‘B13’ criminal gang members arrested for attacking Malawi schools

An eight member grouping of young men calling itself “B13” has been arrested in Lilongwe for allegedly attacking and vandalizing primary schools in Malawi’s capital city Area 25. The boys were found in possession of panga knives, screw drivers, and their uniforms.

Sgt Mkwanda -The gang members arrested - Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

 Mkwanda -The gang members arrested – Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

Kanengo Police Public Relations Officer Esther Mkwanda has confirmed that the police moved in swiftly after receiving complaints of intimidation and assaults from various schools in the area and arrested the grouping that consists of both school drop outs and learners.

The boys are answering charges of being found in possession of Offensive Weapons contrary to section 313(A) of the Penal Code and Conduct causing a bleach of peace contrary to 181 of the penal Code

Nyasa Times understands that the teenage boys have assembled the group this very year and that their parents have confided in the police that their children have been stealing from their homes but they had no idea that they were also doing it outside.

The police are anticipating of sending the boys to Chisomo Childrens Club, is a life changing place for young people, where they will be monitored with help of the Club for the betterment of their future.

The case has since been adjourned because they are following a procedure called diversion due to the ages of these boys.

In the context of criminal law, diversion refers to diverting a defendant out if the criminal justice system by having them complete a diversion program rather than be incarcerated or serve another alternative sentence. Criminal charges are typically dropped when a defendant successfully completes a diversion program. The defendant therefore avoids the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Nyasa Times understands that diversion programs are usually only available to defendants charged with misdemeanours and nonviolent felonies involving drugs or alcohol. In some jurisdictions, diversion may be available to defendants charged with domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, traffic-related offenses, or even writing.

The arrest comes barely months after Police also arrested members of another gang called ’11 bongos’ for terrorizing another part of the capital Malawi.


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29 thoughts on “‘B13’ criminal gang members arrested for attacking Malawi schools”

  1. Amenewo siana ndimaelder ndiye akalowe ndende basi

  2. Mpota wapatheba says:

    Malawi is going to fucked up,kill them pliz

  3. apundi says:

    lilongwe ndi capital city wamva

  4. they are not kids,arrest them,milandu akupangayo ndiyamibanga heavy.komano sôon we’ll see that ‘apeleka 5000 kwacha bail out,you said fine or find? i don’t knw.koma anthuwa ndiowopsa kwabas moti one day asayasa ma class..,ZIMATHA WAWA…..!!

  5. Kkkkkkkkkkk mbuli. zopephela athu achinyengo mpakana mpikisano zomwezi zaambuyezi

  6. Namisako. says:

    Also A49 and Mvama school in particular.A group of unruly peop le come and disturb teachers during lessons by insulting them.They also steal teachers’s handbags as they attend morning assemblies.

  7. Its the devil at his work

  8. Analyst says:

    Lilongwe is a typical village. 90% are villagers

  9. b says:

    B13, B1, B52, B forward, B ingu, ………..

    1. nkhedu says:

      kkkk ma B avuta pa nyasaland

  10. mike says:

    Timagulu timenetitheletu kenako azayamba kufuna zotetha azapita kwama alubono so plese don’t let it happen

  11. Abiti says:

    Pepanitu,,,,,,, ndati ndinene nawo,,,,,, maiwa aaaaa ali mushe!!!

  12. Prison Warden says:

    ana opusa

  13. AB says:


  14. Zopusa says:

    Mudzapange timagulu tanuto ku Blantyre adzanva zothaitha akapokola.Ati 11 bongos.ati zikwanje chani kaya?zausilu.Kodi LL kugona chani?Nanunso apolisi tifinyeni timeti.

  15. Kabilaboza Kabuka ( KK 2020 ) says:

    Ngakhale atatumizidwa ku Chisomo Children Club, anawo ndima criminals basi. Apa alandile kaye chilango pa mphulupulu achitazi kuti likhale phunzilo kwa ana anzawo

  16. Moses Makoko says:

    Timagulu ngati timeneti osatisekelera. That’s how groups Like bokoharam were born.

  17. Bristol says:

    These children must seek God’s intervention for them to grow into meaningful citizens.

  18. i miss kamuzu says:

    asaa! ka police kali sharp. can you arrest me please?

  19. Wodandaula says:

    The problem of watching too many violent films. Kutengeka ana a pa Malawi. Apite ku Mpemba boys home amenewo – ngati ilipobe.

  20. KAMBWE says:


  21. Honala says:


  22. Taona Jailosi says:

    Shoot them all ana oipa amenewo.Thank you area 24 police peace has now been restored in our homes after arresting WENI the notorius gang leaderin our area.Amzake en aopa now .Adziwa kuti its not the same area 24 police imamusekelera WENI.This is the police we want.

  23. bombadier says:

    Why only Lilongwe. The lazy bones of Gulewamkulu members.

  24. womenslib says:

    Stupid kids. They’re parents should pay for the damage and punish them. Nothing a good stick to the legs can’t solve.

  25. Nelson Mwakasungula says:

    Well done men and women in uniform

  26. mtochi says:


  27. mapapaya says:

    Ku Chisomo akachita chiyani. Amangeni . Makolo awo avomereza kuti ndi mbava zimenezo.

  28. Nonsense man says:

    Foolish, beat the shit out of these idiots. Boko haram copy cats.

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