Australia star renames Malawi Queens to Ma-WOW-ee!

Australia netball team goal defender  Sharni Layton praised Malawi Queens for their electric perfomance against New Zealand that fell just short of pulling off the upset of the Netball World Cup on Wednesday in Sydney.

Malawi wing attack Bridget Kumwenda AND New Zealand  wing defence Kayla Cullen do battle at the World Cup.- Getty Images

Malawi wing attack Bridget Kumwenda AND New Zealand wing defence Kayla Cullen do battle at the World Cup.- Getty Images

Layton delivered the quote of the night after describing her thoughts on the New Zealand- Malawi game.

“I was watching New Zealand playing Malawi today and I’m now going to call them Ma-wow-ee!
because they’re really having a great time,’’ Layton said.

“I think we’ve just seen some really great netball, and it’s so exciting for netball.”

Malawi tired out the world No.2 Silver Ferns with their relentless defensive pressure, obscenely high passing frequency and a couple of off-the-ball hits, including one particularly brutal one to the back of goal attack Jodi Brown.

The shooting prowess of Mwai Kumwenda brought the sixth-ranked team to within two goals of their opponents during a feisty third quarter before eventually succumbing 57-49.

New Zealand were tested by Kumwenda, scoring 38 goals from 42 attempts.

Kumwenda was full of tricks at the other end, at one stage passing to herself by ricocheting the ball against the goalpost to get a closer shot at goal.

But despite defeat, Malawi performance against New Zealand reinforced the impression that Malawi is a rapidly improving netball nation.

The Queens were mobile through court and also had a lethal shooting duo in ace  Kumwenda and goal attack Sindi Simtowe.

In a telephone interview with Nyasa Times from Sydney, Kumwenda insisted the battle will focus on their next game on Friday against Jamaica.

“Our focus is on Jamaica now. We are confident that we will do our best,” said Kumwenda..

Coach Peach Chawinga-Kalua has also said her charges will not surrender.

“It’s not surrender at this stage. God is with us,” she said.

Meanwhile, Australia had a thumping 66-31 victory over South Africa.

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54 thoughts on “Australia star renames Malawi Queens to Ma-WOW-ee!”

  1. Lemmie says:

    Quens you doing a quite good job, don’t loose hope, keep it up carrying our flag tirelessly – proud of you sisters.

  2. Chafelera says:

    Go, Queens and make us proud against the Proteas.Past experience is always scarinng.



  4. Mirriam msiska says:

    Keep fire burning ma queens!!!

  5. Benjamin collings says:

    ma-wow-eeee ! tili pambuyoo panuu mawaaaa

  6. jakumusi says:

    Timato kunyadilani ma queens!!!!

  7. Concerned Malawian says:

    Atumbuka ndiye kuti chiani zopusa basi mumadziva sugar bwanji tikuthamangitsanitu mupite ku ntchire kwanuko zitsiru

  8. chipembere says:

    mr. zangazatha yu must be very stupid…..atumbuka anayambapo akhala anzelu…kuzolowela kukondeledwa basi..ndinu achitsilu amwene mwanva chakuti chanunso ndipo

  9. Zangazatha says:

    Zopusa yeti? Anakati azingoluza bewnzi mukuti Atumbuka this Atumbuka that. it happenned one time to soccer. Panopa please say Atumbuka ndi Power. Mkalasi plus On the pitch

  10. AK says:

    You girls are amazing. Please put up an extra gear to contain Jamaica You are our ambassadors. Looking forward to dance a victory dance tomorrow. God bless you all !!!!!!!

  11. MA-WO-EE Muma ika Malawi pamapu.

  12. jona mtowa says:

    u are smart bueatiful desciplined loving ur country God is behind our success Go Go GO

  13. abit nyonyonyo says:

    all the best!!! ndi ana sangayime pamaso pama queens! tinyetsa zimenezi

  14. Lugard banda says:

    I really appreciate for everythin de queens are doing in Australia

  15. tshepo says:

    Fantastic stuff from malawi queens its been such a great tornament for them this year they just click as da whole team,dey did push da silver ferns,am proud of what uganda did to jamaica too ranked 15 bt pushing jamaica to all da way until a 57-49 final score its remarkble from them,as a south african am just dissapointed by my team the proteas dey just been below par at this tornament with the exception of lenize portgiter at goal shooter, and @zangazatha to reply to u my bra qouta system has never worked anywhere take it 4rm me as a south africa we were ranked 2nd in da world an we started dis qouta system shit we sliped down da ranking lost irene van dyk and de bruin to da silver ferns an lots of white players lost intrest in da sport,just let players be selected on merit not on race/tribe and super proud of malawi queens an dey surely deserve to replace us on the rankings

  16. mcwondrful says:

    you are the most precious netball squad Malawi has ever had. Go flat out from the word go with jamaica

  17. Gonakuphondo says:

    Given a choice among choices, I will always be proud to be called Malawian. Go girls go!!!! Anyamata a Flames kuwina sizitengera kugona kumanda!! Nanga Ma-WOW-ee akuwinawa amagona manda ake ati ku Australia?

  18. Gonakuphondo says:

    Badada na bamama tiyene namwamphu withu tilutizge kusambizga nakulongozga bana bithu kuti babe bakutokatoka pabekha.

  19. Bandasiime says:

    We are proud of you. You should change your name to “FLAMES’ because that is what you really are

  20. kamuje says:

    Despite a loss, u are still a good side, and u showed a great performance, thumbs up. then focus next game against Jamaica, all things are possible.

  21. phiri says:

    MA-WO-EE Zonadi, Tikufunilana mafuno abwino ma girls.

  22. Totolitotoli says:

    you are a feat to reckon with

  23. Henry Banda says:

    Wonderful indeed!!!!!!!!!

  24. vin mongu says:

    good show. you could be the only good thing going for Malawi for now.

  25. Ng'ombeyavuka says:

    Tiyeni osakayika ma semis tifika basi tikailiza Jamaica. Gud luck ma Queen’s.

  26. nzungu wa nzeru says:

    Malawi queens remains Malawis real stars they are true queens

  27. Zangazatha says:

    This is not Malawi, this is Nyika Republic. Look at all those names from Head Coach to all players. koma Atumbuka sipano, they are dominating on Sports and Mkalasi. Achawa ndi Angulu please put Quota System to Netball tiwone ngati it will get to world cup

  28. Esly Mhango says:

    ma queens woyeeeee

  29. jokujoku says:

    Let me tell my fellow natives that i have stoped watching /spectating native football and i therefore would like to ask the native government to pump more money onto hand/net ball. The football only extravagants native money into their pockets

  30. Jelbin mk says:

    Thanks guys for putting our country on a world map keep it up

  31. thecitizen!!!!! says:


  32. Martin Chitiya says:

    Osadanda MaQueens work extra hard.Fight on to the end.

  33. Isaac Bingala says:

    Well done, we are proud of you.

  34. Mlakho says:

    Great team.We are proud of you girls.

  35. Souja says:

    Go queens go,we love you,chewa,yao,lomwe,tumbuka,nkhonde,sena,mwenye,nkaladi, we are all malawians and we love you all,azungu amangowona kuti Malawi,malawi ndi malawi basi.

  36. tione says:

    Queens we are proud of you, as you work hard we are here praying for you, God will deliver the giants in your hands , tomorrow go up at once and posses it for you are able to overcome it. (numbers 13:30)

  37. James Alfonso says:

    All the best Queens, I know you will beat the sunshine girls.

  38. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Malawi Queens make the country proud. Why can’t we seriously invest in netball? It is paying off.

  39. Zagwa says:

    Get taller players. As more and more countries will start participating in netball, you will see our world ranking slipping from 5th or 6th to double digits and that will be it. Muvi osayang’anira Ayi!

  40. Stanley says:

    Do it for the country girls

  41. DRC says:

    What we need is to get rid of all thieves in government and Malawi will be a force to reckon with in the whole world. The Malawi Queens have demonstrated that Malawians irrespective of gender have the ability to acheive anything. Let’s rid ourselves of this CASHGATE CANCER ONCE AND FOR ALL and you the world will be surprised what Malawians are capable of doing. I pray that the first Malawian In Space should not do it from NASA but from our own soil. BRAVO MALAWI QUEENS.

  42. Hardson says:

    Kisses to the Queens!

  43. obwande says:

    Bravo ma Queens.

  44. John phiri says:

    Northerners ate just geniuses. If it were not nest, kumwenda, simtowe, simengwas . Please stop hating us we have a big role yo play in the economic and social advancement of Malawi .

  45. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Our Sweeties. The Queens.
    You are strong and daring. Great perfomance.

    I feel good.

  46. commentator says:

    I didn’t know that I have love for netball. These young women have made that love to come alive in me. Proud of you!

  47. Charter says:

    It is encouraging! If only NAM was serious about building this team! If only funding wasted on the flames was given to these girls! Ndale zikupwetekesa timu yaluntha!

  48. Good luck Malawi Queens. Burn Jamaica to ashes !

  49. myao says:

    Koma malowolo ndiye tizakololotu apa, cashgate kuchepa.

  50. All the best wishes to our Malawi Queens. We are greatly proud of you.

  51. chingolopiyo says:

    My Queen of the tournament so far is Simutowe. It’s unbelievable what she does despite the height disadvantage. She really fights To defend the national pride.

  52. opportunist says:

    Am proud of u girls. The thumbs up

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