Bail out Lilongwe University of Agriculture – Cisanet

The Civil Society Agriculture Network (Cisanet) has urged government to allocate part of the proceeds from the sale of two banks, Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) and IndeBank to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar).

Cisanet boss Tamani Nkhono: Help Luanar

Cisanet boss Tamani Nkhono: Help Luanar

Cisanet’s call comes amid reports that government has not yet decided on how to spent the K16.2 billion realized from the sale of the two commercial banks.

Government sold MSB at K9.5 billion while Indebank was sold at K6.7 billion.

And Cisanet, a policy advocacy organisation working on agriculture and food security policy issues, on Friday said was deeply concerned with appalling learning conditions at Luanar’s Bunda campus.

Luanar, the fourth public university in the country, has Bunda and Natural Resources Colleges (NRC) as its campuses in Lilongwe District.

Cisanet National Director, Tamani Nkhono said his organization has over the years closely monitored the developments at Bunda which has been affected by low funding and consequently poor condition of infrastructure.

”Luanar is an institution that is training the future policy makers in the agriculture sector as such it is disheartening to see the condition of the classrooms, laboratories, tiny and poorly stocked library that students are using,” said Nkhono.

According to Nkhono, the university’s teaching facilities remain undesirable with students fainting in the hot Marquee that is currently used to hold large classes.

”Over the past few years, it has been noted that students are finding accommodation in the nearby villages. Honestly such conditions cannot produce the cream that this country needs to transform the agriculture sector”.

He also noted that low funding to the university has made some of critical staff positions to remain vacant while failing to implement NRC additional staff costs.

Nkhono said Cisanet was disturbed that works for the construction of a teaching facility and an administration complex was slow as the contractor is still waiting to be paid arrears that had accumulated to K1.1billion as at 30th June, 2014.

”As Government is pondering on how and where to allocate the proceeds from he sale of the Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) and INDEBank, Cisanet wishes such resources were invested in critical areas such as Luanar whose impact will be felt in many years to come”.

Nkhono said allocating part of the proceeds from the sale of the two banks to Luanar will help promote advances in science and technology to promote Malawi’s agricultural productivity.

”Agriculture being the main stay of our economy, our prosperity as a country, will depend on it for many years to come but only when we meaningfully invest in infrastructure such as classrooms, laboratories, and up-to-date well-stocked library”.

Luanar was operationalised on 1st July, 2012 and accommodates a student population of about 5 000.

Spokesperson for Ministry of Finance, Nations Msowoya said his ministry was yet to consult on how to use the money which is already in government’s account number one.

“We will have to meet and decide what to do with the money,” said Msowoya raising fears that government might misuse the funds.

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15 thoughts on “Bail out Lilongwe University of Agriculture – Cisanet”

  1. Obanda says:

    Briliant Suggestion!!!!

  2. Beast Msonda says:

    This just shows that Tamani Nkhono doesn’t know Bunda College. If he had known it he wouldn’t make such a stupid proposal. That is all I can say for now.

  3. kanyimbi says:

    I have been learning about poultry production. I have been using the internet to find information but I tell you there is no information from LUANAR. I do not think these people deserve this money.

  4. pegion hisi says:

    am watching

  5. Nzeru Kupangwa says:

    Luanar : find a better place for self sponsored- off the campus students. the old macoha complex in biwi is pathetic with garages all over . the idea of dumping students at Institute for youth in kawale makes it worse. You are charging exorbitant fees and yet failing to provide better learning environment , Malawi Government has Adult literacy campus in area 14, the place is being misused , and it is far much better , safe and quite.
    think out of the box our academician we salute you!!!!

  6. @wanzeru wakumawa; you are very stupid the problem is not bunda graduates, its you and your stupid government you have had over the years for not investing much in the agri sector!!! The college has alot of research in the sector,and various recommendations to improve the sector have been made to ur gov but deliberately they do things the otherway round. So stop talking shit, mbuzi iwe!!! Chimwana cha hule iwe!!!@!!

  7. jj says:

    Luanar, Yes! Invest in this institution. Support the graduates to further form groups and invest in the green belt.

  8. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Privatize it. Full stop.

  9. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Well the institution has already failed to transform agriculture for the past 51 years with better infrastructure and learning conditions. The cream that was produced over the years has failed to transform agriculture. What makes Tamani think the cream that will be produced now will transform the sector?
    Year in year out Bunda has produced the cream but it needed an economist like the big kahuna to conceive the green belt initiative while the cream from Bunda were sitting phwiii.
    Let’s invest in colleges that have good infrastructure like The Malawi Polytechnic as the future of this country lies in industrialisation which requires engineers and technicians.
    There is no need to invest in a ‘dog’ like Bunda.

  10. MacDonald Msampha says:

    Sounds great I hope there won’t be cash gatters again

  11. Cashgate spotter says:

    I disagree Mr. Nkhono. LUANAR generates a lot of cash on its own. The problem with the institution is not underfunding but mismanagement. There id massive fraud that side due to poor internal control environment.Accounting for funds is a big problem. People claim allowances for work not done. Misprocurement is the order of the day. Yes, LUANAR might deserve the money but the risk of it being cashgated there is high. There is a team in the accounts that is ‘chewing’ money there.

  12. Moya says:

    Iam sure that money if audited it has already been sololadi, with budget deficit u cant convince methe govenment hasnt decided yet what to do with the money.The longer they emain undeciced the fishy the tansaction is.

  13. Thom Duncan Paul Nkalodzwa says:

    I have big doubts whether Malawi as a country can develop. Poor leadership from the politicians to civil servants. We are poorly located and wonder why we wanted independent status. Whether that is still relevant now? Its only very few people now that will be doing fine.Otherwise I really doubt. Katundu akungokwera mwachinsisi koma salary ndiyomweija

  14. I don't know says:

    Brilliant suggestion, but I bet you that will not happen, greedy politicians.

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