Baroness Afshar hails Joyce Banda as ‘formidable woman’

British professor Baroness Haleh Afshar has hailed Malawi’s former president and founder of Joyce Banda Foundation International, Joyce Banda as  a woman with extremely impressive track record.

Banda delivering her lecture at London School of Economic and Political Science

Banda delivering her lecture at London School of Economic and Political Science

London School of Economics auditorium fully packed when Banda delivered her lecture

London School of Economics auditorium fully packed when Banda delivered her lecture

Baroness Afshare, Professor Emeritus at the University of York who serves as a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, hailed Banda for her achievements when the former president delivered a lecture at London School of Economics and Political Science.

She described Banda as “a formidable woman” with a moving story to tell.

“She is a kind of a woman that many women are not,” said Baroness Afshar who was the lecture chair, adding that Banda has fought against nepotism, corruption, and running charities “ despite threats and difficulties. She is really a formidable woman.”

Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of London School of Economics said Banda has a “very good track record”.

Banda, said the university’s director, is an “inspirational woman of courage, vision and commitment in advancing the cause of women.”

In her public lecture titled: “Investigating women’s journey into public life: Above the Parapet,” Banda said her mission in life is to empower women and youth through business and education.

“I am a self made leader” said Banda who pointed out that she is privileged to have lived most of the challenges women face.

“I have moved from where I was not sure where my next meal would come from.  On this journey, I have believed that leadership is about falling in love with the people you serve and the people falling in love with you. I truly believe in servant leadership,” she said.

Banda said the grain of leadership in men or women alike will need nurturing to come to full maturity.

“On my journey as a Malawian woman who is deeply conscious of the history and struggles of Malawian women and girls; as an African woman who knows the challenges of African women and girls; as a global human rights activist who has championed for the plight of marginalized women and girls and the advancement of women; and as a former Head of State who has campaigned for the Malawian people, the African people and those of the World, I have come to believe that the participation of women in leadership has to be a common agenda for both men and women,” said Banda, the only female president to have governed Malawi.

She said the question of whether a leader is born or made is an ongoing debate.

“What is important is the need to nurture, support and mentor those that are spotted with leadership instinct even though they may be marginalised. And this includes women most of whom are indeed marginalised,” she said.

In her lecture, Banda  also highlighted the role her charitable organisation  Joyce Banda Foundation International is playing in Malawi and recent  launched  Joyce Banda Foundation International Africa Initiative (JBFI Africa) at the United Nations General Assembly Building in New York United States.

“Today the Joyce Banda Foundation International is sending 1,300 students to tertiary education, 3,500 students to secondary school every year and 500,000 business women benefit through business loans, seed capital, training in entrepreneurial skills and linkages to markets,” said Banda to a fully packed auditorium at the England’s top university attracting hand clapping from the audience.

She said the Joyce Banda Foundation International also has a network of 850,000 youths who are taught life skills including health, sports and leadership.

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38 thoughts on “Baroness Afshar hails Joyce Banda as ‘formidable woman’”

  1. Some people are foolish insulting JB is just as insulting your mother who brought you in this world actualy she is even more greater than your stupid mum who gave birth to a stupid son who can stand and start insulting women.

  2. Ife azungu kuno ku mangalande we appreciate your greatest job u did keen on good luck.

  3. Chikutumbwe says:

    Malawians are good at praising the dead. Joice Banda is no longer President, and never shall she rule this country again. Why didnt you vote for her on May 20 if really she was a good leader? Za ziii!!

  4. jo says:

    She is a loser at all we don’t want awomen president in our place

  5. Nakamaghitt says:

    Colleagues, let us agree here that if Joyce Banda had a tail between her legs she would be the best leadrr Malawi has ever had! She is a victim of patriarchy, male chauvinism and PHD syndrome from her fellow women! As somebody who has done done nothing significant to support her I happily declare a paradigm shift in my thinking about JNB! If this woman can reorganize her party and campaign ousing new strategies she could bounce back in 2019! If the likes of Seodi and others could stop belittling JNB and champion a woman-based campaign on behalf of JNB am sure 2019 would be an easy ride for JNB! The Moslems in this country should review their Koran and treat all humankind as equal and to appreciate that in leadership there is no gender! Yes JNB can bounce back if the women and gender sensitive men will support her! JNB currrntly tops the leadership Barometer in the country in terms of popularity! Take it or leave it! There was no tribalism in appointments during JNB’s reign. Her reign saw a number of women promoted and appointed to top public positions compared to the current leadership which has no regard for women! If I had to make a fresh choice I would choose JNB!

  6. weni weni says:

    she hasn’t spoken of any politics in her public lecture. so what are some of you posting here?? a malawi osamatichitisa manyazi enafe…

  7. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I am yet to see nepotism, tribalism and regionalism in her leadership. God bless Malawi.

  8. Many of malawians r cryng for u mama!may the gd Lord bless u.

  9. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Koma simunati amayi kuyenda kufunafuna ndalama za kampeni ya 2019. Koma ndiye mukuzungulira kwinaku akunamiza azungu kuti cisankho cinaberedwa. Kodi munthu angakubere iwe ulipomwepo ukuwona? Boma had all the machinery to scrutinize everything furing that time. Tangomvomerezani kuti mulalephera.
    Miyezi 5 sopano akulamula APM ndiye muziti ai si president zowona zimenezo?
    Nabolani musazagwe mutalephera 2019 cifukwa APM azakokolora mavoti ambiritu.
    Ocakwera pangani zinthu zoti tizalowe m’boma.

  10. Kk says:

    What Malawians need the Europeans don’t know, what Europeans want it’s not what malawians want. Atha kukhala ndi mulalo kunjako koma na anthu oponya mavoti samafuna public Lecturer all they need is kukhuta msima ndikukagona. It is good therefore to know your people better than knowing other people’s people, i mean people who don’t matter in your life. Are you trying to tell me kuti anzungu a ku mangalande 2019 azabwela azavote nawo kuno. Think Mama. The best you can do as far as 2019 General elections is concerned is for you to come back and do your campaign pansipansi. Anthu adziwe kuti mukuwachitila zabwino osati inu nokha mudziwe kuti mukuchita zabwino kwa wanthu. Let people appreciate you, then you will have their vote. Free

  11. zoonazokhazokha says:

    afshar if you think she is so great you can give her a british citizenship and keep her,she’s been declared persona non grata here thats why she was given third place by malawians in the recent polls.Its typical of pagan politics of the west where accolades are given to a confirmed failure who was rejected by millions of her country men.

  12. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    Dr. Joice Banda is a true daughter of Malawi and Africa who realises and puts to a better use the talents that God has given her. She has a natural pashion for humanity. Instead of being jealousy,we should also try to use our talents for the betterment of our country and the suffering majority. She is helping to put Malawi on the World map for abetter cause.

  13. Joel says:

    Long live JB!

  14. wilfred ziba says:

    Forget about politics but this woman deserves our support. Like it or not she is the only woman every one would want to have for president

  15. tsamba says:

    It has been said before and I will say it now. In Africa a ruling party or let alone the President. if he or she loses. it means he / she was a terrible leader/ party. In other words it is not easy for a ruling party in Africa to lose. Ndiye mukamati my President I don’t understand. This calls for a lot of soul searching guys. And you Malwians are hypocrites. You failed to elect her. now after she was bruised muli tizimutama pa net pano. Uyu analuza mpaka number three not two. Lero mwagundika kumutama. Zaziiii.

    She wants someone to massage her ego. Ndiye kumakapeleka ma lecture abodza kwa azungu zitamukanika lecturing kwa a Malawi pa Campaign kuno.

    Keep it up mayi tione ngati 2019 zimenezi zingazakuthandizeni.

  16. But she failed to run Malawi. Anyway, Mulungu salanda zonse. Olo wamisala amakhalabe ndi tinzeru tina thats why even mad people are also able to survive.

    1. Aliphee says:

      Nanga manyi tilinawowo angafanane ndi JB thank tribalism and vote rigging otherwise JB will remain so strong. Tilinazozi nde kaya nzichani utsogoleri mulibileto mulungu anavomereza kuti mukwanilitse zofuna zanu koma zakanikiratu kutalitali. muyizova

  17. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Whatever mistakes she made as President let us accept that Joyce Banda is a formidable woman. She has made a huge contribution to Malawi. My advice to her is that please please rebuild PP. For genuine democracy to continue flourishing in Malawi we need a party to check DPP.

  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    There is no question JB continues to do a good job in her charity projects.
    But let her get one thing straight: charity is NOT government! Government proved too complex for her to manage; she was always travelling on insignificant trips, leaving her real office unoccupied. This did her in, as problems do not just disappear by themselves!
    “I’m a self made leader”, she says. She’s wrong on that count. Leader of whom? Malawians repudiated her on that point, in the past election. Ditto on her line that the jury is still out as to whether leaders are born or made. Only in monarchies are leaders born; but real leadership can be learned. What books or literature does this lady read?

  19. Peter Benga says:

    Inu wokoma atani wonga jb.Like it or not jb is getting strong every day.Enanu just be lecturing a handfull of audience in our local universities

    1. Satellite says:

      God bless you Mama

  20. opportunist says:

    JB for life

  21. Alungwana says:

    A leader is born and not taught. A good servant leadership needs no office as Dr Chakwela said. Congrants mama JB. The world shall remember you.

  22. dzina langa says:


  23. JOHN LYTON says:

    Mama JOICE BANDA,GODS plan is so wonderful

  24. Kaseka says:

    I am on my way joining you. You are my mentor.
    Great leader of Malawi who ever lived to date.

  25. Pichi says:

    Nepotism where? These English are so naive they should check the facts first. Or else just be quit and say only what you are sure of saying

  26. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    A shining JB. You deserve it .

  27. Amadamu says:

    Ms. Banda just come home and try to lecture to fellow Malawians who will vote for party in the future. The country as Malawi can not run as a foundation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Tiko says:

    Lying atleast on figures.

  29. Okay says:

    A Salanje #1 yemebekezani zisankho za tsogolo muno ngati rigging simumaidziwa mudzaidziwa! How can someone in opposition rig? Kungoti anali mbomawa ntchito inali cashgate basi or else ndiye kuti zinali zidude zokhazokha zomwa madzi ometera ndevutu!

    1. Kawuniwuni says:

      They started preparing rigging mechanism during Bingu’s failed state, two years before the elections. Knowing pretty well they would not go through.

  30. Mau says:

    You have the opportunity to tell them what want Down….Tell it like it is Mama JB

  31. munyane Junior says:

    even though I support peter Wa mutharika but I must admit JB ndi More.we can’t fight her as we will be fighting the world.all what we need as Malawians is to put a side jealous and work with her.just imagine UN conference ended long time ago but there she is manovaring on high level forums promoting the image of our only nation like nobodys business.ndale tizisiye apo this woman needs government support politics of vengeance ndizachimizi.let’s love Malawi and don’t allow few misguided and self serving individuals misled us.

  32. dadaboma says:

    JB is the leader that Malawi should have voted for. She is a kind of leader that APM will never match. “Ife tikumwa tea kuSanjika” is the only thing that APM said few days ago and does everyday. Malawi is finished.

  33. Amai says:

    Am sure if MEC buddies had a visionof these unfolding breakthrus chi sikono chikanalavulidwa cholowalowa mkamwa.

  34. Chrispine Salanje says:

    my president Dr Joyce Banda we are proud of you,DPP by rigging elections thought they are bringing you down,Gods plan is the best

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