Balaka police net three men for kidnapping and defiling a 14-year old girl

Three people are in Police custody in Malawi’s eastern district of Balaka for allegedly kidnapping and defiling a 14 year old girl.

The men are suspected of sexually abusing a teen girl

The men are suspected of sexually abusing a teen girl

Detective Sub Inspector Winstone Njolomole, says the suspects Rlanos Kapire 27, Kingsley Makwana 28 and Paul Mwaona 27 were arrested following a  tip on the suspected criminals who were allegedly hiding at a certain rest house in town.

“They then rushed to scene only to find Makwana with a young girl who was hidden under the bed”.

Njolomole said the suspects were arrested on defilement and kidnapping charges.

“According to the victim, the suspects abducted her as she was coming from her uncle where she went to collect money for mock examinations and they first took her to Rlanos shop before taking her to the rest house where they defiled her.”

Njolomole said Makwana told the police that girl was defiled by his friend Rlanos Kapire who by then was at his home and said he was left there to keep watch of the girl and give her food.

“This led to the arrest of the suspects Rlanos Kapire and Kingsley Makwana on defilement charges and results from medical examinations done at Balaka District Hospital revealed that the girl was really defiled.”

Njolomole said the victim was kidnapped again following the arrest of Kapire and Makwana and was locked and hidden in the house of Paul Mwaona, one of the friends of the two suspects a move he believed would force the police to release the suspects due to absence of key witness.

“But information of the missing of the girl reached the Police who arrested Paul Mwaona on charges of kidnapping contrary to Section 262 of the Penal Code and the girl was rescued,” says Njolomole.

All the three suspects are still in Police custody and are expected to appear before court soon.

Rlanos Kapire comes from Mbewe village, Traditional Authority Nkaya in Balaka district while Kingsley Makwana and Paul Mwaona come from Mponda village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in the same district of Balaka.

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46 thoughts on “Balaka police net three men for kidnapping and defiling a 14-year old girl”

  1. Maliseni says:

    Kudi Ku Balakako kwatani, ndizasiya kutchula kuti mkumudzi kwanthutu ?????????????? Mukuwonjeza makwatakwata

  2. mboniyabwalo says:

    Kid napping yo koma msungwana yo osakuwa. Anamanga pakamwa.?

  3. M'malawi nr 1 says:

    I know that there exists many consenting girls who are 14. They look for it. They know that once they open their legs money comes. Lets teach the girls to wait alittle longer. Although their genetalia can accomodate, but their brain is still small. So all three guys had a go went into one?

  4. peter slombera says:

    Zanyanya ana ang’ono akuzunzika .There is aneed 4 more community sensetisation on abuse of rights ofthe children mpaka atatu thats too much

  5. chefourpence says:

    kill the gringos! Cut their balls and hang them on a tree.

  6. Umunthu ndiye wangosowa apa.Kuzolowela zaulele basi.Mahule ali mbwee koma kumakalimbana ndi kamwanako.Mukumana ndi Kaliati muchonga.

  7. andrew Tchale says:

    Thise stupid good for nothing idiots deserves stiffer punishment.

  8. Kalonga Gawa Undi says:

    Balaka Balaka Balaka ndi chifukwa chani nkhani zonyasa chonchi zimangomveka kuchokera ku Balaka nthawi zonse,,ndithudi tsopano ameneyu ndi sodomu wa lero

  9. She is not teen but Njolomole is very cruel and he wanted alot of money to be handed to him by the suspects.

  10. Mulakho nyooooooo says:

    Ngati APM anakapanga kidnap wake kubalaka nanga bwanji ma venda?

  11. gogoda says:

    The girl might be aprosistute why not shout

  12. zanga phee! says:

    koma balaka eish yawonjeza.

  13. Pazonse zomwe zakambidwa apa kwa manthu olingalira bwino akudziwa kuti izi ndizogwilizana.

  14. walijechi says:

    just castrate them

  15. Alshabab says:

    Komabe ku balaka mwatchuka ndi nyere kukhala ngati munachekera ujeni wa mbuzi

  16. Pichi says:

    Ki ki ki ki ngati comedy’tu ki ki ki kuchita kidnap kachiwiri to blackmail the police to release the dunderheads. Koma abale chamba chani? Muwapatse life sentence onsewo!

  17. Original Northerner says:

    Balaka, chiwanda chasikira kwa iwe

  18. MBACHI says:

    What is wrong with balaka people? It seems alot of criminals there.

  19. A kidnapped person has no choice so takes orders from the kidnappers. if she was to to go under bed she had to oblige. Secondly the issue is not about Balaka having more nyere and therefore more incidences of this nature, it could also be about Balaka having journalists who are doing their job revealing these incidences. They are happening elsewhere in Malawi at the same intensity but they are not reported.

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      It’s the effect of the heat causing them to fail to control themselves. Koma sanamupatse matenda mwanayo? Sad that this will haunt her life yet police dont see It like a big deal, the rapers will be out n free posachedwa.

  20. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    I don’t see any kidnapping here. Why did she not shout for help?

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      If u shout wen being raped u cud 1. Be killed 2. Be hurt in yr private parts causing more serious problems in future. Best is to comply wen u get a chance to scream or run do so. Remember amuna wen they r wanting amakhala ndi zimphamvu which a woman cant handle

  21. very sad to young girl like this three men very shame.please don’t give them bale out to these criminals.

  22. Chikutumbwe says:

    Atcheya once said,”ana amasiku ano saakupereka dimu.”

  23. Mukhito sapepesa says:

    What’s wrong with Balaka abale

  24. gama says:

    Balaka kuli ziwanda zachigololo kwambiri

  25. Njan says:

    Imeneyo ndi Balaka eesh, kuchititsa manyazi. Shame on you. YONECO gwirani tchito basi.

  26. First Lady says:

    Atumbuka amenewo kkkkkk. Simukukomenta bwanji?
    But if it was a story from the north or yikhale ya nzeru sikutukwana kwake sankho lili ndi anthu inu

  27. BUGUDOSHI says:

    Always Balaka mmmmm chiwanda kubalaka

  28. True patriot says:

    A wake up call for our first lady.Before beautifying Malawi,she must clean and beautify Balaka,her home.

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      Yes beautify balaka morally, as such she can go to nac to get funds fo this as hiv will be reduced wit the awarenes trainings on aids that she will give

  29. tiwonge says:

    Balaka ndiye mwadya one.Tizingokhalira kumva zaku Balaka.

  30. Mlolo says:

    This is not true.

  31. A MPINGO says:


  32. THE whole story does not add up. Do not protect the girl for the sake of protection. She is part of the game and you are likely to establish that the arrangement was marriage mutually agrrd upon but parents of the girl are resisting. Atolankhani you are fond of telling lies as far as defilement and rape issues are concerned. Why was she hiding? How did she came to be in the hands of the last accomplice? Was it at night or day time? Why didnt she scream? You mean they never came across any passerby all along the kidnapping process? We have good experience of these issues

  33. SM Namame says:

    Balaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manyaka a district, its people are good at defiling little girls. Very bad indeed!!!!

  34. yungsai says:

    y alwz balaka?that means judges frm this district are taking things simple koma akanakhala ana awo bwenz chigamulo chikuwopsya.malawi was changed…please lets love each other MWANA WAMZAKO NDIWAKO YEMWE.let them learn and enjoy there childhood,”realmen wil neva force women in what ever condition.myao walira uyu….

  35. Tawonga Nadi says:

    I thought thé girl could be used as a keywitness.

  36. Dominatrix 30 says:

    That’s what Balaka is famous for.Mijomba too much Libido.Too much Gondolosi in this district.

  37. hoitty says:

    Balaka needds deliverancr

  38. timothy mauluka says:


  39. Acquaviva Sabino says:

    Balaka at it again. Satana anayenda chokwawa there. Talk of Masamba bise etc mmmmm

  40. womenslib says:

    Why is a kidnapped person hiding under the bed instead of screaming.

    1. Elhapo says:

      Malawi is becoming a sick society. Aside of the suspects, I am amazed with those who think the young girl brought it on herself! What sort reasoning is this?

  41. kadamanja says:

    Koma Balaka ili ndi nyere kwambiri, bwanji Balaka bwanji?

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