Another shake-up in DPP politburo: Vuwa, Masebo replaced by Goodall, Jappie

Hardly four months after the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) removed some top office-bearers including the Secretary General and Publicity Secretary, another ‘shake-up’ has taken place.

Goodall Gondwe: Now DPP vice president

Goodall Gondwe: Now DPP vice president

The ‘shake-up’ follows a DPP politburo meeting held on Monday, February 9, 2015, at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Goodall Gondwe has been appointed DPP Vice President responsible for the North, replacing former legislator Nick Masebo.

The ‘shake-up’ has also seen the departure of Vuwa Kaunda as the DPP National Campaign Director. The new Campaign Director is Deputy Defence Minister, Jappie Mhango, according to DPP’s publicist, Francis Kasaila.

Kasaila has said the reasons for replacing Masebo and Kaunda is that the two are “presidential advisors” and that therefore they dedicate little time to party matters.

“It is a question of separation of powers. Doubling as party office-bearers and advisors to the President may bring conflict of interest,” claimed Kasaila in an interview with Nyasa Times on Monday.

Political scientist, Augustine Titani Magolowondo has quashed the reasons for the changes, saying there are others serving in government positions but also hold DPP positions, particularly ministers.

Commenting on the ‘shake-up’, Magolowondo said ministers are also “essentially advisors to the President” and that therefore Kasaila’s claim about the two advisors “does not hold water”.

He cited the case of DPP Director of Women , Patricia Kaliati, Treasurer General, Henry Mussa, Dr. George Chaponda, the new appointees, Gondwe and Mhango, as being cabinet ministers who double as party office-bearers.

He, nonetheless, applauded the governing DPP “for attempting to draw a line between party politics and government”.

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56 thoughts on “Another shake-up in DPP politburo: Vuwa, Masebo replaced by Goodall, Jappie”

  1. mulungu akuona says:

    madala cru

  2. mulungu akuona says:

    madala team



  4. joe says:

    Wait and see kumapeto kwa ndale zimenezi

  5. Omex70 says:

    There is nothing new that Goodall can bring either to the party or to the nation at large. He is a spent force.

  6. chakhalira says:

    It is very, very unfortunate for A Gogo Goodall Gondwe. What is new here A Gogo? You were once the DPP Vice President and Bingu through you away and picked his young brother on Presidency. Mukuwona? You were side lined. Lero you accept the same lies just to use you in the north. Koma, uwu ndiwo wu stooge wotha ntchito. Muyambeso za Quarter System imene mumayimvetsetsa inu nokha!

    I do not understand what this old man wants in DPP.

  7. aurora says:

    its nice to have the geniuses take charge,goodwall ndiwanzeru like APM and CHILIMA…all the best…me is behind DPP 24/7,365

    1. TAWONA BEWULA says:

      Nzeru zake ziti

  8. George Kungwalu says:

    There must be some disagrement in the party hence the changes this is just the begining espect alot in days to come

  9. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Kasaila is another perfect dunderhead. I know him from Poly and aliku World Vision. Useless creature

  10. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    A Gondwe akalandila ndalama mutu wawo sugwila ntchito

  11. Jelbin mk says:

    The political analyst you consulted Nyasa times had goofed to recommend DPP on drawing a line between government and party activities because the venue for this so called shakeup says it all that the party is very far from separating the two because Sanjika palace is not a DPP structure and I don’t know what the analyst meant by applauding the party for separation of party and government events am yet to learn about this. Political party meetings must be fully funded by the party and yet they were in our state house dinning and winning all night long using our hardly earned taxes this is unacceptable and stupid for example here in South Africa the ANC holds all its meetings at Lithuli house (the party’s headquarters) and not at union building where taxes from all people whether politically active or not are being used in all ways because there is no way they can deny of abusing our tax money there.

  12. Chemwa Limbani says:

    what do you what to achieve with that age shame on you sibweni.How can gogo like you transforme mMalawi where is the youth anthu apa Malawi ndiomvesa chisoni kazikalerani azukuku kumuzi mwina ndinu amasiye ndiwuzeni agondwe

  13. Chief says:

    Chipani cha khalamba.79,78,77,….mugwa nawo ma BP.ndima shunga, ndima kadiaki.zikamachitika tizimwela pa zodiaki

  14. Mapiri says:

    Kasaila needs training in PR. He fails to giv convicing reasons.

  15. OGO!! says:

    I always believe kuti these party positions should not be held by ministers as their efforts are divided. If you are a minister be a Minister, day to day running of the party should be left to other that can do it on a day to day basis.

    Campaign Director…akhalenso Deputy Minister of Defence? Defence is a sensitive and very important Ministry…nde azikakhonzanso ma campaigns a ma by elections and the like for the party. I don’t personally agree with such a move…

  16. ndadabwa says:

    male pipo usandinyanse kubera ndi talent yanu mxi!!!

  17. Kenkkk says:

    Typical DPP, they never ever give credible reasons for changes they make. Please just make your changes and don’t give us stupid reasons which make us think you are all drunk!!!

    Apart from The UDF man, all ministers and advisors are DPP people. That is expected. This is not the type of conflict of interest we all know about and feel concerned mr kasaila.

    If you are serious about this mr kasaila why didn’t you pick people outside DPP to all top positions to avoid your version of conflicts of interest?

    1. chie says:

      Inu ndi a kongo!lesi tikudziwa. Dikilani nthawi yanu.ngati mungadzalamulire.

  18. male pipo says:

    Azanu akusintha moyenera kuti akonze mofunika. Akadzawina muzikati akuberani?

  19. Patriot says:

    Nanga Atupele hahahahahaha

  20. ganimunthu says:

    Mamama. Goodal wants quota system and he supports it.

  21. Bob says:

    Welcome to the party GG and JM. Make the ruling party strong.

  22. Bongololo says:

    Why Godal again? Mr president, north is crying coz of this Big guy yestaday PP tomorowDPP then retired then DPP he is confusing us in the north.
    I agree with the line up
    Rremove SANGA as regional governor PUT HON CHIHAULA SHAWA AS REGIONAL GOV,
    CHILAMBO FROM RUMPHI AS DOY2 myamata wa ma bit
    Mrs Mfune and Happy kumwenda Organizing
    This will be Avery successful region work up Mr sec general and DPP fans !CHIPANI CHAFA KUMPOTO ISE KUNO KU RUMPHI TIKULIRA

  23. luckyyyy guy says:

    vuwa and masebo achita bwino kuwachotsa these guys amadana ndi anthu ophunzira kwambiri they prefer anthu a standard to be on top posts…amamunamiza peter ndimaboza a anthu ambiri mu chipani

  24. Bernard says:

    We lost trust in Goodall since he left DPP and joined PP. We don’t know Jappie as a family of DPP ine is from PP, Abwana Peter I wish you would have consulted first the northerners Please get ma advise. Line up of leadership. RG north Chihaula Shaba,DOY BIG Joe, director of women, Chimpozo, Treasure a samuel Chirwa, Orginising Happy Kumwenda, Compain Director DOY 2 from Chitipa, secretary Kitaro, members Comodias noire nda, Chimango mughogho,buluktu Mwenefumbo, uncle Jose, Gerge manda chitwanga,Josph Chavula, Mr thawi mpama jere ndolo, etc.

  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ndale zozuza anzanu, basi.

    Changes will only take place in the northern and central regions. Southern region is always in tact.

    The problem is not with the slave driver but the slaves themselves, they accept to be hassled anyhow.

    1. NKHAMANGA says:

      In concurrence with you, the DPP party’s politburo at this moment in time can only be worried with the Central and Northern regions coz at least in the south they are at ease thanks to the so called ‘working alliance’ with the money hungry UDF. However, the Northern region appointees will do very little in as far as winning the loyalty of their region’s populace to the party, that I can bet. No sane Nyikaland Republic wolf can waggle it’s tail towards the slavedrivers.

  26. losco says:

    Tiyenazoni! Komatu Vuwa msamumponye minyala.Muzikumbuka komwe mwachokela .

  27. Winford kayange says:

    You can go 1st b4 him coz u r not GOD 2 Jaj

  28. Zaziiii nthawi zina mukasintha maudindo anuwo kuli bwino kungokhala chete osayankhula chifukwa mukayankhula ife timauwona usiwa wam’mutu mwanu monga ya muonela kasaila tamuona kuti ndi wausiwa,nzelu alive zifukwa zonse wapeleka olo mwana wanga akhoza kufumsa kuti ndie kuti a gondwe SI otanganidwa?

  29. lilian says:

    Jean Kalilani was removed as SG and reason given was that she was Minister and apa we are appointing this not a contradiction?

  30. cnkhuto says:

    Ife A DPP tiribe nazo vuto. They will serve us well and the advisers will advise the president well. In politics you widen your coverage by engaging a lot of people.

  31. Umunthu says:

    Wait guys! Very soon you will hear that Collins Magalasi has replaced Badall Gondwe as Finance Minister. But don’t say Gondwe is old. He has just begun another life. Paja “life begins @ 40. If he is 80, he has just begun life. Afterall, he is just 10yers younger to Mugabe

  32. clement says:

    Goodlucky Goodal and Jappie.

  33. Zaa Zii says:

    I have never known stupid people like Malawians.

    DPP is a party with its own members, it is not a national party, we are not forced to vote for it.

    So if they make decisions that they believe to be good for the party, why should they consult the North?

    Your party is PP in the North so why are you worried about DPP making a mistake in appointing Gondwe? should you not be happy that that gives PP a chance to win?

    You know very well Gondwe has still got influence in the North, all this noise making is fear of the man, that he will convince people to back DPP.

  34. Group Village Headman Kandiwike says:

    What a lame excuse for the changes?

    I would have thought that the new appointees have far much demanding job responsibilities by virtue of holding offices of Minister and Deputy than Vuwa and Nickson who in their capacities as Presidential Advisors really have no job at all.

    If truth be told, Vuwa and Nickson are on the chopping board.

    You cannot have non MP’s holding senior party positions when there are Ministers around who using the advantage of incumbency can use Government resources at their disposal to run party affairs.

    This is simple politics as taught in Ndale 101.

    Mark my words.

  35. I dont think Goodall is a potential candidate for the north as he has been in Government for quite along time but did no any achievement.

  36. dee kay says:

    preparing a vacancy for Atupele to occupy because Goodall will be gone by 2019

  37. Goodall is 80 years old. Time to retire. Death is closing in on you old guys whether you like it or not. It is nature but you are simply greedy.

    1. JJB says:

      Are you that stupid not to realise that death does not look at age? Hate the man for his good deeds, but you might be surprise that you could die before him.

      1. Zosautsa says:

        Speeches at a funeral ceremony:

        >80 years: Tandandaula popeza tataya gogo yemwe timatengako nzeru. Kotero akuluakulu akamachoka chonchi nanga anafe tizikatenga uphungu kuti. Koma popeza nthawi yakwana tingoti mzimu wa gogowa uwuse mumtendere.

        >40 years: Ife ndi dziko lonse tikudandaula kuchoka kwa achinyamata ngati awa popeza dziko kuti litukuke anthu ake ndi amene akutisiyawa. Kotelo kuti apa tonse tatayika, kodi achinyamata ngati awawa akamatisiya adzatsogolere mudzi kapena dziko ndani?

        I hope you can differentiate through the speeches as to whose death is likely to make people complain and cry most.

    2. freespch says:

      Sadly it is the young that are dying instead. Why? Condoms are porous but no one says it.

  38. Khumutcha says:

    Hon Kasaila, mukunamiza ndani?

    This explanation does not make sense. As per your explanation, Nick Masebo was too busy as a Presidential advisor to be handling the office of the VP of DPP; now you replace him with a whole Cabinet Minister of Finance who will probably be less busy than the former? The same goes to replacing Advisor Vuwa Kaunda with Deputy Minister of Defense is deemed to be less busy.

    Koma ya! Nkhani zomvera pa “Ana inu tisewele” ndithu.

    1. luckyyyy guy says:

      vuwa and masebo deserved to go ndi anthu amaboza heavy…they re not educated nde amapanga sanje akawona anzizawo ophuzira occupying top posts like ambassadors,CEO,board chairpersons /board members amafuna anthu a standard 8 angamunamiza president

  39. CHIYAMBA says:


  40. amina says:

    Who is Nyapai? Fellow netters pliz help.

    1. Bwampini ena amati mr ibu. Enaso amati peturo.

  41. Tili Chenene says:

    Is this a shake-up?

    1. o'Betha says:

      Search me

  42. Monica says:

    The north needs to be counsalted ,this will make DPP dead in the north Don’t forget these two went to PP when DPP was in problems now u think they can do more than Masewo wait and see ,anthu adyera awa asapusitse chipani, bola mzomera ngwira Anayima ndi chipani cha DPP zinangovuta.
    GG a gwire ntchito za boma not za chipani he is no longer strong in the north thats why he lost as MP poeple lost trust in Him.

  43. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Koma GG akufa liti

  44. Think Tank says:

    please political parties dont make funny reasons when justfying your decisions. Gone are days when people were mute on explanations given to them. If you had said,maybe,that Vuwa and Masebo will be given other responsibilities to strengthen those areas,you would have got away with it. Now you sound like dunderheads.

  45. Piche Yakiti says:

    Repositioning for 2019. DPP thinks by engaging Goodall as Vice president, this will make all the people in the North happy and therefore, they will vote for DPP in 2019. This is a strategy to woo more votes since the party is shaky that there will be no room for rigging(as alleged in 2014 May) in 2019 since the polls shall be closely watched.

    But still, are these appointments not supposed to be done through convention?

  46. Emmatuwa says:

    wayaka moto ku DPP ndimanenatu ine kuti upolofesa wa APM suwolamulira dziko ayi koma ndiwamilandu sizi mwaziona.

  47. mwenilondo says:

    paja a Goodall ndi a school mate a Nyapapi ndiye it’s not surprising at all. Akuti Nyapai lero sangapange decision ina ili yonse without consulting GG. Koma kumeneko

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