Back to three-horse race for Malawi FA presidential polls: Yabwanya, Mijiga cleared to face Nyamilandu

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) electoral appeals committee has overturned the ruling of Electoral Committee which disqualified one of the presidential candidates Willy Yabwanya Phiri based in Canada on the basis of residence.

Yabwanya: Wins appeal, to stand

Yabwanya: Wins appeal, to stand

Mijiga: Cleared for FAM president polls

Mijiga: Cleared for FAM president polls

Nyamilandu: Incumbent to face two challengers

Nyamilandu: Incumbent to face two challengers

Yabwanya, who was disqualified along with several others, appealed to FAM appeals committee against his disqualification saying he is eligible to stand as his stay in Canada is temporary as such he was legitimate Malawian to stand for the presidency

Lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa representing Yabwanya also argued during the hearing that the word “residence” doesn’t mean permanent residence and in the book of law one can be a resident of different place like Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania but still remains in Malawi as his residence doesn’t mean he is not a Malawian but he is there temporary.

Mwakhwawa also gave example of United Nations representative to other countries in Africa who he said can be UN residence representative for Malawi and Zambia at the same time but he is not a permanent resident

In their ruling the Appeals committee which is chaired by Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Lovemore Chikopa and lawyers George Bakuwa and Patrice Nkhono ruled in favour of Yabwanya that he is eligible to stand as FAM president against incumbent Walter Nyamilundu who seeksa fourth term.

In other Appeal cases, Fam executive member James Mwenda who is vying for Fam vice presidency has been cleared to stand on vice president position after his candidature eligibility was challenged by his strongest contender Tiyanjane Somba Banda who is Super League of Malawi treasure.

Somba through his lawyer Mwakhwawa challenged Mwenda’s eligibility as he claimed he didn’t meet the minimum requirement of MSCE certificate as he only submitted his Diploma.

The Appeals committee ruled that Mwenda is eligible to stand as what he submitted was above the minimum requirement as such he was eligible to stand on the vice presidency position

Somba Banda said he respect the ruling as he was not against Mwenda personally but he wanted it to be on record for future reference on the same matter.

“I respect the decision of the appeals committee as it has made it clear that one can be a FAM executive member even without having an MSCE. Though the likes of Sammys were penalised before using the same article, we therefore need to rephrase the article so that people should not abuse it for selective justice”, Somba Banda said.

On his part Mwenda who welcomed the ruling happily as it has put to rest all talks on his eligibility and said it’s all for the good of the game.

Meanwhile, the committee has also ruled in favour of Hubert Mfune appeal against his disqualification on the basis that he didn’t submit his MSCE as Mfune through his lawyer David Kanyenda argued that they did produce MSCE and its secretariat negligence and careless that lost the copy and during the hearing they did produce their original certificate copy.

The committee has maintained the disqualification of current FAM executive member Paul Mzungu who was disqualified on the basis that he did not submit his copy of profile explaining his football.

The Committee also threw away an application by other interested parties against presidential aspirant Wilkins Mijiga eligibility as the committee says they lacked proper backing and procedure of Appeal.

Former Bullets officials George Innocent Kapachika and Ophman Kondowe challenged Mijiga’s claim that he was once a trustees of Big Bullets football club, saying it is not true he served as a trustee of the Bullets.

The two were being represented by Collins Chitsime who was standing in for Kondwani Jawati who was not present during the hearing.

Mijiga, a renowned marketer, inserted the claim in his profile to prove that he has been in association football for more than five years as demanded by FAM statutes.

The committee dismissed the application saying it lack basis and proper explanation on who are the trustees of the team and if they are registered trustee at the registrar general.

FAM goes to the polls on December 12 in Salima.


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20 thoughts on “Back to three-horse race for Malawi FA presidential polls: Yabwanya, Mijiga cleared to face Nyamilandu”

  1. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Akuti mpikisano wa abulu atatu!!! Okweeeee!!! Si vi wa kambwe ivi???

  2. Kawonga says:

    I smell sombdy leaving a fam campus, why is it yabwanya was disqualified, just shows there ismismanagement of fam reasources, once yabwanya will take a seat, the following week it will be auditors showing their talents to catch a aman so called walter.

  3. Dausi Phiri says:

    Tiwoneko zina.

  4. Ambele says:

    Three-horse race ? enawo ndiye ayi akanakhala kuti panali anthu ena odziwa
    (Chibowa,Botomani, Somba ,Jack, Kinna etc) koma pa list iyi bola Walter yemweyo

  5. khwamba says:

    Kodi inu amene mukufuna Wota, ndichani chomwe iye waiwala kuchita muzaka 12 zonse wakhala pa famu pulezident chomwe akufuna achite zaka zinayi zikubwerazi? Zopusa basi ngati mumadya naye ndalama zakuba kagwereni uko, anthu wodzikonda inu. Iam against the Appleals Committee in Mfune, here in Malawi we start to produce academic qualification even during interviews, ndiye zongofuna munthu awonetse professional qualification zayamba liti? Those inconsistencies are killing our education standards, alibe MSCE alibe basi sizobisalira kuti ali ndi Diploma ya Community Development basi ali azipita ku famu hoping Malawi football to improve, mwanyika.

    By the way did Madise the lawyer go the same college as the John Gift Mwankhawa and Appleas committee lawyers. how come Madise did not know how to come up with a good basis for judgement? Ndiye chinyengocho chimenecho, mwina anadyetsedwa chibansi ndiye chimamusamwa mkamwa kabwenze basi munthu wosakonda wakwanu bwanji iwenso kukhala munthu woyambitsa kumukhomerera shame

  6. Wanya Wapalamula Milandu says:

    Its now a 3-horse race!!!! Can i prophecy!!Prophecy Major,Major! Who has an Ipad here?
    I want to take a photo for FAM presidency results! I see a giant who speaks like a hornet (bembelezi) falling here!!! whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. Tomtom says:


  8. maganizo says:

    Mumafufun alowe unopposed. Nyimbo yimodzi samachezera gule tione zina abale panopa ambiri alibe chidwi ndi mipira yathu koma ya kunja kamba momwe zilili pano let us change give others chance no life president of famu

  9. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Wonyamilandu no chance must go and squander illovo money not money meant for development of soccer in malawi,you have killed malawi futubo nosense!

  10. Mbuya says:

    kkkkkk malamulo ndi ovuta so iwe come back 4 campaign

  11. Mafulufute says:

    Koma kani Tiya ndi wopanda nzeru chonchi. He didnt get it that MSCE was a minimum requirement? No wonder football is not getting anywhere pa flames!

  12. madzi says:

    kukakamila just leads to more investigations & more revelations. Munthu wamulungu Walter akanachita stick to his earlier decission all these investigations sizikanachitika but now people r wondering as to what he is trying to hide.More investigations on misuse of FIFA funding MUST continue mpaka Malawian Sepa Blater should also be down with BP. More fire appeals committeeeeeeeee

  13. zampila says:

    Ndiye ngati the so called lawyer Madise does not know the difference btwn residence and citizeship its a shame. How credible are these so called forthcoming elections? Suzgo Nyirenda Chanco? yet you dont know also the difference kkkkkkkkkkkk za manyanzi woooooooooo!!! If indeed we have a ministry responsible let t open its EYES. free advice Walter ndi wanzelu koma wafika pa bar.There z nothing new that he can offer let him rest n peace

  14. guta says:

    Koma yes! The country without Ndege of its own busy ndi maudindo

  15. Mark Liwonde says:

    Kodi mumadyeleranso eti?? nanga zomwezi mpaka ma lawyer??

  16. Nathan Longwe says:

    Malawians, this election is flawed and both the Election Committee and the Appeals committee are compromised. What criteria was the Election committee using to assess the candidates? How can they fail to adequately and competently assess such a small number of candidates?

    Believe me next thing you will hear that Mijiga has been disqualified! Mark my words! I have it on good authoruty that one James Mwenda confessed to the Appeals Committee that he does not possess an MSCE certificate. He has an online qualification of some sorts. Walter Nyamilandu was told to bring an MSCE when he submitted a degree or diploma in his first election. What has happened to that precedent? Mr Mfune and Mr Mwenda do not have MSCE. Can the Appeals committee tell us why and how they have qualified?
    Why bother to continue with the assessment then with such pathetic double standards? Malawi football!

  17. ngongoliwa says:

    Then when Yabwanya is coming back to Malawi for campaign. Please becareful these machona are very clever. Yabwanya can surprise us.

  18. Bongo says:

    Tiya Somba akumuopa Mwenda hahahah ana osapola pa mchombo amenewa,,,, Nyamilandu camp all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  19. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Go yabwanya go, ukhakhala president zitheka zija zomanga stadium yakoyako ya team yako kuno Ku malawi

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