Atupele says gangs now ‘sophisticated’, vows Malawi govt crackdown on criminals

Malawi Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi, has said gangs have reached levels of criminal sophistication but has moved to reassure that government is doing all in their power to tackle the criminals.

Atupele Muluzi: Vows to crackdown on crime

Atupele Muluzi: Vows to crackdown on crime

He said they will equip law enforcers to crackdown on crime.

Muluzi said there is political will in the Professor Peter Mutharika administration to assign more resources to the law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety.

“What we are witnessing are highly sophisticated criminals,” said Muluzi in an interview which Nyasa Times monitored on Tuesday on Capital FM’s ‘Daybreak Malawi’ programme.

Muluzi said acts of cashgate; human trafficking, albino killings, and human body parts were all sophisticated crimes and emerging threats that government will crackdown .

The Minister declared war on crime, promising no mercy for criminals and help for the police service, which is overstretched and apparently unable to cope.

“We are working tirelesly in pursuit of these criminals and the emerging threats,” said Muluzi sounding more boldly.

He stressed that criminals have become “more organised and sophisticated”, saying government will be “enhancing capacity” for Malawi Police to prevent crime.

“We are committed to ensure that the public enjoys improved security,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi assured that Police will be properly trained, equipped and motivated to fight crime.

Malawi is planning to train 10,000 officers in line with the United Nations Guidelines for policing encapsulated under “one police officer to 500 civilians”.

The Minister stated that Police Service was facing “enormous challenges” in the wake of security lapses. But he commended the cops for doing “excellent job in working tirelessly” fighting crime.

“We are seeing action on the ground,” he said.

Muluzi said crime surge is a global phenomenon.

“Globally we have been seeing emerging threats of organised murders,” Minister of Internal Security said.

Muluzi said organised crime would be targeted especially, as would anyone who murdered a police officer and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju.

He added that law enforcing agencies will from now on take every necessary measure to stop and arrest the criminals.

“We are going to make sure that any criminal in this country will be caught and will be prosecuted,” said Muluzi.

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53 thoughts on “Atupele says gangs now ‘sophisticated’, vows Malawi govt crackdown on criminals”

  1. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Gangs now Sophisticated, Atupele this is a lie. Malawi has several cases of fraud and murder by DPP affiliates. Say, the problem is with the current govt. due selective justice. Nobody in Malawi can buy that cheap propaganda. Hon come up with another excuse not this one. There is no gang sophistication in Malawi beyond reach of your ministry. Atupele, mwakhalira milandu dziko likuona.

  2. mbani says:

    son of a rat

  3. captain says:

    Atupele if u ll try to dump DPP company that will be ur end. Its a calculated move to put u there to fail so that when u leave the alliance u LL be decampaigned. Saulos is neck to neck coz u want to unseat him. Peter is trying to groom u but u cant perfom as our leader wachepa mphwanga. Mkazi wako mwano wake umene uja angakhale first lady?

  4. Sayimoni Bayisikolo says:

    Just a waste of time.Malawi will never develop with the calibre of politicians of the Pitala and the baby Muluzi.They are competing as to who is stealing more.Fellow Malawian do you see any hope in this country?Bible linanena kale kuti “Where there is no Vision,People Perish.Malawi is full tribalism and hates to employ competent people.NO wonder alot of competent people opted to leave this country and are contributing their knowledge in other people’s countries.Azingokhalira kukunamizani a baby Muluzi ndi a Pitala.

  5. Ineyo says:

    MALAWI A very small poor country but without peace only corruption

  6. jumbe says:

    which government will fight crime chimeke wooo

  7. Rat says:

    My aim of going to school was to become a true policeman and save my nation but my dreams never came true as I passed all the police interviews with 65/100 written, 88/100 oral but never got the job,insteady they recruited their sons who are now stealing too much. So dont cry this is just the beginning.Ntchito ya ulondayo mumachita kunyada nayo.

  8. xander says:

    police have cars with no petrol or diesel. Many time people have asked police assistance the are told, they have cars but no petrol so they can not come.

  9. Analyst says:

    There is nothing like sophistication of criminals in Malawi. It is an issue to do with underdevelopment. Every Jim and jack wants to live in the city even with nothing for a living. For example Lilongwe as wide as it is, it is full of squatters. From Phwetekere on the southern part, to Mchesi right at the heart of the city, to Kawale down east, to Chinsapo on the western side, to Mtandire on the north west, to Kauma on the north east, to Mgona northwise. Just to mention but a few. How do you expect to deal with crime in such a set up! Almost 80% of town and city dweller have nothing tangible to do apart from begging. The courts are corrupt. Police are corrupt. You are corrupt. Nothing like sophistication but rather the set up is conjucive for criminal activity. Eish mavuto alipo

  10. chindele says:

    Atupele is understanding it wrongly.It is not about how many cops we have, it is about how skilful these cops are,how passionate they are with their profession. most of them are recruited coz they have nothing to do, coz they are Cousins,girl friends.They do not love their job so they end up being criminals themselves.The other point is that 3 months training period is too short. There is a crisis of social morality even within the police.The govt needs to be serious with actions. Police is ranked no.1 in corruption.

  11. John says:

    Atupele is heading a wrong ministry. This ministry needs someone with Military or Police background. What is his background?

  12. Kavuluvulu says:

    Anyamata a Xenophobia ndi amene akuba. Kuchita kuwapatsa ma bus kuti adzatisowetse mtendere kuno.

  13. Japhet Q says:

    I hope this will be implemented

  14. chakhalira says:

    Atupele Muluzi!!!!!!!!!! What is sophisticated here. You tell me that cash Gate Criminals are sophisticated? This is childish. Cash Gate sophisticated???? I am not sure whether this Mister knows what he is talking. I think the problem is that most of these politicians we have to day do not have working experience. How can some one who has worked before say Cash Gate Criminals are sophisticated? There is nothing sophisticated here. Umbava mu Boma basi!!

    The issue is that those people including this minister are clueless politicians. How can a Government account stay years without reconciliation? And you say they are sophisticated? By the way where did this young Minister Work before he took over his fathers MP ship? What office work experience does he have?

    About these other criminals, we have much better trained work force to defuse these criminals only that most people are frustrated with this government. They talk too much and do not know what to do, but never accept that they are clueless. How can the whole MP admit that he is dull than criminals? Useless Home Affairs Minister!

    Bvomerani that you have no clue! Let others with clue take over the Government. Cash Gate Sophisticated, Robbery Sophisticated, Albino Killing Sophisticated, Zonse za kuba sophisticated! There is political will! Is there any sense here?

    Koma mutiphetsa!!

  15. wakwithu says:

    I for one I’m totally against recruitment procedure of Police Officers.Imagine most policemen and women are either sons,daughters,or relatives of serving officers. How the hell do you think such officer could behaive in the force? It is all mayopic and scandals because they know that there is someone above to defend.

  16. Bwanje says:

    You are giving these gangs way too much credit, there is no “sophistication/organization” with the gangs that the police cannot handle. What is lacking with our police is the will power and morale. Organized murders are being committed by your boss “Mathanyula” to silence his critics…………plain and simple, no sophistication!!!!

  17. Coyson says:

    Shoot 2 kil z de best way.

  18. We have criminals ruling this country. They stole K577 billion meant to develop this country. The root causes of criminal activity are lack of education and lack of jobs. Standards of education have gone down because our politicians have stolen loads of money. The government cannot create as many jobs are required. The government has to put its house in order and prioritize education and job creation. Just take a look at the increasing number of mini bus callers. That is where crime starts. Those guys are mostly on drugs.

  19. matako says:

    Atupele tak is cheap you have failed act when the criminals are part of your syndicate. Government has looked the other way to protect their mercenaries. How do you plan to deal with criminals if you are criminals yourselves? Charity begins at home. criminals getting off on technicalities due to incompetent police. How can you deal with crime if government is the one sending hit men to silence its critics? Be careful young man you do not know who you are dealing with. Muthalika is setting you up for your down fall. Talk to muthalika and bwen Phiri they will tell you how to stop crime in this country.

  20. PetuloMathanyula meee! says:

    Iiii abale. Ung’onoung’ono koma kunyozedwaku mukumamva? All because of your stupid decision to join DIPHIPHI. Ulemu wakuchokerani there’s no iota of respect for you left. Ukamayenda ndi chitsiru anthu timati onse ndi zitsiru, thats what you have become now. Even though you may speak sense, but coming from someone regarded as “chitsiru” people will not bother to listen.

  21. Kavuluvulu says:

    Atupele, chipani chimene anakusiyira otate chakukanika apa.Mchombo lende kkkkkkkkkkkk !

  22. Vyachalo says:

    Kodi munasiya kulemba anthu ntchito ya apolice ndi army? Kapena mmangotola ana anu kulowa ntchitoso? Si na wonepo kuti mukufuna ana anthu akachite interviw. CASHEGATE

  23. Phwado says:

    Maudindo ongopatsana abale!Atupele is a non performer just like APM.Peter knows that he is there because Bakili put Bingu in power.It is just a political reward otherwise expect nothing from this young inexperienced failure.

  24. Wakum'mawa says:

    Ndizoon,umbava wapita patsogolo kwambiri. Tiyeni tigwilane manja polimbana ndi mnchitidwewu.

  25. Mfana says:

    Lets be real criminals in Malawi are not any more or less sophisticated than other countries. The problem lies in our police force …Uneducated….corrupt …and very very unsophisticated


  27. White Rabbit says:

    This guy is a joke!

  28. wez says:

    Army yikungokhala kumpandaku pamene amalawi tikulira ndi umbabva kulibwanji apolice aziyenda ndi army (until) umbava utachepa. Ndimne akujoni amapangila inu anthu akuphedwa komaso alendo amabwelela kwao ali maliloa,pamenepo Boma likuwononga ubwino wakumalawi

  29. mbina says:

    kkkkkkkkk mpaka Benja! hahahahaha, pwitipwitipwiti

  30. Asset Declaration says:

    What is sophisticated in cashgate? Employees are paid and they don’t do even the simplest of tasks like proper cashbook maintenance, bank reconciliation and basic audit procedures! There is nothing sophisticated here! And what is sophisticated about the unarmed chamba smocking Lilongwe based 11 bongos or sekaunye? Nothing sophisticated here! The fact remains that while over the years crime has grown by over 90%, the police has grown by less than 50%. Glaring mismatch! And while increasing the number of police personnel might be one of the right moves to take, the recruitement process in the police is now a mockery and instead of strengthening the police you will end up strengthening the so called gangs by employing notorious trigger happy boys and girls who are always willing to lend govt guns to thugs or worse still partner the thugs!

    In the one party era the police never aided or partnered thugs. Please brainstorm, identify the root causes and come up with plausible solutions! Do you understand ukiti ukiti? Mchiuno mwa ana ena simufa nkhuku sure!

  31. Asilikali mulemba liti?whv bcom so jared with tiapolice wambatuuu nditamantha hvy…mostly,wat ihv seen is that security is urself.

  32. nick says:

    Saying nothing in many words is the sign of a mature politician in Malawi.
    Atupele seems to be growing up!

  33. Gulugufe says:

    Ah Okay! So you want to properly equip and train the same police officers who are perpetrating crime in the country so they can terrorise us better?

    What a stupid minister!

  34. Man Atu’zimenezi muzinamizana mijomba nokhanokha enafe takutoperani.Mifuti amabwerekesa ndi apolicewo!then whm do u thnk can provide securuty?h h h ine ndafa ndafa.

  35. zaluma says:

    Personally, I don’t believe is prosecuting thieves because it is expensive and unnecessary cost but the best remedy is to eliminate these hyenas with poison or bullet. Those found in act police officers should not be wasting time to arrest them. They should shoot them.

  36. Biswel says:


  37. Petulopaulendoachoke says:

    Indeed they are sophisticated and if you were wise Atupele, you would inspire for sophistication too but alas the murderers and robbers are from your parties UDF and DPP that’s why it is difficult. You know them, don’t pretend son of a thief!!!!

  38. flora says:


  39. mulopwana says:

    simungathane ndi umbanda muno mu malawi bcoz the greatest mbava is the president and his team.So ,do you expect that pippo are happy that only the politicians should steal and get aways with it? ….

  40. makasi says:

    GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste time talking about these already rich politicians while you are poor and while others are enjoying life with money woyhout even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor and illiterate Malawi woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling used/accident cars. Very interesting. Go to AFFORDABLEUSEDVEHICLES.COM to see the 10 companies she was using to do this business. AFFORDABLEUSEDVEHICLES.COM , wake up African people

  41. jumbe says:

    We need sophisticated government in order to fight sophisticated crimes but the real criminals are throwing expensive parties at state house and drinking expensive champagne while u busy with lesser degree crimes where is justice Mr minister looking at a glance this government is not sophisticated enough

  42. AMUNA BAWO says:

    The emanates from governments recruitment of young democrats/youth cadets into the Police service, no wonder every time a crime is committed a policeman is there/involved. We should be acting professionally as we used to do during the genuine Ngwazi of MCP.

  43. Wamandasil says:

    Only when we revert to Malawi Police Force. These social workers called police service ndi njokaluzi. The police must infiltrate into the society as taxi driver, bar tenders, vendors, mini bus drivers and conductors, beggars, as ordinary public and private employees. Street cleaners. From there they will pick lots of information and documented for police on daily basis

  44. Atupele is speaking sense

  45. KK says:

    Leave Atupele alone you idiots.

  46. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Ichi cha Atupere nde chi ndere chakufikapo heavy. Chindere next to DADA Gondwe wa Finance. You will be used as condoms and thrown away. Why not cracking down the NIB people suspected of killing people who are seen as political opponents or are keeping sensitive information which can bring down de govt that was democratically elected in Court by Judge Nyirenda and Mbendera. Mxiiii

  47. akm says:

    bebe just shut up and act. Young man you lost it, no wonder they called you bebe! ah now you are failing to run just a ministry and yet you were calling for Malawians especially us youths to vote for you to run a country! masanje kwabasi!! You are a disgrace to youths, visionless, like father like son. It was a calculated move by the DPP to throw you at that crucial ministry, coz come 2019 when you tell us you are standing as UDF candidate they will be the first ones to say ‘if he failed to run a ministry can he run a country?’ slowly you will fade.. Instead of telling us dzuka malawi dzuka, udzuke kaye iweyo bebe

  48. segerege says:

    yes mr minister, they are sophisticated indeed! but why not discourage our national intelligence beural to stop hunting political opponents of ruling party and instead concentrate on cracking down this thugs? I am of the opinion that the resources used in hunting political opponents, could be well utilized in this noble task.

  49. Leonard says:

    Chonde Amalawi tiyeni tigwwirane manja pothetsa umbanda ndi Umbava.Tiyeni tithandize Apolisi athu powatsina khutu pa za anthu omwe akukhuzidwa ndi za Umbanda ndi Umbava M’ziko mwathu muno.

  50. Majaivane says:

    Hhhhhh.Look who wants to remove a speck in somebody’s eye.

  51. mbuje says:

    usual stuff from this son of a thief Muluzi. cheap rhetoric as usual. nthawi yanu inatha inu.

  52. The real ujeni says:

    Atupele is useless, how do you relate killing someone from petroda filling station, First merchant Bank and then stealing the money to global issues? Atupele please stop giving us lame excuses, the rise in armed robberies is due to DPP, it is a party of thugs, it tolerates their carders’, they go about colluding with our personnel in uniform to get guns and rob. So far there is no crackdown stop cheating the public.

  53. Mafikizolo says:

    You do not inspire confidence young man . You have never achieved anything in life on your own . So how can we expect you to secure our homes for us? I don’t see any difference between you and “Benja”, the young cartoon character in the saturday Malawinews newspaper. Both you and Benja are just good at playing at being adults .

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