Another University in Malawi to open April: Blantyre Synod Uni’

As the demand for university education is growing in Malawi Blantyre Synod of Church of Central Africa Presbyterian is set to open its university in April.

Rev  Billy Gama: Blantyre Synod University  to be at HHI

Rev Billy Gama: Blantyre Synod University to be at HHI

Rev Dr Billy Gama, who is leading the team said the university missed to open in January as planned.

But he is optimistic that it has structures and other requirements to convince government to give them the requisite mandate to start offering university education.

Rev Gama said the institution would start offering education in the faculty of commerce and faculty of theology.

He said the university would be established within the monumental Blantyre Mission premises where iconic Henry Henderson Institute (HHI) Primary and Secondary School is.

Rev Gama said HHI has allocated enough buildings to accommodate the school of higher learning

“As a Pastor I have faith and hope that the university will open in April. Off course we are ready to satisfy inspectors,” Rev Gama said.

He said the faculty of commerce would offer bachelor’s degree in marketing and bachelor’s degree in business administration.

While the faculty of  theology would offer post graduate programs.

“We will be offering post graduate studies in theology because we have Zomba Theological College which offers undergraduate programs. We want those that have finished their studies at Zomba Theological College to come and upgrade here,” he said.

Plans to establish the university comes amid financial woes affecting the Zomba Theological College threatening its future.

HHI Secondary School has also run by the synod has lost its pedigree as one of the country’s top secondary schools based on its performance due to among other reasons financial problems.

Blantyre Synod would follow its sister synod Livingstonia Synod in establishing a school of higher education.

Livingstonia Synod University was established over 10 years ago and has managed to become one of the reputable private universities in the country attracting some of the high profile lecturers from government universities to teach there.

Former University of Malawi Vice-Chancellor Professor David Rubadiri is part of the management team.

Nkhoma Synod of in Malawi’s Central Region is also intending to open a university soon.

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19 thoughts on “Another University in Malawi to open April: Blantyre Synod Uni’”

  1. Mbuya says:

    But u need to look at ur finances properly otherwise GOD will punish us

  2. Guantanamo says:

    If Livingstonia, Nkhoma and Blantyre Synods were one church, as the Catholic church is, they could have come up with one vibrant and mega university. Unfortunately, the synods compete against each other. In fact, they hate each other. They look down upon each other. Most of the bad and negative comments to the synods are said by members of rival synods. Some of us are looking up to the day when the CCAP church in Malawi will become ONE church without these three regional blocks. These three synods have, over the past decades, enhanced regionalism, tribalism and nepotism. Cold war and visible infighting among the synods have created unhealing wounds to the body of Christ, and the flock has sought else where for pasture

    1. Linia Believer says:

      Very correct @15. Since Livingstonia University opened 10 years ago, Nkhoma and Blantyre should have joined the exixting sister university.

      On negative comments and insults, have you not noted that each time the press carries a story about Livinstonia, ugly comments follow and most of those are ethnic insults directed at everyone from the north; regrdless of their faith grouping. On the other hand, negative stories about the other two synods never attract tribal comments. Reason; Livingstonia and indeed people from the north are above such savegery and primitive thinking and behaviour.

  3. Student wakonko says:

    Nkhoma Synod University opened its doors in Aug 2014. Nyasa plse read widely you will notice the presence of NKHUNI. At the HQRS of Chilongosoko.

  4. hahahaha says:

    Livingstonia ‘university’ offers the most substandard degrees in Malawi, even Skyway beats you on education quality

  5. Rachel Mazombwe Zulu says:

    Billy Gama bwinotu bwino ndi ana asukulu kumeneko. Paja akulu inu kukonda kusoka heavy.

  6. Gogo Ntela says:

    Livingstonia Synod and the Mighty Northern Region will always be in the lead.

    You can imagine after 10 YEARS of service that is when some people somewhere are intending to open theirs.

    Ndiye nkumati tifanane……….pano as Livingstonia, we are targeting the expansion and the award of Masters and PhDs……ndiye mutipeza?

  7. Bibo says:

    Business Administration or Commerce or Accounting are degrees for consumers and not producers. These private universities are just producing and promoting Cashgaters,their graduates will just be good at cooking books to syphone money from the public and private sector.

    Malawi needs several polytechnics and technological universities to offer faculties in Chemical engineering,Biomedical engineering, Mathematical sciences, Architecture, Mechatronics, Computer and electrical engineering, Aeronautical engineering,Actuarial science, Industrial chemistry, Nuclear physics, Data science, Chemical engineering, Pharmacy,Biological sciences and Biochemistry, Physical and Occupational therapy, Mining engineering ,Petroleum engineering, Geological sciences, and Medical sciences. That is the way to go in order to reach advancement in industrialization,entrepreurship,and producing of technologically savvy graduates who can change the sphere of the country’s creativity.

    The more the country is creative, the more it will achieve development goals. It’s about producing innovators, scientists,researchers,and movers and shakers. Administrators,economists, and accountants or lawyers will always be there but scientists and technologists are a rare breed that the country has to strive to produce because they are the engine behind the success story of any country.

    1. Nijoes says:

      Bibo has just added his or her name to the list of EF (educated fools). How do you expect to develop as a country without the role of business professionals. If you undermine the role of businessmen then you should not applaud entrepreneurship. One can not be a successful entrepreneur if he or she lacks basic principles of business management.

    2. Unknown says:

      Before you undermine business n commerce, first of all come to understand their meanings and the role they play in boosting the national economy. Remember common sense is free.

  8. At last we start thinking says:

    Good move too little too late though. We need more technical colleges to supplement what we are lacking in the country. Blantyre Synod you collect more resources than Nkhoma and Livingstonia Synods but your giving back to communities is the least felt at least from what we see.

  9. Namila says:

    For pity’s sake Malawians how many useless universities are you going to have?What is happening to that country? This is not promoting education but pure greed! The degrees from these institutions will not be worth the paper it will be written on. Poor Malawi!

  10. bonkili says:

    Missionaries came to preach but stayed to teach. My PhD thesis title on Philosophy of Missionaries in Nyasaland

  11. satopa says:

    Churches seem to be in competition – hospitals, radio stations, schools now universities!!! Why not concentrate on your mandate of bring us closer to God. Its understandable kuti kalelo there was need to bring education to the masses to enable them read the bible..koma pano ayi…we dont need another university to provide the same courses that are offered by other institutions….

    Go back to your first love..’God!!!’ and the Word of God!!! Osati zampikisanazo ayi

  12. mbuya says:

    All universities just offering business administration, human resources, accounting and other useless courses that cant develop Malawi. Why not offer technical courses?

  13. Richman says:

    As a country off-loading thousands of graduates on the labour market, do we need to train more in soft-skills discipline such as theology, or in science and technology which can create new jobs? Don’t be copy-cuts of the education system that is already failing; rather be innovative and set priorities right. Just wondering.

  14. James Mhango says:

    Malawi needs technical skills. If a country is to develop, industry based economy is the future. We have seen universities sprawling everywhere in the country and none offers degrees in Engineering. I understand the difficulties of erecting the infrastructure necessary for technical skills, but its the only way out. we welcome this move but we expect better education offered than theology which is abstract knowledge.

  15. Lupwito says:

    Bravo BT Synod, koma mukalowesapo ndale…..Danger! Have faith and hope ziyenda basi. Good lucky.

  16. jumani mwana ngwazi ( the original one ) says:

    Industry inatha pa Malawi and I don’t know where these graduates will work. Politicians have failed this country and we are heading into the dungion of darkness and hopelessness. We are leaving in a failed state.

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