Bed bugs hit Bwaila Hospital

Bed bugs have hit Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe forcing guardians to sleep on a car park, just days after medical assistants protested against dilapidated hospital rooms.

Beg bugs

Beg bugs

The chairperson of the guardians at the hospital expressed worry over their security as they sleep outside the guardian shelter.

“We have no choice but sleep at the car park. The bed bugs are really causing inconveniences,” said the chairperson.

She said this was the situation although the hospital collects K50 from each patient every day yet the hospital is failing to by chemicals to kill the bed bucks.

The medical assistants, on the other hand, are now operating from outside the hospital where tents have been pinched after protesting over the state of the Bwaila Hospital building.

Most of the building is dilapidated and can fall an time posing danger to both the staff and patients.

The pharmacy, consulting room and VCT are now operating outside the hospital building.

Some critics are blaming district health officer Mwai Mwale for maladministration.

Last week he made a wedding engagement with the hospital’s medical officer Anne Chauma.

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16 thoughts on “Bed bugs hit Bwaila Hospital”

  1. Little Bwana says:

    Seems a little hypocritical to blame environmentalists and advocate for the use of DDT at the same time. Environmental health = public health = human health.

    Aliyense be wary of quick and easy solutions.

  2. pido says:

    This is not a wonder. Enviromentalists are happy to see people suffering. Some chemicals they call unfriendly to the environment are those that killed such notorious insects. DDT, was one of the chemcals that killed such insects, Maluwa pink soap was goo for killing such insecte together with nsabwe koma a enviroment adasiitsa kupanga, paraffin nowdays is prohibited or such actions that is why they only make it available to industries only. Azungu zinthuzi adapha pogwiritsa ntchito DDT including udzudzu koma kuti africans agwiritse ntchito akuti environment nonsense

  3. Babylon System says:

    The only chemical for these bedbugs is “mbwezera chitezo” the one used to disinfect nets. These little organisms sizimafa ndi mankhwala ena aliwose apart from “bwezera chitetezo”. believe me. Am writing this from exprience! The unfortunate part is that that chemical/medicine anasiya kupanga.

  4. Vinzal says:

    To my knowledge the DHMT has been doing its best to deal with this bedbugs since 2014…….
    The unfortunate part is that the chemicals used are short term acting,……
    Once the spraying has been done in the wards and guardian shelters and the chemicals loose their potency,,,,,
    The subsequent guardians bring more bedbugs to the facility thereby re-infesting it….
    With the current economic meltdown I feel sorry for the DHO who is catching it from all angles on accusations based on petty personal issues…..
    How does his engagement to his DMO even relate to bedbugs beats me actually…..

  5. malango says:

    Achewa agule mukubvutika ndi njala , osangokadzinga ma bedbugs amenewo bwanji ?
    Kukalira kubvala nsandza ndikumadzicha kuti nyau, then what do you expect apart from breeding bedbugs . zofuna zimenedzi

  6. Malanga langa says:

    Parafin basi palibenso chemical ina imapha ma bed bags apart from Kerosin. Spray the place with parafin basi basi!

  7. robbzy says:

    I have seen cities but Lilongwe is full of Bed bugs if they were to converge at one place i’m sure they can feel the newly built stadium and some eve in the restaurant of the premises, and it seems people from this city dont care about it #landlords kkkkkkkkk

  8. sue says:

    Rumphi hospial paients are suffering he bed gugs bites insilence,if i was a elsewhere chita tsekedwa chipatala koma nkutani popeza patients are sruggling for life

  9. Harriett says:

    That’s the shit hole of a country …. Malawi



  10. dpp_sapota says:

    ntchembere zandonda zavuta

  11. Ze Roberto says:

    That’s what happens when mediocrity is tolerated beyond threshold. In normal countries where citizens have high self-esteem, situations would not be allowed to reach this shameful level. Let alone this being a hospital,which it should be the birth place of environmental hygiene.Shame!

  12. daniel theu says:

    Just buy paraffin and spray i.e.using hand sprayer or the bigger one. Paraffin is cheaper than those chemicals.It is an instant killer and it kills even the nymphs_young ones,lice,fleas,ants,roaches etc despite bad smell there after.Sweep,clean or wash the walls to get rid of the smell.All sorted out within 30 minutes.

  13. dabwani zoona says:

    What does the engagement of the two have to do with bed bugs. Did the engagement create the bugs.

  14. Chemsltd says:

    I don’t see any link up between the two issues here; bedbugs and the engagement with Anne Chauma. Can the publisher give us the real matter in the story. Very effective Chemicals for the problem in question (bedbugs) are readily available and affordable price at CHEMICAL SUPPLIERS & SERVICES CO. LIMITED in LIMBE and once apply it then it will be history at the hospital. The Chemicals are imported from Germany and it is worldly used in colleges, hospitals, factories and many large institutions and you can as well ask them to do the donkey work themselves. You can contact Mr M. Mbewe Executive Sales Manager on 01848414/415/0888955400 on 24hrs.

  15. Winston Msowoya says:

    Really bed- bugs in the hospital,indeed,this is the beginning of the end of our dear mother Malawi.The government is even failing to protect patients in the hospitals.Iam not astonished because the leaders themselves have accesses to tax-payers funds which they can use at any moment to fly to South Africa ,India,USA,Britain for medical treatment including members of their forthwith families,while the under trodden Malawians,are left to perish in government owned hospital brothels ,this is not the Malawi we used to be proud of years back.Instead of seeing to it that our patients are taken care of with deligent proffetion and love,the funds are used to hire obsolete so-called Presidential advisors,building ndatas in one of the poorest nations in the world,hiring private jets for dead-woods so on and so forth.I strongly support the notion of ROTATORY PRESIDENCY for the fact that since nationhood,leaders come from Central and Southern Malawi,this is not democracy we fought for.Iam afraid Malawi won’t be the same as long as we vote for ” DEADWOODS”.

  16. DOBO says:

    That is Bwaila District Hospital , a home of maladministration.The administration care for only itself and to some its like their personal farm where no one can question them.

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