APM says Malawi a free trade area: Arrives in Malta for CHOGM, next stop UK

Malawian President Prof. Peter Mutharika has arrived safely in Malta for the 24th session of Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (Chogm), saying it is crucial because among his key events will be selling of Malawi as an investment destination for global investors attracting foreign investment in the process.

President Mutharika: Malawi focusing on investment and trade

President Mutharika: Malawi focusing on investment and trade

The Malawi leader is expected to lead the Malawi delegation at an investment promotion session to be held on the sidelines of CHOGM.

Since he attained the Presidency, Mutharika has prioritized foreign direct investment (FDI) as one of the key precursors of Malawi’s development.

Also a main feature on his schedule, is presentation of a key-note address on how Commonwealth countries can improve access to health services.

Mutharika will, in his speech, zero in on how Commonwealth’s diverse experience and expertise in the health sector can be harnessed to improve systems and outcomes for patients.

Speaking to Malawian journalists before departure at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), President Mutharika emphasized on the importance of the meeting saying among others it will tackle issues of trade among member states.

Said Mutharika: “One of the agenda to the meeting is trade within the Commonwealth countries. As you know Britain and Australia are more advanced nations in trade issues, we will learn from their stories and hence advance in our respective nations.”

According to President Mutharika, 54 countries will be represented at the summit making it a priority for Malawi to attend.

The meeting will also tackle issues of climate change, economy and it is expected that President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena will hand over Chairmanship to Malta President.

Apart from going to Malta, Mutharika also told journalists that he will proceed to the United Kingdom for the Global Investment Forum where he will be the guest speaker.

“After the CHOGM summit I will proceed to the UK to attend the Global Investment Forum where I will be the guest speaker.

“From the Global Investment Forum, I will also attend the Chinese Africa summit in South Africa where I will meet the Chinese President on investment to Malawi,” he said.

According to Mutharika, while in South Africa, he will lobby for possible investors to Malawi as he said ‘Malawi is a free trade area’.

Malta is hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting for a second time, having successfully done so in 2005.

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent states with a combined population of 2.2 billion. The association came together in 1949, after the decolonisation of the British Empire. Symbolically headed by Queen Elizabeth II, the Commonwealth includes some of the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest nations.

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16 thoughts on “APM says Malawi a free trade area: Arrives in Malta for CHOGM, next stop UK”

  1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    The President is admirably tireless in promoting our country, as far as economic trade is concerned. Good. But the other fingers of the same hand, aka other players in government, either do not care or do not know how to latch onto APM’s bandwagon.
    Cases in point: water and power supply; health services; public security; transport (roads) infrastructure. Why would any investment manager take their money to a place where these services are so deficient as to be considered almost non-existent?
    The list is a long one, but the President, as an optimist, still pushes on. However, many top dogs in some of these organizations must wish him failure, no less. Take the example of ESCOM and BWB: these bodies cannot seem to get a handle on what ails them, let alone solve the ailment. There is no way any self respecting professional would be proud to say, at the water cooler or even at church/mosque/temple, that he or she works at ESCOM or BWB.
    It has already been suggested by some of APM’s advisers that he should completely revamp these two bodies. By not getting heads to roll, it’s like APM is rewarding the failure.
    What’s the point? And how can he expect improvements, even if he himself does his part?

  2. zon says:

    Waste of resources!

  3. Llo says:

    Zina Kambu zine leku…….. Kofi anajambula a President ndi ndani? zoona pulezident wazanu ngati ali pa dzuwa?? sinthani chithuzicho chonde we have a cute handsome bwana…..

  4. paul says:

    Who will buy into Malawi, when an investor changes his forex the next day kwacha has lost value, inflation will erode his money. For investors to come dont go looking for them, just bring inflation down to 12% and stabilise the kwacha without these 2 even if you globe trott 100 times no investor will come. The solution is at home your Finance minister and governor need to start doing jobs or replace with other capable people.

  5. OGO says:

    You need to show interest in investing in your own country Mr President before you embark on useless trips. If anything ministers and even mere government employees in the relevant departments can sell Malawi better than you because they are the ones doing the donkey work and relate to situations directly. You are fed informations which is in most cases …inaccurate. So you are going there in a pompous status telling investors lies when they now the truth about your product. Funny how you think…ohh how you are tuned.

    In Malawi you have individuals that can invest but they can’t because ..for example you are Malawian (should we say) and what example of investment have you done as first citizen so that people should follow suit? Apart from your Nyambadwe house and a few dodgy dealings what can you point at? Bakili tried..even though we question his investments but we could point at things and say Keza, ya Bakili…what about yourself? JB timabizimisi ayi ndithu…akuluwanu..ehh anali ndi minibus nkumatolela ndalama okha mu Lilongwe umo..inu. You invest in the US where your heart and interests are..so don’t spend taxpayers money on useless trips. delegate using your juniors who only need a few days allowances and accommodation basi no entourages. Stop this nonsense, lead by example..if you don’t participate in some of these things people might believe what you say sometime.

  6. peter muthanyula says:

    Free trade area, my foot!!! What does Malawi produce on this planet? Forget the orthodox economics guys. We need our own brand of economics, suitable to our lame situation. Copying and pasting ideas from other countries will NOT help this country. In fact, we do not need western trained economists in Malawi, as their type of economics will not fly in Malawi

  7. molande says:

    Its very simple to attract investors in Malawi, get electricity, water, roads and security working otherwise forget it.

  8. Llo says:

    Hahahahaha, is APM really serious? Who could come to Malawi and invest with our weak Kwacha to $ ratio? Who would want to spend on a country without security! who would want to come to a country when all we speak is continued blackouts? Mr president, we adore and love you so much but before you keep on wasting our tax money with your travelling please do us a favour by the following;

    Investigate the DPP cashgate

    Improve in the energy sector (blackouts)

    Control the current inflation 24 + % is bad for any country to initiate development.

    Bring in ATI bill and pass it. Investors needs transparency and accountability

    Improve on Security threats Malawi is facing….Njaunju??

    FDI is ideal as many investors are tired of the cashgate.

    finally provide basic necessities for your people sir who ushered you there. food, water, and accommodation. remember you’re in a tree and soon or later the floor has to catch you when you fall off that far branch of a tree.

  9. Issa Kabudula says:

    Malawi in good hands, we can not let loose the opportunity in hand, APM is a strategist, in 5 years time the ignorance will tough the development with their dirty hands to be believe its existence. Malawi ignorance is killing us, we don’t learn to appreciate – we have seen young boys and girls getting married, for some time now, there is no kids/money in the house, we need APM to bring every little development in a minute?

    If there is one country with every little thing which some people admire – its Malawi. We have abundant fresh water, land which accept every crop, strong human labour/capital. Instead of harnessing what we have we cry for that we don’t have – shame to the us the fools.

    Lets wake up from our slumber madoda, its time we learn to support our only things we have and make means in developing them. We got no toll gates, which can bring roads development to add the infrastructure. I like what APM is doing and we just need our time and respect his leadership, and the following leaders to come for the betterment of mother Malawi and stop crying for no reason. Visit Palestine – people in Palestine need that liberty you have, free movement, learning but they are in the cage, brothers and sisters tell others about this………..

  10. Green Grass says:

    Give us results of the Lilongwe investment conference. How many investors have come as a result of that conference? Looks like we are trying to sell a product which is not yet ready for the market.

  11. The Dreamer says:

    Woowing investors will not help one bit, we have lots of natural resources that other countries rich in minerals lacks, we can make gud use of them, we have the 9th world largest body of fresh water, lots of bare and fertile land,strong labour force and most of all we have PEACE, think Mr Pres. chuma cha malawi chili mu nthaka thats a fact,Wake up

  12. Blessed Banda says:

    Serious matter in Malawi to attract investment is ENERGY, ENERGY AND ENERGY. Sort out the the energy issu first and investors will come. This wiill take us a minimum of 3 years to deal with. If we are looking at ammassing votes in the next elections only then we will miss big opportunities hiding because of persistent blackouts. We need to fast track the coal power plant, the lower Fufu, Kholombidzo and other potential energy projects. Every sector in Malawi will revive and thrive if we sort out the energy challenges we currently have in Malawi.

  13. hey an i says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkk Malawi

  14. The Analyst says:

    . . . Ever wondered why a woman of beauty effortlessly attracts the attention of men?
    . . . Ever wondered why no amount of poverty can hide a woman’s beauty of birth?
    . . . Ever been lost in wonder why a not-so-naturally-born-good-looking woman can miraculously transform herself and still attract attention of men with a little make-up and proper grooming?
    . . . Malawi, having not been born beautiful – no meaningful minerals; has also failed to groom herself up with sound policies hence attract investors.
    . . . The roads to tourist attraction destinations are either not there or in bad shape. Weaker institutions, unstable currency, perpetual budget deficits (which has an effect on availability of domestic credit etc hence interest rates e.t.c). Sadly the govt seems disinterested in such topics.

    Unfortunately, investors are not stupid fools! Their major drive is to maximise profits on safe investments. And the current environment does not offer either.

    . . . Only if Malawi had put her house in order, you APM wouldn’t even bother go out looking for investors. They would come knocking at our door with bags of money!
    . . . Only if sound policy mix were implemented to achieve macroeconomic stability, Malawi would effortlessly attract investors.

    Otherwise, these investor-attraction missions are a waste of time and other resources.

  15. Counter Attack says:

    Good products sell themselves. You try any way you want to but the people you are trying to sell Malawi to do research first before they come running with some cash in hand. All they hear and read about Malawi is , Blackouts, Water shortage, Insecurity, Cash Gate, High Taxes and many more. Put your shit together first.

  16. Bongololo says:

    Quite funny how Mutharika keeps selling and selling and selling Malawi, but nobody wants to buy from him.

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