APM says unlike ‘orange mbyofo mbfoyo’ no blue DAHSP

President Peter Mutharika has warned ruling DPP followers not to politicize the newly launched Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata) Subsidy Program by painting the houses blue – the party colours.

Mutharika and one of the beneficially of DAHSP, Preacher Banda - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Mutharika and one of the beneficially of DAHSP, Preacher Banda – Pic by Stanley Makuti

“This is a Government project therefore these houses should not be painted blue. Though the project was part of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) campaign manifesto, it is being implemented using tax payers money following parliament approval. I do not want to see or hear that the houses are being painted in DPP colour,” said Mutharika during the launch held at Msampha 1 village in the area of Traditional Authority Chadza in Lilongwe.

Mutharika further said the project is based on the principle of equity to ensure that 79 percent of the country’s population as revealed by the 2008 Housing and Population Census who live in grass thatched houses can have a decent house.

“I deliberately instructed my Minister of  Lands, Housing and Urban Development Honourable Bright Msaka to design the project in a way which ensures that the programme is guarded from any form of political or partisan manipulation and reach to all low income Malawians irrespective of their political affiliation, religious backgrounds or tribe,” said Mutharika.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Msozi South Vitus Dzoole Mwale in whose constituency Msampha 1 village falls said the project has started well as there have been no cases of political interference during the pilot phase of the DAHSP.

“The project has started on a good note. The identification of beneficiaries has so far been transparent. By including a village which falls in the constituency of a Member of Parliament from an opposition party and having the launch here shows that the president is non partisan when it comes to development. I urge all of us to emulate the President by not politicising this project or any other being implemented by governments,” said Dzoole Mwale.

According to Msaka in whose ministry is implementing the project, the program intends to construct between 15400 and 21000 houses per year with the aim of to bridge the gap between demand and supply of houses in the country in the next ten years.

“Decent housing is a human right, without improving housing conditions Malawi cannot develop. It is for this reason that the project was initiated. Through Village Housing Committees which will be based at gazetted Group Village Head will identify deserving beneficiaries who will access building materials for construction of decent and affordable houses at a loan repayable in monthly instalments of K3000 over a five year period,” said Msaka.

During the Mudzi Transformation Trust of former president Joyce Banda, the house which were dubbed “mbyofo mbyofo” were being painted orange- the colour of People’s Party.

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61 thoughts on “APM says unlike ‘orange mbyofo mbfoyo’ no blue DAHSP”

  1. majombe says:

    Apm woyeee wa kwiya ndi wa cashgate

  2. Magede Siwa Ndale says:

    Bwana i listened to your adress last night. You are fery empty than i previously imagined. On January 13 you will be toppled. We cant afford to have a clueless leader at the palace fornfive years, we are coming for you mfwe mfwe mfwe nyaphapi.

  3. Ine Getu wakuba zaku NAC says:

    I for one can bear witness that the Mudzi trust was the best initiaitive ever. People on the villages are already suffering i wonder where will they get the money to pay back for the cement and iron sheets. On this i give Joyce Banda the credit.

  4. Makolija mwansambo says:

    You are very useless peter mutharika. If u were clever you could have come up with something original not just copying the slate used by Joyce Banda. I repeat you are useless.

  5. ichi ndi chitukuko cha mai wathu JOYCE BANDA. Mr APM you have just changed from the original=JB

  6. Carpenter says:

    Fwe-fwe-fwe program!

  7. Ndatopa nazo says:

    Will the poor ones manage to pay k3000 per month? Samadyatu azidzangoganizira zangongole.

  8. Chikankheni says:

    Congo Mafia, I’ ve noticed dat being a tax payer it’s something new to u, this is da reason why ppl pay tax in their respective countries for da fact dat the government shld help those wit lens privilege, al else doing projects like building roads, hospitals just to mention few, any country in da world it’s like dat but I don’t blame u since this system just started years back there in Malawi, but some of us we r used used to da system thou we resides in foreign country but it really works well, am wondering why do u think dat da president or da tax payers r stupid, am sure it’s luck of knowledge.

  9. Mbofyo mbofyo says:

    Mbofyo mbofyo pliz don’t misrepresent it. It is Tumbuka or Tonga for ‘mbwee’ like scattered.

  10. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    We are the bwanas and APM is our servant koma a Malawi ubwana wanu mukupereka kwa wantchito wanu. We pay him as without our taxes, no pay for APM and his league. Remember these polititians are our servants. Mumawapatsa matama that is why amayankhula motayirira. Aaaaaa! Too bad!

  11. kakha Erutu says:

    Kodi mulipo angati amene mukunyoza APM ndi boma lake? Tawelenganani mundiuze.

  12. Dhilu says:

    Mmmm angofuna kuseva macost a paint…

  13. Penu says says:


  14. Jimmy says:

    Its a loan not free,payable in five years time,very expensive.3000*12 the answer * 5 yrs.

  15. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    APM, please learn to use decent vocabulary as these words you always utter never befit a president. It purely shows you spend sleepless nights with JB. She is a genius and not your match although you claim to be a professor. There is a saying which says, ‘Educate a fool, he will become more foolish. A clever man will become more clever.’ It was also pathetic for you to use the words ‘fwee fwee’ when you hosted children to a Christmas Party. Was that the right time for you to say those fowl words in the presence of the children? By the way, how were those children chosen? Were there any village children and those with disabilities among those children or the party was children from well-to-do families as is always the case? Like it or not, Malawians need to know how their taxes are spent. Whether you said it was from your pockets, do you mean to tell us that the security that was provided was also paid from your pockets? Learn to say the right things at the right time and to right audience. You mislead our children as they think every word coming from the president is good and fun to use. Remember the adage, “Mfumu ndi kudzala” so you better brace yourself for it.

  16. CONGO MAFIA says:

    STUPID STUPID STUPID Malawians…. you paiy taxes and those monies go out there to built decent houses for fellow malawians yet you are there clapping hands for the president who pays himself allowances from the taxes to go inaugurate such project implemented by parliament. I repeat you are very STUPID PEOPLE

    1. Momo sam says:

      you are also stupid for posting stupid comment..i repeat you are STUPID!

  17. Thanks Mr. PRESIDENT and MAMA for the projects and not painting party[DPP] colour that of blue, no matter you did put blue on that day as well as MAMA, that is good development to Malawi, with the situation of houses Malawi is facing, at least this will help.

  18. Michal says:

    A saying goes with action,blue paint must b avoided to remove mental sum people who could claim ownershp of it thus to mean “is only DPP membrs” lets see wth action Bwana APM!

  19. Mchawa says:

    Mr president there is no way you can say somebody who benefit from your called DAHSP should paint his or her house blue for sure. Coz if JB painted orange the houses she was giving to the poor Malawians it’s because the beneficiary was being handed over a full finished housed wholly built by JB herself and in your case it would be mad for somebody to paint his or her house coz of the mere coupon of few iron sheets and cement which are not even fully paid but subsidized sort of. You can see yourself that the main shareholders in your project are the owners of the houses hence have the upper hand in choosing the colour of their choice whether yellow, black red green or orange. Good that you observed this and mostly that you have proved Goodall Gondwe wrong that JB’s Mudzi was not mbwefo mbwefo as he claimed but the way to go.. Keep on adopting even her economic reform policies nobody will laugh at you for that.

  20. FCK says:

    Dr Joice Banda needs to be applauded for a project well initiated we need to acknowledge here that this dashp is a JB’s program what has changed is name and managers bravo JB and APM should be thanked for the continuity and indeed can’t boast to have these houses painted blue

  21. bullshit says:

    Iwowo ndi akazi awo avala zotani?

  22. Getu Undisamale says:

    Stupid pitala. You spoke ill against the Mudzi trust today you have the audacity to imitate same project? Ho to hell you moron. We want our Joyce Banda back and peter must go

  23. Aliphee says:

    yambani zanu mwabera za JB

  24. Getu opanda Matako says:

    Peter mutharika you are useless. Fact that you married an HIV positive woman Getu speaks volume about how mad you are.

  25. Alfred says:

    Iliyonse ndi nyumba palibe mwini wake wa color ya paint. Ingopitilizani ntchito yabwino ya amai.

  26. Yonas says:

    How can you prevent some supporters of Chelsea or Ma Noma from painting their favourite colour, Sir ?



  28. Markel Adebayor says:

    Dzoole Mwale, wake up and smell the coffee! Akufuna kukuzula pa mpando kumeneko. Chenjerani o Chewa osapusa ayi.

  29. Aki na Ukwa says:

    A loan payable in monthly installments of K3000 for 5 years? What will happen if one defaults? Will the village poor afford this?

  30. concerned citizen says:

    pankhani iyi yokha Mr presdent ndakuyamikirani.

  31. Tengupenya says:

    Tis is a great idea, building, as some contend, on what others may have started. Chimenecho nde chitukukocho! Inu mumati zabwino anthu asamazikonze ndikuzikuza? Mwatani?

    Kudos to Mr. Bright Msaka and the President on this one!!! Hopefully the principles of targeting that have been developed will hold. We do not want quotas based on flimsy criteria to creep in. To guarantee success of the programme, apply affordability of the monthly rent/instalment as one of the cardinal criteria. Another programme can be nurtured for those who cannot afford the monthly instalment of K3,000 for 5 years.

    Ambiri ali nawo ana who can help with the K3,000 monthly instalment!

  32. Chikopa says:

    Kodi zomanga manyumba anayambisa ndi Bingu jb anangokopela jb alindi nzelu zoyambisa chinthu ? Ngati anakopela campain yonse ya Bingu ku painter ma bus chani , inu amzanthu a north mungaloze chimene jb anapanga ku mpoto 2years amene analamulilangati anafika pozungulila mutu kumanena dzuwa likuswa mtengo mopanda manyazi kuti anamanga kalonga chitipa road ndiiye kusonya project ya wina kusowa choloza musamangosapota zilizonse dikilani peter munthu ophunzira amanga magnifisent mombela univesity kumangosapota mazoba?

  33. Benson Chirwa says:

    Nonsense. Just subsidise the price of some cheap malata and cement so those that do not belong to DPP can also benefit. For sure that will be the criteria save for the blue paint.

  34. Angozo says:

    Inu a Ujeni!!!!, nanga pali vuto??? Zabwino ziyenela kupitirila palibe kanthu kuti anayamba ndani.

  35. zowona says:

    ka democratic culture ka america kalimo koma is living in the savage culture of dpp

  36. Mnyero wiza says:

    Zopusa mkamwaa mopanda manomo fotseke

  37. lilian says:

    Mudzi did not use govt money hence the orange colour

  38. Mr Man says:

    2 points Peter, keep it up

  39. Apao says:

    But pp derivd intime, we didn’t have water crisis in hosp. In longrun it is pp’s brain child not dpp. Painted ornge but dervd to intended citizens, tulo gvm do yr projects, firstlady started ndikusesa museu we kne she was up to nacgate, prisonwrd are als planning to strike, and ukno how they do it? Yoh,!

  40. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda’s policies. This shows that JB is visionary leader. Malawi will miss Amayi Joyce Banda.

  41. NYAKWAWA says:

    Za orange zinali za ulele pamene izi akugulitsa kwa anthu oti ena sangapeze K3000 pamwezi.

  42. IYOOOOOOOO……oooo abamboooooo.The new Trotter tsopano…We will shortly hear “Fweee fweee you chickens,ndikuyenda pa khomo la amanu?”

  43. chatty man says:

    Copy cat, JB’s vision here we go again.

  44. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Wajayila ameneyo , ndipo wayamba kutinyoza . Nthawi idzafika ndipo adzasiya.

  45. dokiso says:

    From udi uko party to mbyofo mbyofo party ngati chilalanje choola.What a terminology to coin the dead party of PP.

  46. Nankungwi says:

    Full marks Mr. President everyhtning in Malawi gets politcised ans poeple lose direction

  47. Munyamatayu says:

    Thanks!!! Why no helping first the disabled. This guy seems young and work for it. Is it a loan or not ???

  48. Mr. B says:

    Good governance, how much are Malatas and cement current price. There’s nothing wrong to continue doing good things that was started by previous regimes. We need continuity not abolishing everything for the sake of finishing or erasing others. I support the idea of low cost malata and cement, I think this is phase one and phase two hopefully will be magnificent stadium in Mangochi named I guess Bingu Stadium.

  49. Patriot says:

    Chitukuko cha JB PART 2

  50. Bright Kampaundi says:

    Praises 2 APM. Development z neva ment 4 a single person. No mata hu started but u impress m APM. Bravo

  51. ujeni says:

    The structures are of poor standards. poor workmanship

  52. BT says:

    looking forward to this project and no politicising

  53. ujeni says:

    Whatever it still is JB initiative Mudzi Transformation. We still yet to see DPP national project.

    1. Matokoso says:

      DAHSP is a national project

    2. Nyapapi says:

      Uwu ndiye uchitsiru tikukanawo!

    3. mlomwe says:

      kape iwe ndi amayi ako omwewo opususisa anthu mmidzi, mbava inu….

    4. kanchenga says:

      Government projects do not belong to an individual party or person. Continuety in these projects is very important. JB should have continued with the inland port. Malawi can not afford start projects that will be discontinued by the next government. It expensive foolishness

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