Attacked Malawi Police officer dies: Mutharika condemns

Malawi Police continue losing its officers following the assault causing grievous leading to the death of Sergent Alex Mlotha.

Cops carrying casket of Mlotha

Cops carrying casket of Mlotha

Last post: Cops pay tribute to Mlotha

Last post: Cops pay tribute to Mlotha

Mlotha died on Tuesday following the attack which he sustained from the attack during the wee hours of Monday by unknown assailants.

Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police Roda Manjolo said on Monday that people who attacked Area 23 Police Unit are not known and they are carrying investigations.

Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer Kingsley Dandaula said the incident happened around 1:00 AM when a group of ten people sought assistance from the police unit only to attack the Officer in charge who was attending to them.

”It is indeed true that the incident happened earlier this morning. A group of over ten people dressed in military attire comprising green T-shirts and camouflage trousers attacked Officer in Charge  who was attending to them. Officers on duty came to rescue  only to have a petrol bomb thrown at them before the group kidnapped the Officer in Charge,” said Dandaula.

According to Dandaula, residents around the unit who were awaken by the commotion at the unit mobilised themselves to put out the fire and search for the kidnapped officer.

Spokesperson of Mlotha family, Dellick Mlotha is calling upon Police Service to probe and demand justice.

“We are very shocked over the demise of our relative but what pains us is that up to now we don’t know who killed our relation,” said Mlotha.

Condemn and condolence

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika has condemened the attack and send his condolences to the bereaved family.

“The President and Government extend their deepest condolences to sergeant Mlotha’s wife and children, the extended family and the entire Malawi Police Service on this unfortunate death” reads a statement issued by the State House.

The statement, signed by Chikondi Juma, adds: “The President further condemns the attacks that some unknown people have been perpetrating targeting Police officers and ordinary civilians which have left several people injured and some dead and in some cases, infrastructure destroyed”.

Last week, deputy commander of Malawi Defence Force, Lieutenant General Griffin Supuni, was detained at the Area 18 Police station for assaulting police officers who had responded to a robbery attack.

Some suspect the attacks are carried by some army officers.

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166 thoughts on “Attacked Malawi Police officer dies: Mutharika condemns”

  1. Kambwali says:

    Ndife anthu a modzi. Why killing one another. Police have their own responsibilities while Army also. Their is nobody who is superior

  2. concerned citizen says:

    God have a mercy on our country and keep it a land of peace

  3. The problem is the deputy army commander instead of finding out what has he just started hitting g4s guard then thugs escaped this army people they need proper education on security

  4. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Its some overzealous junior soldiers who have done this. Believe it or not. But its bad and sad, also worrisome to Malawi. Let them be brought to book

  5. felix says:

    very bad indeed

  6. RED EYES says:

    kapokola dont hant wt ucant kill mwamvaaa!! jst kp thinking hao 2 find money 4 ur relative & make dea lyf better. tapangani zomwezo u wil live. carryon.

  7. EYE WITNESSES says:

    They gunned down a soldier in ZA, put into custody a senior Army officer, MDF have their own Military Police to deal with such cases why did the police acted that way? Let the game begin!!!!! DPP woyeeeee!!!! APM woyeeeeee!!!!!

  8. Mzimu wanu uwuse nditendele

  9. tonde says:

    Th one who is behind ths death ll see no pc coz wapha munthu emwe sanamulakwire. Ubulutu umenewo musowa nano mtendere

  10. dumakude says:

    I blame the police commissioner on this,,, how come u start awar that u cant finish? U ‘ve been killing the army ppl for so long and u put a general of the army for three days without to follow a proper protocal.

  11. Samuel says:

    MDF takes laws in its hands why? Mpofunika kumalemba ntchito soldiers well qualified like Ku police. Ku police adayamba kale employing well qualified people who can understand and interpret law while MDF ikulembabe low qualified people mapeto ake they don’t know how to discuss matters. Look at IGs in police, most of them are university graduates so when they join police they interpret laws properly because they apply their intellect not just having security certificate without having social scientific reasoning. Mapeto ndi riots all over perpetuated by superiors. Zimvere mumtolo.

  12. Choipa chitsata mwini says:

    When you shoot to kill and label the deceased ” hardcore criminals ” without any tangible evidence , always remember , that hardcore criminal has relatives and children who feel the same pain that you are feeling. And they just might do some thing like what has. Happened.
    Bringing The MDF into this is very childish, for one the , the operation was too amateurish to have been carried out by a well trained fighting force.
    No one can tell the difference between the army coumaflage uniform from the one won by the PMF or indeed some of the imitations one can get from the Chinese shops especially at night.
    If and very big IF, it was the solja boys, I would expect them to have enough horse sense in them not leave a trail leading home !

  13. peter says:

    mzimu wanu uwuse mtendele

  14. Mirella K says:

    Very bad

  15. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    osanamizila a MDF apa, boza if timakana. Mbava zimene apolice amaziikila kumbuyo lero zawapweteka okha. Mbava kumangidwa lero mmawa mwayitulutsa after kulandira ka bribe…ndi izoo zikupwetekani

  16. had t been ndinali kumalawi, wankhondo mmodzi yekha ndikanabweza. Mlotha was my friend. may his soal lest in peace.

  17. harrinya says:

    this is 2bad…i doubt if such attacks are carried by civilians…i doubt,somebody with xperience did this..but know dat God is watching u from adistance and He will never let u get away with it..blv u me…MHSRP

  18. Wikleaks says:

    This is an inside job of police officers who were questioned for their misconduct by their boss. Malawi police should jack up and start taking marshal arts and commando fighting. Otherwise muntha nonse

  19. Riomba says:

    Ause mumtendere aaa zatipatsa mantha ndithu

  20. christo says:

    U r jst waist ur Tim MDF they can’t do this.

  21. Banyamulenge says:

    Ok ok we will see!! Police wake up

  22. mike kamanga says:

    A MDF umbuli ndi ufiti ndiye angakhale anthu anzeru?

  23. Mwendanato says:


  24. M Mjumira says:

    We have tangible evidence that its the MDF Commandos doing this with authorisation from Supuni. The President should summon the Army Commander and his deputy to explain this or just fire them. Their objective is to protect us malawians and not to kill us. These Malawi army savages akutinyansa kwambiri. Malawians let us rise up against this but also dont forget kuti many soldiers nowadays are residing outside balacks nde nafe tiyamba kubwenzera becoz those police officers you are killing have relations and we feel the pain.

  25. Mr.Bambo says:

    Shame MDF.Supuni must be fired.

  26. Kanyimbi says:

    The MDF is failing to defend the Lake Malawi and now they are killing people who protect us. To shame with these savages.

  27. Political problems in Malawi will make it become a banana Nation.All this is because the government didnt address the MDF that their revenge to the Police will turnish the image of the country to the outside world.The current government owes Malawi ppl an explanation to a number of problems facing the country and put forward appropriate measures solve them.From the look of things it seems these two security bodies have become very political forgetting that they are independent bodies. They are throughly controlled by politics.

  28. mtichimwitsa says:

    Kudererana kuwonongetsa miyoyo

  29. GRM says:

    This is very painful to the nation, the police but more especially to the wife, children and relatives of Mlotha. REST IN PEACE. He just like any employee rose up early in the morning and go to work to earn legitimate meagre wage for the bare survival and school fees of his children only to be killed by fellow Malawians? Ana ake ndi mkazi wake atani? GOD BLESS MALAWI to get rid of these evil elements.

  30. Tuli mu ndamyo. IBoma lya felula. Umulongoshi tutanawe

  31. chimangafisi dollar says:

    So sad. May his soul rest in Peace

  32. hoitty says:

    Koma anthu muli ndi nkhanza? Kupha nzanu chonchi? Kodi zagawenganu nanunso munakhalako ana kapena munangogwa kuchokela kwa satana muli akulu kale. May you not know peace until you pay for what you have done.

  33. Man Ifeyo says:

    This problem needs a political solution and we shld know that these attacks are really being carried by the mdf on police whilst robberies are being done by the police and some criminals on innocent civilians.constution shld be changed so that the inumbent president shld not choose the army n police generals as these institutions are becoming political coz of politicians hence the internal fights within the security bodies.plz negotiate 4 the gud of the country,u r not in secondary xool!

  34. Feliboy says:

    let justice flow like Nile river

  35. tuvitwana says:

    If it is the army, then it is unfortunate

  36. Munthuwazeru says:

    Koma chitetezo ku Malawi kuno chilipo



  38. Naba says:

    But why Army behaving like bruts? RIP Surgent Mlotha.

  39. angoni satha Onse says:

    Ntchito za DPP ziwachitire umboni

  40. Namate says:

    please police turn a blind eye to mob justice so that wipe out these criminals that is the only way we can win this battle. Let us go house by house, no human rights on this one. RIP

  41. Moyo Moyo says:

    He was a good man May his soul rest in peace.


    Army officers are behind this barbaric act, shame.

  43. DOBO says:

    These are some of signs that things can get out of control sooner later.Do something before things get out of control.The public anger is mounting slowly to uncontrollable point.Everyone seems silent now,but when things get out hand,we hear noise from different quarters including the church.SHAME!

  44. Mmmmh nkhani ndiyaikulu coz ikukhuza lieutenant general ageneral kusafuna kuzichepetsa Mulungu achita nanu and without beating up de bush u r rensponsible 4 all attacks which hav happened.

  45. Robson Chimtengo says:

    This is a wake up call that our police lacks proper equipment for self defense. Had it been that they were well equipped they would have gunned those assailants down. We don’t want ugly scenes like this happening in our country. To the Police, Please give your officers that will help curb this malpractice which has started costing innocent lives. If you ( Police officers) get another attack, please please just shoot to kill. Check your safety first from such attacks. These thugs are armed and prepared to kill, so if you are not well prepared you get killed. It’s better to kill a thug than have yourself killed.

  46. Make Peter says:

    Very painful. I cry with you. I lost my brother some years back due to sickness, but the way it pains me up to this day! If there are some disagreements between MDF and MPS please come on a round table before a lot of innocent souls gets affected.

  47. abiti mtila says:

    If indeed this conflict was involving the MDF personnel,let the IG order for revenge.We can deal with them alipo angati iwowo. Mbuzi za want hu even nkhondo samaiziwanso ayi. Ngati anawapezerera a MYP aka ife ndi ena. Adzaziona.

  48. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Very painful,May His Rast in peace.

  49. chidwi says:

    Inu a number 5 Mulungu akukuonani kulalata komwe mwalalatako. Simungapereke chipepeso kwa anamalira komanso kuonjezera ululu kwa ofedwawo? Ndi dzina lanu lomwelo likuonetsa ntchito zanu, dzina lotukwana ngati limeneli sizodabwitsa kuona komenti yomwe mwaperekayi.

  50. BROTHERS says:

    It seems de war 2 fight against robbery will be tough just bcoz de robbery is within de security personnel,shame 2 high ranked security officers involved in assaulting fellow security officers.

  51. Zimandiwawa says:

    Vuto ndilakuti akuyambitsa za uchifwamba ndi a police omweo, ndiye chitetezo chikhalapo bwanji?

  52. chidwi says:

    A Police adanenena liti kuti ndi madolo? Kodi kumanga wa Army ngati waphwanya lamulo ndikulakwa? Are you telling the world kuti a Army adziswa malamule palibe kanthu sangadzudzulidwe? Nkhani ya ku Zomba yomwe wa Army adashutidwa sikuti a Police targeted kuti ashute wa Army ayi, iwo they were on night duty patrolling and kuonanso za vacabu, tsono wa army uja atamufunsa chifukwa anali panseu usiku, iyeyo wa army mmalo moti akanangoti pepani anzanga ndine nzanu koma wa army, uye anayamba kulanda mufti ya wa police ndiye wapolice anali pa chiopsyezo ndiye anafuna kudziteteza chifukwa adaganiza kuti kulandidwa mfutiko akufuna kumuombera iyeyo. Nkhani yomanga wamkulu wa ku army yo adalakwitsanso ndi wa army yo mmalo moti ngati amafuna kuonetsa mphamvu akanamenya akubawo, iye anayamba kumenya a security ndi wa police ndiye kodi lamulo lilibe mphamvu pa a army, koma anthu wamba tokhgafe ndiye oyenera kumalandila zilango? Apapa a army adaneneratu kuti apha apolice 100 ndiye sizochita kufunsa kuti tsopano akuchita ziwembu zimenezi ndi ndani ayi. Nanunso olemba makoment awululuwa musamaonjezere kunyoza apolice kuti adanenapo kuti ndi madolo. Akukutumaniyo ndi satana kufuna kushoshozera ndewu pakati pa amalawi a army ndi police. Kumapeto kwake zikhudzatu tonse sikuti athana apolice okhawo ndi a army ayi, zifikanso kwa ife ma civilians, ndiye masaveji nonse, anthu osaopa Mulungunonse amene mukhuwizilanu, think twice. Akathana a police ndi army ndiye nyaja ija atetezera ndani? Pempho kwa onse oitanila dzina la Mulungu ndilakuti tiyeni tisale, tifuulire kwa Mulungu wathu kuti agwepo pa nkhaniyi. Sinkhani yomanyoza a President, kapena a Army, kapena a Police ayi, apa tikuyenela kunyoza Satana chifukwa ndiye wakonzetsela situation imeneyi. Satana ndiye akuvundula madzi pa chitsime chomwe akumwapo a Army ndi a Police. Tiyeni tipemphe Mulungu kuti achikanthe chivundula madzicho. Chenjezo kwa ife anthu tonse amene ndife olengedwa ndi Mulungu wamphamvu zonseyo kuti tisakhale a vundula madzi opangitsa kuti a Army ndi a Police adziphana ayi. Makoment ena apa ndi uvundula madzi.

  53. ABITI says:

    i strongly suspect its the ARMY OFFICERS retaliation, the way it has been carried

  54. My Malawi My people, where are we going? where do we coming from? what should we do over these crises?………….. Malawi is now becoming a devil state, Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. SpiderKid says:

    Its the duty of the police to protect the citizens of a country but in times like this who is going to protect them? This is a very sad development,MHSRIEP.God will Judge

  56. Hzwyzj Ian says:

    An eye for an eye this is just the beginning of it all. Police should expect more from what from an army killing.

  57. Kamwiyo says:

    Police wil only nid a revenge over dis tragedy….otherwise, it wil subbotage its dutiez

  58. Tapiwa mkorongo says:

    Shame, May his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. May the Good Lord Comfort His Family.

  59. kesterchipala says:

    Pamenepa tinene kuti kufa kwa msirikali waku Zomba kuja mchifukwa chake apolisi angotha kuphedwa chonde bona lichitepo kanthu komaso pofunika Asirikali aziyenda limozi ndi apolisi usiku.

  60. Wizeman Paul says:

    This is very bad

  61. Ndife amodzi says:

    Malawi army idanena kuti msilikali akaphedwa mmodzi, apolice amaphedwa 100 . Ndiye muzichotsera kuti mudziwe omwe atsala kuti aphedwe.

  62. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    DPP chitukuko,CHITETEZO, NACgate, kubers ma vote!! Boma la agalu iloooooooo

  63. Mgwala says:

    Reputation ya MDF yawonongeka. Tiona ngati internationally azikupatsani ulemu mumalandila. Komatu wina akumana ndi zipolopolo ndiye mudzizati apolisi atipha. Foolish

  64. Charter says:

    If the army is indeed doing this in smoke-screens, it shows cowardice! And the police-military enmity is absurd and retrogressive. Both these groups have outstanding security issues at borders and within the country. That’s where they need to show their superiority. Whether the army wins against police has no benefit to themselves in the first place, let alone to the people they serve. I hope strongly that these are just thugs unrelated to the army. If indeed, then we could be thinking of reconstituting our police service – it has shown since the dawn of multiparty governance that that the force cannot protect Malawians, and now they cannot protect themselves! It reminds me of the melt-down of Iraq army in the face of ISI, or that of Nigerian army against Boko Haram! I shouldn’t be going that far! Let me believe all these are empty conjectures!

  65. Mark chikweni says:

    Rest in peace.

  66. nophiya says:

    Aaaaaaaaaa condolence yachani why cant you remove IG and MDF COMMANDER. They have failed. instead commander inchief walephela. mxiiiiiii
    condolence family yaluza basi.
    mawa ndinkuja ana palibe uyu awasamale.
    mdf ndi imene yachita izi mubisa chani.

  67. Chinhua says:

    Zimene zikuchitika chifukwa choti ubale wa police ndi anthu wamba siuli bwino.

  68. G.G says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  69. Eeeeeeeeh, comment reserved.

  70. kanamwali says:


  71. kanamwali says:

    zopweteka kwambiri

  72. bwande says:

    So sad indeed. The talk of wide spread sense of insecurity have been all over for months but authorities have given it a blind eye. Much because it affected ordinary citizens. Now it is those responsible for security being victims. Even Police Stations are not secure from thugs. No rapid response at a police station and no trace of criminals. I am afraid. This is how Boko Haram has thrived. Targeting security officers first then civilians later. We may have our own Boko Haram in the making. Fore warned is fore armed. Let’s wake up. RIP

  73. Nkhaza zoterezi, Mulungu afulatira dziko lonse. Tichitepo kan2 madzi asanafike mkhosi.

  74. Zowona munthu kufera ku ntchito.

  75. Peter Muthalika says:

    shoot to kill in full force.If you need answers come to me

  76. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Paja munawuzidwa kuti kupha musilikali m’modzi ndi apolisi hundrede kubwezera. A muma road block ndiye wofunika kumaphyada wonse. Kwangodula makosi basi.

  77. tonde says:

    RIP Late Trouble Mlotha

  78. Unbelievable! says:

    Sad, very sad. Such barbarism should never be treated with kid gloves. Never accept Bokohalaam, ISIS or Alshabu brutarity in Malawi. Please find the devils and execute them. Malawians of good will, let us provide our Police with information. Malawi must be a safe place for all, especially those that provide us with safety.

  79. SpiderKid says:

    God knows why akaweluzatu iye mwini Yehova wa makamu

  80. mfumusinyasa says:

    If a kingdom rises against itself,will it stand?

  81. Banyamulenge says:

    Tiyeni a police paja muti ndinu madolo you can even arrest army officer????,

  82. Banyamulenge says:

    We are the banyamulenge boys lilongwe police get ready for the war

  83. katunduzo says:

    Inspector Gani get ready with your boys we are trucking you.

  84. katundu says:

    Area 18 police get ready! Lilongwe CID get ready we coming there. Bunda loadblock get ready

  85. kapida says:

    Tatsala ta CID ta pa lilongwe police kuphedwanso nato. Matama thoooo. Mutidziwa muwone

  86. kapida says:

    Wafera za a police a pa 18

  87. Thom Chiniko says:

    YESU ndi wabwino RIP MLOTHA

  88. Kawamba says:

    May ur soul RIP

  89. sy says:

    This is a very very unfortunate development that breaks my heart. Patriotism is fast disappearing and its a real cause of concern. Rip officer.

  90. Busy brains says:

    Operation ya army imeneyo motumidwa ndi uja munamumangayu, Che supuni. Yayamba kubwezano army though calendastingly. Your boss was arrested during the day, and you are revenging at night! Army yathunso ndi ya mantha bwanji!!

  91. JOKO JOKO says:

    This is really a sad development in a God Fearing Nation like Malawi. MAY THE INNOCENT SOUL OF TROUBLE MLOTHA REST IN ETERNAL PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Nw I get the whole thing ryt….the nu IG anali wa Malawi pioneer and he wz one of the victims of army-pioneer operation bwezani… shud believe ma orders amene akuwapatsa a police ndiamaganizo abwezela…..U hv to no one thing Mr IG, Malawi pioneer wz well armed close to Malawi Army koma it wz one NYT if I remember well a pioneer ataombela wa army Ku mzuzu…..usiku omweo pioneer yose inathelatu,,,,zida zose kulandidwa….it took the efforts of the late Dr Banda to cool the soldiers…nde inuyo a police mulibe chirichose koma mukuyambana ndi army zadaladala……trust me IG ameneyu akupweteketsani……dialogue WTH the MDF is needed hre and pliz Mr president u hv to intervene…..


  94. Bob says:

    This is terrible. May the culprits never find peace for the rest of their short life. MHSRIP

  95. Zodabwitsa says:

    Woo!!!!! Up to point of attacking the police station????? Really, our security is becoming so cheap!!!!!! Uku ndiyekudelera boma!!

  96. acn says:

    What’s happening in our country now? Boma ili ndi laminyama.

  97. Taelos says:

    Amabungwe duuu!

  98. imfa yowawitsa MULUNGU wodziwa zonse ndiwachilungamo aweruze. may his soul rest in peace

  99. vero says:

    This is too bad…now think of the children.. thy were all relying…on this father… But God is great..take my word. apezeka wapa
    nga zimenezi..mzimu wa Trouble..umunzuza…

  100. Mhesha says:

    Shoot these thugs plz!!!!!! Tithatu…..!?!?!

  101. Shimoshimo says:

    Very sad. Police you need to do something or else u will make life of innocent officers become difficult iterms of doing their job(s).

  102. Ngwime says:

    Who ever did n played a role in this will never find peace. May his soul rest in peace.

  103. so sad.munthu ndi nkango kwa munthu nzake

  104. Fred Banda says:

    Very sad indeed, may his soul get the Lord’s favour

  105. dadaboma says:

    Do no forget or underestimate the threats advanced by MDF soldiers following the death of one errant soldier at the hands of patrol police in Zomba a few months ago.

  106. where are AMABUNGWE bcz is now a police officer who has been killed sakutokota koma wapolice akapha ndiye kumatokota

  107. kaya says:

    Thats very bad to the nation,kaya anali ndi adani kapena ndi mbava koma sizoona mpaka kupha poti BAIBULO limanena kuti USAPHE.MULUNGU langani onse amene atengapo paimfa imeneyi.APOLICE fufuzani kolimba mpaka apezeke ana anjoka amenewo,ndipo lamulo ligwire ntchito paiwo.BANJA LOFELEDWE tiyang’ane pamtanda wa YESU MWANA WA MULUNGU munthawi yazovuta ngati iyi, tilile ndi chiyembekezo kuti tikachita bwino tizaonananso.MZIMU WA MALEMU TROUBLE MLOTHA UWUSE MUMTENDERE,AMEN.

  108. Ngungudya says:

    Sorry zisamatero ayi

  109. Shiraz says:

    very sad story.

  110. CHIYAMBA says:


  111. big mac says:

    rest in peace noble officer, you died on duty protecting us. may those responsible, and their children, and their children’s children be cursed. mudzakumana nawo amenewo on judgement day.

  112. Eeeh mwinatu ndi anzathu aja ayamba kubwezera sopano nanga officer kuphedwa basi osagwilapo munthu eee! Kaya. RIP!!!

  113. kapindula says:

    Nwafera za eni.

  114. Comrade Wellington says:

    Im totally saddened with this news. My question is, If the Police officer can be attacked and slaughtered like this while on duty in full arm, how about an ordinary Malawian who is surposed to be protected by the same Police can be attacked? Security breakdown in this Country is causing threats and sleepless nights. POLICE, please wake up. I think something went wrong somewhere and some of you knows whats going on and where it went wrong. Before a very senior officer meets the this sad thing, please try plan B.
    Im just a concerned citizen. Sikale lija taluza a silikali athu ena ku Balaka. Bread winners are dying, dont just watch.
    Good luck!

  115. osaweta jj says:

    may his soul rest in peace.

  116. wangawanga says:

    If police are under phreat sld we say we,re safe? I doubt
    We can not aford to loose our police officers and then let notorious scott free

  117. Micheal misi says:

    Mzimu wawo uuse mumtendere

  118. carold kamphambale says:


  119. BINTO BANDA says:


  120. chiwaka says:

    Human Life is too expensive to be lost just like that. Find the perpetous and deal with then. May his soul rest in peace.

  121. aphiri says:

    Mr spokesperson u want to know the instantly? That is why they are saying are still investigating. We sympathise with u people. May His soul rest in eternal peace

  122. Moses says:

    It’s very sad to attack and kill someone just because he is a police officer. Close area 23 police unit, they don’t need a police station.

  123. Yankees says:

    Asakeni mpakana muwapenze, mm? Mmm? Choncho sibwino.

  124. Limbani hammy mtanga says:

    May his soul Rip

  125. ezekiwe utwag says:

    The situation is out of hand now. Plz plz Mr president just declare total war against thugs. It is not bad to allow our Police shoot to kill. Cops shd not die with a weapon at disposal. Families of deceased ones are suffering alot. No bread winners. So sad.

  126. Evans says:

    may his soul rest in peace!

  127. opportunist says:


  128. Malawi akukanika uyu,a DPP munaimbila m’manja ndi kusangalala WA police ataphedwa kwao kwa Muthalika,apa nkuti Joyce Banda atangochoka pamalo a nsonkhano.Munadzala mbeu yoipa kwambiri ndipo nkovuta kuti mungaizule ndipo imenei ikuvutani kwambiri. Chinanso chomwe munachita ndi kuchita kukhala ndi kagulu ka anthu komangonyoza ndi kutukwana Joyce Banda pamawailesi,ma news paper ndi social media,anthuwa tikuwadziwa enanso mwawalemba ntchito m’boma komano anthuwa sakwanitsa kuteza boma lotsogoledwa ndi Muthalika ndipo mulila. Zikungonvetsa chisoni kuti Ena akungofela za eni.


  130. ujeni says:

    I see unhealthy not physically fit cops there, bellies full of chibuku and you expect to catch robbers

  131. ujeni says:

    Up to now the Malawians don’t know who killed Chasowa, no justice. July 2oth death up to now No justice, Sick country Malawi is.

  132. Mukhito sapepesa says:

    Wachiwiri kwa wachiwiri assistant deputy commissioner Pena am afika 2nd assistant deputy police I like that

  133. Mbukavu says:

    Most unfortunate May his soul rest in peace

  134. Big man Munthu wa Mulungu says:


  135. Patriot says:

    Thieves if caught should be killed on the spot and not sent to jail kukawononga misonkho yathu.

  136. this is very worrisome & extremely death,those who are responsible should be dealt with & law should take its course.

  137. “Very sad indeed to hear this RIP”

  138. william says:

    Eeee!!! Ndilivi mazgu anganya nchine?

  139. akatswiri says:

    please Police do something we can not just sit phwi thing happening like that its paunful although Mlotha is not our relative but he is our Police officer who was assughn to protect us Malawians especiary resident of area 23. MR IG this is line of duty do something he was the same as your xhild. Austin RIP.God is watching from the distance.

  140. jones says:

    May his soul rest in peace and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with the family

  141. Malawi wa Pitala Muthalika has seen policemen dying in large numbers. On the convoy, FMB and now area 23. Are you not ashamed Mr. Muthalika.

  142. imraan Sidik says:

    This inept president is to blame. As for the IG he talks too much and too childish. busy doing politics. Cant peter for in once act like a president. Police have never suffered in malaw the way they are suffering now. Bring in the army to help the police you peter to deal with insecurity.

    1. Okhrana says:

      Wamva kuti ndipitala? Mwinanso ndi iweyo ur doing this who knows. Umakhala kuti cme t the capital umve ma rumour akumvekera

      1. Patriotic Citizen says:

        Imran Sidik ndiwe chitsiru and sukudziwa kanthu. Its the very same soldiers you are touting amene apha Mlotha. So shut up!

  143. dowadowa says:

    why malawi ndalira ine.

  144. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed. May His Soul Rest in Peace

  145. Stanley says:

    Why Malawi those people are there to protect us so why you are turning backs on them?R.I.P Mlotha.

  146. Rift Valley says:

    Killing a police officer is very serious crime and I pray the culprits be found and receive the maximum sentence under the relevant law. Mpaka kupha a police abale. What a shame!!

  147. lesson says:

    Very sad. May his soul rest in peace.

  148. Murray says:

    RIP Mr. Mlotha….. but is it true that the Police does not know the attacker? hmmm, where is Malawi going?

  149. Mbanangwa says:

    Could this be military retaliation, a form of guerrilla revenge for the military personnel massacred in Zomba?

  150. kapindula says:

    Zovuta zedi. Inuyo mukupha anthu daily nawonso azikuphani mutha phyitiiii

  151. Angozo says:

    Police must probe the attackers and if found they must be brought to police station even dead.

  152. tchende la mfumu says:

    Inuyo a police mungamange army general? Zitsiru inu akuthani muwona. Pepesani ku army basi. Mumayesa madolo inuyo? Kikikikiki munya muwona

  153. Tom Cruise says:

    Inuyo a police mungamange army general? Zitsiru inu akuthani muwona. Pepesani ku army

  154. BRO COS says:

    May de almighty God be with us as we are mourning, and help us to culb dose assailants ~may his soul rest in peace!

  155. chikondi says:

    Kodi Malawi akupita kuti?

  156. Chamwaka says:

    Incompetent police men, you can not even find someone who killed your own colleague, dont you know you may be next if you do not stop the killers? For once be compentent and do what you were trained to do. RIP to this man who dien on line of duty.

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