APM pays tribute to John Chilembwe: Martyr of Malawi nationalism

  • Pledges to construct road to Providence Industrial Mission

  • Calls on Malawians to emulate Chilembwe’s life

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Saturday paid tribute to the country’s first freedom fighter, Reverend John Chilembwe and directed government to construct a tarmac road from Nguludi leading to Chilembwe’s Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) connecting to the Chiradzulu Road.

President Mutharika and former Malawi leader Bakili Muluzi

President Mutharika and former Malawi leader Bakili Muluzi

PIM president Rev Makondetsa briefing President Mutharika before the event

PIM president Rev Makondetsa briefing President Mutharika before the event

President Mutharika inspecting Chilembwe's legendary bell

President Mutharika inspecting Chilembwe’s legendary bell

Unity of purpose: President Mutharika greets opposition leader Chakwera at the function

Unity of purpose: President Mutharika greets opposition leader Chakwera at the function

Part of the congregation at Chilembwe memorial

Part of the congregation at Chilembwe memorial

The first couple paying respects at Chilembwe's memorial tower

The first couple paying respects at Chilembwe’s memorial tower

Mutharika made the directive during Reverend John Chilembwe centenary celebrations and memorial service of worship held at PIM headquarters in Chiradzulu district on Saturday.

This was a direct response to an appeal from a number of speakers that included President of PIM Reverend Patrick Makondetsa

The President said the road to PIM is a significant investment considering that the place is part of the country’s history in as far as the fight against colonial oppression is concerned.

“When the rains are over we will work on this road, we will make sure that we put a tarmac road to make this place easily accessible,” said Mutharika.

In his address during the service that draw leaders from various religious and political groups, President Mutharika, called on Malawians to unite and emulate the selfless life of Chilembwe and other freedom fighters of the country.

He said Malawians need to safe guard the freedom being enjoyed today, others lost their lives fighting for it.

“We should remain united and concentrate on national building and development of our   country. These fallen heroes put aside their self-interest and put the country first on their agenda. This is the spirit we need to emulate as Malawians.

“We need to love our country beside everything else. Let us unite in sprucing up the image of Malawi, the unique cultures that we have and the hard-working people in the country,” he said.

Former President Bakili Muluzi, Vice President Saulos Chilima, Cabinet Ministers and Malawi Congress Party’s leader Lazarus Chakwera and Peoples Party (PP) vice president Brown Mpinganjira  were among the officials who graced the occasion.

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32 thoughts on “APM pays tribute to John Chilembwe: Martyr of Malawi nationalism”

  1. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Chilembwe was a terarisit .

  2. Africans have failed. We have destroyed our own countries more than build them. Greed has destroyed our beautiful continent.

  3. Chenkumbi says:

    Iwenso ndiye mbuzi ya munthu. Kamuzu the first president commemorated John Chilembwe, Chakwera was there , Bakili was are all these people not thinking? What histororical issue is there at Neno? Kudya ndi kunyera basi Kachewere wa chiani?

  4. Chenkumbi says:

    Jesuis Charlie,
    What are you talking on your comment? You mean Malawians are wrong to commemorate John Chilembwe? Did anybody here made comparisons about leaders? Or Are you telling me that it was John Chilembwe who removed all the forests, environment? I still don’t understand exactly what point you are raising. The shame should go to every Malawian who uses Charcoal for cooking that is why our environment is devasted. If you have no facts to write please just keep quiet.

  5. Ibu, kodi pamene chilembwe amalimbana ndi azungu agogo ako anali kuti? Paja anali atagwidwa ukapolo ndi aluya eti..

  6. Do you think Chilembwe could have taken government in 1915? If Malawi is backwards in 2015 what was it like 100 years ago. The only good thing those days was that we had our environment intact and now we have destroyed everything especially in the southern region. Chiradzulu was a very beautiful mountain but all is gone. On that note, we should be ashamed. Europe is developed but it has most of the forests intact. Malawi is a country that has no parks in its cities. The golf courses in Dedza and Zomba are finished. Does it mean Kamuzu and atsamunda were better leaders that these that started ruling in 1994? Would Chilembwe have made a better leader?

  7. Mr Ibu says:

    chilembwe was a coward. nobody knows where he died and you cant trace his graveyard.

    1. Namarokoro says:

      I agree with Mr Ibu. How did a battle fought in 1915 lead to independence in 1964??? It doesn’t makers, any sense to me. To me Chilembwe was involved in a fight to get more support for his church. Not a Hero!

  8. Sinthani says:

    There are a lot of tarmac roads in Chiradzulu and this is not a priority Mr. President. There are other important areas such as Neno. The country experiences acute shortage of irish potatoes during the rainy season because of poor roads in Neno. This should be an economic priority to consider a better road in Neno and not an appeasement road in Chiradzulu. Mzimba – Rumphi – Chitipa is also another area with vast land but only one better road. Let us zeal on the importance of any new investment on what it will benefit the country. Not this Nguludi – Chiradzulu road please at the moment!

  9. player wa silipasi says:

    ife a malawi kwathu nkunyoza ndale za umbuli sitingakhale nkuyamika pamene atsogoleliwa abwera pamodzi nkumakambirana chotere pa mwambo ngati umenewu malo mopempherera kuti dziko lamalawi mtendere upitilirebe kma mwayamba kunyonza kutikwana mupindulanji mukatukwana

  10. John Chilembwe was not fighting for a national cause, he was fighting against the whiteman in order to get back his parents land from encoachers. Challenge me with any information about his efforts in the central region, northern region or let alone surrounding districts of thyolo, mulanje, zomba and phalombe. How does one become a national hero when his efforts were concentrated in one ward of a district? Levi ziliro did a national job but because he does not come from south then he is not a hero, sorry!

  11. Umbuli says:

    Komanso a First Lady Malaya ngati apachika pa mtengo bwanji

    1. namaoda says:

      Nsanje ikupwetekana. For her age she has maintained a good shape for her body and zovala fits her well. Paja kumalawi kuoneka bwino ndi obesity. Azimayiwa simapilo or matress, kaguleni Robray products. Komanso those in the know are trying this and that to lose weight and be health.

  12. chipojola moses says:


  13. alukosyo says:

    ndalama za nsewu muzitenga kuti? osangolamula zili zonse zinali mu budget? mwina ku NAC poti zaphweka?

  14. James Phiri says:

    Pofuna ulanda mkwazi wamwini usamakhale mdani wamamuna mzakoyo ayi. Kafutukirani kufupi oChakwera mtunda watsala pang’ono

  15. fjmbIII says:

    that bell must be placed in a protected place (transparent glass) material and not to be touched all the time.

  16. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    anthu amulungu nawo ayamba ndale, mmalo molalika za chipulumutso ali busy kutsutsana ndi federalism nkumalakwitsa kuti federation. Guys Chilembwe day idali kale osati zimene taona lerozi ku chiradzulo……..mbola yokha yokha………..imagine instead of praising John Chilembwe, speakers and pastors were very busy praising and flattering APM as if he has done anything tangible to the nation. This is a total shame to the nation

  17. not forget mangochi Road to construction because it has washed away with floods,and another Road all over MALAWI. At the end of rain season

  18. John Chilembwe anali dolo ndipo olimba ntima,woganizila anthu nchifukwa chake ulendo uno taikanso chikhulupililo chathu pa m’busa wina mukuti ndani paja dzina lake? Cha……tadikilani ndikumvuke Chakwe..mmmmmmm- Chakwela. Eya.

  19. Malawi wa Lero says:

    A Malawi sitizatheka ngakhale mpang’ono pomwe. Mwambo wantundu wa a Malawi koma ndalu ya DPP. Same directives – tiyika musewu wa thala, a good idea. Instead of making a directive just a propasal is enough and let the technocrats in some Gov Dep do the needful. How many such directives/promises have we had in the past. These directives fail because they are seen to be a political party idea.

    1. alukosyo says:

      Ndalama azitenga ku NAC lol

  20. Abiti says:

    APM learn a leaf or two. Teach your cabinet to be patrialtic, dont just sign things which will harm malawi in future. Those signatures will haunt you in future. Eg kaelekera mining, mota angel, area 34 land God is watching! Mudzafa infa yowa, wanzeru amve, mulungu amayamba kulanga pansi pompano

  21. Kadakwiza says:

    John Chilembwe, Malawi’s first freedom fighter. Its true and I agree with the president to construct a tarmac road to PIM. And it was supposed to be constructed yesterday.

  22. Yankees says:

    Tinkazolowera pa 3rd march ndiye chomcho koma a Bakiliwa bwanji kujijilica? Kuopa milandu iwe, akamati iwe ndi mtunda ndinkaka koma pano ndatsimikiza kuti munthuyu.

  23. Koma President Kumeneko Anali APM, Not Chasika Learn To Respect Our Leader.

  24. True patriot says:

    After the road project,please Consider the construction of tomb stones for our fallen heroes,including Rt Hon.Chakufwa Chihana and Michael Nsawuka.

  25. Wozinyanyala says:

    You calling on Malawians to emulate the life of Chilembwe and you yourself are busy emulating the life of your brother that of stealing from the poor and leading the country into a pit…..stupid lhomwe idiot…..kudyera ufulu osauvutikila

  26. lalirani says:

    nde anyamata a ndale amenewo, pamene iwe ndi ine ndikudana iwo akupangira zinthu zao pamodzi nkumadyerera. A Malawi tiyeni tidzikondana awatu si adani awa mpachimzake. Amapanikizana dala akafuna cholinga ife tiziona ngati ndi osiyana, namodzi anthuwa

  27. Jescano says:

    Zichitabwino kukapita nsewu waphula amangwetu.

  28. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Koma Chakwera ndi massive. A robbed leadership.

  29. Mbanangwa says:

    What a unity to behold!

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