Arrest of Malawi ‘cashgate masters’ imminent – Justice Minister

Malawi’s Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu on Friday October 3 told parliament that more arrests are coming up and will involve high profile personalities suspected to have played a role in the plundering of public coffers at Capital Hill popularly referred to as cash-gate.

Tembenu presenting a ministerial statement on the final forensic report by British firm, Baker Tilley, said Cashgate was not looting of only civil servants but high ranking political figures were the architects as they appear to have connived with companies to abuse Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS).

Tembenu: Fish rot from the head down, we will get the Cashgate masters and kingpins, even some are in parliament

Tembenu: Fish rot from the head down, we will get the Cashgate masters and kingpins, even some are in parliament

“Without any fear of contradiction, cashgate was not only about civil servants, it was a rot from above, sanctioned by top officials whose identities we are about to discover. A fish rots from the head down,” said the Justice Minister.

He stressed that Cashgate was a “systematic intricate cobweb that was sanctioned by people in the authority.”

Tembenu said there is still more work to be done in tracing the cashgate money and interrogating more suspects, who he hinted are high profile political officials.

“More people may have to be questioned including some, Mr Speaker Sir, who maybe sitting within this august House,” Tembenu told parliament.

“We will in due course release the full report to the public. Much of what is contained in the report is also in the public domain,” said the Minister.

The Justice Minister cautioned the media “not to get overly excited with the names contained into the report” and desists from carrying a “media trial” on cashgate suspects.

Roughly K13 billion went missing during the Joyce Banda reign from April 2012. Probably another K90 billion went missing over the eight years of the presidency of the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

In total, about 30 per cent of the country’s budget could have been looted over a decade – almost as much as donors have provided Malawi over the same period.

Tembenu maintained that that there will be more arrests.

“Actual perpetrators and their masters, we will get them,” he warned.

The Justice Minister, nonetheless, pointed out that as arrests of high profile people will be effected, “masters and kingpins will accuse us of witch hunting and political persecution but we are committed to do the right thing at all cost”, saying  there is objective evidence to link suspects to the cashgate and there will be no political inspiration in their arrests.

“The evidence that we have uncovered is clear that the fraud was properly and meretriciously planned, carefully coordinated and skilfully executed,” said Tembenu.

Justice Minister  said the other challenge was that most intermediaries that were used to siphon billions of government money are asking for plea bargaining when the country does not have the necessary legal framework for it.

Tembenu said government takes note of the public outcry for vigorous action in pursuing cashgate suspects, saying it is “understandable”.

He however said the State machinery will not carry arbitrary arrests unless when they have concluded “our painstaking investigations.”

“Criminal justice, Mr Speaker Sir, is not just about arresting people, it is a process that moves from investigations, to arresting, prosecution, conviction or acquittal to punishment. We simply want to do our job properly,” said the Justice Minister.

He said Malawi government has again approached British government for technical support to recover all cashgate tainted properties.

Tembenu also quoted his predecessor, Fahad Assani, that some of the suspects bought the property in the name of their spouses, friends or children mostly in Lilongwe Area 49 and 43.

The Minister also said commercial banks were used to perpetrate cashgate

“Cashgate scandal is a wake up calls to pass legislation to strethen regulatory role of Financial Intelligence Unit and Reserve Bank of Malawi,” said Tembenu.

During question time, Lilongwe Mapuyu South MP Joseph Njobvuyalema asked as to how much it will take to deal with the issue since it seems to be dragging.

Tembenu said, “It is difficult to say for how long but we will get there.”

Meanwhile, the second meeting of the 45th session of the National Assembly has been adjourned sine die.

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57 thoughts on “Arrest of Malawi ‘cashgate masters’ imminent – Justice Minister”

  1. akatswiri says:

    The President can not be arrested coz of immunity.unless he or she is not the current president.

  2. boniface banda says:


  3. Mayani boys man k says:

    We want all names from 2004 -2014 not only 2012-2014.

  4. Mayani boys man k says:

    They can’t, till jesus will come ,all politicians are thieves.

  5. Hazrat Pillane says:

    Lets us wait for the current names being mentioned now, as for DPP cashgate everyone will ot have a say as it will be the dead man to answer, forget about 90bn.

  6. Alekeni phiri says:

    Inu anyani acashgate mukutisaukitsa mwamva

  7. matt says:

    okuba onse awa tiyenazoni God will punish u badly

  8. upile kulekangana says:

    Athawa u are taking long

  9. Love your neighbour as yourself!! says:

    Munama mpaka litiiiiiiiiiiiiiii agalu inuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. babatu says:

    Well mr minister if you dont want the media and the public conduct their own form of justice and come to conclusion you and your office should not shield those involved. It is a well known fact that you and your DPP syndicate will do anything to cover up all those memebers from your party. The donors are watching and we urge them not to return until the whole cash gate perpetrators have been convicted. Do not try to hood wink donors and Malawians with rhetoric. Action speaks louder than words. Your office has the resources and power to see this cash gate beast put to rest but alas!! APM can spend over $500,000 in the US and yet you are sitting phwii on a cash that is crucial to the return and establishment of trust in ou government. We are watching you!!!

  11. chekambewa says:

    yes pin them no body will talk of politics in hear our relatives are dying due to lack of hospital equioments

  12. loveness says:

    Fishy very fishy?????

  13. Harrison says:

    Our country is riddled in political prostitution that’s why the names will take long to be released for fear of jeopardizing the innocence of the incumbent leader. They have been stealing together in the Bingu era and one would not want to be mentioned because he or she had a chance to continue stealing in JB era. Once mentioned, they Will go public declaring when stealing actually started and all the culprits. This regime is trying to maneuver its way on how it can ommit those that they had been stealing with in Bingu era.

    If many that were in PP had not served in DPP the times of Bingu, Cashgate would otherwise be a solvable case but alas!!! The chain reaches those in DPP currently. A PP ambiri adyanawo 92billion ija ka 13billion inali continuation chabe. Akudziwana akuopa kuulunana.

  14. Tozer Tsono says:

    So, simply put, the justice minister can not reveal the names because he wants to make sure DPP gurus, clear their names by paying back the stolen funds. All political parties must be represented at the reading of the names of culprits. The DPP government is doing the same thing as the PP government, promising to reveal the names but buying time to shield their own.
    Reveal what you have, if you are not trying to shield your cohorts or shut up!

  15. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    PS: Baker Tilly & the UK know exactly what’s contained in the report- names of suspects, their accounts and the like. if the government just as much as omits a comma then all bets are off.

    Your move, DPP.

  16. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Mr, Minister, there hasn’t been any major scandal lately in the warm heart of Africa and we are bored, of course there is going to be a trial by (social) media. Now that we live under mob rules, with every perspective juror casting judgment from their smartphone, things like justice, due process and civil rights are nothing more than words used by classroom academics.

    Start arresting the so called big fish, we’ve already sharpened our claws.

  17. Robert frank says:

    We are still waiting tu see the big fish n some followers to be arrested.

  18. WANZERU says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied also justice hurried is justice barried. There must b cosciousness 2 balance the 2.

  19. mphevu says:

    Have real evidence otherwise arrests of innocent people will backfire on you and compound governance problems.

  20. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  21. Hhhhmmmmmm PP idatulutsa lipotilo koyamba. Ndiye inuyo mutulutsa lipotI liti a DPP. Kaya tikuonerani!

  22. Emmanuel says:

    Promises, promises, nonses. fe fo fam I smell cover up

  23. chatty man says:

    I wont be surprised if the top big fish wil be on the list.

  24. Charter says:

    Give us that censored list of cashgaters. We know by now all blue collar guys have disappeared from the report! Otherwise, without names don’t even speak about cashgate. You mean you presented a report to Parliament without names?

  25. Whether you try to sugarcoat your jezebel’s filthy stinking undertaking,the truth remains that Baker Tilly was hired by the British on behalf of Lilongwe,to do forinsic audit from August 2012-September 2013 period

  26. Dickson Makhumba says:

    John, there is no fact s in what you call debate coz if U wea really afollower of politics in Malawi and on the global map you would have understood what the Justice minister was trying to communicate to the nation.
    Remember, the audit was not instituted by the current government and the Baker Tilly was not even hired by the current government but rather the PP government and the current government has just received the final report from the.auditors which were hired by the PP government and what this government is doing is just to continue what was started before they came into government and the names as well has been mentioned by the auditors.
    So U needed to make a simple research about how this thing started if you were not born by the time this cashgate thing happened in this great republic.
    All Malawians are waiting to hear the names of the.people involved so you want the government to thank this cashgate beneficiaries instead of taking them to task?.. do you know how much we pay our taxes every month? Are you a Malawian or a foreigner who does not mind about our public money?

    1. Jumbo says:

      But when they were in opposition DPP were crying for the cash gate names for the public to know, they even wanted namas in the interim report. Now they have the names they have grown cold feet, why?

  27. Joseph Jana says:

    Zokaikisa Kuti Ena Amangidwapo Apa Mwina Tingoti Phee Tionele. Timakhala Ndi Asogoleri Osakonda Ziko Lawo

  28. achanguti says:

    tangoyerekeza zowamanga majaji akudikira milandu itha ngati yahoo Oscar pa thebapa kukusiyani milomo itatuwa Kusowa chonena ntchito yanu ndi kutumikira ndale osati za khoti.ngati ndinu achilungamo tiyeni nano K92billion

  29. mona says:

    Another stupid lawyer tiyambe 92 billion yo bwanji

  30. Chonde mundimangirekoso uja adali vice president wa Joice Banda—-Kaya m’mati Kachali!??? Ndaiwala pang’ono dzinalo. When he z arrested, please send him to Maula prison even without any trial.

  31. ujeni says:

    just publish the list you thugs and stop issuing useless threatening statements like lunatics

  32. Victor Phiri says:

    Why is government talking a long time until 2015 to release the theft report? Some of us know that the DPP has no moral authority to deal with this issue seriously? Be fair in your dealings as some innocent people are rotting without job for nothing.

  33. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    You idiot DPP government, please start investigating your own members first before people from other parties. Infact the big fish here includes your own president Peter Mutharika, then Muli Brothers, Bright Msaka, Mwanamveka, Kaliati, Goodall Gondwe, etc. These are amongst top profile cashgaters. Otherwise if these people are not arrested then to hell with your plans, coz you will just waste tax payers money. By the way DPP govt must further investigate about K92 billion that was plundered when Bingu Mutharika was in power before descending to hell and inform Malawians how the money was used. We want all our money back!!!!

  34. chatty man says:

    old school

  35. Jando says:

    Issue warrant of arrests for interpol to arrest those that are hiding abroad

  36. Ngumbipotuluka says:

    No wonder Mother Malawi will be always poor. How can you have a task or an assignment or a job or whatever you may want to call it without a TIME FRAME or simply a TIME TABLE i.e started on 03 October 2014 to finish on 03 January 2015. After all the British Company has done all the donkey work what are you waiting for? Malawians get tired they way they did in 1992/1993. Malawians are not fools as you politicians think they are only peaceful people and do not take them for granted you will see what Kamuzu Banda & Co saw. or who is this latest cardiac arrest victim? Watch out!!!

  37. John says:

    Now wait a minute people. Don’t you find this suspicious that the gvt is trying to justify arrests of “top political figures”, before the actual arrests? Why? They are telling us it wont be political prosecutions, APM said in USA, now the minister is also saying it. This is too much of a coincidence, THE GVT IS COOKING SOME PLOT and they want the public on their side BEFORE THEY POUNCE ON THEIR PREYS. This will effectively help in reducing public sympathy and outcry against the so called “cashgate perpetrators”. I wont be surprised if the “big fish” are all those DPP CRITICS, especially from PP. Let us wait and see. The GVT IS WAY TOO MUCH JUSTIFYING THEIR ACTIONS BEFORE THE ACTION. Why? We will see why. Thats if there will be arrests in the first place as these guys are too good at talking talking and talking.

  38. Objective no party affiliation says:

    Kodi mlandu wa dada Goodall Gondwe ndi akweni Kaliati yakatangale munathetseranji f you are serious about fighting graft and corruption. You claim nobody is untouchable nanga Cashgate imachitika Msakayo ali head if civil service nanga anali Secretary to a treasury now Minister – Joseph Mwanamveka sankadziwa 92bn or the MSB scams. Investigate Ndata massion, external Bingu accounts, etc. apo biiii, Abale tangomadyani masausagewo ndi masaladinya zoti yo want to fight corruption nde ayi osatinamiza ife si wana kapena mbutuma. If you won’t tackle any of this it will indeed be perceived to be political witch hunting.

    1. John says:

      It will be witch hunting of course. That is why the gvt is trying to win the public sympathy first with all these anouncements before the actual “arrests” of big fish.

    2. Alfred Minjo says:

      Iwenso ndiye MBULI yeniyeni. What period is CASHGATE? You want to tell Malawians that Gondwe and Mwanamveka were in office then? UMBULI basi. Why do you just keep your mouth shut if you don’t understand english and issues surrounding so-called CASHGATE

  39. Chatinkha says:

    This is Vote of no Confidence in DPP and Mulli Brothers Limited…

  40. Peter Chimangeni says:

    Bravo to government. All Cashgaters need to be punished. We cannot allow politicians and civil servants to steal funds from Account Number 1 with impunity at thr expense of poor Malawians. The DPP government is working meticulously on the issue. Balibenso zothawa.

  41. Akilly 2 says:

    Ndiye ka half billion kwacha kamene mwapereka ku Judiciary kangwanire ndi vimilandu vonsevi ivi ogwilira, opezeka ndi chamba, okuba m’matchalitchiwa, m’mabankiwa pompo ????? Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji???????

  42. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Vuto lake boma siliwina mlandu. Uko kungokhala kutaya ndalama zaboma pachabe. Problem ambiri mwaanthuwo ndi zikhwaya zoti simungazithe. Cìnanso a dpp nawonso alina mucashgate momwemo. Ngati mkubisa za 92 b za 13b mudzisata bwanji?

  43. Truck says:

    You must frozen their money and add to the Budget of the Country so that other people must learn a lesson.

    1. Thoko says:

      Chizungu chavutilatu, tiyene tizingolemba chi Nyasa basi

  44. Quota system says:

    The other day, George Chaponda said that the 92 billion story was just an audit query. Here the Honourable Minister contradicts Chaponda saying the money went missing. Who is right here. Again why should take too long to release the names ? Is the list being edited ?

  45. Bwande says:

    Speedily take them on and bring them to book . Malawi would have been a better place if it was not for these self enriching individuals at the expense of the masses. 50 years on after ‘independence’ we are still bleeding heavily as result of some selfish leaders. It must have been very hot seating on those parliamentary seats today for those culprits like (1), (2)….sitting in the August house when the Justice Minister delivered his statement

  46. nkhedu says:

    same old shit.agalu inu

  47. de' Morgans says:

    nothing but action is wanted.

  48. Livulezi river says:

    Ok, tava a Minister tionera inuyo!! Kuyankhula sikuvuta, koma kuchita! Bola ma jaji asakunyikeni mmadzi!!! Because these judges are not helping govt as far as combating crime in this country is concerned. By the way, is there any relevance between judiciary’s low funding and how they handle cases? I think these people can afford running on poor funding coz they can top up with bribes they get from criminals!!!! Inu mukuona bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????

  49. ujeni says:

    Arrest yourself first silly man.

  50. ben says:

    Cashgate saga is never ending, just release the report and get on withe the case. How can it take so long to investigate

  51. Beg says:

    start with the K92billion!

  52. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Tembenu you have no time frame to conclude cashgate cases??? If I was your boss, I could have fired you, right away. So we should wait until eternity.

    That’s why you can’t start the MK92b –

    By the way are you Chanco product or nyau dancer???

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