APM revives ‘red star’ campaign in Malawi: Poor buildings to be demolished

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Monday announced the revival of the red star campaign when he toured dilapidated buildings in Blantyre City.

President Mutharika speaking the gathering after touring the city buildings

President Mutharika speaking the gathering after touring the city buildings

Mutharika told the gathering at Old Town Hall that it was sad that 50 years after independence, some buildings in the city leave a lot to be desired.

Said Mutharika: “Some of these building were even there before the colonialist left and we are still using them today. I find this to be unacceptable.”

“I joined the City Council this morning to inspect some buildings in this city which have been dilapidated as one way of reviving the re-development of the two towns Blantyre and Limbe, through the Red Star Campaign,” he said.

The President said there was need to put in place policies and use of zoning laws to direct people on how and where city buildings are to be built.

“As government, we are also making sure that we put all policies and guidelines in place as far as construction of buildings in towns in concerned and I would like enforcement agents to make sure that these are followed by all of us,” said Mutharika.

He added; “It is my hope that all concerned parties will cooperate with the City Council so that we have a new face for our towns. Let us make our towns beautiful.”

Mutharika asked owners of dilapidated buildings to either rehabilitate or demolish them as they pose danger to the people working in such environments and making the city look unattractive.

“As investors, let us play our part in making sure that we are operating in acceptable environments as per the city requirements. Let us take this development positively so we can attract more investors to our cities.” he said.

He said with the project to extend the Masauko Chipembere Highway, there was need for buildings that are modern and secure to be alongside the road and has asked the public to change their mindset when it comes to making the cities clean.

Mutharika said he hopes for unity between Blantyre City Council and stakeholders on the implementation of the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green campaign and that the red star campaign should be viewed as part of the initiative.

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43 thoughts on “APM revives ‘red star’ campaign in Malawi: Poor buildings to be demolished”

  1. concerned citizen says:

    Bravo my president . This will be one of the greatest things that can transform our country if all of us malawians pull together in that direction.Ife a Malawi takhala tiri kusilira maiko aanzathu kumati kwakuti ndi kwakuti ndikwabwino yet, we have been building village like structures in town . City building regulations have been ignored by the citizens and the regulations inforcers have been sitting idle doing nothing about it. People have belt structures which are below standard in the city , Building within the roads parameter is a common thing. e.g Just after the chileka lunzu circle going to lunzu we can see what is happenig there serious incrochment into the road parameter, sustandard structures. where are the city building regulators. If such things are left as they are Blantyre and Limbe will remain a shame to our nation. I hope this initiative will be a national thing for all our cities. Alendo akamabwera kwathu kuno amadabwa kuzindikira alowa mu city centre asanaone kuti city inayambira pati chifukwa cha mabuildings a substandard omwe andanda mjiramu. I pray that we Malawians will heed your call and take this seriously.

  2. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    It.s not just a point of painting. The standard of buildings being built in the city leaves a lot to be desired. How can we be constructing one or zero story buildings in the city in 2015? These are like tobacco barns! Lilongwe is worse in that aspect. Are there city planners in Lilongwe? If we kept late Bingu’s directive of minimum seven stories Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu would be transformed. And roads – ngati mopita mbewa. Timiseu tating’ono ting’ono negotiating buildings!!! Wake up Malawi, let’s not just authorise any building plan after receiving ziphuphu. Corrupt town planners damage the Malawian so called cities. Go to our neighbors and see.

  3. Kadakwiza says:

    What about Wenela Bus station, Lilongwe bus station. Malo amenewa womvetsa chisoni. Ati ku Malawi kuli ma Highway. Funso ndilakuti ma highway amenewa ali kuti? Ati Chipembere high chani? Zongonamizana basi. Ku Lilongwe ati kuli Paul Kagame high chani, way? Zoputsisana basi. Ndayenda Malawi, Blantyre, kuona manyumba Chilomoni, Ndirande, Mbayani, Makhetha ndi malo ambiri ayi Malawi tiri ku mbuyo kwabiri ndi chitukuko. Matauni onse ku Malawi ayenera kuphwasulidwa kuyambiranso. Komanso system yomanga misika yithe. Nkhani ya mavenda yithe. Kaunjikanso boma lithetse. Ku gulitsa magalimoto a Dubai boma lithetse. Komanso zoti pulezident ka museu ka 10 km basi kukatsegula zisiyidwe. Malawi tiri ku mbuyo.

  4. Dr Manga says:

    A good one Your Excellency but there are a lot of issues to be sorted out in our cities and towns.We are in 2015 but things have never been worse in Our Councils and City Assemblies like they are now.There is inadequate refuse collection. There is no real accountability and patriotism and where the City/town rates and market fees goes nobody knows as the whole system has got no checks.
    As long as the whole local govt system has no checks and balances things will be even worse than now READ my LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good Move says:

    Mr. President,

    It was a good initiative to go in the town and observe the conditions of the properties and filth loaded town. Yes of course it is a good move to give a boost to Mr. Mayor and his allies to start harassing and harvest a fortune from the initiation. Now tell me you did not even comment about the containers and vendors occupying the roads and lands belonging to private owners who cant even speak about vacating to even BCC cause the same BCC who invited you about the red stars doesn’t bother at all to force the discontinuation of containerised business and laying your goods anywhere on road blocking roads.

    it is wide open that including you Mr. President you have some deep hidden dirty agendas over the Indians or foreigners stay here in Malawi.

    You want Foreigners only to pay taxes but in spite knowing allot allot of business being done by locals there is a blind eye over it. You want foreigners pay rates while no locals in Malawi honour rates. You want MBS to only see into Indians business and maintain standards while rotten kanyenya, khoswe cooked with stolen oils from the transformer and trucks kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    If it continues one sided game and too much pressure than where will you achieve your goals. of course the initiation and becoming a straight fwd nation is a BIG WELCOME but when it comes to service delivery NO GOVT entity is found contributing.

    You love Foreigners that’s why you are busy in dubious deals at KP.

  6. Wokomaatani says:

    Blame it on Bakili Muluzi and UDF.

  7. Zosautsa says:

    Ife a MCP tafuna tiyamikire maganizo amenewo popeza ndiye chitukuko. Tithokoze a President pozindikira ubwino wa operation Red Star which others despised MCP for when it was introduced 24 years ago. If preceeding govts continued with the programme bwezi our cities were improved by now.

  8. Nana Chione says:

    Good move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Speaking is cheap,we are waiting for doing,make sure u do wat u say ore else say wat u do,all former governments sounded the same and did not.

  10. DPG says:

    @Nambeya you have a point my brother. What really strikes me most is that some of these so called bottle stores and also Video Shows, with their Chichewa translations, do actually put their loud speakers outside directing their noise to neighbors and passers by. Please help Malawi get rid off this noise pollution.

  11. B Market says:

    Transformational leadership. Civil Service Reform though not yet started but i can smell some positive change and now infrastructure. Thats a better way to come out of the top ten poorest countries in the world.

    But please ICT is the first to transform, the rest later. Keep it up Mr President, not bad at all.

  12. gribeta says:

    kodi abale mwati ziiiii wapanga saulos Chilima mwamutani??? Vice president wasandika Ben Phiri???

  13. mwalamoyo says:

    Please BCC revive the street lights in this so called city of BT. A city without streets lights. Even Chipembere Highway has no lights.This city used to have street lights and it was looking beautiful at night. The townships and surburbs used to have street lights but now there is darkness all over at night. This has contributed to insecurity.

  14. nedi says:

    Was it not wonderful to see HE in one or two Police houses. People have spoken about it. But it was different to see HE inside the house talking to the ladies. The cameraman for MBC TV was great:beaming the filth. Not the usual “clean up coz HE is coming”. Koma dzulo anatha kumwa soup kunyumba ya chifumu? Guys give credit where it is due. Here is one THUMB UP!

  15. Chileka BOYz says:

    Who are these Arliens in Dark Glasses!1 Abale za Ku Malawinso!!

    Why cant people just be Normal??

  16. Patrick Manase Phiri says:

    Thats good news

  17. Israel Difense Force says:

    Koma zitheka pakuti mkost of these shops are owned by well wishers

  18. Kaligo says:


  19. Thubwelunwe says:

    I will thank you when your words are followed by action. I have heard this script before.

  20. Ethan says:

    Makamaka building ya ku Lilongwe ukangokhota pa ma robbots kutenga Malangalanga road chakumanzere pomwe palowa mseu opita ku matabwa, pakhala azimayi oluka ti zovala ta wanapa eish, mpakana mtengo wa malambe kumamera pa denga.

  21. tiko says:

    I thnk it will not be apass speech but action aswel

  22. Dziko says:

    Rubbish president…I think we have come to be used to his jokes now.

  23. Chikhomo says:

    Very very acceptable move mr APM I salute you, keep it up

  24. mphatso says:

    Thats APM!!!!!! even Lilongwe and Blantyre Bus depots should be the first to get the red stars Motis Mini market.how did it survive the first Red star operation.Its better to have few high quality buildings than plenty useless garbage remember Kips restaurant

  25. mboba says:

    Amwenye simungawalande ma building anamanga ndi a ambo awo.nanu a achikuda pezani malo mulambule timange ma shop osati u vendor ndi mmisika ayi.city assembly must build shops and blacks should rent like at kamba.

  26. Citizen X says:

    Good, wise move Mr President. but u did’nt mention about the city bus depots which are in a very bad state and i am disappointed that you want to preserve the old court building which is very old and ugly to our beautiful city, please, please, please demolish it too sir. the city’s new face lift should start exactly where the court building is and you can building a big beautiful city mall right there please mr president think twice, tell me how long can we keep that old ugly building there? it can not stand there for ever eventually it will come down so why not now?

  27. gwaladi says:

    Anthu inu mungoyamikila zili zonse red star inayamba lero.muuzeni president a mange Kaye nyumba za a police nkuonjezela ma office a boma Ku BT Zomba.amwenye apitatu Ku harare

  28. gwaladi says:

    In BT the MCP and the building which used to accommodate the magistrate court must be demolished.in limbe it is the police houses the labour office and magistrate court to be demolished.the Asian shops must be redecorated.go to harare you will find shops like limbe
    Leave the Asians to operate business
    The govt buildings are the oldest
    Please tell the president the truth and its good that you have seen for yourself Mr president

  29. monkeybay says:

    Zikomo bwana president. Since most of the towns are owned by Indians, the must be pushed to do that immediately akalephera atuluke and leave our country. Amadelera too much, no wonder the towns are still the same. Tithandizana kugwila ntchitoyi bwana and Stay Blessed for the step taken.

  30. Hoitty says:

    Corruption itachitike pamenepa a president adzachita kudabwa nayo. Come back after four years to see tge progress. Same buildings will be here not even painted. The only demolition tgat will happen will be through natural disaster or accident. That’s how sick our society is

  31. Byron says:

    I salute the president for this directive.Malawi needs standards,orderly construction of buildings,construction of wide roads in cities, construction of high rise apartments within CBD area or surburbs, and construction of high rise parking areas for cars within the CBD. A street like Victoria avenue needs to be converted into four lanes and erase the parking spots on it;motorists have to pay for parking in high rise parking spaces in order for city council to generate revenue for future growth of the city.This applies to all cities.

    This initiative by the president needs a collective effort.It is sad Malawians have been used to enjoying the poor standards of their cities.The country needs to show to the world that its independence from the British was not a mistake by building clean,well planned,and modern cities.Every tourist will then love to visit a modern Malawi without skepticism.

    Government must also redevelop roads leading to major cities from the airports because such roads are the first appreciation of the visitor.Introduction of public transportation such as commuter trains within cities must be planned by government too.I don’t like a country that uses mini buses for public transportation-they are a sign of problems and failures of a government to offer services to its people.Malawi should not encourage entrepreneurship in mini buses but light industries to propel economic growth.Such growth will also create a construction boom in cities.

  32. Wamadzi says:

    That’s us Malawian… we are so good at applauding statements and public pronouncements. Eeeeish!!! I would rather applaud action. We have been on this road before and nothing, literally nothing changed except the time and the people who are making these statements.

  33. galu Wa Galu says:


  34. MRA STAFF says:

    Just behind northgate opposite poly Old building and Kumtaya u can’t love it zoti pali superior yazakudya sungamvetse nyasi zakezo

  35. brutsha says:

    That is the leadership Malawi needs. Good move.

  36. ndadabwa says:

    i salute you mr president om this issue. but let me make it known to you mr pulezident hat the city council authorities will harvest a city gate from this, especially ted namndolo. maybe it will work because noel chalamanda is not yet corrupt, but for ted wawerengera kale kuti akololapo pamenepa. azilandira kuchokera kwa amwenye

  37. MADALA says:


  38. ujeni says:

    Demolish Mzuzu central Business District, demolish Lilongwe old town, Demolish part of Blantyre central business district and the whole Limbe shops and buildings

  39. Ndikutelo says:

    Ya,that’s leadership APM.

  40. Nambeya says:

    Thanks Bwana President. In your speach you indicated that you would make sure that bars are not next to schools and residential areas. thank you very much bwana. In our locations there is a lot of noise which comes from bottle stores that have disco music that is played very loud 24 hours. this disturbs us. We cannot sleep properly to go to work and work efficiently to develop this country. Our children are unable to study because of this loud music from these bottle stores playing music 24 hours. Please ask the Mayor whether he has no policy and regulations for these bottle stores and bars. There is no control Bwana. Please formulate a law that can regulate these bottle stores kuti mwina ana athu atha kumachita study ndi home work ndi kugona bwino ndi kupita ku sukulu nthawi yabwino. Ngati izi za ma bottle store zingapitilire kutisokoneza ndi phokoso lawolo ndiye muiwale za kuti ana athu aphunzira chifukwa sakutha kuwerenga ndi kupanga home work becouse of these bottle stores. Pa Kamba, Ku Kanjedza pa Chisesele Ku Manja pa No. 9 and many other places. Mulandile ulemu wanu Bwana President pozindikira kuti ife mu ma lokeshoni muno tikubvutika ndi ma phokoso amenewa ochokera mu ma bottle store ndi ma bars. Mulungu akudalitseni Bwana President. Auzeni a IG a Kachama agwire ntchito kuti if tipeze mtendere.

  41. garnet says:

    Inde abwana ulemu wanu mukuitha boss.

  42. where are Malawians? says:

    Good move Peter! long overdue but its never too late

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