APM confers SC honours to 10 legal practitioners

President Aurther Peter Mutharika on Tuesday conferred honour of Senior Counsel  (SC) to 10 seasoned legal practitioners among them, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Samuel Batson Tembenu, Attorney General (AG), Kalekeni Kaphale, and Solicitor General, Dr. Janet Banda.

President Mutharika with Justice Dunstain Mwaungulu SC

President Mutharika with Justice Dunstain Mwaungulu SC as Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu  SC looks on

President Mutharika with Attorney Genral Kalekeni Kaphale SC and his wife

President Mutharika with Attorney Genral Kalekeni Kaphale SC and his wife

Mutharika with lawyer Meyer Chisanga SC and his wife

Mutharika with lawyer Meyer Chisanga SC and his wife

The other renowned legal practitioners included Justice Anaclet Chawinga Chipeta, Justice Lovemore Paul Chikopa, Justice Frank Edgar Kapanda, Justice Dustan Fipamtima Mwabungulu, Allan Jonathan William Chinula, Mayor Chisanga, and Patrice Chikumbutso Nkhono.

In his key note address after the conferment, President Mutharika congratulated the 10 legal practitioners for achieving the status of Senior Counsel and challenged them to be role models to the new generation of professionals in the field.

“Congratulations for making it to the inner bar,” said Mutharika. “This [honour of Senior Counsel] comes with responsibility: promote and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.”

“As a President with a legal background, I consider the role of Senior Counsel in a legal system such as that of Malawi significant. It is not only the quality mark recognized internationally, but also a way to encourage young lawyers to maintain high standards of their work.

“Therefore, I am confident that they will rise to the challenges and diligently serve the people.”

The President observed that it was the first time in the history of the country to have 10 legal practitioners conferred with honours of Senior Counsel at a goal adding that the last time a similar exercise was conducted was in 2008 where only 6 practitioners were conferred with the honors.

He further challenged female practitioners in the field to strive in achieving excellence so as to deserve the honour of Senior Council as Solicitor General, Dr. Janet Banda SC, the only female legal practitioner among the 10, had done.

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C Banda
A certain Patrice Nkhono was in the UK around the year 2009, and submitted deceitful, unethical evidence in support of a Malawian lady whom the UK was trying to deport. The information which I post here is from an appeal court judgement, and the numbers in brackets refer to paragraphs in it. See: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2009/645.html Basically, the lady had two children and was “divorced” from her abusive husband who was also in the UK. He had leave to remain there, while she did not. She was from the South while he was from the North. She claimed that: [56]“ … if… Read more »
Max Phiri
Peter Peter, are you out of your mind???? Excluding Mwaungulu your are rewarding a bunch of lazy non-functional civil servants who are only interested in money money money!!!! For years now our judiciary has not been delivering with cases being adjourned week after week, month after month and year after year and judgements taking ages to be delivered if delivered at all!!!!!!!! And you want to reward them????? You are a mental retard. No wonder the IMF is not willing to help us and will not help when they jet into the country next week because how on earth can… Read more »
Mchawa wa sukulu

Popeza wankulu samanama amangoiwala last time was not 2008. Dr. JB confers the title to people like Kasambara, Phoya etc. Was that in 2008. Please you who writes presidential speeches make sure you get facts well. The exercise was last done in 2013 by Dr. JB

Pro Revolution

kwacha number 1 you’re ignorant.

appeasement at its best.

a nation led by a corrupt leader,this is why we are the poorest on earth.

busy honoring people who are failures, government full of highly educated people with no solutions to our problems.

Mulhomwe Wankulu

For Hon. Judge D. Mwaungulu is an overdue. He’s one of the best judges Malawi has ever produced and he deserves to be CJ. But for Kalekeni Kaphale tikudziwa kuti idzi ndi zandale kamba koti anathamangila kukhoti nthawi yachisankho cha 2014, otherwise mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… i doubt. Meyer Chisanga ndikamba koti ndi mmodzi mwa akulu akulu a UDF therefore, appeasement at its best!!!! Kodi nanga Atupele mwamusiilangi??? kikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, mmesa mmati nayenso ndi lawyer? Mwina ulendo wamawa…….


What does the President think when his name is spelt incorrectly? Arthur not Auther. The standard of reporting on this site is very poor indeed.



Richards Renfard

Highly Educated savages,like father like son,professor fail to run the country of less than 17 million people,Mr president do you know the chine’s population?


Boma ilooooo! onyasa mtima onse ma comment kuti ziiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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