Transporters accuse DPP officials of influencing agents at NFRA


Some of the trucks carrying maize ready for offloading. Pic by Linda Likomwa

Some of the trucks carrying maize ready for offloading. Pic by Linda Likomwa

National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) officials have engaged truck drivers into discussion after they protested on Thursday and Friday over the ruling Democratic Progressive Party officials on who comes first to transport maize.

The drivers have been chanting anti DPP songs and blocked roads, demanding transparency in the way they are allocated maize for transportation.

Some of the transporters said DPP officials issue instructions to NFRA staff to allow certain trucks offload or transport the maize, by passing others on the queue.

“Some trucks are on the queue for over a month whilst others just come straight to th gate, jumping the queue,” said a worried truck driver.

He then called on the DPP officials, whom they promised to shame, to stop interferring with the affairs at NFRA.

DPP officials feigned ignorance on the matter whilst NFRA officials said they were discussing the matter.

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16 thoughts on “Transporters accuse DPP officials of influencing agents at NFRA”

  1. Ungwelu says:

    Did Ministry of Justice or ODPP see he contract?

  2. be humane says:

    Manauella where were you to see all that? Very suspicious of you

  3. Zaya says:

    When and how does Malawi develop herself when our own government can give an US$18ml contract to foreigners who will in any case repatriate proceeds of the country back to their countries and leaving Malawi with no foreign currency. Why not give the contract to Malawians who will obviously bank their profits back here at home and allow us to maintain healthy forex reserves. What is so difficult about sourcing maize that us Malawians cannot do? No wonder amwenye kuMalawi kuno amangolemelabe when us anuwake dziko wallow in poverty. Our governments current and past are so senseless and heartless and will only need our votes akamafuna kulowa m’boma. There is no justification whatsoever allowing that much of money to leave this country when it can help in creating and growing businesses back home. No wonder sitizatukuka ndithu!

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      Are you that shallow?

      The maize is not being bought in Malawi, and you want the money to remain in Malawi?

      Malawi has no maize, the Asian will bring the maize from somewhere, where people grew it used fertilizer etc, and you want the money to remain in Malawi.

      You malawians has been tried and tested, you cannot honestly source maize, for $18 million, you would bring 18 million Kwacha worth of Maize.

      The Government is not heartless, rather practical.

      You seem to say, so long as the money is stolen by the local Malawian it is OK, no it is not.

      When the maize comes it has very little impact because you steal it and sell it to neighbouring countries, and you turn round and say Ku Mozambique ndi ku Zambia kulibe njala, bwanji KuMalawi kuno kuli njala? Forgetting that you sell, to these countries what Government bought to be used in Malawi.

      You Malawians are so …. I don’t even know the word to use.

      1. Zaya says:

        You are the shallow one. Who said l want the US$18ml to remain in Malawi? Read my comments over and over again and let it sink in your thick skull. Engage your brains and read before putting your unintelligent comments. I wrote about REPATRIATING PROCEEDS OF THE CONTRACT…

        It is not anybody’s business except for government to ensure they get what they paid for. They have all the institutions and legal instruments at their disposal to sue when they are short-changed in any contract. The Malawi Police is there. The Anti-Corruption Bureau is there. Justice Minister/Attorney General is there to pursue any short-changes. That cannot be a basis for denying business opportunities to locals.

        The Asian gets paid in advance before supplying the maize yet my government will demand from me the black native Malawian that l supply grain without a dime not withstanding the fact that they (government) are aware l am incapacitated resource wise. Should l be lucky to get a contract, the next thing l will be criss-crossing government offices demanding payment of my dues which are very difficult to come by.

        It is not government’s business either when beneficiaries of food aid sell that maize. lf l was government l will not care a hoot for any stupid souls that sell to Mozambique or Zambia their food rations. They should simple go and eat the proceeds of the sale basi.

        The gist of my comment remains that government should give equal opportunities to Malawians and capacitate them to be able to handle government contracts. If a Malawian gets a profit of US$2ml from an US$18ml contract you can be rest assured l will keep my profits within the Malawi banking system as they will be no flight of profits to foreign banks in Asia. Thats my simple point!

      2. Bikoko says:

        I Like it man

        1. Davie says:

          Apart from that when it is said to be a deal, it doesnt always mean that there is cash readily available. sometimes the supplier is the one to fund everything until the commodity/service is delivered. Considering our suppliers it is not certain if one can deliver such deal with that tune in dollars in time and in good faith. I have to agree that there is no cashgate like here and the government is just trying to be practical. Lets not always criticize for the sake of criticizing otherwise we will not be taken serious.

    2. Voyeur says:

      Komanso amalawi tisamangokakamila ma contract a boma. The thing is capacity to deliver timakhala tilibe. Kusakhulupilirika kuli tho.

  4. be humane says:

    Even you transporters you are complaining today, how were you awarded the contract to transport the maize? Was there any open bidding? You are also DPP transporters. Nyasa, please tell us how these crying transporters found their chance to transport maize. Who do they belong to reveal to us before we start accusing who?

  5. sabata says:

    What has gone wrong with our country. It seems no one cares.

  6. Manuela says:

    I saw a BMW car speed into capitol Hill and sign the contract and receive a telex transfer copy of 18m usd paid to a singapore account and flee off at 8pm from the OPC and authority was granted at the borders to allow trucks in.

    1. Mkandawire says:

      Pls give more details if that is true

      1. Manuela says:


      2. Manuela says:

        I was present in the meeting Mkandawire. ST is away and so is BD so the game was played in the region of those accepting the transaction on emails. Ineyo Telex transfer copy ndilinayo,

    2. Kanthu Ako! says:

      So the Maize came?

      Why are people complaining?

      What seems to be the problem to warrant a story?

    3. Voyeur says:

      Uyambe kupemphera. Zonsezo unaziona iweyo. KĶKĶK

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