‘Beautify’ the Malawi presidency: Muckraking Extra

The brouhaha surrounding the K9 million and K5 million Mulhako wa Alhomwe and Beautify Malawi Trust respectively got from the National Aids Commission is not helping the Mutharika administration.

President Peter Mutharika and First Lady

President Peter Mutharika and First Lady

Look, the more the two organisations try to justify things the more they make the whole thing look ugly. Take Edward Sawerengera, for example. Dry-eyed our envoy-designate to Brazil had the audacity of telling Brian Banda on Times Television that the money MWA irregularly got from Nac was used to ferry around and feed chiefs. How does driving around chiefs and making them full and drunk begin to fight Aids?

And my friends Collins Magalasi and Mabvuto Bamusi are not helping issues either. They claim Beam never got money from Nac but Nac bought tables and paid for some adverts.

C’mon, good people, does that mean no money left Nac? The letter Beam wrote Nac clearly asks the Aids-fighting body to assist at the launch of the trust, nothing about adverts or buying tables for staff. In fact, if probed further, it may as well come out that Nac paid more than the K5 million for the adverts and tables could be extra costs.

In trying to justify the grants to MWA and Beam information is being subtly leaked of other organisations that also benefited from Nac before. Those organisations might have been linked to the powers that were and might have been favoured because of those connections. But at least they had HIV/Aids programmes which Beam and MWA did not even pretend to have.

Besides, even if those earlier organisations got the funding irregularly, does it justify the country continuing abusing resources with such impunity?

Beam and MWA must do the needful and return the money to Nac. President Mutharika is trying his best to spruce up the financial management image of his government. He does not need his wife’s trust and his tribal group to muddy up the waters.

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22 thoughts on “‘Beautify’ the Malawi presidency: Muckraking Extra”

  1. kukhala says:


  2. johnM says:

    Why do we have NAC?

  3. christian says:

    U will not last long

  4. I DON’T KNOW, I JUST DON’T KNOW. I see people here commenting very interestingly. But as a trained political scientist I feel bad on how Malawians we reason. Imagine someone is still defending these acts by government. What people must know is we must look at the systems and not individuals. Tenthani has talked of the systems that have been existing in nac n government.
    1. In nac people are used to the corrupt system of abusing resources like there is no tomorrow. They do this by orders from above check out how NIB got the money it was just a directive.
    2. The same old system of defending corruption. U see this system utilizes the blindness n too much respect that Malawians have.

  5. Dr. Odala says:

    Its funny indeed! if the sun keeps on revealing ones dirt then the sun is the problem? Hahahaha koma a malawi! If u want to defend a leader, do so with points and facts not attacking the analyst! Do we have any connection between beautify malawi and Aids?

  6. phunda says:

    Beam did not get any moneys from NAC but NAC simply bought tables at the function where Beam were fundraising! This was coming from not an ordinary person but a Dr in monetary field. I don’t know whether Beam took tables after the function or cash? Wosaphuzirafe tikuganiza kuti Beam at the end collected cash and not tables. School imangochotsa umbuli osati uchitsiru.

  7. RhemaB says:

    Its true, but a tenthani it seems you more intrests in Muthalikas Adminstration. You never wrote anything bad in previous regime, now what are you trying to say now? JBF and previous State government got the same money, why do you always taik about BEAM and Muhlakho? You have abig problem tenthani, we will not listen tyo you again. Get out

  8. ujeni says:

    Malawi is in the same category with Haiti and Somalia, countries that eat their own vomit.

  9. Namarokoro says:

    A Tenthani mwalemba bwino. Koma tiyeni tidzisamba ndi kuchapa zovala. Nanga mudzichita kufanana ndi kafa nsiyanji ngati ine eti… muchitepo kanthu…

  10. viktah says:

    Its shame. Who wrote NAC? who got the money? And who used the money? It looks everybody in this Saga is talking a different story.

  11. Kasenye says:

    Amene Akunyambita Nawo Mapazi A Gogo Pido Akumveka Pompano, Wokonda AMalawi Tikuwamvanso. A Tenthani Pitirizaniii, Pajatu Kuwala Kukadza Mphemvu Zimagundika Nkuthawa Kukabisala. Zinazi Ndi Mphemvu Zodana Nkuwala! Bppp Oyee! Kumfoto, Kummela, Fakati Honse Bpp, Kkkkk!

  12. popapo says:

    MWA ndi Beautify akana khala ndi mabungwe amene atsogoleri ndi a Atumbuka mbaya ine zikanavuta pa nyasa times. Mabedi a ku Mponela ah! ah! ah! anatukwanidwa a Khumbo Kachali. Za tonse izi.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    The fact is that nac aids money has over the years been abused, misused and missappropriated by nac by dishing out the aids money to numerous non-aids organisations who as it transpires now includes state residences, some ngos, some tribal groupings, foundations, you name it, etc which have nothing to do with aids. Jb and Dpp knew this loophole existed as they had used or stolen nac aids money before and immediately targetted nac money as soon as they took power.

    In January 2014, nac without even shame is tellling us that more nac money has been agreed to be given to these corrupt and thieving non- aids groups with their dubious aids proposals This is scandalous and must be stopped immediately. This agreement should be cancelled immediately and dishonoured. That is why demos should go ahead and are wholly justified.

    Nac is not the ministry of finance or treasury dishing out aids money to any jill and jack organisations which have nothing to do with aids. People are dying and you are wasting aids money on corrupt organisations whose aim is to line and beef up the personal accounts of thieves running these organisations and enriching themselves.

    Only the ministry of health and purely aids organisations can deal with aids problems, all other organisations are just thieves and stealing aids money earmarked for many sufferers of aids or those living with hiv.

    Nac should be ashamed and should immediately stop this corrupt practice of missusing aids money.

  14. Wisely says:

    Raphael Tenthani thank you for the sensible write up. Words are enough for the wise but fools learn in ahard way.For your information, The D.D.P cohorts have obtained aloan from Motal engil and chinese companies worthy 300 million US dollars without parliament approval.The money is at RBM as acover up that we have enough forex from improved exports.For details ask RBM govener or Nations Msowoya.

  15. mr soti says:

    Tenthani, I salute you dude..you are a MAN..you can really see far.

  16. Patriot says:

    Malikisi zero

  17. datruth says:

    Iyuso ndi kape guys so u thinks we don’t know u joyce banda boys u r just wasting ur time. Wait until 2019. If u r honest speaking 20 billion joyce banda anaba, 400 vehicles, jet gate rotten maize r u guys saying ndizosathandiza. Kwa amalawi koma 5 million ya Nac are saying to conduct awereness at state house need 49 million. You mean JBF has HIV aids activities? Shame on u gusys a Tembo waononga zina la organization malawian will never trust u akwataine angokwatisa NAC shud re appraisal the these Organazation bcoz bisika was PP

  18. aphiri says:

    A Malawi samachedwa kuiwala as muluzi said

  19. Kwazulu says:

    I see contradictions in the explanation given by MWA, on one hand and Mr Bamusi/Magalasi, on the other. While MWA says the money was used on feeding and transporting chiefs etc, Bamusi/Magalasi say the money was used on adverts and buying of tables. Clearly, the two are not speaking the same language here. This shows they(both groups) are simply cooking up explanations! Shame. But as if this is not enough, madam Getu says she wrote NAC (read:standard letter) requesting for assistance during the launch! God save malawi!

  20. Ndim’mene amachitila the Muthalika’s ndi DPP mix mulakho,olo kuwauza kuti zinthu zalakwika safuna kuvomeleza,ndi amwano olo kuwauza kuti ngalawa mukuendetsai ikumila muchitepo kanthu samanva,amafuna kuyamikilidwa nthawi zonse ngakhale atalakwita kumbukilani fwee,fwee,fwee.


    Raphael, you impressed me with your choice of words used in article like “brouhaha.” Indeed you are word smith.

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