APM says govt will solve water challenges

President Professor Peter Mutharika on Saturday said he is aware of the water challenges in Blantyre and assured that his Government is doing everything possible to solve the problem now.

President Peter Mutharika : A ware of the water crisis

President Peter Mutharika : A ware of the water crisis

According to the State of the National Address the he delivered on Saturday, Mutharika said government is determined to make Blantyre Water Board (BWB) to be able to supply sufficient water to all residents.

Reads part of the statement, “The BWB infrastructure is aged and has out-lived its designed capacity which has meant for a population of 500,000 residents up to the year 1999 and today BWB has over 1 million.

“Further due to inadequate rains in the year 2012/13, the Mudi Dam which produces 10 percent of the board’s water production dried up by October 2014.”

It adds that electricity which costs BWB about K279 million per month to pump water from Nkula, 40 kms away from the city has been another challenge.

“I would like to thank the residents of Blantyre for their understanding. We embarked on a total rehabilitation of the BWB production facilities and replacement of pumps at Walkers Ferry and Chileka pumping stations and by March 2015, the BWB will be able to meet all the demand of 96, 000 cubic meters per day up from the current 74, 000 cubic meters production capacity,” said Mutharika in the national address.

He said in additional government will construct a water supply system from Mulanje Mountain at the cost of about US$ 12 million to provide an extra 8,000 cubic meters of water per day to Blantyre and surrounding areas.

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25 thoughts on “APM says govt will solve water challenges”

  1. Mapwiya says:

    Gogo yu game yamukulila

  2. MADZI NDI MOYO————-============———- ZOONA

    WATER IS LIFE—————-===========——– SURE


  3. Wozinyanyala says:

    Paja ayawo ndi Milhakho ndi agalu okhaokha sinalakwise …..

  4. Wozinyanyala says:

    Nanga agalu achiyawonu mungakhale panokha opanda atumbuka. The only thing you guys specialise in is kuba ndi kulalata. No brains mbava inu. Uyo mtsogoleri wanu ndi nkazake yemwe zonse mbava…nde uziti atumbuka fwe fwe fwe. Though behind curtains agalunu, this country is run by the north. From university level to whatever stage, chipanda atumbuka bwenzi anu ndi ma educated salvages ngati achina Peter, Jessie Kabwira, achina Saulos obera mavoti etc. We the Tumbukas are proud to be babysitting other tribes in this country.

    1. o says:

      I totally agree with you. Malawians from the center and south are the most stupid people. They can’t figure this out. These are imbeciles.

  5. keston says:

    We are expecting great things 4rm you my president.Merry chrismas and happy new year

  6. Alungwana says:

    We dont trust in speeches. Keep quite and take action.

  7. Nkhawazao Phiri says:

    Dziko lino ndilomvetsa chisoni ndithu, zaka 50 zozilamulira tokha koma kulephera kupopa madzi omwe ali pa mtunda wa 40 km? A president mwanena bwino kuti mavuto a madzi mukuwadziwa amene anthu aku Blantyre akukumana nao, ndie osangopanga zopeza company ina yoti ithandize kubweretsa madzi mumzindawu bwa? Ife tatopa nazo zimene BWB ikupanga.

  8. Failing to solve a strike by the judiciary. Ha ha ha ha! This crumbling old man.

  9. Tengupenya says:

    Let us move on and really secure the Blantyre water supply. If the present infrastructure’s useful life was to 1999, what has withheld redevelopment of the infrastructure? we are already 15 years in arrears! 3 different administrations have been in charge during these years of arrears, and have done nothing tangible to redevelop the water supply infrastructure for Blantyre. Ndi zoophysa zimenezi. Madzi ndi moyo! Probably more than 7% of the national population are affected directly by this neglect. List the Blantyre water board as a public limited liability corporation and raise money from shares to find capital costs for development of new sources from ku Phiri la Mulanje. Alternatively the Southern Region Water Board should implement the Mt Mj source development and inter-connect with Blantyre Water Board in the city of Blantyre. Chauta anapereka madzi, manja, nzeru, koma tangoti manja lende kwinaku tikuswana ndikudzalana mu city mwathu. miracles palibe, we have to work and improve our water supply!

  10. LimbikaGP says:

    Our presidents are simply liars who cant deliver

  11. one day is one day says:

    Atumbuka achuluka ku blantyre kuno.

  12. Mr.Bambo says:

    I hope he is serious this time around.

  13. Diso says:

    I hope he is not bringing back the useless Andrew Thawe to BWB

  14. Mzumara says:

    Fokofo. Tidzingomva za Blantyre and southern region basi? You favor southern region why

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Iwe mtumbuka iwe shatapu! Ndinu mukutha madzi kumwera kuno chifukwa mumakonda kunya kwabasi!

      Dzipitani kwanu munatitopetsa!

  15. Apao says:

    Mbuya,stakeholder and sector involvement, at local, national, regional and global levels. Transparent, open and participatory implementation .processes will help. Or kafuseni AMai JB AKULANGIZENI KUTI MUTANI. Osamangoti ine, ine. Ine destroys but we build.

  16. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    A family of dreams in colour. By the time somebody will get the first full cup off water the old man will have died.

  17. Jimbo says:

    The inclusion of ‘Professor’ in President Mutharika’s title is incorrect. He is the President of Malawi, he does not teach/lecture in a university. Therefore he is not entitled to call himself ‘ Professor’. A person does not pursue a course of study in order to qualify to use the title ‘professor’, one has simply to teach in a university. APM may well have been a ‘Professor’ when he taught/lectured in a university in the USA. Since he has given up that chair and become the President of Malawi, he has relinquished the title ‘Professor’. Surely as the President he is sufficiently important without assuming a title to which he is not entitled. Dr Hasting Banda was fully entitled to use the title ‘Doctor’ because he had qualified after years of study in medicine to be a doctor. The title ‘Professor’ does not indicate the possession of an academic qualification, but the occupation of a chair in a university.

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      It is our largely illiterate and ignorant country that adores and applauds the irrelevant titles. That is why our non-college leaders ‘buy’ the ‘doctor’ titles. Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda were all bestowed with Honorary doctorates, yet, their country (wo)men do not refer to them as such. Let us educate our people on this.

  18. chipatso says:

    A Lulu just be grateful that today you are able to fatin out what you have in your inner toilet.it was the same Bakili who faught and gave the right for you to express.

  19. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Za mkutu basi, paja mkulu wako ankati timpatse 3 yrs to fix the economy, how yrs should we give u?

  20. ujeni says:

    DPP is a Southern centric government, of all the daily problems people face in the CAPITAL CITY and MZUZU City only problems in Blantyre are mention. Vuto losankha anthu aku Mozambique ndilimeneri.

  21. Twik Lulu says:

    It is very encouraging to hear from the president that government will solve water problems in Blantyre and surrounding areas. At least the president has come out to show us that he is aware of the many water challenges that Malawians are facing country wide including Blantyre. It is also well pleasing to learn that at last government has decided to get water from Mulanje which is cheaper because it will require a substantial amount of money since it will be gravitation operational on one hand. However, I would like to differ with the president on his observation that Mudi dam has dried because of poor rains in 2012/13 rainy season. The president has been economical with the truth here. It is an open secret that Mudi dam has dried because of encroachment since Bakali Muluzi ordered the people of Ndirande through their chiefs to start cultivating the land surrounding Mudi dam. As this comes because of cheap politics by Bakili. He is the one behind all these economical, agricultural, health and educational problems. The man had no iota of understanding how to manage and govern the country to the satisfaction of its citizens.

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