APM nods to Egyptian cigarette manufacturer plan to invest in Malawi

President Peter Mutharika has commended an Egyptian Eastern Tobacco Company for its interest to invest in the country after the  firm on Thursday  signed a memorandum of understanding with Malawi  government to venture into cigarette manufacturing in the country.

President Mutharika receives a donation of $20,000 from Egyptian Eastern Company

President Mutharika receives a donation of $20,000 from Egyptian Eastern Company

President Mutharika receives a donation of $20,000 from Egyptian Eastern Company in Lilongwe - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika receives a donation of $20,000 from Egyptian Eastern Company in Lilongwe – Pic by Stanley Makuti



Mutharika gave the nod to the deal when he met owners of the company at State House in Lilongwe and said tobacco is one of the nation’s largest sources of income as it contributes about 70 percent of the country’s economy.

However, Mutharika said apart from exporting unfinished tobacco, the crop could bring in more Forex if add value processes were done right in Malawi.

The President said it would be profitable to produce cigarettes in Malawi as that could  boost  the tobacco industry.

“Malawi is the largest producer of tobacco, however for years there have been little improvements in terms of value addition. Today I am pleased to sign the memorandum of understanding between the Malawi Government and the Eastern Tobacco Company of Egypt which will be involved in cigarette making.

“These cigarettes will be sold either within or outside the country and this will make the country gain more foreign currency,” explained President Mutharika.

He then assured the investors of their safety, saying Government would provide the necessary security to their investments.

“The two things that investors get worried about are fiscal and investment security, but as Malawi Government we will make sure that we provide maximum security,” the President said.

Eastern Tobacco Company Chairperson, Nabila Mohsen hailed Mutharika for  allowing them to invest in Malawi.

He said Eastern Tobacco Company is primarily engaged in the manufacture and trade of tobacco products and accessories, agricultural marketing and expert trading as well as real estate services.

Malawi is the 12th largest producer of tobacco leaf and the 7th largest global supporter of tobacco. As of 2010, Malawi was the world’s leading producer of burley leaf tobacco.

With the decline of tobacco farms in the West, interest in Malawi’s low-grade, high-nicotine tobacco has increased. Today, Malawian tobacco is found in blends of nearly every cigarette smoked in industrialized nations including the popular and ubiquitous Camel and Marlboro brands.

Eastern Tobacco Company is expected to have a ground breaking ceremony marking the commencement of the company in the country Friday at Kanengo industrial area in Lilongwe.–Mana

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Bad choice! What is more important for the people of Malawi, wealth or health? A short-sighted decision on the part of APM. ‘Tobacco Kills!’


Largest producer of tobacco or 12th largest producer of tobacco?


President asowa zochita uyu. He is now doing the job of minister of commerce and trade or something like that. Private company deals signed by the whole president? Kwakwakwakwa! He wants to be seen working.

Malawi are looking to him to solve the power blackout problems, water shortage problems, housing problems, road infrastructure problems, hospital facilities problems, school desks problems and many more not being involved in private companies who are here to suck profits.


So there are no ministers of Energy,Health,education,Transport. only minister of commerce exists.

Be objective. Your comments are not taken seriously like this.


Manufacturing tobacco does not lead to wealth for the country. Check the negatives first. The more tobacco is made available to Malawian consumers, the more consumers develop cancer and other related diseases and as a result the more money they spend on MASM and other hospital related expenses. The more consumers are sick or die the more poor the consumers become. That is not wealth generation. That is enriching the manufacturers!!


thus a good move

paulos banda

$20,000.00 donation or Corruption?

Maximum Prison
But why companies are not buying tobacco from local farmers? Companies are only concentrating on tobacco from the farmers they got loans from them so where do the other farmers going to sell their tobacco? This is the abuse which some stakeholders were talking about of Integrated farming (Contract) versus Auction selling. How can companies shun away from buying tobacco from farmers who did not get loans (Non funded)? Is it fair? I hope the new company will come with a different approach to bail out this Non funded farmers. Do the companies want everybody to be a beggar? We… Read more »

You haven’t mentioned what the $20,000 donation is meant for. Hope the donation is not going in the pocket of a certain individual.


Corruption ipose apa! Why should the president be involved in such a small matter? What is $20,000.00 for?

They will negotiate tax holiday and underpay and abuse Malawians and you will keep quiet because you received $20,000.00.

Boyd Kilembey

Failed state. Does an investment needs the nod of a whole president? What are the technocrats doing on their desks? This donation, is it not a bribe? How can this be presented to APM and not the people of Malawi?

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