Be thankful you are not in Malawi Dr Magufuli, President of Tanzania

I was writing this article in a very nice hotel outside the country when I had been at a conference. My Tanzanian counterparts did not have the trouble of waiting hours at airports, being fed in hotels like battery cage chicken and asked to fill in those conference evaluation forms the conference organisers circulate, asking you whether it had been worth your while to be at the conference.

The no-nonsense  Dr John Pombe Magufuli, President of Tanzania

The no-nonsense Dr John Pombe Magufuli, President of Tanzania

The Taifas did not come to the meeting, although they had been invited, and, I was told, their tickets already purchased. But they voted for Dr John Magufuli who, in thanking them for their vote, grounded most public servants for external and much of domestic travel. What started as a simple one-person one-vote has now turned into something very big.

In case you have not been following what has been up north in Tanzania, I will fill you in now. The term of office for President Jakaya Kikwete had expired. And as is the tradition in Tanzania, they hold elections. Nobody tries to change the constitution such that they stay longer than they are welcome. So, an election they had, and a person called Dr John Magufuli won the election and became the president of Tanzania. No sooner than Magufuli was sworn in than he fired the board of management for Muhimbili Hospital (the Tanzanian version of Kamuzu Central Hospital or QECH).

There was this machine that is called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. The story is that the MRI had broken down long ago. Magufuli came on the scene and commanded that the machine be repaired and voila, the machine came into life. It is not scanning people in Dar.

Then there was the independence day celebrations which were coming. Magufuli single handedly proclaimed that there should not be expensive celebrations as is usually the case. Instead of spending on celebrations, the country had to spend on a clean-up campaign. Perhaps he had learned of the good work BEAM was doing in Nyasaland.

And then the Tanzanian parliament was going to open and followed by a State dinner that was going to cost about 300 million Shillings. President Magufuli ordered instead that a modest dinner be done and the rest of the money be taken to buy hospital beds for Muhimbili. In no time Muhimbili got 300 beds and mattresses and 600 bed sheets from that money. I do not know how much else Magufuli is going to do, impressing those that are impressed.

I have heard many a Malawian wishing they had their own Magufuli and Mphungu Village (Capital Hill). I have not asked them whether a Malawian President can declare that money for celebrations be diverted to buy hospital beds and this is done within a few days? Would this be allowable my Malawi laws? Can the government buy things like 300 beds in two days and still be compliant with Public Procurement Act? Yes, there is emergency procurement that one can do but the beds and mattress seems normal to me. President Magufuli, you are lucky you are not in Lilongwe. You can’t do that here kabisa!

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65 thoughts on “Be thankful you are not in Malawi Dr Magufuli, President of Tanzania”

  1. young-s says:

    our President place him self @ highest price. forgetting that We are very poor ranked 2nd from top

  2. akhunyufe musamatisale says:

    Maprezident akuno kudziwa kukhutisa zimimba zawo zotupa kalezo basi

  3. Manyera says:

    Ku Malawi paja Pulezedenti ndi ndani? I wish we had a president so they would emulate what our honourable neighbour is doing up there!

  4. Alex kasamba says:

    Only me can manage this

  5. Jeremmy Banda says:

    Malawi needs one like him, let us offer positive criticism. Look at Zambia the president there is equally trying so hard under immense criticism, but the learned must analyse and arise to offer good moves, not to just waffle!!!!!

  6. Good for your observation. But no comparison here. If comparisons have to be applied here then ask the writer to lodge in a simpler Rest House in the remote areas of Tanzania not in a hotel, to set us a good example of serving for the poor.

  7. matty says:

    U better re~investigate abt maguful,we have never seen a brave and strong President as this,what he is doing must be globally acknowledged…! He is the best to me

  8. ndaninso says:

    What is this article saying? Please educate me.

  9. cristy says:

    Horrible article. President Magufuli is not the only president taking on this approach. It is something being done in Namibia and South Africa. It absolutely makes sense for developing countries to stop spending money they don’t have and get their act together. Apologies to you, cause if President Magafuli was in Malawi, he will most definitely have been able to do so. Developing countries really have to face the fact that they simply don’t have time nor the money to spend a lot on short term programs and events with so many being sick, hungry and sick. You write confidently whilst in a hotel (in comfort) obviously having forgotten what poverty is like (if you were poor). Or this is simply written from total ignorance if you were born into a rich family. Stop complaining about presidents who are doing their jobs. I challenge you to write an article on a better approach to saving money for Tanzania.

    1. Stinking Idiot says:

      Ooooooh you missed the point, man. Werenganso may be you were in a hurry. Kkkkkkkkk

  10. Frederick says:

    You should be doing it! Why can’t he do that in Malawi? What is wrong with what he’s doing – sounds like he is doing his job serving the public and not himself.

  11. chemuyaya says:

    ine zoti kuno tili ndi pulezidenti ndiye sindikuziziwa.

  12. sothini says:

    Magufuli is the best…..nothing more…..

  13. phiri lazarus says:

    Vuto enawa ndiolemera kale. Ndiye zochitika zake ndikuonetsa machitidwe awo.

  14. James kotoki says:

    How old is he? Our great grand dad of president can’t think

  15. Kamali says:

    Magufuli is what we call a LEADER. However in order to really impress and move Tanzania where it should be headed will take a little bit of innovation. 1st one is create Jobs and Educate nationals. Open Vocational schools, and make education a priority and by priority do a follow up, since it is already known how lazy THESE Bongo people can become!

  16. jpb mutangira says:

    Maendeleo halisi need mwanamapinduzi shupavu na halisi.

  17. mwachaje says:

    Magufuli understands the power of symbolism. He is setting himself apart from the ruling party which is perceived to be corrupt.
    However reforming a government system is not a one day symbolic gesture. It requires time and energy.
    He will have to move beyond the symbolism to get rid of entrenched extravagance and other problems of the government system in TZ.

  18. he got leadership in his blood,not zinazi,leadership is in the nose,kuba basi.

  19. linda says:

    How i admire the bold move by the new president in Tanzania. It can be done even in a democracy coz some people say Rwanda prospered because of dictatorship. People will revote him come end of his term and pray that he grooms young lions who have the political will to conTinue when he leaves office.

  20. Bololo says:

    Its not about admiring him, but what he is doing.
    A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step.
    Better try and fail than fail to try like many other politicians.

  21. Comfort silungwe says:

    Wow thats greet…. How i wish kunakakhala kuno kumalawi…

  22. Zuze says:

    In Malawi, the thieving lawyers would have a field day defending the dismissed guys and judges issuing injuctions, stay oders and bails

  23. Lhomwe 2 says:

    Nanga uyu mukuti wangokhalapo kumene asintha….athuwa bwanji sanayambe choncho kuti tione kusintha akudikila chani…macomment ozungulira mutu….ubwino wamunthu umaoneka poyamba….fotseki!

  24. Charombanthu says:

    Some comments here just show how some people are so blinded to understand what a leader can do. The leader sets the tone at the top and everything else falls into place. If the leader is in the fore-front stealing and being extravagant, what do you expect from his ministers and PSs…? All that Mugufuli is trying to do is to set the tone that people’s mindsets have to change and think about priorities.

  25. bertha mamiro says:

    Dr. John P. magufuli holds a PhD in chemistry, from the UDSM. I saw him by myself doing his research work in those laboratories. For the first time we are having a true PhD holder for a president. So mr muula or whaterver ur name is, stay away from us and mind your own business

  26. Godisgood Allthetime says:

    Zina kambu zina leku. @ Alota (31) mwati you are studying economics, kuti kumeneko? Zoona? Are you able to write an essay and present it for marking? Economical statistics, most efficiency government. Zoona? Future economists? Shame.

  27. choka phiri says:

    If you dont learn from others where are u going tog learn? Dom u that China was very behind in development and technology? Where did they? Europé and they learnt fast and because of Hard working People they are nog leading country. Because of our mindset we not developing like others. If Malawi is going tog make it in economy government has tog cut some expenses unfortunately Malawi like tog live lunxiouly with or without good economy. This have lead to beg to donor and humilate ourselves when they cut aid because of corruption which has ben continuesly since Muluzi time. Talk abort MCP/Kamuzi never aid stopped coming to Malawi. Unfortunately Malawi did not get as much aid as during so called democracy. But we hadmedicines in the hospitals had best education in Southern Afrika and good agriculture. U hate MCP you were not born that time.

  28. Mpandu says:

    failing and blacks look alike kkkkkkk. Just wait for Jesus

  29. XL says:

    Whoever wrote the poor article up here should be a person with no ambitions.

    Thank God that Magufuli, u are not surounded by people who are used to live in corrupt poor envirionments like the writter of this article.

    Africa should have more reformers like u. Let laid back leaders like Peter learn from Magufuli. Thanx!

  30. flyton Manda says:

    He is not DR. Magufuli. He is Mr. Magufuli. Tanzanians dont have that silly vanity that call themselves Dr wirh fake and honorary degrees! You sir are part of the problem!



  32. namarokoro says:

    Whether Magufuli or no Magufuli, Malawians you must learn to love your country. Even if Peter had done the same in Malawi, some of you who support MCP and PP blindly you would find something bad to say, e.g. dictatorship. The South African Guardian News this week had an article that there is a Malawian syndicate who are stealing ARV medicines in hospitals in Malawi and sell them in the streets of Johannesburg as Nyaupe (smoking drugs). Yet you are busy complaining that government is not providing medicines. These bustards who are stealing medicines in hospitals are your brothers and sisters and yet you are protecting them. Charity begins at home. Stop the habit or complaining and work for your country, you will never be Tanzanians or Zambians, you are Malawians and work for your country. Stupid people

  33. alota says:

    we’r a stable country only missing right minded ideas, am studying economics zamamnyazi example iliyose yoipa imangogwera malawi interms poor economical statistics. ..sizovuta malawi to be prosper bingu showed this in just 2yrs and lost it while rwanda in just a decade ranked from nobody to 7th most efficency gvt in the world by UN ….pray for malawi

  34. Sailota says:

    Congrats Muula! Lagards will remain lagards. No wonder Malawi will not change for the better. Honest peaple with clear minds and not in party bondage agree with u. Given the choice btwn the works of the two, I will go for the neighbour’s leader. Alas! I have no choice, I will remain in Malawi crying and praying with hope that God will hear my cry! Samachedwa ndipo samafulumila. Umboni ndili nawo!

  35. tan'gatan'ga says:

    At least Magufuli is not working against any tribe or region, but against extravagance with public money,corruption and misappropriation of public resources. With Peter and DPP it is the opposite. WHICH IS BETTER.

  36. Ena akunyadira Mr Ibu as if he is fit to be president of Malawi. Za ziiiiiii

  37. Bingu started like Dr Magufuli Pombe but he ended up a thief like Muluzi may be worse. it is better to admire good governance since it is good for all citizens. koma ngati bwampini wathuyi Ai ndiye bodza

  38. mgwazo says:

    Its a matter of priorities within priorities. Whats the point in pooling in more precious resources into a one day event that has no any tangible benefits apart from making afew people happy while the masses are suffering at the hospitals. Its high time our president considered doing things in the best interest of Malawians to whom he is accountable. I respect the diversity we have in terms of political parties but my fellow Malawians you will agree with me that the truth and reality is unbeaten. Nde enanu mwangokhala supporter kaya wa DPP whatsover koma ndinu mbuli you don’t even know what is happening in your backyard. Our president has done tremendous damage to our precious resources for no justified cause yet when the good people of Malawians who uphold the real principles of Democracy humbly asks the bwana to account for his actions, what does he do? Instead of comforting us he angers us more. 2019 is fast approaching but i don’t have hope that anyone who happens to be the president will do any better than Kamuzu and Bingu because i only see Malawians full of greedy and corruption. Zambia is far ahead of us now, ask yourself why?

  39. thinktankmalawi says:

    This article is garbage.

    Go live there then..he is a politician..give him time to prove himself..we had muluzi who vowed never to sleep at state house in lilongwe describing it as lavish ..opted to turn it into parliament….dont be stupid praising a foreign leader just by some few calculated gestures that grab headlines

  40. klitique says:

    One Day Magufuli will goof! T. I. A

  41. kadansana says:

    Kulemba kosonyeza kuti akudziwa chimene akunena.Anthu ambiri sitimaganizira mavuto a anthu ena.Timaona ngati kuti aliyense angakwanitse kupita ku zipatala zomwe iwowa amapita choncho zoti kuti anthu amapita ku Qeens,Kamuzu central ndi Mzuzu central alibe nazo ntchito. Pitilizani a Muula kuti anthu ena mwina angaphunzirepo kanthu

  42. Geoffrey's says:

    the aim of the column sounds like how different are our heads of states and govt. in prioritising things.

    Malawi will always be used by politicians if we continue to decode information like the way some ppo are doing in these comments.

    Mwinaditu Malawi “anafela kutulo”

  43. xxx says:

    The most important message from Magufuli is that you dont need a reform committee to change thinks as we Malawians have been made to believe. Magufuli and previously Sata made considerable changes to their systems simply by giving wise directives.

  44. the watchman says:

    the lord giveth, the lord taketh away. we had our own magafuli from 1964 to 1994 and we willingly chose to remove him so why cry now?

    the watchman is watching….

  45. Nasan says:

    Kaya zanu zimenezo Bola ine ndikudya katatu patsiku

  46. Kaudzu says:

    New kid on the block he has not yet known how sweet it is to be president. Write this same article after one year. All leaders start with such pomp but they fall off on the way.

  47. Bingu says:

    DPP Supporter (number 1) you are a bull shit. I am not suprised however because you are amongst the bunch of hand clappers and boot lickers and perhaps asshole wipers.

  48. Juliana Kanthiti Lunguzi says:

    a Malawi full of myopia. Always admiring something other than theirs. Kutaya nkhwali poona nkhanga mawanga. Nchifukwa chake ambiri akunyenga mahule kuona akazi awo akuti ayamba kunyansa. Za ziiiiiiii!

  49. Iwo says:

    well written bwana Muula…it would still be possible for Malawi…..if the executive had enough muscle…..mediocrity and indifference is at play in Malawi….I cry my vote……who would have been better than the current leader among the many candidates….

  50. Peeping Tom says:

    in my own opinion the APM (as his by his blind followers wearing blue clothes with maize on in it while they them selves are hungry) is greedy to let that type money go to any hospital….lets face it how many of you pass by any shops or parking lot and see needy and hungry women breast feeding her baby while she herself is totally out cause of “njala”? almost every single one of you leading this comment have passed these types of women…….GREEEDDDYYY PPO IN POWER……GOD’S ANGER WILL BE UPON YOU.

  51. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    mmmm kuteroku mwakomedwa naye wa Tanzaniya yu eh? ingotini pheee muone!! mmesa wangokhalapo kumene pampandopo, mumuwona. Tisiyireni peter wathu. ngakhale mutamunyoza kwa mtundu wanji mmmh tiri naye nga nga nga nga!!! sitimatekesekatu ife,ooohhoooo!!!!!!

  52. Wadyera says:

    Palikanthu you are a liar! If you say their are no roads in area 25C, which area 25C are you talking about? If it is area 25C of Lilongwe, you must be a stranger in town may be you just came from Nthalire or Mpherembe yesterday. As for those who have been in area 25C of Lilongwe, they are so thankful of the DPP led government because it is the only government that tar marked the road from the river after Peace shop to area 25c market and also joined between st francis and OIBM and also tar marked from Gulaye through assemblies to Nazarene. Unless you are one of those who are building at the grave yards. So investigate first how this town was like in the days of the other parties. If you are just a stranger in town, you better shut up your dirty mouth

  53. Nangozo says:

    God give us our own Magufuli as soon as possible!!!

  54. Nyaulembe says:

    So Malawians we are able to agree that democracy in Africa isn’t that what we want but dictatorship. I also agree. Petet is a good man but probably came a bit early when Malawi isn’t ready for democracy. That’s why Bingu wa Mutharika will be one of the greatest president ever to have in Malawi. He mixed politics dictatorship and economics quite well. Without his dictatorship who could have tamed MCP better than him up to a point yomukhwefula Tembo, one of the strongest politician ever Malawi had?

  55. Palikanthu says:

    Ife ku 25C no water for four days now, this after having literally no water since October. But I got a bill claiming I owe K7,562! I wonder how this can be possible when the taps are perpertually dry. So next time Ministers of Trade, Foreign Affairs and President want to criss cross the world let them invest in water pipes with the carrying capacity of A25 residents.

    Two: no roads in A25. I had visitors from Zim lasy week and they asked me how come your road is a farm? I asked what do you mean he stated that the ridges in the road show that this was someones’s garden!
    So I ask do we have town planners? How come people are allowed to build houses before the amenities of residential life are brought to them? Do we have planners in this country?

  56. J D says:

    This guy is a Genius! I wish he was Malawi President. Osati zina tili nazo kunozi

  57. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Some people are too blind supporters. What Muula (mtendere ukhale pa iye) has done by coming up with this article is high level of patriotism. But someone who sees everything in party colours has the energy to castigated him.

    1. Peter says:

      and Muula has highlighted an important area that needs attention of those responsible for public service reform ie red tape

  58. Cholapitsa says:

    Kodi chilowereni pitala wapanga chani cha nzeru ??? Inu mukuzitcha a adiphi phi ndinu mbuzi what you are doing is foolish and blind loyalty zithu zimenezi ndizomwe zikupha dziko lathu

  59. jojo. says:

    A Muula alakwanjinso apa? Ndalama mukulandilazotu zikupusitsani! Moti zoti ku Central kulibe mankhwala nzachilendo kwa inu? APM anakakhala wa nzeru sakanapanga zimene Magufuli wapanga! Adamson Muula ndi wa ku Thyolo koma sachita nawo zopusa zanuzo!

  60. BMW says:

    Dpp_supporter you are very stupid. Who is happy with APM? I hope all African presidents can learn from Magufuli. We would unshackle ourselves from western economic bondage in a very short time.

  61. WOMANGA MANGA says:


  62. lackison says:

    A big hand ✋ to magufuli, u are really a charismatic leader. At least our friends are lucky ????

  63. A muula, ngati mukufuna kuyamba ndale zaimeni ngati MP. Ngati mukufuna kusanduka mtaifa, pitani ku tanzania. Ife pano tikusangalala ndi bwana apm ndi chilima wakeyo.

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