Balaka Chief threatens to deal with critics of President Mutharika

Traditional Authority (T.A) Sawali of Balaka District has stressed he will stand still and deal with all critics of President Peter Mutharika saying those insulting the Head of State and his government are envious and are aiming at derailing development.

New regional governor for south, DPP's Charles Mchacha

New regional governor for south, DPP’s Charles Mchacha says Chief has right to react

Sawali presented the warning at a developmental rally President Mutharika held at the Balaka Primary School ground on Monday after he officially opened Balaka Admarc Cotton Ginnery.

T/A Sawali advised the President to maintain his calm and always keep quite and let his subordinates fight the battle for him.

“Don’t be shaken by those who say bad about you. It only pains us and now let me assure you Mr. President, we will be the one’s fighting back on your behalf. You should not answer them back just concentrate on developmental issues” said Sawali attracting ululation from the DPP followers present at the rally.

“I am behind you because I was employed by you and nobody else” he added.

He also blamed some Malawians and opposition parties who are saying the Democratic Progressive Party has done nothing since returning into power in May 2014.

According to Sawali, DPP has done a lot including the introduction of community colleges among other things.

DPP regional governor Chalres Mchacha said the chief has the right to defend the President from “irresponsible criticism.”

On his part, Mutharika said he will not fight back but warned he will hit back at opposition and other critics if they go beyond.

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This chief its like athief & un empty tins make noise without things supt man ”one our malawian loose life becz of hunger so wht u mean including ur father peter


Mafumu ngati awa are a disgrace to Malawians,vry useless


Mr president musamale ndimafumu mukafuse muluzi samafunaso ana mpusisa chondechonde samalani a president


Every party followers support their leaders at all cost. Three days ago we heard Menyani supporting his Master Chakwera on his dictatorial habits similar to those of Kamuzu. He never confronted his boss but instead blamed some alien external forces aimed at distabilizing his party. PP bootlickers are defending their woman President for making appointments without any consultations.
All these defenses are in the good name freedom in Democracy.


Mafumu azikhala anthu opita ku sukulu. Mbutuma ngati izi sizingathandize dziko. DPP has miserably failed to run this government and the chief should have been the first one to see this. But illiterate as he is, no wonder.


Mr President, this chief is one of the crazy supporters that will have your name dirtened. Remember your brother’s supporters who promised to fight on his behalf. You neither the Ndyomba chief can dare to fight Malawians. I have warned you ooooh!!!


What good can come from a mdyomba of a chief? Alahandulira…Muhammad anasulura. A stupid dyomba trying to appease an imbecile one-toothed he goat masquerading as president, o shame.


empty tins make a lot of noise


Where is the Law Society grouping. The chief has to be summoned to court for insinuating violence.


Malawi will never develop if we have people like Sawali. Mr Sawali seems as if he is staying outside Malawi. This chief called Sawali is useless he will not help us.

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