Another refutation from DPP: Rejects ‘hit-list’ of Malawi govt critics

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party has flatly denied that the government has a ‘hit list’ of its critics, describing the allegations as baseless.

Mpasu: Why should DPP be allegic to criticism

Mpasu: Why should DPP be allegic to criticism

The social media is awash of names of prominent people alleged to have been earmarked by the government to be silenced with attacks in various forms.

The list includes Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera who is also Leader of Opposition, vocal Peoples Party vice president Kamlepo Kalua, Chancellor College political scientist Blessings Chinsinga, renowned economist Henry Kachaje among others.

President of New Labour Party Sam Mpasu said it was surprising that the Peter Mutharika administration does not want criticisms in multiparty democracy.

“When people are criticising you, they are helping you. After all multiparty democracy means freedom to criticise those in power to make them accountable to people,” said Mpasu.

However, DPP spokesman Francis Kasaira said the opposition and the commentators just fearing their own shadows, claiming no one is threatening or intimidating them.

“There is no proof, this is baseless. This is a tactic to force Malawians think these people are relevant to Malawi, they are irrelevant. No one is following them,” said Kasaira.

He said these people want to be seen to be relevant to Malawi by creating stories that people should think the government is after them.

But DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

The Mutharika administration is now becoming more dictatorial for employing tactics to silence critics as evidenced by the arrest of MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila, Peter Chakwantha and Ulemu Msungama on sedition charges following a Whatsapp chat box.

The police also continue to use archaic laws to arrest ordinary Malawians in public places who criticise Mutharika as was the case with two men in Lilongwe and Mangochi who were locked up for allegedly insulting the president.

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Nijo Gawaza

Kasaila, Kasaila, Kasaila, Kasaila, Kasaila ndiye kuti chiyani? Nkhope ngati Kasaila (mphenembe ya mphongo) kkkkkkkkkkkk ………..kkkkkkkkkkk……….kkkkkkkkkkk…………kkkkkkkkkk……..kkkkkkkkkkk……kkkkkkk.


mob justice koyambitsa zisokonezo misokhano ya MCP and PP


its not whether Hon MPASU will win again or not,but the substance in what he has said.


So Mr. Kasaila, you are telling the Nation that opposition leaders are irrevant? Meaning that, to you, we are in one party state, and you are ironically agreeing that DPP is practicing politics of dictatorship. In any democratic country, opposition is relevant….. it is only in one party state where opposition is irrevant and deserve to be hit as is the case now…. Tamva bwana…. we are heading backwards.


DPP should know that one day Malawians will lose their temper and there will be blood-shed since those on the hit list have sympathisers and they will think of retaliation to your hit-squadrons. Peter, do not say you were not forewarned. Dare kill one of them and you will see akangw’ingw’i ndi impi and tidzakusolora mafupa.


So you Mr Katsaira think you are relevant? Kudya mphenembe kwambiri eti?



I really agree with your views Mr Mpasu, But my question to you Sir, What did the people of Ntcheu Central constituency achieved when you was a senior Minister during UDF regime and Speaker of Parliament? You failed even to help your own relatives in Khuzi Village, No where to go with your NLP, ask your friend Davies Katsonga, You failed to deliver to the people who voted for you as a Member of Parliament, Will you make it once elected to be president of Malawi? Just retire from active politics coz even Nkhumba zaku Ntcheu knows that you can’t… Read more »

Another silly little story about nothing.

Kondwa Ikwanga mwamlima
Kondwa Ikwanga mwamlima

I agree with sir Mphatso. Ruling partys do believe in critics. They should show the muscle in politics. Criticizing sets a good basis for development. You buy good idea from criticisms.

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