Another UK-bound ‘Chamba’ package intercepted at Malawi airport: Hemp from Zimbabwe

Malawi Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on Saturday intercepted four chamba “cakes” weighing 4.5kg posted from Harare, Zimbabwe, and heading to the United Kingdom on Kenyan Airways.

The Chamba cakes as packaged by the Zimbabwe exporter  - Pic. Courtesy of KIA Police

The Chamba cakes as packaged by the Zimbabwe exporter – Pic. Courtesy of KIA Police

This came after the police at KIA on Thursday also intercepted another package of chamba (Cannabis sativa) weighing 4kg posted from Harare, again, en route to an address in London, UK.

Both the Thursday and Saturday packages were posted through Kenyan Airways flying to the United Kingdom through KIA, according Sgt. Sapulain Chitonde, spokesperson for KIA Police.

The chamba was packaged in form of cakes and wrapped in carbon papers spread with hot pepper outside apparently to kill the drug’s notable smell, according to Chitonde.

But unlike the Thursday package which bore the name, Clayton Hickey, as the one who posted it in Harare and Richard Peterson as the recipient in London, the Saturday package had Mary Jackson, and Paul Jackson, as the sender in Harare and receiver in London respectively.

“We have not yet made any arrest in connection with the chamba packages but we are currently communicating with our counterparts in Zimbabwe to work together in tracing the culprits,” said Chitonde.

Between September and November 2015 KIA handled over 10 similar cases except that the parcels were posted from Blantyre to various destinations in Europe mostly via Ethiopian Airways.

During the same period, Police in Blantyre arrested Nigerian national, Mzee Chidiebere at Blantyre Post Office on suspicions that he was behind the posting of the packages of chamba to Europe.

Importation, exportation, possession or consumption of chamba is illegal in Malawi under Sec. 11 (A) of the Penal Code as read with Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act, according to Chitonde.

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If it was frm zim to London wher does it concern u thr kupanda mwambo do u thnk apolice Azim ndi london ndosaziwa ntchito yawo. Let man eat green as it is veg


Just ask the airline to pay fines..and release the cargo. That way everybody wins. If you burn everybody loses!!!


Why not sieze the earoplan as you do with the motor vehicles? Had it been it was a motor vehicle you could have siezed it. The carrier looses nothing because payment was already done, those chamber cakes will go missing even in Police hands


Mdziko mwathu musakhale njira yodutsiramo zinthu zoletsedwa. Arrest the senders

flyton Manda

Waste of time. Take care of your own problems! Does Malawi have forex? Just waiting for tobacco proceeds? The state of Colorado is making a killing selling chamba and all u can do is arrest people! Use ur fucken brains u morons! Thatvis the only natural resource u have for crting out loud and u can make a fortune with it and boost this infantile economy!!!!

el chapo

nanunso just legalise it. we’ve got bigger fish to fry, osati za nanzi. mukuseweretsa a natural resource and major forex earner. after all, timangomva kuti mwatumiza ku chitedze ‘to do tests’ koma sitinamveko kuti mwaotcha ma drugiwo.


Kodi bwanji kulimbana ndi zinthu zodutsa? Kodi ndegeyo imatera ku Malawi kokha?
Chonde Limbanani ndi mbava za ku Malawi osati a chamba a ku Zimbabwe.


Kkkkkk pliz go ahead with enquiries of cash gate

Gogo Ntela

Chamba chimangodutsa chisiyeni zikukukhudzani chiani a Malawi. We have better and more crucial security issues to sort out. K 92 Billion idanka kuti?

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