Apologies to Prophet Bushiri: Unyolo’s declaration of guilt

With my hands shuddering and trembling, I write this confession and apology to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church asking for his clemency and blessings for the things and bad publicity that I have done to this man of God.

Before I carry on, most of you might question why I have made this apology public and even published on Nyasa Times. It’s for the simple motivation that I also used online media to unenthusiastically expose the man of God and Nyasa Times is the one of the most read online papers in Malawi that guarantees me Prophet Bushiri will read this confession.

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri

Lately, I have observed that a number of people who have been saying bad things about him have not lived long and most of them are not doing well in life. I am a breathing paradigm. Ever since I took it on my shoulders to damage the reputation of the man of God, my life has been full of desolation and appalling tribulations.

I feel bad that in spite of his hard work and love for Malawi, I spent wakeful nights looking for his few imperfections out of million perfections just to make sure that he is disgraced at all cost. Luckily, it seemed the more I tried, the more well-liked and trendy he became and now I can say God has indeed been using this man to reach out to his people not just with the gospel, but good works too, clearly proving that faith without good works is dead devotion.

His contributions to the country are some of the reasons that have put me to embarrassment for trying to denigrate him the way I did. His recent endorsement that all his international visitors should make Malawian Airlines as their first choice flight cannot be ignored and neither can we run away from the fact that his annual church gatherings that attract world attendance are contributing to our dwindling economy and the tourism sector.

His TV network, Prophetic Channel has employed a lot of people including friends I went to school with and we can notice from a detachment how great they are doing.

The issue of Kamlepo Kalua MP, also had me cornered towards this confession. You might recall that Hon. Kamlepo Kalua started way back contesting for a parliamentary seat but to no avail until he visited the man of God where a prophecy of miracle votes was given to him. Look at him now; he made it on People’s Party ticket while giants failed miserably on the same ticket.

Am not here to provide evidence to you how powerful he is, that’s for God to establish, but am simply sharing my story about him and how ghastly my life has turned into ever since I started writing only negative articles about the very same person who has contributed a lot to this nation and somebody who cares a lot for people around him. Let me not mention names, but most of the people against him have not lived long enough to testify about his shortfalls. On a serious note, most of them are facing the wrath of God for touching his anointed. (Psalm 105:15 – Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.)

Indeed, there is no running away from the anger of God where a prophet is concerned. 2 Kings 2:23-24  we see a record of an insulting demonstration against God’s prophet by a large group of young men. Because these young people of about 20 years of age or older despised the prophet of the Lord, Elisha called upon the Lord to deal with the rebels as He saw fit. The Lord’s punishment was the mauling of 42 of them by two female bears. The penalty was clearly justified, for to ridicule Elisha was to ridicule the Lord Himself. The seriousness of the crime was indicated by the seriousness of the punishment. The appalling judgment was God’s warning to all who would scorn the prophets of the Lord.

If you are one of the people today who talk dreadfully about men of God, take time as I did to measure your life from the moment you let out bad things against them. How has it been like? Are you progressing in basic areas of life? If you don’t see any progress, then try the switch and make a good decision to help them and defend them for it’s not too late. No matter how good you may be, you simply can’t fight God’s servants and stop judging them for they are also born of flesh and blood just like you and me. Their calling cannot be taken away from them just like that. Let God deal with their short falls and punish them Himself.

Presently, I can also sample the case of Nigeria’s Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua who has come under fire from all atheist corners on the case of a building collapse on his church premises. A lot of people have criticized him and his ministry for the loss of lives. What they have failed to differentiate is the fact that he is not God, but just a servant.

Now, I humbly ask those close to the man of God to let him read this article and understand that I apologize for all the bad things I said against him. Being the man of God he is and a prophet for that matter, he will know the things I said and the articles I wrote. I pray that he continues to be a good instrument for God’s greatness. My email is [email protected]  I will be glad just to talk to him and and say “am sorry” once again.

  • Felix Unyolo
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92 thoughts on “Apologies to Prophet Bushiri: Unyolo’s declaration of guilt”

  1. CK says:

    Ndi Yesu yekha amene sankatenga chuma kwa anthu. Ndi iye yekha amene amadyetsa nkhosa zake. Koma aneneri alero onyengawa monga a Bushiri akudya kuchokera kw nkhosa. Profets of doom. Mxiiiiiiiiiii.

    1. Russell Msiska says:

      Ck avoid despise my papa Bushiri God will Punish you.. fellow Malawians lets learn to salute our own Powerful men of GOD.i love Major Prophet Sheperd Bushiri

  2. Ernest Nyirenda says:

    God will always defend His servants. Anyone who is agaist man of God is wasting his time. Bushiri will never go down because he is heavenly protected . I thank God for giving us a prophet who is humble and most importantly forgiving. May God Almighty increase his annointing

  3. Unenesko pera says:

    Praise God that has touched your soul to think what is right. We realy need to do our own things not shout at men of God. We have one spirit, which testifies what we are.

  4. Precious Bz Chipeta says:

    Praise God that has touched your soul to think what is right. We realy need to do our own things not shout at men of God. We have one spirit, which testifies what we are.

  5. Mwiza says:

    Easy brother. I am sure that you are forgiven by God. Better avoid from now onwards

  6. Joseph Jana says:

    Mr Unyolo U Ve Just Done What The Bible Asks Us To Do If U Feel To Ve Offended Abrother Ive Hope That You Are Forgiven Jugement Is For Him The Creator Bravo Unyolo


    Glory be 2 God,the bible says,when 1 person return 2 God,the heaven smiles n celebrate.Go 2 a prophet n apologise.

  8. only God kan forgiv they is no need of u mr unyolo to fear sumone that cant take your soul… if u feel guity much the apology has been heard… and if u were just peant that mans image out of nothing that was bad….

  9. Alungwana says:

    It is bad to say any bad against men of God. Even today Dr Cloud who draged Bushiri to court is no more. Beware guys.

  10. Felix Zulu says:

    I praise God that God’s light and salvation has come upon you. Your case reminds me of two criminals who were crucified alongside Jesus – one on his right side and another on the left. (Luke 23:32-43).

    One of the criminals was non repentant unto death and continued insulting Jesus into his death. The bible does not tell us where this criminal went after death – it is your guess and mine.

    Yet one of them was repentant and asked Jesus to remember him in his Kingdom to which Jesus promised the repentant criminal “Truly, I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

    We are saved by God’s grace. So to you Mr Unyolo rejoice that God’s grace is upon you and you have seen the light. Move on and live a life that bears fruits for God and do not look back.

    Kufa saferana.

  11. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Za chamba basi! Aneneri a m’masiku otsiriza ndi atumiki awo! Tiye nazoni, mudzatipeza mukadzapeza choonadi.

  12. mai nsato says:

    Unyolo ndiwe sweet potato basi chimbatata chopanda nzeru

  13. mtumbuka says:

    Those who are saying nonses against major prophet shepard Bushiri they will not live long. touch not my anointed one and do no harm to my prophets basopoka!

  14. Mbanangwa says:

    You are on campaign journey. Campaign for him!

  15. salimu says:

    If Sherpard Bushiri is a man of God then I choose hell. There is nothing godly about this buffoon. He is the biggest pretender who spends time cheating desperate people and sleeping around. It’s better to follow Satan than follow this uneducated half wit.

  16. Bongololo says:

    Inu a unyolo, life is full of triumphs and tribulations; you’re happy today and you will be sad tomorrow, that’s just the way life is and I can promise you that Bushiri (to me he is not a prophet) does not own the control buttons to your woes and prose.

  17. Bambo wanu says:

    iwe – u r an absolute idiot!!
    ku’opa chni???

  18. Kharupa says:

    May the name of God be glorified, Amen

  19. Favour says:

    A Unyolo Mulungu akudalitseni.kwa ena onyoza atumiki a Mulungu; you lose nothing mukasankha kungokhala chete.Ngati ndi maso anu mukuona kuti sizamulungu, musiyireni mwini wake Mulungu, kuweruza ndi kwake.Enanu zina mmoyo mwanu sizikuyenda koma it takes the spirit of God kuti muzindikire kuti matsoka amenewo akuchokera kuti.Enanu matenda ndi mavuto zikukudikirani,muzapemphera koma yankho osalipeza.You will need the same men of God kuti akupempherereni.Ine ndinaphunzitsa lilime langa kukhala chete pa chinthu chomwe sindikuchidziwa.I lose nothing in doing so.

  20. Wbc says:

    Musatinyase inu nd bushiri wanuyo,mxiii shupiti!

  21. xchimango banet says:

    me too i ask for forgivnes from God for doubting saying bad things about pipo chosen by God to preach the gospel of Jesus

    1. Bongololo says:

      How do you know that Bushiri was chosen by God?

  22. Mtumbuka Ogeza says:

    Afana Ofewa anthu angopepesa wokha…..kwasala uja timati Joyce naye apepesa…..Bushiri ndi more palibenso…….mumayetsa tsuzi eti…..ana oputsa

  23. Alinafe says:

    Prophet wa bodza angamaname kuti ankaphunzirsa ku Mzuzu University pomwe sanapunzireko ndi komwe .Amafuna kunamiza ndani iyeyo.Mwina iweyo Felix we.Ndakula naye limodzi Shephard.Bushiri osamaliira chinthu chomwe sichinatheke.iwe zziwanda ndi zambiri maka za chiwerewere ndi ti atsikana.ukufunika TB joshua akakuchotse ziwanda.

  24. Alinafe says:

    Felix Unyolo,when have you known this so called man of God? we have been with him by the time he was at Luwinga at a placwe called kwa Kanjauke,that waws in 2009.Ask him how he was teating his Church Pastors? pastors amasoweka ndalama yolipira rent nyumba ya udzu iyeyo Bushiri akuchita kusintha manyumba ngati malaya.Prophet si mulungu,He just a mouth peace of God.Sitikuyenera kupembedza Prophet ngat ndi mulungu.If he is realy a man of God let God himself defend himself chifukwa iyi sinkhondo ya kunthupi.Chifukawa chani Bushiriyo safuna kunenedwa if Jesus hismself ananenedwa mpaka kuphedwa.yet iyeyo sakufuna ndi kunenedwa komwe.is he realy following the footsteps of Jesus Christ.Lorani kuti zinchito zanu zikuchitirenm umboni osati zomatha mau kumafuna kuti dziko likuvomereni kuti ndiinu munthu wa mulungu,t That will never happen.

  25. In life, we progress when we realize we are wrong and seek for forgiveness. First from our Creator. And if we have done wrong to our fellow man, we simply ask them to forgive us.

  26. cynk says:

    ma comment anu azikhala anzeru, Mulungu ndioopsa ndiye osachita masewera pama comment a Mulungu. Mr. Unyolo Mulungu wakukhululukirani umunthu ndi umeneyo. ine Bushiri sindimudziwa ndiye sindinganene chirichonse chifukwa chikhala chabodza

  27. Wawa Phumisa says:

    Malaki 1:6 a true believer should read this verse and make judgement. The place supposed to be God’s has been occupied by man

  28. woza says:

    Prophet prophet my ASS. Wakeup Malawians

  29. FCK says:

    Mine us advice to all who have and will contribute to this article 1- whether the story is true or false lets leave it for GOD 2- Sometimes it better to give your testimonies on a right forum and it is wise to do that because you don’t disgrace God, like what is happening now 3- The bible says touch not my anointing every man of God whether he has traces of mistrust or unrighteousness or what ever, don’t judge them or curse them they have the cover of God which means what ever you do or speak against them you are fighting God and you know when you are fighting GOD you can’t survive,so any man of GOD BE IT POOR OR RICH RESPECT THEM and you live.HE PUNISHES THEM HIMSELF.

    1. FKS says:

      Beautiful comment, are u a Bishop, Pastor, Rev, or something else near?

  30. Ambuye Mulungu wathu mulemekezeke nthawi zones ndipo kwa inu kukhale ulemu nthawi zones. Inu nokha ndi amene mudziwa choona chenicheni ndipo musalole kuti ana anu alakwe pakulankhula pa zomwe choona chake chencheni sakuchidziwa popeza Inu nokha ndi amene mudziwa ngakhale zobisikazo. Dzina lanu litamandike nthawi zonse.

  31. Lets not waste our time here Mdalitso uwu ndiwa Bushiri not for Me, You , Him or Her we should be busy implementing solutions to our poverty stricken life not glorifying Wizards on social media Jack up MALAWI

  32. We know what you are after Sikuti akugulira BMW ngati Armstrong and Forget about Bushiri sponsoring your relocation to south Africa so that you too can marry a Zulu Woman
    Umpawi ndiwomwe wakula pamalawi pano no wonder a Felix mwayamba kupembedza Aneneri remember Pathu sipadziko tingodutsa chabe Focus on God Himself

  33. ken says:




  35. godobaman says:

    kenani chenjerani ndi aneneri onyengewa adzabwera mudzina lamulungu ndipo adzichidza odwala ,osayenda ndikumayenda ,ukufa ndikumawuka ,osamva ndikumamva awo ndiye masiku omaliza

  36. symon says:

    somebody mentioned about parents dying and him suffering because of bushiri? no no no God is not a killer. God is merciful. it seems you do not know the nature of God.

  37. Man of God says:

    Let this man of God visit the sick in our hospitals. Anthu akuvutika amasowa atapezani ndi mapemphero from people like the Bushiris. Find time to pray for the sick that can not make it to your church please. This says it all. Full stop.

  38. Joseph wowa says:

    This message is a warning to most people who attack men of God only them but also those who are in faith. If you believe remain in the brief and faith in the Lord. If you don’t make a choice to come to believing in the Lord. If you chose to remain in the darkness be so but remember there is a day of judgement of the Lord coming soon. There is no other Name given that man should be save its only the Name of Jesus given to us above all Names this is what the Prophet is doing Preaching the word and doing the wonders of the Lord. Pliz Pliz people out there don’t despise the Prophet Bushire and other men of God less you find yourself in trouble.

    I am one of those who go to his ministry its powerful and has changed my perception of he word of God and Prophecy and miracles. Am there so I know what am talking about. I urge those who have negatives to repent and God is faithful and just to forgive and forget.

    May the Almighty God continue blessing the Man of God Prophet Major Bushire in the work of God. Your the true man of God I love you and respect you, God is on your side.

  39. Lb says:

    Avoid Saying Something Bad About The Men Of God

  40. Yobe boo says:

    The Worst and Nosense at its best. Most Rubbish article to waist ones time.

    Be very very Careful you Bushiri team for carrying God’s name for Business. Hell is on your head.

  41. chechipapwiche says:

    It is right to say sorry when you say something which is not true. Not only to prophets but to anyone else. We are all created in the image of God. Therefore learn to say sorry to anyone whenever you say something untrue about him/her

  42. Tione says:

    Felix unyolo i salute for doing that, indeed many are not progressing for talking negatively about men of God. Remember God fights for these men of God. Soon or later the truth will come out of what exactly happened for the building to collapse. God will vindicate him

  43. Cholasa says:

    Unyolo, You have done the best thing for your life, your children and future. May God bless you indeed. You should brace for miracles upon miracles upon your life from now onwards. God has heard your prayer and please make an effort to meet the man of God! Be blessed my brother.

  44. yakobo says:

    abambo unyolo mulungu akudalitseni chifukwa mwazindikila kulakwa kwanu ..komaso anthu amene akunyozabe aziwona mana waziwonatu zolimbana ndi anthu ake amulungu.

  45. unwarried officer says:

    Wait, the true prophet and is the KING is coming his name is JESUS. He is going to judge all liars. Jeremiah 29 verses 8.

  46. Matthews says:

    Please let us not judge for we are also going to be judged. For some of us who have seen Bushire growing up know that he comes from a God fearing family.His father was our vestry Chairman of our Zolokere CCAP prayer house and I used to sing with his brother Misheck in the Church choir. He is a true man of God and if you do not believe him then let him be than castigating him. He is also a person like you and me who is also prone to mistakes but surely GOD is using him in a special way.

  47. gerald says:

    Prophet Bushiri,i Gerald also seek your forgiveness.many are the times when I have talked negatives concerning your ministry especially anointed soap and water and other silly talk.am a born again Christian but I want to repent because I have talked before that you are doing it just for money.i beg your forgiveness and God knows this is coming from my heart.Be blessed of the Lord always man of God.

  48. igwe says:

    he has not done anything. wrong to you neither to me why worry kuweuza ndi kwa mulungu muzawaziwa ndi ntchito zawo

  49. FKS says:

    Don’t touch the anointed one! This should be a lesson to others. Felix that’s being man enough thumb up for ur humbleness

  50. Kanyimbi says:

    True this is a man of god (and not man of God). Kamulepo has won because this time he joined the ruling party which got the majority in the north where Kamulepo also comes from. Palibenso za prophecy apa. Its just logic.

  51. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Zanu izo continue preying on the gullible minds. Azanufe sitikhulupilira any prophet outside the Bible because Jesus is the fulfillment of all prophets. Other prophets are men of gold or silver.

  52. Zex says:

    This is the very reason why I say this is not a man of God. You cannot despise man of God and got punished on this earth. No ways. How many people despise Jesus and how many get punished. Behold all moslems on earth despise Jesus Christ, but they are people of abundant wealth.

  53. truevoter says:

    I have seen similar issues. People I have talking ill of Bishop David Oyedepo most of them lost their jobs even life without the Bishop knowing.

    Some 3 weeks ago I greeted Prophet Bushiri, I received a long awaiting miracle the same day. He does not know me.

  54. Major son says:

    Writer you made the right choice for apologising to the man of God and do not feel discouraged for God knows and He is the best judge yet alot of us Jugdes beyond our authority.God is a spirit and we need to worship Him in truth and in spirit.Thank you for knowing your God.

  55. Stewy says:

    Do not join atheists in denouncing men of God. We are not to a fellow brother , that is the Lord’s job . Lets pray for each other in the name of Jesus Christ .

  56. kwekwe says:

    why all this bullshit, why do you need to apologize in public. yakh!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. America says:

    kodi abale timawenga mawu a yehova? maprophet angoti mbwelengete wa akutanthauzanji? tawelengani mateyu 24 akuti chiyani mwini wake yesu??

  58. majorS daughter says:

    Those who rejected you shall come looking for you!POWER!…
    Those who acknowledge a prophet,in the name of the prophet,shall receive a prophetic reward..

  59. Lameck kakhobwe says:

    lets avoid insulting the men of God,its nt gd dat pple shd tak aleson frm us.I totaly agre wth wat Unyolo is saying.

  60. Happiness says:

    That’s my spiritual father .May you live long Papa.

  61. simiao banduras says:

    Za ambuye sitipangira pa Gulu Unyolo could have fond the right forum to apologize not using nyasatimes. Tonse tinachimwa nitipelewera mu ufumu wache. The fact that Dr Crowd has passed on while having a case with Bushiri should not make u to gain mileage out of it. That guy has been sick for a long time. Tell people about salvation not instilling fear in them. Why targeting urban people only? Go and preach at Nambuma, malembo or deep of Mangochi to save a lot of poor and lost souls.

  62. vanikani NJASKO says:


  63. mxiii says:

    Sensationalization at it’s best, I clicked thinking you’re talking about a Unyolo eni eni.o Za ziii. Why are you people so gullible? Are you trying to say Bushiri has some way of manipulating votes? hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

    Kaya zanu izo

  64. bestie says:

    W e thank Hod that Unyolo has finallyndecided to live his life for him alone. It is rare to see someone so highly reected like you coming in the open kust to say sorry. Just for that, God will surely honour you amd make orhers realise how important it is to insult men of God.

    As fpr those who still talk bad about men of God, wait and see th wrath of God on your life. If these men of God have short falls, let God judge them osati winawe uzilhala ngati Mulungu nd iweyo.

    We celebrate the life of Unyolo… To Gid be the glory in Jesus name!?

  65. the northern speech says:


  66. nkunthamasese says:

    Men of God preach the Gospel. Plis understand them. take what they teach positively and you Will be saved from the wrath of God .don’t dwell much on their negatives. they are human beings too. better remain quiet than talking things against them. you don’t know whose power they use.”touch not my anointed”

  67. Abonzi says:

    Matthew 24: 24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

    Akuti ‘even the elect’ These were signs zaku mapeto anthawi ndiye khalani maso. Ine olo mutandi mwetsa doom nkhani iyi sindikuonapo chanzeru, ndalamazo pezani njira ina yopemphera osati kumalemba apa ife nkumayesa pali zanzeru kutionongera nthawi

  68. jairosi says:

    you are all monkeys!! man of God! or Man of Toilet!!?? may you all rot in Hell!!

  69. mbene says:

    To God be the glory for those who are confessing now. I love my Prophet and i feaf all men of God.

  70. Bigeo says:

    Men of God are carriers of blessings for individuals and the nations. We have not to underrate or despise them. This confession is a big lesson to others. Praise to God

  71. SAIKUPHA says:

    kkkk koma ziliko kumalawi! Kodi maprophet amenewa akumakwanisa kudyesa nkhosa kapena akudya kuchokera kwa nkhosa? Ngat akumakwanisa i can follow then,but if they’r not, am just waiting only Jesus to judge them

  72. Nganganga says:

    Anthu inu munthu wa mulungu mukumunenayo simukumudziwa popeza mukanamudziwa simukananena zonyoza zanuzo.
    The big man apologising here is not a fool, he knows what he is doing and is well learned. He has lots of his owm money and can not be bought.
    It is clear to me that most of you who critisise my prophet have never even seen him face to face olo atakudutsani simungamuzindikire but HE is a powerful man of God.
    The time you realize this ngati mudzakhale okonderedwa ndi mulungu to testify ( ngati adzakhale asanakukantheni chauta ndi kunyoza kwanuku) mudzawawuza anthu ukulu wa mulungu. Wishing you fast repentance.

  73. Stan mantchichi says:

    Lets comment but avoid castigating the men of God, Andione andione anagwera mphala la moto, Mulungu akhululukire onse onyozetsa ufumu wake

  74. pincode says:

    Livulezi River is right,u hv wasted ma precious time reading ths bulshit,l thought there’s smthng sense.
    Kodi prophet wakoyo pa za chisankho amati adzawina ndani,nde zinayenda?
    plz ths political and business prophet is devastating malawi and prophetic calling.
    His job is sleeping wth teenagers in town,kodi anthu akumudzi safuna Mulungu go in village,preach da gospel, likes of George Saiti Phiri, Arch Bishop Mark Kambalazaza, Shadreck Wame to mention few go deeper in typical villages,l knw he has employed u to do ths bulshit.
    chigololo anachimva kukoma aprophet akowo,plus day-light robbery.
    0nce again u hv wasted ma precious tym!!

    1. Alpha Gonammwamba says:

      You are the next on line to apogise my freind with the same mouth you using now cause the God of major will handle you shortly just wait

  75. KUKHALA says:


  76. KUKHALA says:


  77. Geoffrey says:

    Power, that’s My father. To God I give all the praise

  78. Geoffrey says:

    May God continue to Bless Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Those of us who Love our prophet lets continue to support him in Jesus Name. To God we give all the glory.

  79. google me says:

    Me too man of God I falsely accused you with my friends just to destroy your ministry but now my both parent’s died suddenly. My other eye stopped working and I dint know where were all these coming from until this article came. It has opened my eyes to know why am in this mess. Pastor Bushiri forgive me pls remove wat u have put in my left eye. Its paining

  80. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:

    mmmh ok tamva

  81. Livulezi river says:

    Felix Unyolo, have you ever read the book titled ” Best left unsaid” ? You would just know that to your self and found a way of communicating with him not kuti uzitinyasa ndi nkhani za mzakoyo pano! Kaya akutuma! That’s none of our business. If you don’t know, some of the so called men of god employ people like you so as to be acting as their PROs and get something at the end of the month. Nanunso a nyasa times, spare us from these kinds of personal stories. for example, nkhani iyiyi itipindulilanji ifeyo? This guy, Bushiri is on business errand. Ife taona anthu a Mulungu mdziko muno, the likes of Shadreck Wame, WW Mulenga and Thomas Banda just to mention but a few who used to go to remote villages and proclaim god’s messages there. Not these so called town mongers who only dwell in cities and get what doesn’t belong to them. They are people out there who really need salvation. Why only cling to reach people? Umuuze prophet wakoyo adzipitanso ku ma midzi kwa anthu osauka! Tavanaaaaaaa????????

    1. Kenani says:

      Livulezi River. You got all wrong man and I think you should seriously consider changing your mindset towards men of God too. I agree with what you just said about Kwame but let me tell you something you dont know about Bushiri.

      He did not find himself where he is now. Its a journey he started at the very same villages you are talking about and that was in Mzuzu. He has preached in schools and some of never knew he would be where he is today. He used to have a grass covered church and he never had any single car.

      During his school days at Army Secondary, he used to preach in nearby villages too. Speak things you know about and avoid talking anyhow.

      1. me,myself&i says:

        now that analemera saonaso chifukwa chopitira kumidzi,,is dat wat u r tryin 2 say? Nde ndiwosadzichepetsa2…

      2. Amalawian says:

        So which school did he actually went through?

      3. Kanyimbi says:

        Is Mzuzu a village?

      4. Yobe boo says:

        Akutumani a Kenani. Chonde musaonetsa umbuli wanu apa. Ndipo musatinyase ndi business yanu yobera anthu muzina la yehova wamakamu, chifukwa ngakhale Yesu sankapanga malonda ndi uthenga. Mwatikola kwambiri ndi Bushiri wanuyo.

      5. pette says:

        Livulezi River got it wrong but you agree kikikikiki! A kenani dont be deceived by these so called men of God. you have said it yourself ” he never had any car” why kuziunjikila ulemerero wapadziko lapansi now? and mind you, Mzuzu is not a village neither is it a town its a city. Ma prophet azenizeni will teach you of sulvation not za dziko la pansi; in two weeks you will have a car, 2moro a wife, when you go home you will find money in your bedroom. this is bull shit!!!!! open your eyes and seeeeeeeee!

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