APM counsels Chaponda: Malawi President urges productivity from new agriculture minister or face chop  

President Peter Mutharika has warned newly appointed  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda,  to re-organise the ministry or risk losing his cabinet portfolio.

The presidency,  President Mutharika with VP Saulos Chilima

The presidency, President Mutharika with VP Saulos Chilima

Mutharika speaking at the auction floors

Mutharika speaking at the auction floors

Attention: Chaponda looks on as Mutharika sings visitors book

Attention: Chaponda looks on as Mutharika sings visitors book

Mutharika said this on Wednesday when he opened this year’s tobacco selling and buying season in Lilongwe.

“You are a new broom known for sweeping wherever you are. Sweep that ministry or I will sweep you,” said Mutharika.

Chaponda did not respond instantly but speaking last week in Chikhwawa at a political rally Chaponda described himself as a “bulldozer” and promised to reorganise the ministry so that it is effective, efficient and relevant to the needs of agriculture sector in Malawi.

Mutharika promised to give all the support to Chaponda who has in rhe past headed key ministries of Education, Justice and Foreign Affairs.

Chaponda is the vice president of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and inner circle of the Mutharika leadership also believed to be  earmarked to succeed the President.

Mutharika fired Allan Chiyembekeza as agricultire minister last week at the time when the country is facing severe food shortages, messy FISP and abuse of funds continue to rock the ministry which is supposed to spearhead policies that ensures Malawi is food secure.

No hunger-deaths’

At the opening ceremony, Mutharika reiterated that no one has died of hunger in the country.

He said the police, National Intelligence Bureau and ministry of Health officials carried out an assessment to verify reports that some people died of hunger.

“There is no single person who died of hunger. You must stop propagating reports that some people died of hunger, these reports are just meant to decampaign the DPP and Mutharika, there is no basis in the reports,” he said.

He said it is not the DPP or Mutharika that has brought hunger in Malawi but weather phenomenon, El Nino.

Mutharika claimed there is now enough maize in Admarc depots yet the media is not publishing the positive story.

However, private radio, Zodiak said on Wednesday women continue to struggle to buy maize in Admarc depots in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Admarc has put advertisements in newspapers asking for tenders for the supply of maize to the state controlled grain company.

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12 thoughts on “APM counsels Chaponda: Malawi President urges productivity from new agriculture minister or face chop  ”

  1. Well done Mr. APM. Chaponda will deliver. One or two words my new broom Chaponda…
    1. There was late Fertilizer distribution this ending season making the worst year
    REMEDY): Start shipping,transporting to remote areas at least end of October.
    2. The FISP: Distribute Coupons & end this assignment by end of October in all Regions EVEN IF THE RAINS HAVE NOT STARTED. Last season’s distribution was too late.

  2. fredriech says:

    Untill we shalll come too know that it is our own responsibility to feed ourselves noot goovernment only then we shall help our government

  3. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    “Chaponda . . . promised to reorganize the ministry so that it is effective, efficient, and relevant to the needs of the agricultural sector in Malawi.”

    I hope that before he starts to sweep clean with his new broom, he will sit down with other ministers responsible for improving the lives of our 83% rural dwellers – such as the Ministers of Rural Development, Transport, and Natural Resources – and generate an integrated vision of the good life that is achievable in our rural areas, and the steps and processes that must be undertaken by each ministry in order to achieve that good life.

    We need to improve our roads in the rural areas. Before independence, the British forced us to maintain our local roads. Why is it that we could do that for the British, but we won’t do it for ourselves? We could be rewarded with redeemable tokens, or some kind of credit or incentive scheme. Self-reliance engenders self-respect.

    We need to develop effective, reliable, and economically viable irrigation schemes – but who has presented carefully formulated agri-business project proposals? I suspect that the answer is: nobody. Why – because most of our articulate agriculturalists and agricultural economists are working in our commercial offices and colleges, where they can rely upon receiving a steady income.

    We need to develop cheap sources of electricity. Solar power is the obvious choice. This could be supplemented with small hydro-electric power schemes. Such projects attract international donor interest. These projects should be developed and utilized in the rural areas first. There are few situations more likely to lead to political upheaval than villagers having to sit powerless in the shadow of power-lines that supply to them nothing but potentially harmful electro-magnetic radiation.

    For some of us, awakening, harnessing, and guiding the sleeping giant of development in rural Malawi would be the challenge and inspiration for a lifetime of highly rewarding labor.

    I hope that the Honorable Minister finds the path he has been set upon similarly rewarding. One thing that we should remember is that the 83% won’t wait patiently for ever. The ministers in place today can choose greatness, or they can choose ignominy. They can decide to rise to meet the needs of their people, or they can allow themselves to sink further into the mire of greed, selfishness and irresponsibility. This is an easy choice for any decent person to make.

  4. Penya says:

    Mr. President, people are dying of hunger!

  5. Kampunga mwale says:

    Oh God I mean really? !! In 2016 we still haven’t find a solution to so called maize shortages in malawi silos? When shall we stop depending on maize as staple food I mean come on people! Weather phenomenon and elninos talked about are the cause of our polluted plannet. That means we will not be depending on rains as it used to be in the past..solution to this is simple.our only natural given lake malawi and rivers..irrigation will fill our hungry stomachs not only with maize but with different varieties of foods that depends on water to feed us. We can grow twice a year and two seasons of selling and buying tobacco every year can’t we,when will we wake up and realise that the use of our lake is to feed our plants..just like we managed to make a network of roads telecommunications tap water connections can’t we do the same to transfer water in all our farms country wide.until we work on this ambitious project food shortage will be history in my mother malawi.

  6. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    If anyone can enhance the performance of any ministry, it is Chaponda or any of the other four or five heavyweights in DPP. He’s gungho, no nonsense, target oriented, busy – not for nothing – and result oriented. He’s the person also to sort out the boondoggle at ADMARC regarding distribution/supply of maize, our staple.
    Ogwila nchito ayamba kunjenjemela (employees in his ministry usually improve their performance at least one notch up, as soon as he takes charge.)
    Good apppointment, APM.

  7. Zilani says:

    The president doesn’t get it, does he? Elniho weather conditions will be there, but want brains to find ways to mitigate it. He didn’t bring the Elninho, he doesn’t the brain to fetch migating plans. He will never learn.

  8. watch says:

    APM? Do you still trust your intelligence. You said people are not dying of hunger and yet you have called for an SOS. Alarm, and just declared Malawi as a State of emergency.

  9. Moses says:

    There are people dying of hunger! Dont let these crooks fool you. We need sustainable farming and good irrigation systems and not selling our land to the chinese and have a our country men and women die!

  10. CHidzende says:

    The guy is not with us in Malawi he needs to fire all those who are surrounding him otherwise he doesn’t know what is happening in his own country, these are the results of rigging elections you always think that you are doing right things yet you make so many mistakes without your colony not advising you properly.

    He needs to go and learn from his neighbor John Mangufuli , a five year course in Tz will give him a chance to know how to rule Malawi.

  11. santana says:

    Mr Reporter, what is the connection between your story and the succession of the DPP leadership? Why is it that you always want to find something that people should collide with? Instead of advising your political masters how they can panel-beat their parties in readness for 2019 you are busy sowing weeds in other people’s parties. This is 2016 and you are talking about a succession which is supposed to be in 2024?

  12. Kakodwa onjola says:


    That is Malawian politics; only cheating the masses through empty promises and warnings.

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