APM calls Chakwera ‘irresponsible leader’: Malawi eyes Mexico for maize imports

President Peter Mutharika has blasted leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera as “irresponsible” and reassured Malawians that no one will die of hunger this year although hunger is expected to be worse than last year, saying his government will go as far as Mexico to buy the staple food.

Mutharika with PAC delegation

Mutharika with PAC delegation

Speaking at Kamuzu Palace recently, Mutharika said most countries that supply maize to Malawi have also been hit hard by El Nino powered drought.

“We rely on countries such as South Africa and Zambia for maize when we are in short supply but these countries have also been hit by the drought so we have to go outside Africa, we will go as far as Mexico,” he said when Public Affairs Committee (PAC) officials told the President to do something on the impending food shortages.

Mutharika said the government is also encouraging winter cropping and that the Green Belt Initiative will take off soon to ensure food security for the starving nation.

He said agriculture minister George Chaponda is expected to launch a major irrigation scheme in the Lower Shire which will help Malawi realize enough food for the people of Nsanje and Chikhwawa and beyond.

Mutharika reiterated no one died of hunger at the height of food shortages this year describing leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera as an irresponsible leader for “forcing” members of parliament stand up in Parliament and observe a minute silence in remembrance of those who died of hunger.

“I have reports from ministry of Health, police and the intelligence. They all say no one died of hunger,” said Mutharika, quashing reports one person in Mzimba and two boys in Dedza died of hunger.

He said Admarc has already started stocking maize in its warehouses to avert critical food shortages.

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47 thoughts on “APM calls Chakwera ‘irresponsible leader’: Malawi eyes Mexico for maize imports”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    I think people are now beginning to see Chakwera’s authentic colours.Malawians,we must not allow pseudo leaders to drive us like a wrecked truck hence,our unending miseries.Since independence Malawians have been ruled by all sorts of leaders,from tyrants to thieves,tribalists,kleptocrats,fake Malawians and so on.I have with mixed feelings when some of the Northerners say they support the high priest because he is married to a Tumbuka woman,what a misleading conclusions? When the waves of the multi-party swept Malawi in 90s,after careful assessment of the political trends,I decided there and then to support the UDF led by a Southerner Bakili Muluzi.Some of my fellow Northerners forthwith,attacked me for the decision I had made then agreeing to disagree.Later on after the erection of the government,seeing Chihana’s wavering leadership,they came to my side.So,in the wave of Chakwera’s leadership,Iam not going to jump on MCP’s Band-wagon just because he has married to a Tumbukas woman,I strongly believe through my convictions that Iam a Malawian first and secondary,a Tumbukas followed by African decent. Malawians,in the coming general elections in2019 with sober political minds,let us elect leaders on the basis of MERIT and INTELLINCE,but not on the basis of TRIBE and ETHNICITY,doing so,we are winding our clocks anti-clockwise and our miseries will keep on the path of destructions and divisions endangering the future of our grandchildren and the future generations.We must say that enough is enough and show the World that Malawians also are capable and sane people.LONG LIVE MALAWI,LONG LIVE AFRICA OUR FATHERLAND.

  2. John Phiri says:

    A poor man`s life is in the hands of the Creator the same as a kings life. You can run but you can`t hide. The lies you are churning out will come to haunt you.

  3. Bwinotu,''BWITU'' says:

    Peter,If you remeber very well Joyce used to say that bwana(Bingu)told me to dream in colour. I know she never understood him even after he died. Am alfred, you are not Bingu and you will never be Bingu m’mimba ndi mchipala and I guess you learnt very little from that son of Malawi(RIP) Just like many other stodges (arround u today). If not careful there is nothing we will remeber u for.

    On maize
    You should rather change the three cobs of maize on the DPP clad (uniforms, chitenje and and flags) replace them with Zitsononkho if you will not ensure availability of maize from
    our taxes. It is an insult to my beloved Late Bingu. Do not be STUPID on this.

    Human Dignity
    Andale inu tatopa nanu. Dwera too much. Mumatiyankhula ngati kuti tilibe brain (bongo)
    No human being is cheap and do not allow someone to die due to hunger, medical drugs unavailability and any know required service.
    Simple logic would tell you that any food bite has value and that value is related to a natural resource degradation. Each Malawian has value of course much more that what they possess in terms of materials.

    What do you mean by education. If you are in knowledge in one aspect you are ignorant in another. Most educated people today especially in Malawi they are puffed up for nothing.Respect and love one another you are what you are due to service to a human being directly or indirectly Charo Mbanthu. Chuma ndi anthu. Stupid AGARU mumawetawo amakagula chiyani ku business yanu. Opusa inu. Munaiona ng’ombe ikukagula suga mugolosale. Respect Munthu not your papers. Munthu is your employer.

    Cash Gate
    Nkhani iyi imandikwiyitsa kwambiri, Ndipo inu andale musiye kuba chifukwa ndinu mumapereka motiveti zinthu zimenezi. Kodi dziko lathu lipindilanji? Nanga adzukulu adzapindulani. O zomvetsa chisoni ndithu. Chikondi mulibe anthu andale inu ndinu mimbulu mu ubweya wa nkhosa. Tili ndi bongotu.

  4. kodi says:

    Finye wina ndi uyu 41 pa Nyasa times, kaya anamuuza ndani zo panga comment apa kaya?

  5. Nixon mzakwacha says:

    Charo mbanthu.

  6. Nixon mzakwacha says:

    Inuyo mumakhuta koma amalawi ambiri akugona ndi njala.Zitukuko zina kapena zonse siyani mulimbane ndi kuthesa njala.How can a hungry person concetrate on development projects?Peter,make sure there is maize in admarc.Vinyakhe upulikengeko.2 years mwakhala ku sanjika koma mwanyela kale,mwanunkha ngati mwathako 5years?inde,ngati muziko mulibe maize,it means that,k!K!K!Be careful.Ok?

  7. Nixon mzakwacha says:

    Achakwela ngati muli ndi brain,find donors,buy maize to feed hungry malawians.Kwawo kwa mkazi wako ku rumphi,luvili(bolero)kuli njala yikulu iweyo mkweni wachitapo vichi?Kakweni iwe,mbwenu kulimbana waka na peter.Leave him,its his time.Ur time will come if u can pray and play ur cards well,otherwise,peter will again fight u come 2019.Dont just talk on maize,act,so that people eat.Wapulika mkweni?Mzakwacha,pretoria +27724922299.Yeo.

  8. Nixon mzakwacha says:


  9. ndebvuzamwayi says:

    My reply to 37 is that he does not know the IQ of Rev. Chingota. For your information, he is one of the educated and also with high iq better than your cargo at state house.

  10. Sailota says:

    May anyone at his own knowledge say who is irresponsible between Chakwela and Muthalika. What about clueless? inept? Senseless? Headless hicken?

  11. Sanity says:

    My best advice to the President is to ignore Chakwera because he is completely insane with power-hunger and fear for 2019. He knows he will lose by even wider margin in 2019 and face further humiliation. Ignore PAC too because it is not standing for the people of Malawi as per its original vision. Joyce Banda is funding PAC now. PAC is now running with the agenda of individuals, not Malawians. IT IS A VERY PUPPET PAC. Do not listen to them when they claim to represent the people. The people of Malawi are not msonda, uladi and chakwera. These are only three people, not the 16 million Malawians. Mark my word!

    When Malawians were voting in 2014 they did not vote for a style of leadership; they voted for a man. That man turned out to be Peter Mutharika, the Professor! You mean you cannot see this simple point?

    And you, uneducated Chingota what style of leadership do you do with your wife? Transformational? my foot? You are a stiff-necked hypocrite. Ngakhale ndiwo panyumba simusiya abambo. akazanu akhalira banki mkhonde kupemphetsa. Hypocrite with little theological education!

  12. Sanity says:

    Chakwera is too intoxicated and too hungry for power to make any sense politically. This man is now a lunatic, having abandoned the pulpit. Kugwa mmanja mwa Yehova ndi koopsadi! The Scriptures cannot be broken.

  13. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Rumours are rife here in Malingunde that govt agents are confisticating maize from poor farmers taking their maize on bicycles to various markets. They are being told to sell to Admarc only. A story is being told of a certain poor farmer who had his maize-filled mbeya bag forcefully milled under watch of the said govt agents to prevent him from selling it. If this is true then its unfair because even an illiterate poor farmer should be able to enjoy the fruits of liberised econony.

  14. chete says:





    THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  15. Mlomwe says:

    We are in the latter days

  16. Charombanthu says:

    Bushiri tried to assist with maize, but as usual, you prevented him from doing that. Go ask the people he gave the maize to and find out what happened when he was giving out the maize – the sentiments were very clear. Unfortunately, you stopped reading local newspapers so you wouldn’t know what is on the ground. In any case, which areas/districts has APM visited in Malawi since assuming the presidency – Just mention the districts from Chitipa to Nsanje? Why was Chiyembekeza Fired? Why was the policeman in Mzimba fired/re-assigned to other duties? Why did Jappie suggest that patients should start growing maize – was it not after patients complained that they were having a single meal in a day? And now we hear of Mexico for maize? OMG….. My Beloved Country.

  17. Thakiwa says:

    Mpaka importing maize from the home of drug dealers-mexico? POST TURTLE indeed.

  18. Man of God says:

    Mnzakoyo, bakili, ananenanso chonchi mu 2001, pomwe ine mmudzi mwathu mokha tinaluza anthu okwana 15 to starvation. Dziyankhulani, nanga si zoyankhulira zili mmanja mwanu. Koma zoona ndi zakuti kumudzi kuno anthu ambiri afa ndi njala. Their souls are there to bear witness to that.

  19. Fuvung'ondo says:

    Don’t go to Mexico. Just tell Dwangwa to grow all the Maize you need and assure them you will buy it from them. Why wasting time?

  20. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Good news that govt through ADMARC has already started stocking maize but my fear is ADMARC is buying undried maize and I doubt if it has the capacity to sundry it for a week or two therefore the possibility of a substantial stock rotting by December is very high. Another disadvantage is that undried maize tend to weigh more than the dried which means the figures may not tally hence some ADMARC staff may be unfairly accused of “maizegate”

  21. james mbondo Gundaphiri says:

    Our life is in danger hand Cz Peter Mutharika is very very stupid & we can’t go forward eish

  22. Zilani says:

    It’s very unfortunate APM doesn’t read Malawi papers. He said it himself, hence he is more aware of things happening in America than in Malawi.

    Ministry of health have reported people died after eating poisonous tubers, just because they didn’t have anything to eat.

    APM thinks that was suicide? Very pathetic leadership.

    The truth is that Zambezi waterway would have come after Green Belt Initiative. Koma phuma in mutharika blood.

    Plse, leave Chakwera alone. Read malawi papers and you won’t goof again.

  23. stanley Chinganyama says:

    stop ur foulish, useless, comments guyz! what if It was you A president diz moment! how could you strategies ways to secure food in our country????

    and I like dis statement “NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE WITH HUNGER”

    APM is a good example..
    Living a Positive Life*

  24. mzimba says:

    Why was the cop from Mzimba who said postmortem results showed the deceased died of starvation transferred and reverted to general duties? Its only truth that sets free.

  25. Mbili ya bakha says:

    Kkkkkk cimanga from mexico.kkkkkkkk kodi elenino sinawakhudze a mexiskanwo. Ngongoletu imeneyo. Zili thooo. Kkkk stadium 17 billion sitinayambe solo phone upereka. Kkkkkk
    Kufa zeru a pitala, angokha dovu . koma abale life NDE tuufera kumdzimodzi. Khwawe limeneli litipititsa patali???? Ndakakaika an got I APA gwi apo gwi. No constructive agenda. Dzana Ali ndakwiya cifukwa can cash gate Ku ministry ijayi, ujeni ujeni ujeni basis bastard dunderhead

  26. Ze Roberto says:

    The more Peter Mutharika opens his foul smelling mouth the easier I remember sewer. Only imbiciles would believe his hogwash. What is he refuting when all is there for everyone in the right frame of mind to see that the country is in problems.

  27. Count says:

    What intelligence? Dausi, and Chisale? Hahahahahaha. Very funny. This matchona is completely out of touch and has lost the sense of direction.

  28. Joshua says:

    Iwe Pita? Just go to the hospitals and see how many people have died of hunger. Its a shame for you and your intelligence.

  29. Namajengo says:

    importing maize from Mexico wl not solve myriad problems the country is facing.But engaging vendors to buy maize within might b a solution .Then the Government buying 4rm vendors.Osati ADMARC kunyada too much komanso masikelo akuba.Anthu salola kubetsa.

  30. chithumwa says:

    Kuteroku akuti sakudziwa kuti anthu ena anafa ndi njala? Zoona? Chonde bwana musandipangitse mseru, kodi paja mwakulira kutali zamwathu muno simuzidziwanso,A ngwazi tu kamuzu amayandera dziko lonse lino kuti awone m’mene zinthu zilili kuti awone chochita pa nkhani ya njala ndimakumbuka ine msinkhu ngati wanuwo.

  31. Kenkkk says:

    Police and intelligence now monitor hunger deaths? What a waste of resources this stupid govt keeps on unveiling before our eyes.

    Such hunger deaths are not reported in villages and there are many malnourished people including children that just die because of lack of food. Even hospitals witness such deaths but are not reported mr president.

  32. Gologolo pamtengo says:

    Is Chakwera the leader of this cursed Malawi? Who is irrisponsible between Chakwera and Peter?

  33. Nabanda says:

    Aaah mr president stop talking like a baby. By the look of things, you’re the worst irresponsble leader and a big lier. Look today you talk of Mexico, when time of need comes you will deny all this. How can you run government with lies. All the promises you made during campagn for people to vote you, what have you fulfilled? Are you sure no person in Malawi has died of hunger?? I can’t ask Almighty God to forgive you, rather I ask Him to punish you…

  34. Tengu says:

    The dead do not speak. Lives were LOST TO HUNGER Madala!

  35. KUKHALA says:


  36. Mapwevupwevu says:

    I always knew there was something bad attributable to Chakwera, now it has been said, irresponsible!

    Chakwera is truly a very irresponsible character! A Jonah!

  37. Choonadi says:

    There is no doubt Peter Mutharika is a clueless leader. Intelligence, Ministry of Health and Police are all under him. They cannot dare to contradict him on the hunger situation. Mutharika has presided over economic disaster since he became state president in May 2014.He is failing to win back donors to resume budgetary support. It is him who is irresponsible.

  38. The Analyst says:

    What good does it do APM to continue denying that people died of hunge or related issues?
    . . . Ok if we say they died of poverty for failing to buy maize, will APM be comfortable?
    . . . Is dying of poverty less severe than dying of hunger?
    . . . Is there such thing as dying-less or dying-more, anyway?
    As to why people enjoy wasting time on empty-talk and useless arguements, only their idleness and hollow minds can explain.
    . . . Otherwise, calling others irresponsible (which may be true), when we are equally irresponsible (for failing to demonstrate and take action when needed) just shows failure to appreciate that anyani sasekana zikundu.
    Further, no one knows why APM would want to import maize form Mexico . . .
    . . . If Mexico was used figuratively to imply far away places; then the professor never used to get good grades in Geography coz Mexico is not the farthest place from Malawi!
    . . . And if the he meant it, he never used to get good grades in arithmetic either; coz simple maths or finance could have told APM that importing maize from Mexico cant be any cheaper, even if whatver abracadabra is used.
    Only when people admit they have a problem, do they wise up and take meaningful action.
    . . . Thus, instead of wasting time arguing who is irresponsible and more irresponsible between you two, you would benefit us more taking action to address the problem, than otherwise.

  39. Phungwako Tchendembeu says:

    Mapwevupwevu, akunjoyatu: everything is free where he is, zoti wanthu angafe ndinjala ndinthano kwa iye. Tingofinya makolona ndithu!

  40. COMMENTATOR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. says:

    Mutharika’s statement describing leader of opposition as”irresponsible ” for exposing his trial and error leadership just depicts the level of incompetency in him. saying no one will die of hunger yet other people have already succumbed to it is total mockery, ironical and non-leadership kind of speaking to innocent Malawians. The fact that some people have died of starvation during his tenure of office shall be an indelible mark into MALAWIANS mind forever. Mutharika has failed Malawians and has failed them big time indeed!!

  41. chikopa says:

    APM is right. Noone died because of hunger. Amanyuzi bwezi ataonetsa kale mtembo wa njala koma ayi izi kunalibe. Akakhala abusa anuwo ntchito yawo ndi kupita ku toilet. What has MCP done on its own to ensure its members do not die of food shortage?

  42. Mphwache says:

    I have yellow maize ready for sale to Malawi.

  43. mzika siivala panti says:

    listened to president muntharikas’s facts and answers (tho he claimed to have just been furbished with PAC’s communique like an hour to the meeting), PAC was rele dumb founded on most points, some of them were actually clueless regarding specifics of generalized views and innuendos-my take-give this president a chance to lead without much of ur chipping in & fiddling-he is ok for now. wakuuzaninso yekha ndipo mmaso muli gwa ali ” i wont be the president forerver, as such u can wait to give some of ur demands of stripping power to that next president for sure.”

  44. Dwambazi says:

    Mathanyula, are you waiting for someone to die of hunger before you can admit that the situation is dire ? Why don’t you go out of your comfort zones into the country side and see the face of hunger fool.

  45. Chindele chakufikapo says:

    Clueless Mathanyula makes me sick to my stomach so you mean you are just now looking at Mexico,? Now who is irresponsible here? A leader who has the welfare of the people at heart should have strategized this last year as soon as the devastating floods happened and as soon as experts warned of El Niño. If I were the president I would not be in denial but take responsibility and work my ass off

  46. Dwambazi says:

    Clueless, vision less, retarded Mutharika how much is it going to cost you to import maize from Mexico???. If only you had listened to the warnings Malawians would not be destitute. This s what we get for voting for Matchona, they are so out of touch

  47. Jahan says:

    Who is more irresponsible? Someone who denies the everything and anything because he is not in touch with what’s happening on the ground,,,,,, or someone who exposes what the real it on the ground really is…?

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