Babrara Bush touts ‘youth leadership’ in Malawi 

Barbara Bush, co-founder of the Global Health Corps and daughter of former U.S. president George W. Bush, during her visit to Malawi  highlighted the importance of youth leadership in achieving positive change in global health.

Bush interacting with PS of Youth Mr. Wandidya

Bush interacting with PS of Youth Mr. Wandidya

Bush was in Malawi as part of a visit to East and Southern Africa to participate in mid-year fellow retreats.

She  observed that since founding of the Global Health Corps in 2009, the organisation has placed, trained, and mentored 450 young leaders to serve within non-profit and government agencies in East and Southern Africa, and the United States.

“Seventy of these exceptional leaders have worked in Malawi to bring solutions to issues ranging from HIV/AIDS, to maternal child health, to strengtheningof health systems,” Bush said on January 22, 2015 when United States Charge d’Affairesto Malawi Michael Gonzales hosted a reception to highlight the roles of youth leadership, volunteerism, and community service in contributing to national development,.

She added: “ We’re dedicated to building this community of young leaders who work everyday to reach across borders, sectors, and cultures to ensure everyone has access to the healthcare they need to live a healthy life.”

Global Health Corps selects recent university graduates and young professionals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and places them in health-oriented non-governmental and government offices in the U.S., east Africa and southern Africa for a year of service.

Speaking during the reception, Gonzalesobserved that as 65% of Malawi’s population is under the age of 30, young people bring huge potential to build a prosperous future, but too often are unemployed or idle and their potential is wasted.

He said: “We encourage all young men and women to find ways that they can contribute to society through volunteering or community service.  Those who can may join the ranks of the thousands of volunteers in a structured program such as GHC, VSO, or Peace Corps.

“While I salute those who dedicate a significant period of their lives to volunteerism, I also understand that not everyone can.  But everyone can contribute some of their time to support local communities by teaching at secondary schools, volunteering at clinics, playing with kids in orphanages, leading English clubs, or just reading to neighborhood children.”

Principal Secretary for the Minister of Youth Joseph Mwandidya commented that the doors of the Ministry are always open to young people and he encouraged them to contribute their ideas and efforts to the development of Malawi.

He said: “It is important that young people should embrace the spirit of volunteerism because government cannot do everything on its own. The government depends on the people.”

Global Health Corps is currently receiving applications for the 2015-2016 fellowship class until February 3rd. Applications can be made through


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Global Health Corps is a paid fellowship guys. The charges de affaires misunderstood it for volunteer work.


Ana onse a George Bush ndi malebisian. Tele uyi wabwera kuzakhazikisa za ulebisian (chigololo cha amayi okha-okha) zonukhazo kuno. Foseki


Bambo si mwana. Welcome Barbra to Malawi, and keep up the good work to support the youth of Malawi who are in majority.


Joseph Mwandidya PS – and we are talking of merit and civil service reforms: hehedzee!!!!


Aka mkamwana guys kasatipusise kungomva kuti mka Bush basi inu ndevu uko za zii zopanda nchere. Anthu awa chimene amadziwa bwino ndikuyambisa nkhondo m’maiko a chiluya iwowo ndikubisala kuti asaonekere kuti nkhondo ayambisa ndi iwowo moti mbuli zophunzira zambiri zimawaona anthu amenewa ngati oyera anthu oyipa achina Bush,Obama.

Harris Batson

very foolish opinion to volunteer who can work for nothing at the end of the moth now day because every thing it need a money to support yr family when you coming from the work. for example to the leader who is leading organization he/she can’t work without something to get at the of the moth to feed his/her children.and u must make plan to every volunteer may be he can buy only soap at the end of the moth.


That’s a foolish comment. You can volunteer on weekends or during your free time. Volunteering doesn’t have to be a full time job. Kumatsata zinthu before commenting in public. Muzayaluka.


That is the Mwandidya I know. Always at his best promoting our country Malawi and the people of Malawi. This young man has a big future.


Mr Mwandidya not Wandidya, a man who has scored high, from DPP operative straight to PS and yet we complain of performance of civil service. Are policy intricacies so simple to understand.

Jelbin mk

When I hear the name Bush I always think about innocent Iraqis who had died due to George Bush’s own hatred against Saddam Hussein therefore keep this name away from me please this guy has killed more people than any other former us president. He has managed to go away with crime against humanity of which he was supposed to answer in Hague (Netherlands), again keep even his family from the public eyes it is a very blood stained family.

Malawi wa Lero

Ka Bushko kakukhala ngati kama funa kathawe. Madala a youthwo nawonso akuwoneka ngati akumuwophyeza kkkkkkkkkkk.

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