul needed to be put to order cos it was a total manace to the public and it is worth while that it’s been taken off from among us. Well done cops I love people who are willing to serve their country other than those who serve their political masters.



  21. Kayamawa says:

    Was that Kanengo or Kamuzu Central Hospital Roundabout Petroda Filling Station and check on the dates, it was in June and not May….. Apolisi ntchito gwirani.

  22. titus Scoti says:

    Kodi anthuwa analipo angati? Seems they were more than five that was announced initially. What about the money? Any news as to how much has do far been recovered? Ziri pati???

  23. Chikopa says:

    Munthu samafa kumuombera pamwendo. He had other bullets wounds as well.

  24. zakusimba says:

    Abeje wawutali. Good job cops.

  25. Zagwa Zatha says:

    Wakupha naye aphedwe. That’s the equation yoti tidzigwiritsa kwa akuba omwe akumaphanso pa scene of crime po.

  26. The old one says:

    Komatu osamangowathothola anthuwa kuli kubisa wina wamkulu mmpolisimo who might be implicated. Otherwise justice might not see light of day in this issue if all suspects are killed.

  27. kunyado says:

    Near I mwapha killers

  28. kunyado says:

    Mwaphs killerz

  29. mkupa says:

    Job well done

  30. jona says:

    He deserve to die

  31. Honest says:

    I have no kind words for thugs. Let them die!

  32. Kes says:

    More fiiire! Ziliii mushee!
    Big up an eye for an eye…
    Even when a prehended kill them in the cells …

  33. Well done police! Keep on shooging tk kill these thugs. I’ve a few friends of mine in MPS therefore, I will not allow these bandits to keep on killing our police officers who r serving the nation.

    Tiyeni nazoni mpakana zithe zonse ngati zikakamire basi Shaliah law will apply.

  34. The real Ujeni says:

    We are a small country, by now, all the robbers would have been caught. Next time don’t waste time telling us you are doing investigations that’s stupid talk, do a lockdown immediately cover the area go by helicopter, sniffer dogs, track them and make a statement. Not we are doing investigations, that’s silly talk. You do your investigations when a robber bolts from the cells.

  35. tchadiwiki says:

    Kanengo petroda? Which incident is this?

  36. This is good. I think a police became serious when they saw that these thugs are willing to kill them. Before that they thought they could share the spoils with these criminals.

  37. wales banda says:

    Tiyeni nawo

  38. Aubrey Chembezi says:

    well done police n keep it that way!

  39. wales banda says:

    Doing good job guys, keep it up,agalu amenewa anazolowela kwambiri

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