Asu is dead: Cameroonian who played for Malawi club Wanderers

Cameroonian player Lionel Asu t who left Malawi after contractual dispute with his club Mighty Be Forward Wanderers has died in his home country.

Lionel Asu:  No more

Lionel Asu: No more

The player’s manager Prince Jere confirmed to have received the news of his death from a sister.

He said Asu’s sister phoned him and informed that Asu died in his home town of Doula after a short illness.

Jere said he was shocked with the death.

“Words cannot describe. Rest in peace,” he said.

Wanderers’ manager Chiyembekezo Zidana said everyone at Lali Lubani Road is “shocked and deeply saddened” by the news of Asu’s passing.

“All of our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

Asu, according to Wanderers manager, was extremely popular both on and off the pitch and death has shocked and saddened everyone involved with the football club.

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85 thoughts on “Asu is dead: Cameroonian who played for Malawi club Wanderers”

  1. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Ma NOMA uyu ndi player wanu ngati mumasamla maplayer nthumwi zipite basi ku Maliro.

  2. kanyimbi says:

    Eeee Mwayi okhaokha. Maliro amadula kutumiza.

  3. wizaxman says:

    r i pillness.

  4. popi says:

    rest in peace dear brother!

  5. mtichimwitsa says:


  6. nyasa boy says:


  7. Makanjira George says:

    God gave us Asu and Thy has taken him.In everything lets praise and glorify THEE. May Asu’s soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  8. mdala says:

    Rest in peace

  9. wasoka manson says:

    sad story.R.I.P

  10. Jackson Mzoza says:


  11. mmm says:

    Koma manoma ndalama sake munampasa kapena ayi.mpaka mwana akakudandauleni kwa atate

  12. Wawa Phiri says:

    RIP Asu, we shall live to remember you. Especially when you scored in style against Wizards then Surestreme Academy.

  13. Godfrey says:

    Never knew him personally….. neither was I lucky enough to watch him play as he was at nomads…. I missed all the games he played at kamuzu stadium. But to hear that he is dead is worse than missing his prowess on the field of play…. I think it’s too soon to hear of such about him, let alone hearing of his death AND never of his sickness…. allow me to call such news not only sad but also retrogressive… fare thee well Asu….

  14. matinga t kampango says:


  15. Mbanangwa says:

    A man from Cameroon seeking greener pastures in Malawi? This is wonderful indeed in the football fraternity, unheard of. Was his man really a star in his home county? I reserve my comment, may he rest in peace.

  16. chesterfield says:

    Death Has robbed ayoung talented player.

  17. Big papa says:

    mmmm imfa. ok MHSRIP.

  18. emmanuel says:

    eeeeeish rest in peace

  19. Bianca Supuni says:

    Very sad and unbelievable. What happened to him?

  20. Misolo says:

    Very sad indeed for Asu to die so soon. May his soul rest in peace.

  21. Prince says:

    R.I.P Asu

  22. Rest In Peace my man

  23. Paul says:

    That is it? Something was telling him ‘you have few days to live go back home’.Otherwise wanderers could have dug deep in their holed pockets to send his remains back to Cameron.Rest in Peace Asu.

  24. Obey cupha says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  25. Zangazatha says:

    mwamuloza angulu inu

  26. kapela phangula says:


  27. 47 says:

    Isn’t the sister just trying to ‘cover’ up something. We all know Asu left Malawi after contractual disagreements, so isn’t she lying? You all know West African people and trickery.
    I am yet to believe the story. Can our reporters dig further to see the authenticity of the story? And I believe Asu deserved better than how Nomads treated him.

  28. Bankala says:

    Moyowudi ndi obweleka


    oh my God, am so shocked. how so soon? nanuso a media, osamangot short illness, tafufuzani timve

  30. nneka says:

    its painful. but all in all RIP

  31. ZZ Junior says:

    Mwaloza mwana manoma. Dora imakupwetekani.

  32. daj wakwathu says:


  33. king shango says:

    Wat ah loss too bad fi di yut y gwan early.
    Rest in i-ternal peace

  34. YAMIE says:

    May His Soul Rest Peace,,,,We thank him so much for help Nyerere to get first 6 points

  35. Gone too soon indeed but God knows well.RIP

  36. Tchaka E says:

    Rest In Peace

  37. pat says:

    What shall you gain if you take the whole world and lose your life. All is vanity saith the preacher. Have christ and you live forever. RIP

  38. Mlomwe says:

    Mzimu wa Asu uwutse muntendere amen

  39. zanga phee says:

    R I P

  40. So sad,dziko ili wanthu tikuthawamo pang’onopang’ono.MHSRIEP.

  41. Chimwemwe Makolo says:


  42. baggio says:

    R I p bt why so soon!

  43. prince says:


  44. F Billiat says:


  45. Bosco Mtawali says:

    May His Soul Rest In External Peace

  46. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Chitayo at work

  47. obwande says:

    Sorry to Wanderers family.

  48. Zatonse says:

    Shaah! wat agreat lose,,,RIP

  49. Langson Mlongoti says:

    Am really shocked with his untimely demise

  50. Senior Citizen says:


  51. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  52. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed. R.I.P

  53. What a shocking event . Short illness ?

  54. Nyerere says:

    My his soul rest in perfect peace!

  55. wisgan says:

    rest in peace ASU

  56. mussa says:

    Am very sorry for the death of Assu, may God comfort the family.but why death is on speed like this, shocked

  57. Katolora says:

    Sad. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

  58. Who-one Mary B says:


  59. un beleavable z this true? Am I dreaming?yeee my God.wat a shock?

  60. NYAKA 1 says:

    Eeeeeeish why why RIP ma dear player ( NYERERE 4 EVER)


    Manoma Munkamugoneka Panja Paja Mwaona Munamulumitsa Udzudzu. Minyama Sikuchokani Mwamva? Munamuzunza Munthu Uja. Muli Ndi Mwai Akanakufelani Kuno Mukananyeledwa. Makape Nyelele!

  62. COLBY MAJON says:


  63. Bongololo says:


  64. hope Mwala says:

    He has been a star in the world of sports.

  65. concerned citizen says:


  66. Stv says:

    Really sad. Rest in Peace

  67. Ntatatatata.... says:

    Big puppet indeed. Why does the bwampini concentrate on genious ntata. Amutatu bwampini ameneyu. Mbava bwampini.

  68. anthoroki says:

    Rip bro

  69. Woikonda Noma(nyerere) says:

    Very Sad if ds z really true bt wat hs tekn hs life?

  70. half trillion says:

    ma plain sizinthu mphwanga. visa yapa malawi ndi yokwiya heavy imathyola mwachangu. sorry braz

  71. Emmanuel says:

    Rest in eternal peace atsu

  72. Ganyavu says:

    RIP to ASU

  73. opportunist says:


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