Anti-gay Malawi to miss from World Bank funding

Malawi and other developing nations will be sidelined from World Bank funding in projects that could end up harming gay people.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: Won't fund projects in countries that endanger gays

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: Won’t fund projects in countries that endanger gays

This has been disclosed by the President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim speaking at the Economist’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ conference  taking place in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The World Bank is an international financial institution that specialises in provides loans to developing countries for projects, assisting in their development and creating infrastructure to help tackle poverty.

“We’re trying to look at another principle that is important, that that principle is that if something we support leads not only to discrimination but endangerment, don’t we as an institution have to stand up and say ‘no’?”

He said: “As a minimum, we have to stop a loan that can either discriminate or endanger – and we’ve never had that discussion before inside the World Bank.”

Malawi this year attracted the wrath of international civil service, the United Nations on the  decision to withdrawal a case against People’s Party  (PP) publicist Ken Msonda who was charged with an offence of inciting people to kill gays.

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,Rupert Colville, says the discontinuance of the case sends a bad message to the society that killing gays is legal in Malawi.

Msonda was  charged under section 124(1)(b) of the Penal Code, which makes it a criminal offence to incite others to break the law after a criminal case was initiated by two civil society organizations Centre for Develop to People (Cedep) and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation ( CHRR).

Director of public prosecutions Mary Kachale said she would not reveal reasons for the discontinuance of the case until she faces the Legal Affairs Committee of parliament

Religious people, including the biggest church in Malawi, the Catholic church have asked President Peter Mutharika not to legalise homosexuality.

The UN further says  Malawi has a responsibility, enshrined in international human rights law, to protect all individuals from hatred and violence based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, and to hold to account anyone who either engages in such violence or incites others to do so. 7

And they have since urged the Government to meet its responsibilities in this regard and protect all individuals from hatred and violence based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

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79 thoughts on “Anti-gay Malawi to miss from World Bank funding”



  2. therere says:

    you are forcing us to follow your gay ideas and yet the USA president is married, British PM also married

  3. Tikondane says:

    Typical of Lucifer’s gifts! Satan will never give out absolute gifts; he will always attach a no sense condition yoti iwe wokonda kulandiralandira ukayitenga upse manja oro udzicheke. Azungu ndalama alinazo koma ndianthu opanda mtendere! Omakhalira kulimbana ndi Mulungu!! To hell with your stupid money!! Tifere ngongole!! I-i-i-ya!

  4. ONE LOVE says:

    A lot of ignorant people posting. Thats why your country well ever be called developing and you will forever kill each other because you are filled with hate.

  5. Go to hell world bank
    we don’t need your gay money

  6. chaendasi mani says:

    za dhoooooo! !!!!!! za mkonono zokhazokha. Kani azunguso ndi ogona ? pa….. pakilani ma gay anuo mutenge muzikawateteza kwanu komko. the secret is that u dont hve places to live nde mwaona kut ife tikachulukana musowa kowatumoza anthu akwanuo zanu musova.

  7. cashgate1 says:

    This world bank seem to loose its focus. Or its being controlled by the big boys. What Malawi and other nations can do is boycott World Bank and focus on other banks. By the way its Loan not a free money so why tell Malawi how to adhere to that stupid idea of getting loan if you support gay. Why should this gay thing be forced on other people? Its the devil inside it.

  8. james says:

    to hell with your money!!!! we don’t want your wicked loans!!!

  9. J Banda says:

    This evil came with its evil half Malawian and half American president who came up almost showing some signs of accepting this no sense
    Malawi must be united despite differences in culture and parties if we are to make thins work.
    We will make things happen

  10. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Jam Yom Kim please leave us alone and stay with your evil money,we have survived for millions of years and for your information,Africa is a continent of survivors.We Africans,strongly believe that sexual contact is between man and woman even pigs and dogs acknowledge this fact.We are not going to deviate from our cherished ideals,we also strongly believe in God,we are not Chinese who don’t believe in God.Please do not underrate our strongly felt beliefs inherited from our forefathers.Once again,we are not going to accept your funds with such evil strings attached.

  11. Man G says:

    We’ll get used to no support from World bank in two-three-four yrs

  12. Gift says:

    To hello with your satanic money Malawi will move without without your dirty loans. To hell with you who says homosexual is a mere sin. Do you know the different between sin and abomination? Don’t you know that in Sodom there were some people who was not in support of homosexual but were punished together because it was happening in their watch? We will stay. After all we don’t need your dirty civic education otherwise you need to clean you mind.

  13. matiki says:

    World bank is a moster institution if it was cool we would be afar. I remember once our nation tried to borrow 1 bilion usd for development. They only approved 2.8usd as is apersonal. Shame

  14. Bomag says:

    Malawians lets not loan a devil in our country tizavutika koposa lets pray hard mulungu ayankha i dont see any problem of killing them as bible says remove the nasty around you.

  15. chibweya joe says:

    If there places in our prisons for armed robbers, murderers, thieves why not gays. We shall continue rejecting them in our society. That is the only way to distinguish us from Westerners

  16. kondowole says:

    come and get your gays and lesbians you stupid filthy idiots and give them the anal bank money. You stink!

  17. Kabwila Mbolo says:

    Let them go to hell with their funding. We will not accept alien values promoted by Americans as part of the sponsored regime change plans in Malawi. If Americans want Chakwera, to be president, why don’t they ask him to join the presidential race there….after all, Lazaro has an American copycat accent

  18. JENSEN says:

    Poverty Is Not A Sin Home Sexual Is Against God Will, So Obama And World Bank Know That Malawi Is God Fearing County Pita Nazo Uko Ndalama Zakozo

  19. Khumayo Jiva says:

    If all Malawians are anticipating to see development, then the remedy is unity. Development should not be rulling party’s undertaking but collective workmanship of all political parties, technocrats, private and public sector and Malawi at large. If at all we are oriented to see Malawi gain economic independence, we should come together on the drawing table to formulate long-term plans that will help to revitalize the ailing economy. This will be achieved if the leaders are not opportunistic and egocentric. The four pillars which the late President Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda was following can help to take our nation from Egypt to Canaan.

    We need to observe discipline when handling our meager resources. If we are loyal to our country then we cannot steal from it. The sense of ownership and patriotism should stick in our hearts. United we stand and divided we fall, said President John F. Kennedy. In this regard, unity will help the citizenry to have a spirit of working together. Obedient nation will mean a prosperous community. Of course citizenry should obey to the right thing only.

    Of course it will need committiment, cooperation, passion etc to achieve all that. Let us create good environment for the youths to implement their innovative ideas. It shouldn’t be a rhetoric to say that we are empowering the youths. “Uyu akulakwitsa ndilamule ndi ine” spirit will take us no where.

  20. Barak Africa Obama says:

    We don’t live on World Bank money. Let the Britton Wood Institutions go and hang themselves 10000 times. We are giving them an ultimatum of forty days to leave Malawi and they have to have nothing to do with Malawi. We will join other peace loving countries like China, Russia and other Asia countries. After all, we have survived the hard times. We do not want to hear from the hypocrites, especially Westerners. I know this Asian guy does not speak his mind, but rather that of the Western war mongers, exploiters, thieves and colonists. Apite basi. We don’t want your evil money you capitalists.

  21. Kumuzuba says:

    Praise God. We must stand by what we are not what money makes us to be. Let the WB go with their money. We have a better country without WB. Your reasoning is short-chained. Are you going to sleep with your daughter simply cause your donor demands so?

    For a fact WB policies and other related Institutions have never developed a developing country. If anything WB is the biggest culprit of swaying developing countries from docking their development ship on right dock.

    1.Look at the structural adjustment programmes and their devastating impacts to Malawi and developing countries at large?

    2.Using the same WB philosophies, you are busy talking of cutting a wage bill on essential services like health and agriculture in a country that needs these the most. Due to your (our very respected Malawian journalists) limited opinion or biased position you are failing to diagnose such policy statements.

    For a moment can Nyasatimes and all funded journalist please emerge as patriots. Looking at the heading of this story and the context; one quickly sees a magnification of an anthill to be seen as Mt Kilimanjaro. The WB president is not even sure if his pronouncements will translate to policy statement. He says. “we’ve never had such a discussion inside the bank”. Regardless of that, the journalist seem to write to please their colonial masters and ignore the voices of their people. From time to time you always remind me of the fact that education without principles and morals is harmful.

  22. you too must be educated along with the ones who taught you how to do those insane acts. how low are you that even an animal must surpass your interagency. its a shame that you bow down just for cash. I can drive a nice in your heart certainly if the shaliya was legalised here.

  23. final warning says:

    Last days : abomination!!!!!
    to hell with your money!!!!!!

    gays ….you have decided to go contrary to plane text of the Bible …We will not tolerate that. .never! !!!!

  24. Spectator says:

    Ma gay tiapase zina lawo lenileni la mu chichewa, chitumbuka, chiyawo, chisena ndi chilomwe. Chifukwa mukati gay mukuwabisa ndipo mumawapasa matama. Tikatiso mathanyula timawaphiphilisa kuma tiwatchuke zenizeni amenewa

  25. Tione says:

    Gay Guy, No sin is bigger than the other. Where was this gay thing all along? We want to obey God than obey satan. Even dogs know that they have to mate an opposite sex dog not this trush. To hell with your sinful money. God will provide for us but we ill not bow down to this pressure

  26. Masiano says:

    Silver&gold is for Him whom we should obey not a creature

  27. Wokwiya says:

    Stop ur aid we don’t want gays here in our land of milk and honey.

  28. Racheal says:

    We dont need ur money any if at any cost u want us legalise gays.u must be very stupid

  29. Aaron Kai says:

    a sin in a sin in the eyes of god regardles of of its magnitude, he thru the bhble forbids them all. so we are not judging but upheldiog what our lord said: condemning them to death

  30. levelheaded says:

    We don’t fucking care for as long as we don’t have hurricanes and tsunamis.
    We all know that you are living in Sodom and Gomorrah .
    Time will tell because sooner or later ‘Part 2 ‘ will catch you up

  31. Aphodzo says:

    Someone calls him/herself normal buy asking if mathanyula is the the only sin apart from murder, robbery and so forth. You people who commit such crimes are kept in custody, so be it with gays as you are saying they are all sins.
    If we are advocating for minority rights we ahould not select the type of behaviour to condone. We shoud condone and advocate for chamba, thefty, murderers, rapists as they are all in minority. We are not in for gays in this country in order to borrow money, to hell with your loans world bank. Kill gays in Malawi!!!!!!!

  32. Nilibe pulobulemu says:

    The World Bank is behaving like a two year old child who is throwing a tantrum and posturing until it gets its way…………what the heck?

  33. Lets take our country back says:

    Can you take our gay president back to where he came from please.

  34. Dya Mani says:

    Do we have a single reported case of gays being harmed in our country?

    World Bank you can keep your money.

    Malawi has real problems such as mob justice, abduction and harming of albinos, hunger, economy ….. and this gay stuff is in the least of real problems we have as a country

  35. Chilungamo says:


  36. Analyst says:

    A Malawi, amalawi. Who enlightened you kuti there is God. Mmesa ndi Azungu omwewo? Lero muchuluka nzeru? Azungu akungokusekani. Who said all will be forced to e gay if the law is legalized anyway? Zanu izo. Koma nde musauka mpaka mulira muwona. It will be too late when you will say yes. Amene mukuti my Lord my Lord, you are the ones Muli pakati kupanga cashgate and you want a common Malawian to suffer.

  37. Fanuel Chisenga says:

    Let them freeze their loan; Malawians shall always survive. We are a blessed nation. Indulging in such nasty game called homosexuality in exchange for World Bank loan is being far worse poor than denying it and enjoy leaving below poverty line!

  38. Amani ibrahim says:

    let me tell u one thing we are not animals. so brothers if you can gate one of this animals kill them. also we don’t want your in malawi we have more problems but you don,t talk about that. so if you can livers we can live without this malawi alone.thank you.

  39. Nyamakumutu says:

    After all it’s ngongole and not for free. We shall borrow from China if we need a loan and they are good. Samalowerera za eni ake.

  40. Amani ibrahim says:

    Malawi tidzavutika mpaka kalekale timaopa choononga thupi kusiya mwini moyo olenga ngati chinthucho ndicholetsedwa ndimulungu tisaope anthu awa ndi ana asatana awa alibe chikondi asiyeni ngakhale titafa ndinjalazo vutonso ndinu atsogoleri athu zikamakuvutuni simufuna kuvomereza ife ndiye zimatipweteka tizachitapo kanthu muzidikira anthu akufa ndi njala osalankhula zaizo tiyeni tichangamuke. amalawi dziko ndilathu limeneri .

  41. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Kodi tonse opanda ndalama tingakadye kuchalichi eti (The religious bodies have no food or money to feed even their flock. What more with the public at large?)

    This country has to change its official position on homosexuality. Many people who are not gays work and live within environments that respect homosexuals. Malawians who are denying gays their civil rights, and respectable and open existence are plain ignorant of modern humanity.

    More aid agencies will be approaching the government with this position! No compromise: you either accept all citizens as humans, or you starve during the famines.

  42. Gule Wankulu says:

    Let the world bank keep its mathanyula money and we will keep our country free from mathanyula and walk with our heads high. To hell with your money and its not free money anyway. Its a loan. Wake up world bank.

  43. Dr Gomezgani says:

    We are not ready at all cost to accept this stupid act in this country. Let them keep their money we will find ways of existing even it means moving at a slow pace as long as we are moving in the right and ethical direction.

  44. Phwado says:

    We don’t need ur faeces-stained and stinking money.Change the name from World to Anal Bank!Stupid Jim Yong Kim.go to hell with your bank!After all it is loan not aid!

  45. zolozolo Malawi says:

    to hell with your f***n money Mr Barack Obama and Mr World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.. and will be killing this gays.

  46. Rev AD Majawa says:

    God is with us, let them with there loans, lets unite and work hard for mother Malawi

  47. mtochi says:

    Thank you world bank after all your money is not free

  48. GAY GUY says:

    Why Malawians judge same sex relationship as the biggest sin on earth? There is murders, Armed robbers, Rapists and other offences, What’s the problem for a Man to love another Man? After all its going to be their privacy, Can someone fail to fuck his girl friend just because I’m a gay? Let me civic educate my fellow Malawians with their little knowledge that Sexual orientation is divided into three groups, Hetrosexual, Bisexual and Homosexual, Don’t hide behind Bible and discriminate Gays while we you are not holy yourself, Don’t judge others because you will judged as well.

  49. mwa ma says:

    Khalani na wovwiri tilekerani Malawi wambura ukazusi winu uwo.

  50. kamowa says:

    If that money would be for free ishould say we will allow the gay style,but its for aloan zikhale be 4 they kill us with thier interest and satanism.

  51. Vinqour Chyp says:

    We can’t be busy pleasing shits instead of Almighty just because someone is threatening not to give loans.Shut up! Leave our Malawi.We live peacefully.Shut up once again.Take your gays.we will hulk them.

  52. Khalani nazoni ndalama zanuzo koma choti mudziwe ndichakuti Mulungu anaononga mzinda uja wa sodom ndi Gomola kamba ka mchitidwe opusawu ndiye kuli bwino kuvutika basi ifenso tinazolowera mwamva

  53. blackberry says:

    northerners are discriminated as well in all sectors notably in education ..has the world bank commented on this? so gays are more important than notherners. stupid bank…

  54. duncan says:

    zachamba zanu abankinu

  55. Halaal Beef jihad says:

    Ife za ndalama za satanic ayi..ngati uli u gay..khalani nawo..we will not bow to foreign gods

  56. crazy stuff says:

    Let the sodomitea burn in he’ll with their shitty money

  57. bristol says:

    Leave us alone as a Nation. Manners are more important than money. To hell with your money or whether you call it a loan. These western people think of colonizing Africa through such usefulness and demonic actions – they are forcing us to accept homosexuals, lesbians, abortions and abolishing death penalty. Malawi must open her eyes and reject these beasts in strongest terms.

  58. Chiguza says:

    Vanity upon vanity. Has anyone carried a degree certificate to the grave. Who has ever died because he/she failed to get a World Bank scholarship. Heaven is real so to is hell. Remember the wages of sin is death and homosexuality is a sin.

  59. Nyonga says:

    Do World Bank give free money? I thought what they give is in form of loans, we will go else where. Dont bother us with your shit homosexuality isue! Why not speak on the pride of people with albinoism, who are being killed and wounded in Malawi? Why not speak of many Malawians languishing in hunger and poverty? Why is it that World Bank is involved in nasty things in the name of human rights?

  60. ja kay says:

    to hell with your money!!!!!!

  61. jk says:

    zikhale leave us with our poverty to he’ll with you money

  62. Jongwe says:

    The story is not focused enough. You are talking about too many things. Backing is supposed to be one paragraph. Not so many paragraphs.

  63. Peter Nkosi says:

    This is a Nyasa Times scare story. It is HIGHLY unlikely that this will affect Malawi.

    When the World Bank boss made his statement he had in mind a specific project in Uganda which was being considered for funding. I think that it was a health project, one of the groups to be helped being the homosexuals. However, it was thought that they would go for treatment only to be faced with homophobic staff who might “out” them, thereby causing more suffering to them.

    Relax, Malawi will remain unaffected by the Bank’s stance on LGBT issues.

  64. wakukaya says:

    Stupid white pple even him self president of world bank is useless what’s long with malawi…? Tamvatso kuti samapereka tax since Malawi become independent achoke mbewa izo

  65. Arthur says:

    Ambuye mulowelerepo za satanic zimenezi. World Bank ndimayesa ndingongole zaulele ngati zikhale.

  66. Zagwa says:

    Actually they should close their office in Malawi as well. We are not gays here!!! We have a few sick people but most of us are normal and know what body parts are for. By the way ngongole zatitopetsa.

  67. sayno says:

    very intelligent comment. Homosexuality has always been a pagan satanic practice. All these powerful institutions are run by Satanists that’s why they always champion destructive movements. Take your pick, homosexuality, abortion, prostitution,etc.

  68. Parallel Market says:

    That Malawi hates homosexuals and that homosexuality is illegal in Malawi should not be a new thing to the UN and any international body including World Bank. This story is just aiming at sensetionalising an issue which is not a priority in Malawi. Going through the story World Bank did not mention any country name. As a bank it has a right not to disburse its loans to any country whatsoever. There are many banks where a country can obtain development loans apart from World Bank. This story should not cause any alarm and panick

  69. dr tonde says:

    Its a loan you stupid journalist its not free money. If we miss out so what? World bank can keep it’s shit laden loan money and we will keep our shit free nation

  70. Buyelekhaya says:

    Malawi will just turn to other lenders. I don’t think it’s just the World Bank worldwide that provides loans. NO! There are several multi-national lenders. The Brics Bank is on the horizon. It’s no longer about just Bretton Woods institutions! A word of warning to World Bank: such arm-twisting tactics just to force poor countries to abandon their hard stand on homosexuality may elicit unintended consequences. You must be very myopic & stupid at the same time!

  71. levelheaded says:

    That just tells us that what they call world bank isn’t world bank at all. If it were world bank, it could accommodate everyone regardless of their opinions and not discriminating others.

    They should call that bank another name.

  72. Ambidzi says:

    Olo musatipatse tazolowera kuvutika.No gay in malawi get out with ur aid.

  73. Cymru says:

    No funding from World Bank because of anti-gay no problem. Malawi will still exist. Let that money go to countries supporting gays. Why do others not respect choice made by majority of people. To hell with your money.

  74. onyepiwa odiva. says:

    koma mukakwatirana amuna okha,nangaife sitikwatiwa eti?

  75. Yakobo Mountain says:

    Khalanazoni ndalama zanuzo ife sitikuzifuna

  76. Mjandamu says:

    Malawi is an indipendent country and if we choose to discriminate all gays then sobeit. #Eradicate_the_gay_incest

  77. henga says:

    Why re they concerned with gays not Albinos? fulls from the Hell(go back to hell). we will stand for the truth as Malawi.

  78. Geoffrey says:

    To hell with your loans which have ties to the spread of Satanism

  79. opportunist says:

    Do we need to sell our conscious to succeed in life? ?

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