APM to open Malawi tobacco sales amid pricing anxiety

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is scheduled to officially inaugurate the 2015 tobacco auctions sales on Wednesday April amid anxiety surrounding Malawian farmers’ expectations of prices with the Kwacha currency reportedly gaining against the United States dollar.

Bruce Munthali, tobacco affected with floods

Bruce Munthali, tobacco affected with floods

Farmer with his bales of tobacco

Farmer with his bales of tobacco

State House press officer Chikondi Juma informed Nyasa Times in a statement on Easter Monday that President Mutharika will open the tobacco market at Kanengo Auction Floors in the capital Lilongwe.

Farmers want to get a better deal from the sales this year amidst complaints of exploitation.

Bruce Munthali, the Tobacco Control Commission’s chief executive,   said lethal floods in Malawi which killed at least 200 people caused extensive damage to tobacco, the country’s leading hard currency earner

“Many fields were washed away and the impact on the economy is obvious because tobacco is our main forex earner,” Munthali said.

The tobacco industry contributes to more than 60 percent of Malawi’s foreign exchange earnings.
It also contributes to 23 percent of all Malawi’s tax earnings and over 80 percent of Malawians are directly or indirectly employed by the tobacco industry.

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18 thoughts on “APM to open Malawi tobacco sales amid pricing anxiety”

  1. welamdindi panji welamdimi says:

    With the green card, ulima amaudziwa koma. This is in my view the best time to uplift the lives of poor malawians osamangoyankhula by buying their leaf at reasonable price.


    Athandixeni alimi powagula fodya wawo mitengo ya bwino please

  3. Benson Chirwa says:

    Is this a presidential activity really? Bad precedence was set here.

  4. NYAKWAWA says:

    apm bomaaaaaaaaa ilo!

  5. ToyB wakungodzi says:

    farming is abussiness so please mr president when you are making prices make sure you are also concidering the input of these farmers please

  6. amaz ntoti says:

    bring all bales of tobbaco to please,I need to smoke

  7. We are waiting good results because kulima kowawa.

  8. Atcheya says:

    Is it 80% of Malawians or 80% of Malawian workers? Besides, tobacco does not even directly/indirectly employ 80% of workers in Malawi: it is the agriculture sector as a whole which also includes tea, coffee, cotton, sugarcane, maize, rice, soya, beans and production of other crops

  9. bonya says:

    Forex ya fodya ya chaka chino tinadya kale. Nanga poti Goodall anabwereka ndalama kunja kut kwacha isagwenso. Ndiye mabvuto alipo. musayense kuti frext ichuluka ndi fodyayu ayi. Forex ibwera ndi support ya ma floods ndi support ya chilala. Dziko limenero; lopulumukira ku mabvuto koma osapanga forex thru exports.

  10. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    Alimi muwabele tsano, Ife a MCP ndiokhumudwa ndi malonda a fodya umo odafuyendela

  11. Achikumbe alileso mawa….

  12. Judge Not says:

    80% of Malawians are employed directly or indirectly by the tobacco industry_ false. Government is the chief employer!!!!!!

  13. chejali says:

    Kkkkkk wamunthalika

  14. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    Undibwenzere bank yathu. Mboli yako. Kodi alhomwe kudzikonda kotereku chifukwa Chani. Mulungu akuwoneni mwapadera dera

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very close.

  16. wochenjera says:

    Chonde musatiberenso chaka chino inu azungu ogula fodya.

  17. Urunji says:

    Thats a lie that over 80% Malawians are directly or indirectly employed by tobacco industry. A few people these days grow tobaccco due to unstable pricing of the comodity.

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