Battle over Kapoloma chieftainship rages on

A wrangle over Kapoloma chieftaincy in Malawi’s eastern district of Machinga goes unabated between two royal families that have been exchanging the chieftaincy over the years as per their arrangement.

Margret Adini..I am being victimised because I am a woman

Margret Adini..I am being victimised because I am a woman

Until 2007 the Kapoloma chieftaincy has been peacefully alternating between the two royal families of Akung’ando and Asina.

The disagreements started in soon after the death of reigning chief Kapoloma ‘Kamulanje Kamala’ of Akung’ando clan.

Following the differences Senior Chief Kawinga of Machinga called for an in house meeting to resolve the misunderstandings.

The meeting held on January 1, 2008 was chaired by the then Sub Chief Nkoola who is currently on the helm of Senior Chief Kawinga, confirmed that chieftaincy has been alternating between  the two daughters of Anjuwalelo who are Akung’ando and Asina.

The minutes of the meeting sourced by Nyasa Times, showed that Akung’ando family has ruled thrice while Asina family has rule twice hence their turn to have the throne now.

Howeve,  Nyasa Times has learnt that the high court ruling dated October 16, 2014 delivered by Justice Dustan Mwaungulu determined that Mavuto Ahmed Gowelo of Akung’ando clan is the right heir of the chieftaincy.

But reacting to the ruling Margret Adini of the Asina clan who has been an interim chief since 2008 sounded of the ignorant of the ruling.

Adini said her clan knows nothing of the development as they have not yet been saved with ruling.

“My brother, am hearing it from you and only that I received a phone call from Senior Chief Kawinga informing me that I should cease acting as TA Kapoloma saying the court has ruled that the right heir is Gowelo,” said Adini.

Adini questioned the grounds in which the presiding judge referred to saying as per Yao traditional procedure the chieftainship belongs to Asina clan as is the status quo.

“I know that there is something fishy which is being played around, because there is no way the court can rule that Mavuto Gowelo is the right heir to the Kapoloma chieftaincy.

“I believe there is someone behind this who is manipulating the issue and want to rob the chieftaincy from me for the reasons best known to him. They are taking advantage of my financial position and that I am a lady,” she said.

Adini also added, “Had it been that I have enough money I would have consulted the legal experts and challenge the ruling at the supreme court of appeal and am pleading with gender activists especially the feminists to come in and fight against these hypocrites,” Adini told Nyasa Times.

Adini also told Nyasa Times that the preparations for the installation of the new chief are under way and is said to be graced by President Prof Peter Mutharika.

She has since asked the authorities to look into the matter with sober minds before it get out of hands.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Kawinga, denied calling Adini saying he also received speculations that the court has ruled against her.

“No, I have never called Mayi Adini on this issue but I am just hearing  rumours that the case has gone in that way and as I am talking now I have not yet been served with the court ruling,” Senior Kawinga told Nyasa Times.

Senior Chief Kawinga has also been accused of bringing confusions in Traditional Authority Chikweo of Machinga on the chieftaincy wrangle.

However when Nyasa Times wanted to hear more from Gowelo, he cut the line after our reporter introduced the topic to him.

Machinga District Commissioner Reinghard Kaweta Chavula admitted that her office has been saved with the ruling.

“My office has been served with the court ruling which is favour of Mavuto Gowelo on the grounds that Gowelo comes from the royal family of Kapoloma and is well known and also Akung’ando clan has more people compared to Asina,” Chavula said.

Chavula said her office was yet to submit the ruling to Adini saying they have delayed because it was first served to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

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sambaunyade man

Kwathu kulibe zaufumu timangomva inu ndidyera lanulo pitilizani mukatopa mutiuza nola mapwandowo tizadya nawo. Chachikulu musatiiwale chonde chonde


who caculated the population and came up with the finding that one clan has more people than the other and he is well known may God pleases come to the side of these women help her and do not beless they man who is known and has a lager population

"12 TWELVE 12"

coment reselved for older usage


mwadandaula ndipo mwauza anthu alakwika mesa mumati ndife auve timayenda ndi manyi anthu osadulidwa ku mzikiti akakuthandizani kmaso ku court mwina oweluza samdulidwe komaso ngaumve musova.dyisovere wao


Hey ufumu wa chiyao sitisinthana choncho ayi ndipo siumafunika mikangano mpakana ku khoti.Ana atekutenda uli jawomwanja ngatenda soni? Nombe wawo chibwana kawinga ana uli kwanong’a mbiya m’nope ngakuiwona kuti pelepo batajaluche ni alakwe? Nambo soni yakulya umweye achim’masyetoyi ana yeleyi yachinasala? Mu u chimwene wetu wachiyao itendo ine ikisabaga ya chisilamu ikomboleka uli mundu jwam’masyeto kulilira umweny?kwende tukanonyelwa nope ni indu yamudunia achakulungwa ayi yakusigala ayi aliusyeje liusyo jaomwanja kuti Chekapolomawo bapite kwapi ana nambi jaomwanja akuja kwapi umwenye wambone uli kwinani kwa ajo jwakutenda yambone Assalaam alaykum.

Chonde tithandizeninso ndi ufumu wa Boghoyo omwe watenga zaka chifukwa cha mchitidwe wa anthu ena adyera amene akungofuna kumbwandira maufumu amene sakuwakhudza monga zimene zikuchitika ndi ufumu wa Kapoloma. Komanso makhoti nanu imani pa chilungamo osati poti wina ali ndi ndalama kapena kuti wina wa ndale ndi mzake basi kumapinda chilungamo.Please send a commission of inquiry into the Boghoyo(Chigwere as the real one) to hear from those people of Ruarwe in Nkhata Bay North area about who is the rightful person to be installed as TA boghoyo. Iam one of those who is angered with what these other people are… Read more »

Let this acting chief learn the Yao culture on the type of chieftainship they practice. Her answer will be very clear! There is nothing of rotation! If there was an agreement, it was something without cultural foundation!

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

Why not serve her with the court judgement and details?


Why alwez kapoloma,musatengele ufiti zinthuzi,nanu a Kawinga ulemuwanu ukumka nauchosedwa bcoz of money.when ar u going 2 resolve dis problems?pliz musamatipusise ife a chiyao.


How could Dundtan Mwawungulu miss such details? Judged is not passed before two parties are heard. It might as well happen that this affluent clan of Akung’andu lied under oath! If what Adini is saying is true, please give her her right position. Why take advantage of her? Is this quota or what?

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