APM tells newly elevated chief to chase away rally seeking Malawi opposition

President Peter Mutharika has directed newly elevated Chief Kabudula to chase away opposition political parties seeking to hold rallies in his area.

Mutharika: This foolishness must stop

Mutharika: This foolishness must stop

Mutharika said this on Saturday when he elevated the chief to senior chief.

“These are confusionists, do no allow them to come here and confuse people,” Mutharika said.

Added he, “Chase them away, they are confusionists!”

The president received a resounding applause and handclapping from the partisan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) crowd.

Chief Kabudula’s area on a stronghold of the opposition Malawi Congress Party.

Malawi laws do not allow chiefs, police, the district commissioner or anyone in authority stop political rallies by any political party leaders including the opposition.

Mutharika also said he has directed that all schools with children with albinism should have 24 hour police protection.

“This foolishness of killing people with albinism must stop. No one has ever become rich because of body parts of people with albinism,” he said.

He said he was shocked to see pictures on television of a woman with albinism whose hand whose chopped of by body parts of albinism seeking thugs.

The president however stunned his audience when he failed to comment on the controversial Customary Land bill issue.

People expected to hear whether he would sign the bill into law or not following mixed reactions it has generated from Malawians.

People also expected him to comment on the torching of a Toyota Fortuner vehicle belonging to Malawi Congress Party publicist Jessie Kabwila. Kabwila and the MCP claim the vehicle was torched by ruling DPP operatives.

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This Mathanyula man is very stupid and useless. Do you want to take us back to one party system? Where is freedom of choice and association? Ukufuna ukhale wamuyaya eti? Ndipotu udzipita kwanu ku America apo biii suutitha tili komweko kudapanga campaign


peter is drunk

Rajab Magetsi

It’s sad to note that over 22 years of democracy , any leader with all senses , could instruct a newly elevated chief to chase away opposition political party from holding political rally in his area. It is very undemocratic of any leader to say those senseless words. Unless that leader is very uncivilized..And I do not think this was at all said by any human being.

Cash Gate

kuletsa a opposition kupanga misonkhano chifukwa chani? kodi mese dziko ndi la zipani zambiri, mwina analibe chonena, ‘ you DPP be democratic.’


Anakati mafumu azitero bwezi iwe ndi malemu achimwene ako mutakhala pa mpando umenewo?


A pulezidenti wa njala, nthenda ndi nsanje.


Midnight Six politics…bring back our 577 billion Bwampini

be humane

A news musatinamizepo apa mukungonena maganizo anu. Mwadziwa bwanji kuti anthu amayembekezera kumva comment ya a president on Land Bill and Torching of Kabwira Car? Just say your opinions and don’t say you are saying on behalf of Malawians. Ndizija mumati Trapence kungoyankhula ma thanyula mumvekere CSOs in Malawi akuti …… is Trapence CSOs in Malawi? Nyasatimes panotu munaleka presenting issues sensibly kukhala ngati amene amene amalemba zabwino anachokako


Someone is smoking weed at the statehouse.

You think those smoking weed are stupid like these Guys? No my friend…Some people do smoke weed but are up right up stairs. They even think n do better than you. These are inborn errors for people like him. Power corrupts. He forgets the opposition have the right to conducting political rallies. He thinks he can brainwash everyone to support their crazy DPP? The people who are selfish and opportunistic. Many Malawians just don’t know where to run to. Staying in this country might just let you die in misery eventually. These people are not there for the love of… Read more »

This country should be very worried. It is this zicheche-eating man called APM who also encouraged his supporters to beat up PP Supporters at Bvumbwe when Joyce Banda was president – and it was really terrible! Now he wants to secure the central region all to himself again and his stinky DPP??? Mxiiiii

Jelbin Mk

May somepne please tell this fool that the constitution guarantees unconditional freedom of assembly, I dpo wponder if he is fit to hold the office of the President because he is betraying the very constitution he swore to protect. We have a president in a cartoon, he soumfds more like Amutchona, nothing sensible comes from his mouth except for what he has said about albino hunters.

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