Avoid ‘Zidyamakanda’, First Lady advises students

Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has commended the Roman Catholic for their quest to offer quality and holistic girl education in the country.

First Lady with Stella Marris students

First Lady with Stella Marris students

Mutharika said this Saturday when she graced the Golden Jubilee of Stella Maris Secondary School in Blantyre. It opened its doors in 1964.

She noted that institution has achieved a lot in the five decades it has been there.

“Just like the majority of girls of Stella Maris have managed to graduate from secondary school to universities and colleges, and while these girls have also managed to graduate from universities into the professional world, all of us have the duty to ensure that the people of Malawi must graduate from poverty to prosperity,” she said.

She further said most women who have walked through the corridors of the school are occupying influential positions both in government and in the private sector and also in international and local NGOs.

“Therefore, this golden jubilee celebration is a celebration of the success that should excite everyone and be widely acknowledged by many Malawians.

“I am particularly happy that Stella Maris has benefited the girl child whose interest I have at heart. As you might be aware, I have great passion in the education of the girl child. The importance of educating girls cannot be over-emphasized,” Mutharika said.

She then pledged to promote girl education and asked stakeholders to support her “noble endeavour”.

“I would like to assure you that in your quest to offer quality and holistic education to the nation of Malawi, you have a partner in me,” she added.

She also advised continuing students at the institution to work hard not only to achieve their personal goals, but also government’s.

She said for them to achieve remarkable results, they will have to be disciplined and show good manners both to their parents and teachers.

“You need to avoid and resist zibwenzi and sexual affairs which can lead into HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

“Avoid zidyamakanda (sugar dadies), as such dangerous affairs can ruin your health, spoil your ambitions, and shatter your dreams,” Mutharika advised.

Mutharika also asked institution’s former students to be part of her ‘Beautify Malawi Trust’, aimed at making the country clean.

“The main aim is to make Malawi clean, to make Malawi an admirable country, to make Malawi an attractive place even for investors or companies from other countries.

“A beautiful Malawi will attract companies that can create jobs for you after you finish school. A beautiful Malawi will offer opportunities for those who want to venture into self employment but highly paying jobs.

A” beautiful Malawi will make it possible for girls to complete their education. A beautiful Malawi will create healthy communities where people will spend more time in productive work than spending all the time at the hospital as patients,” she explained.

The Trust is promoting education for the girl child.

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26 thoughts on “Avoid ‘Zidyamakanda’, First Lady advises students”

  1. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Is Peter your agemate or another chidyamakanda? Isn’t he old enough to be your father or even your grandfather?

  2. atambwali says:

    Why you dont talk about ma BEN 10? Its 50-50.


    Nanga poti iyeyo anakakwatiwa ndi sugar daddy wake pitara

  4. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Ine kena kananditotetsa dzulo mpakana kudzikodzera

  5. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    One kena kananditotetsa dzulo mpakana kudzikodzera

  6. womenslib says:

    The first lady has sent the right message. Some of you dudes on here criticizing her have been shown a mirror to your own faces. Leave young girls alone.

  7. Mike says:

    Musade Zidyamakanda Zokha Ayi Nawonso Atsikana Akumayamba Dala Achidyamakanda Bola Cash, Ndiyekuti Zonse Zatheka.

  8. Honesty says:

    Azibambo (Fathers) there is a saying that goes ‘ Be the type of man you’d want your daughter to be with” ( mukhale mwamuna yemwe mungafune mwana wanu wamkazi atakhala naye). its too much now to note how men cheat and sleep around with small girls as if there is no Aids. Girls and daughters also remember to be children, there is a lot of time to enjoy or to take off your skirts in future, avoid now concentrate on school, opportunity to learn comes once in a lifetime.

  9. jumujum says:

    mwaonjeza azibambo ndi tiana tomwe

  10. Mtumiko Woyamba says:

    Kodi ndi chani kweni kweni? Umphawi? Or azibambo khalidwe loyipa basi?

    It’s really sad that these days you meet old men in bars ali khwekwele khwekhwele with girls that are younger than their daughters. Come on guys lets treat these kids like our own. Osati kuwavulayi.

    Nanunso ana nde mwatha mantha eish umva “iwe Joji iwe Joji” kunena mzibambo wamkulu kuposa abambo ako. Dekhani, sungani khosi nkanda woyera muzavala.

  11. APM says:

    Couldn`t a better advice be avoid sex? I mean the argument avoid “zidyamakanda” suggests that it ok kudyedwa koma osati ndi “sugar daddies” but “sugar boys”. That is what I see or am I the only one?

    1. Chikopa says:

      The First Lady said avoid zibwenzi and continued to advise girls to also avoid sugar dad. I guess your comment is frivolous.

  12. chilungamo says:

    No comment! but…. just to say there r millions of “chidyamakanda” but they r not yet caught because the girls NEVER expose them!

  13. Yobe boo says:

    Koma Gogo ameneyu, sandipezapo ataah!!!!!

  14. lufina says:

    But you are married to a sugar daddy yourself

    1. Ine says:

      Ine so kudabwa kuti za chidamakanda inu chanu muli nacho mnyumba. Hypocrite


  16. koma says:

    Aint u married to 1 urself?

  17. Akunama ameneyo! Did she avoid zidyamakanda when she was a teenager? Or she does not need others to enjoy love provided by mature paople. Such love is an internship thus providing a skills transfer relationship. Anything wrong with that? However, it as advisable to work hard at school so that they excel in both ways.

  18. CAPETOWN says:

    z peter munthalika ua age met?wat wea u lukng 4 frm that old man?th ans z money,so let thm 4low sut mama nsanje bwanji

  19. munthu wa zeru says:

    Pitirizani amayi makhalidwe amanewa kuti mwina atsikanawa adzakhere pa bwinoso ngati inuyo.Komaso muwauzeso azipephereso kwambiri.

  20. Gertude says:

    Look who is talking!

  21. The Patriot says:

    Avoid zidya makanda, kikikikikikiki!

  22. Tengupenya says:

    Akutitu “zidyamakanda kulera kuposa makolo inu! makolo kususuka ndiponsi serious pa chiri chonse.”

    1. o says:

      And if they avoid zidyamakanda, who is going to buy them mayunits? kikikiki!

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