Baker Tilly refuses to verify authenticity as questions arise about cashgate report

Critics have question the credibility of the Baker Tilly forensic audit report containing names of companies and individuals who allegedly siphoned money from Malawi Government coffers which has revealed that a total of K24.2 billion was plundered within a period of six months from April to September 2014.

Malawi's Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa receives the Cashgate report by UK firm Baker Tilly from Justice Minister Sam Tembenu. According to Tembenu, the report is in two parts, comprehensive and summarised. Photo by: Malawi News Agency

Malawi’s Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa receives the Cashgate report by UK firm Baker Tilly from Justice Minister Sam Tembenu. According to Tembenu, the report is in two parts, comprehensive and summarised. Photo by: Malawi News Agency

Many Malawians took it on social media and comments posted on Nyasa Times that the report looks to have been doctored by the current government.

Some Malawians in London queried Baker Tilly bombarding their offices with emails and phones to verify the authenticity of the report which Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu released to the media on Thursday.

In an email response to a query, Baker Tilly PR Manager Frank Shepherd wrote: “The report was prepared on behalf of the Malawi National Audit Office. All questions should be directed to them as they are the client and the report owner and we cannot breach client confidentiality.”

Justice Minister ruled out chances of the report having been doctored.

“Government has not tampered with the Baker Tilly report, it was received in PDF format and remains so,” said Tembenu.

He added: “Cashgate investigations are still in progress, forensic audit report has assisted us to do that.”

Lawmaker Roy Kachale also reacted furiously to the report which talked about his alleged affair with a cashgate suspect Laura Savala- a relationship he says has never existed between the two- saying the report is “malicious.”

Kachale, the son of former President Joyce Banda, in a statement on Friday, denying any wrongdoing, said: “I am a man of high standing in society and a devoted Catholic who can never do such a thing.”

He is seeking legal redress on the defamatory assertions.

An initial report by Baker Tilly released on February 21, 2014 but did not contain the names of the culprits showed that at least K13.6 billion was lost during the plunder.

The new report contains a list of 49 individuals who between them had a hand in siphoning almost K24.2 billion of public funds.

Some of the names revealed in the new report such as Oswald Lutepo, Stamford Mpoola and former Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara are already in court answering cases related to ‘cashgate’.

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55 thoughts on “Baker Tilly refuses to verify authenticity as questions arise about cashgate report”

  1. Mr Lilongwe says:

    The first report didn’t Inciude names coz Kachale’s name was mentioned.

  2. muyeriwa nehiya says:

    the whole mzungu with his long nose writing about love affairs in an audit report?????? i have my doubts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this fire administration of thieves must be squeezed till they tell the truth!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jando says:

    Baker Tilley report did not include self confessed Senzani in the role she played in cash gate. How many of such persons are left out in the forensic audit report?

  4. Nyaulembe says:

    Roy Kachale seeking legal redress? Waiwala kuti amaseketsa ma Bala only to drink with friends?
    So from who is seeking the legal redress? Is it from Baker Tilley or from the British government who requested for the audit? Or from her PP government which her mother was the President who agreed to have Baker Tilley in the country?
    Zopusa sitifuna ife, they have injured us already.

  5. Nyaulembe says:

    Baker Tilley were appointed by British government and they paid for the report. Theft was done by Joyce Banda government. Why should DPP change the report? Why would they be interested for a corrupt report?
    Is their crime in releasing the report or what? The report wasn’t written for them and neither by them so why all thus madness and foolishness?
    Please stop writing crap to the innocent government and if you have anything on Cashgate, direct it to the woman thief and her children.

  6. Victor Phiri says:

    The Baker Tilly report is not an indictment. Now is time for ACB to unearth evidence.
    Why is Roy Kachale mad with his name in the report when his own mother was president and the one who authorised the theft of public funds? Who is he cheating?

  7. Thyolo says:

    I saw the original report and it is very different from the one that is being circulated. Something is really funky!!!

  8. Fathi Alshab says:

    fhe rrport omly pointd to whst hspprned snd up to mslswians stop ze mess ..
    nothing for yd without us
    its same as saying give ceazer whst belongs to ceazer
    malasi ruling party ovetinsd yatipsdteka..get ride of the sydrome its multiparty transparency democracy human rights zat us supposed to rule not satanic “ruling party”
    equality for lazy pple no!¡

  9. DOBO says:

    That is the problem with our politicians, they take every Malawian as ignorant. PDF documents can be edited using a number of software.May be the minister is ignorant of this.The issue is that PP wanted to manipulate the report to suit their needs and interests and DPP is also trying to do the same as both are culprits.Both PP and DPP know the truth which they never want to share with Owners of Money,Malawians. Thank GOD that we are peace loving and docile.The main task of PP was to expose DPP and DPP is doing the same, to expose PP and if possible to bring in MCP as main Challenger and keep them quite.That is dirty politics by DPP at work.At the end no body will be arrested and may be unfortunate persons without names will be arrested to maximum of 2 yrs.Do no expect much more than this,guys.This is Nyasaland where every thing is running abnormally.For laws are for poor people only.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Well said Dobo.

  10. $MAMA says:


    1. Kenkkk says:

      The whole truth only. It is not about names as only evidence can lead us to the thieves and that is what acb and the prosecution are attempting to do.

  11. alifoso says:

    pdf it can be edited very posible

  12. opportunist says:


  13. Bob says:

    This is an edted report PP had to hold it for their own reasons now DPP has done the same. Trust nobody aMalawi.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Top pp and dpp mafioso are colluding and protecting each other on this report as they are heavily linked!!!

  14. vwivwivwi says:

    baker tilly is a disgrace and so its report.Shame on u.

  15. dadaboma says:

    Those of you asking for a credible report are asking for the impossible, considering that Malawi does not have a credible government. You do not speak of credibility when the whole govt system does not have any. Some of us have seen the original report and can tell you that this one released by the Minister of Justice is DPP’s report of what they think it should have looked like. The day you voted for DPP you threw all credibility out of the window. Malawi will suffer immensely at the hands of DPP because no one will look at us a credible nation worth of any salt.

  16. Peter says:

    In my opinion, this is enough to start revolution. It seems in Malawi, poor people have no say on taxes they pay.

    Rich people or those governing us are not honest or people we can trust. The only way is to show our anger so that this madness should stop.

    Many people who took our taxes are either rulling us or ruled us at our watch. I for one blame Malawians as people who don’t know what we want or we don’t know our destiny.

    This vicious cycle of stealing will never stop.

  17. chiperoni2 says:

    Kuchedwetsa konseku kunali ndi zolinga. Poor Malawians akudziwana.

  18. Kalanga says:

    PDF can be edited justice minister! As such it can be doctored.

    On the other hand, you dont mention someone due to relations.

    Koma forensic imeneyi, I dont know!

    Ife tizamva kutsogolo kkkkk

  19. Henry D. Banda says:

    Bakare ya tiyi yatidyetsa galu apa…

  20. Kika kanawe says:

    I am waiting for a real report covering the period between 2005 and 2013.

  21. mjiba says:

    Forensic cashgate report. This report shows us one thing. The company was selected to protect those who were in power and had the given the company a business. There is nothing which is Forensic which the people of Malawi don’t know about. Why have you hidden the matter of one railway who was principal secretary at opc his evidence points to some big fish. osatinamizapo apa nothing forensic about this report

  22. Favour says:

    Mpakana mu report kulembamo personal issues ?Ife zachibwezi zikutikhudza pati?Ndiyetu musova.

  23. gulukunyinda says:

    Protecting confidentiality yanji inu a bakery ya bread tilly? Report ili ku public palinso za confidential apa?

  24. Jess ali says:


    1. Leader of opposition says:

      Iwe jess ali unamva kti, zoti president amapanga hire ma company? Zaumbuli baxi GO BACK TO XUL.

  25. Nyakanyaka says:

    Its good now that the report is out.lets see its significance.

  26. High profile thieves

  27. Kenkkk says:

    So what justice minister if the report was received in pdf?

  28. Chiyambi chosokonkera by having people in mind to arrest you end up shooting yourself.

  29. mona says:

    Baker tilly pliz tell us the truth we all know dpp tampered with the report that is why they took time to release it

  30. Nkhondomukaya says:

    Ntchito za DPP anthu oipa kwambiri.Kunena zowona DPP siitha koma iwowo amangokonda mabodza.

  31. Kika kanawe says:

    Wow!So when will the truth prevail?

  32. point of order. says:

    politics at hand. malawians let’s work up, I see the report not fully achieving the objectives of the of their assignment.

  33. Jelbin mk says:

    Backer Tilly,we are ur client number one if you operated on behalf of our government as you saying and as we know then you and our government are bound to verify the the report in your possession and on our government possession otherwise we won’t trust you and your credibility will remain questionable in Malawi and the rest of the world. Anyway to my observation Backer Tilly sounds very ridiculous on this matter how can they claim to protecting someone’s confidentiality who has already published the same confidentially? This is awkward because these two parties,our government and this pr firm have something to hide

  34. Mr.Bambo says:

    I wonder and very much so,if this disjointed report is going to yield any positive results for our wounded nation.


  36. Mlomwe Original says:

    thats why???? if you google about BAKER TILLY you find nothing impressive on their page.the company profile is even dull

  37. Big brain says:

    A country full of nonsense !

    Verification for what ?

    Sometimes I wonder !

  38. I do not trust this report personally.

  39. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Stop dreaming, detractors! And wishful thinking!
    Considering the amount and extent of pressure and scrutiny the government is, it would have to be living in the sixties to doctor the forensic report. I can understand why culprits’ names are released piece meal: for both tactical and strategic reasons.
    If somebody’s name is not out (yet), like Mr. Phwiyo’s, it would be naïve to interpret that to mean the person is not a suspect.

  40. phunda says:

    Malawians will never know the truth as long as corrupt bred regimes fathered by UDF continue ruling this country. They removed forfeiture act and introduced Inter grated Financial Mismanagement Syndrome (IFMIS) in order to syphon our tax payers money. Munakana Kamuzu Mululiranji????

  41. Cashgate 1 says:

    Ha ha, bwana Tembenu who said a PDF cannot be copied, edited and then saved as PDF again? Are you really in world of IT? Did you get electronic or hard copies? If electronic reports were received then chances are high that it can be edited, trust me.

  42. Phwitiko says:

    I know that the main target of Peter was JB but unfortunately for him & DPP she isn’t in the report therefore they included her son to make cashgate close to her. Sorry Malawians we are going to pay to Roy Kachale our tax. As for Baker Tilly, we want you to produce authentic report otherwise your credibility is at stake here. However if Mr Kachale was indeed involved in the scam then God punish you.

  43. Ankolo says:

    Who said u can’t change a pdf document to a word document, edit it, and then change it into a pdf document again?????

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      Anduna osadziwa IT. Zinabwera mochedwa izi.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Proof that they doctored it and then someone lied to them that if they say the report was received in pdf they will be okay and convince us!!! Very stupid people!!!

        Actually the report must be presented by baker Tilly in hard copy not PDF. So please dpp govt show us the hard copy!!!

  44. Sidix says:

    Doctored report, really! How can the whole of Mzungu write love affairs in the report? DPP has recooked the audit report! Shame on you!

  45. zumbwanga says:

    Amalawi kodi report la cashgate likuyenda ngati nazikambe bwanji? Mawa timve izi timve izo.Koma izatha?

  46. Chipoya LJ. says:

    I believe there is something fishy in the whole report itself. I see some contradictions. Where are the names of other individuals like of Mphwiyo and others who are already answering this cash-gate case.

    How can one trust this British Audit Firm. By the way, what was the criteria used in choosing this Baker Tilly company. There must be a certain connection between the employer and this Audit company I believe.

    All I believe is that the truth will never let us down on this issue. It will free us all at last.

    All in all, God Bless Malawi!!!!!

  47. Peter Muthanyula says:

    The report is authentic. But there are some online media journos that want to discredit

    1. Zamadula says:

      Apparently the reference to Roy says “son to the former President” on page 116 of the report. Now, if you will recall, the report was finalised BEFORE JB left office so a genuine report would not refer to ‘former’ but would simply say ‘son to the President’.

      It would be wrong to say categorically whether the report the Govt has released has been doctored or not. If it has been doctored, it will not be too long before the inconsistencies start coming out…

  48. Kadzibwa says:

    Tinkadabwatu kuchedwa kutulutsa report. Mumafuna muchite nalo kaye. Shame on you DPP! Abwampini, Agulukunyinda,ANA AYIMBWA.

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