Auditor General mum on ‘K1 trillion Bingu cashgate’

Officials from the Auditor general have refused to endorse claims by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament that money plundered during the Bingu wa Mutharika era has risen from K577 billion to K1 trillion.

Chinkhunda: National Audit Office will release the findings of the report

Chinkhunda: National Audit Office will release the findings of the report

Spokesperson for the office Lawrence Chinkhunda flatly refused to comment on the claims by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) deputy chairperson Kamlepo Kalua.

“We did a preliminary forensic audit which led us to the K577 billion figure. A second forensic audit is in progress,” Chinkhunda said.

“We will make the results known to the public after we have completed the audit,” he added.

Chinhunda therefore disassociated his office from claims by the firebrand Rumphi east legislator Kalua.

“PAC has a right to its own opinion but we do not know anything concerning the K1 trillion cash-gate. We are a professional office and we will let Malawians know the results of the second preliminary audit,” he said.

However, Kalua said the second multiparty president Bingu wa Mutharka plundered K1 trillion of public resources.

He said the government is not keen to take up the matter because some of the people who benefitted from the loot are in government.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe trashed the Kalua allegations claiming he is mad and always makes serious allegations against the government which he fails to prove.

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28 thoughts on “Auditor General mum on ‘K1 trillion Bingu cashgate’”

  1. Cashgate Gututu says:

    Dziko lathu likutsalira chifukwa cha umbuli wa anthu ambiri. The period that people are saying there was plunder of K1.0 trillion kwacha ndi nthawi yomwe budget ya boma imakhaka on average aboutf K200 billion kwacha per year. Simple arithmetic for the 8 years of Bingu regime we could be talking about K1.6 trillion. So you want me to believe that K1.0 trillion was stolen and then for the eight years boma linagwiritsa ntchito ndalama zokwana 0.6 trillion basi? zimamvetsa chisoni kuti those championing this theory are brutes oti school sanapite nayo patali koma anthu omwe school anachita umapeza akuvomereza zimenezi without questions. That is what I call blind faith. Munthu umupeza akuima mu parliament kumanama kuti boma lagula magalimoti a ma minister and Principal Secretaries, ena ophunzira without cross-checking with treasury basi kumavomereza. Tipita nazo patali izi? zokaikitsa!!! Sensational talk leads to anxieties and fear in people.

  2. uncle chimz says:

    when an enemy see u walking on water, he says that its bcoz u cant swim. even when u dance on water your enemy wil accuse you of raising dust.its not tym for campaighn but for development

  3. francis mtonga says:

    that mouth doesnt look mum

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    I have no doubts that Bingu was a rogue thief,but how could he still one trillion KWACHA which Iam pretty sure that Malawi had no such amount of funds since its independence in 1964.It is the USA and some few nations in the West that are able to run Trillion national budgets.Whatever currency,a trillion is a formidable figure that could propel Malawi’s national economy to greater heights.However,where there is smoke,there is fire so we must not point accusing finger to other people before we have authentic proof from the office of the Auditor General.

  5. Elias ndamuwa says:

    My fellow mathematicians,would you please divide that so called 1Trion by the mentioned yrs of squander.To me it is a political song by power hungry unfortunate and self-aclaim politician.We have 2 topics here;1-Looting of government money.Where people evidentily pocketed huge sums through fake contracts etc.2-Mismanagement of government money.Which means the government machinery failed to curb the malpractice.EXAMPLE;during one party system,it is evident that most Malawians lost their properties and lives.People were subjected to atrocities.But when need came for justice,no body was imprisoned.I mean no body including JZU who was mentioned in the killing of Gadama,Sangala and others in Mwanza.Today the master of all atrocities is now decorated with Degrees.Lero anthu ndikumati a Tembo ndi malemu Kamuzu anayendesa dziko bwino.Am sure MCP is there but just a vocal empty vessel.Now do you want to tell Malawians that our Government had to put a blem on late Kamuzu for the mismanagement of John Tembo.Remember you pointing DPP just with one finger and the rest at YOURSELF.I rest.

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    If Malawian government runs a MK1trillion economy,then it is one of the best in the World on par with only the USA government.Congrats Malawi and good luck!!!!

  7. Godwin Kasimba says:

    This is a gvt of thieves!

  8. Myao says:

    …..LORD, FORGIVE THESE lips and mouths that are pro efficient in uttering profanity and yet always ready to take what you created……..

    a quote from Du Chisiza’s Diandra and the Priest!

  9. Bololo says:

    Wamisala anaona nkhondo, but to comment about the physical features of the spokesman in such a derogatory manner shows how very shallow intellectually some people are.
    What’s his dental formula got to do with the subject matter at hand? If your measure of perfection is in teeth then check donkeys who are blessed with great teeth and appendages but all they know is bleating and breeding.
    He might not be as good looking as you but I bet his IQ is way much higher. Shame on you.

  10. dapdb says:

    Zoona big that man is a fool ndani asakudziwa kuti Bingu was a thief? zopusa basi,winanso azalowamo.

  11. Guarantor says:

    Mr. kamplepo where is the report can you share pliz else I stopped taking seriously along time ago

  12. CHETE says:


  13. charlie hebdo says:

    Public money will continue being plundered as long as the powers of our leaders are not curtailed. We will remain least developed, least in everything. ..

  14. Paul Msikita says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk. koma guys, 1 trillion? ndi ma billion angati?

  15. thinktankmalawi says:

    Nonesense. Just throwing out figures like that??. Leave Bingu alone….. You dont even know what trillion means….dont be careless with numbers

  16. Angelic Minds says:

    Of all the information given in this article, how can the whole individual only spot somebody’s dental formula? If people wanted they would be capable of stripping your being through and surely you were not born perfect. Just for starters your heart is very appalling, despicable, not fit for purpose ……………………………etc etc.

  17. Gold Ruyondo says:

    which african politician is clean?

  18. zoona says:

    Bigman you are a fool. Kamlepo is right we all know in govt that Bingu through Mwanamvekha and Daliso Kabambe stole more than a trillion. The Auditor General is not a fool he will not say anything that will scandalise the DPP govt and have him fired. Do you know that at the moment the centre of corruption is Central Medical Stores Trust? On behalf of Kaupa a Mr Fombe exchanges LPOs for cash. I will reveal the major companies being used Dr Chisale, Kaupa and Fombe to enrich themselves. The unfortunate thing is that we all know that Kaupa is corrupt and that Fombe is, in addition to being a thief, incompetent. This is complicated by the fact that a certain Presidential Assistant is involved and OPC cant do anything.

  19. Distinguished Malawian says:

    Malawi will always be a big joke, why is another Muthalika in Office when the 1st Muthalika left office with long and dirty hands???? of course left office after GOD’s good intervention.These figures whether MK557 billion or 1 Trillion or whatever point to the fact that late Bingu administration just like the Amayi JB administration after him mismanaged our hard earned tax money, big time.Period. Why we all wondered why late Bingu chose JB as running mate at the expense of Chimutu Banda, Goodah Gondwe and the like? The choice was for bad intentions as it was proved at the end…..One intention that comes to mind is to have someone who can cover the plunder of resources….So if there is anybody who thinks the likes of Kamlepo are talking nonsense,whether a cabinet Minister or not, that person is worse than a witchcraft and his level of madness must be beyond repair.

    It is another open secret the current Muthalika Administration is unnecessarily taking too long to have the MK577billion audit concluded . Of course, Kamlepo has provided the annoying answer and Kamlepo is not alone, our Major Donors know it as well and one can easily read between the lines that these Donors never trusted another Muthalika right from word go after May 2014.There was no excitement from the Donor community in general in 2014 when another Muthalika became Malawi president unlike when Tanzania elected MAGUFULI as a new president.Surely without tribalism and regionalism,if Chakwera who came second to Muthalika was first and became State President in 2014, the Donor Community could have shown a different interest altogether as they did in 1994 and 2004.

    I know this current Muthalika benefited from the tribalism and regionalism compounded by high illiteracy levels in Malawi.Fortunately or unfortunately the results of the tribalism and regionalisms are backfiring even to those that have been voting the two Muthalikas into office.There was and there will always be more hunger in the South than Centre and North.Poverty levels are worsening in the South than in the North.

  20. samuel lwara says:

    I support kamlepo for his madness that will prompt govt to give a detailed report on the allegations that are sketchy at the moment. But if indeed there are some glimps of truth will credibly side with govt. But if not, then we need to do something as a nation.

  21. Mbonga Matoga says:

    Koma Mr Chinkhunda, Milomoyo yatupikanayo yatotani …..kkkkkkkkkkk

  22. Maria Moyamoya says:

    Abale dental’yo!

  23. Mzozodo says:

    BigMan, Wiskes Nkombezi, we simply want to know whether the money was stolen or not, and who stole. Its not about personalities per se. Naye uyu sibweni wamkulu uyu has outlived his usefulness

  24. Mgezenge says:

    Lol! Dental formula

  25. JANE MOKOWA says:


  26. Christopher Yotamu says:


  27. Kadakwiza says:

    Whether K577 Billion or K1 Trillion, but the issue is that what Malawians want to know if the money was stolen. And it’s a bad picture for our leaders and us all as a nation. Ashamed to be Malawian.

  28. BigMan says:

    Malawi is a complete Joke. How can you have Kamlepo Kalua chairing the Public Accounts Committee of parliament?

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