Bagus takes PP to court over Uladi, Kamlepo appointments: Court grants injunction

Peoples Party  (PP) organising secretary Salim Bagus and four other officials have successfully obtained a court injunction at Mzuzu High Court restraining Uladi Mussa and Kamlepo Kalua from taking senior party offices.

Uladi Mussa:  Injunction against his acting PP presidency

Uladi Mussa: Injunction against his acting PP presidency

Bagus confirmed having obtained the court injunction restraining Mussa from taking office as acting president and Kalua as third vice president of the party.

“Our president did not follow procedures when making the appointments. The party is now being run as a personal estate,” said Bagus.

Others who obtained the injunction are Daniel Kaipa, Cliffa Kondowe, Zelezi Gomani and Bornwell Kapatuka Phiri, most of whom are district party governors.

Bagus said going to the court was a last resort having tried to engage top party officials to resolve the matter internally failed.

However party spokesman Ken Msonda said PP has not been served with the court injunction.

“But this is a surprise. Real party members do not go to court, they would resolve matters amicably within party structures. Whether injured or disappointed, bonafide members would not rush to courts,” he said.

He could not say whether the party would honour the court injunction by restraining Mussa and Kamlepo from discharging their duties, saying the decision would be made after being served with the court injunction.

The injunction comes barely a day after Moses Kunkuyu, deputy publicity secretary of the party resigned.

Party president Joyce Banda has been in self imposed exile since she lost the 2014 elections. She came third in the presidential race and her party was fourth in the parliamentary polls.

Some sections  in  PP are calling for a convention to resolve the  leadership crisis.

Since 2014, PP has been hit with  resignations of senior members like its vice presidents Cassim Chilumpha and Sidik Mia. Others like Brown Mpinganjira and Harry Mkandawire have also abdicated from their positions.

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18 thoughts on “Bagus takes PP to court over Uladi, Kamlepo appointments: Court grants injunction”

  1. Ellias says:

    sandra, comment 12. Pali chotukwanila apa? savage! osakalowanso mkalasi bwanji

  2. Stens Olless says:


  3. Mugabe says:

    Now am ready to join PP Uladi and Mwana Chweee ndi mafana aboo osati munthu opanda mwana osabereka Khumbo gwape wakuba oyipamtima we want fresh in our pary big kudo’s a mayi for choosing mafana awiriwa. warning: Bagus kayakuti ndani wamatenda iwe dzimwa mankhwalawo usatengetse anzako tsoka chifukwa pano PP yanyamuka twawa ikugunda pachiwongolero pali chenji golo pachitseko mwana chweeee a bro mutikwera yosaima iyi via boliwoli Rumphi.
    Ho Dingiswayo Madise vacate vc stupit injuction obtained by stupit DPP cadets.

  4. kkkkk says:

    Malawian politics….

  5. maxwell says:

    Bagus anasauka ndipo akudwala. Khumbo akufuna pp presidency kuti adzajoine dpp as in alliance. Kufuna u vice president. Bugus change color of his pp car the same night Joyce lost elections. He is not trustworthy politician

  6. sandra says:

    Njoka saweta,
    stupidity is your fathers name .u re shameless animal.panyelo ndiye dzina la amako!
    Ma DR without education.ngati ukumumwa ma khwalawo usamapake anthu….. pantumbo pa amako.
    look at your negative comments???the main problems you have you mother fuckers is nsanje!jealous will take you to ur grave .kuzolowela katangale agalu inu . bring it on

  7. Alekeni says:

    Iam just an observor.

  8. Alekeni says:

    Tiyeni nazoni,Iam just observor.

  9. Guantanamo says:

    Kamlepo and Uladi r loyal members of PP. Let us seal uncivilized politics as run by Bagus. It is clear Bagus wants PP dead. He castigated JB and PP on TV and yet he claims to be its member. DPP, if u hv a hand in this then its proof that u still doubt ur 2014 victory

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Stop blaming DPP, inu munali ku Guantanamo, for everything deleterious to PP. That Party, PP, is responsible for its own problems: the trajectory is down, towards six feet under, baasi.
      Guantanamo did not reform your thinking?

  10. Eddy Gomez says:

    Komatu Bagus Amene Wakutumayo Akupweteketsa.

  11. Tomtom says:

    This Bagus is bullshit, one day he was on MBC TV smearing mud on JB. It is a well known fact that Bagus is being used by APM to destroy PP. Uladi and Kamplepo are the rightful people to lead the party. Your Khumbo Kachali is lacking leadership skills and has lost value (absolute) .

  12. andrew says:

    Kamlepo is the only one who could bring some fresh air in the north….these are all Khumbo boys…but what else does Khumbo have to offer? Let’s be honest….Kamlepo is fit for that post

  13. Njoka Saweta says:

    Bagus akutumayo akupwetekesa,ngati ili mphamvu ya mankhwala ukumwawo nde tango chepesa mulingo,matendawa wayamba kudwala ndiwe?bwanji ukufuna kutionongera chipani?

  14. therere says:

    this is now the end of the party, believe me,
    the party was formed out of jealousy and these are the results
    the remnants just join other big parties rather than wasting your time going to the courts

  15. ..... says:

    Akumutuma Bagasiyo ndi APM wa DPP kuti aononge chipani.
    Injunctioniyo will be vacated in no time.
    Chitsiru cha munthu.

  16. mbilaga says:

    che Bagus
    who do you want to run pp? khumbo wooooo!

  17. Chembiya says:

    Br.Bagus do not waste your time ,whom do you think could have fitted those positions apart from those 2 old gurus in politics and they are sitting MPs. If you are bitter join another party

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