Ben Phiri an instant billionaire: Malawi ‘prime minister’ wealth raises eyebrows

A citizen-led initiative to help build and ensure public accountability has put together a dossier of President Peter Mutharika’ special adviser Ben Phiri showing he has become an instant billionaire after paying K100 million mortgage in four months on the four properties he has bought in posh Area 10 location in the capital Lilongwe.

Ben Phiri: State House 'special' aide to President: Mind boggling wealth

Ben Phiri: State House ‘special’ aide to President: Mind boggling wealth questioned

According to the dossier, Phiri has bought five properties in Area 10 and buses from South Africa.

The properties were bought through National Bank of Malawi and he paid K100 million in four months.

Phiri is being suspected of wrongful self-enrichment and the dossier wants an investigation on whether he is being fronted by President Mutharika or his own ‘cashgate’ affair.

Senior Advisor to the President on Strategy and Communication, Bright Malopa, was the first to raise an alarm as he reportedly wrote President Mutharika informing the Head of State that his youthful PA allegedly extorts huge sums of money from rich Asians, Nigerians, Rwandese and Burundians “in exchange for appointments with the President and government contracts”.

Malopa expressed worry that Ben Phiri has grown so much into himself and that he refuses to take advice from anyone, including the Chief of Staff (Peter Mukhito) on crucial State House matters.

In Malopa’s communication to the Head of State, it was revealed that Ben Phiri bosses over all cabinet ministers and elected members of the DPP National Governing Council (NGC).

A watchdog called Independent Commission on Accountability and Transparency (iCAT) is said to gather more information on Phiri’s mind boggling wealth. He banks locally and in United Arab Emirates.

The watchdog is wondering how Phiri has amassed a spectacular fortune and property portfolio in one year being at State House, while earning a modest civil servant salary.

Icat was launched by law barrister Allan Z. Ntata and social-political activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire.

According to Ntata, who had previously worked at Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and also served as late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal advisor, Icat is there to ensure to promote transparency, accountability, integrity and access to information at all levels of society in the fight against graft in Malawi.

Ntata claims Phiri wields considerable influence over Mutharika and that he is a de facto appointing authority and self –styled ‘Prime Minister.’

Phiri is also said to be manipulating Chief Secretary to Office of President and Cabinet, George Mkondiwa. The two however, travelled together to Britain last week.

The remarkable growth of Phiri’s assets, fuel further speculation about his abuse of State House position to accumulate his wealth.

“There is no way a single, honest person in high office can manage to acquire such wealth like Phiri, other than through corruption,” the dossier notes in part.

Malawi is reeling from a mass corruption scandal christened as Cashgate which London based auditors Baker Tilly revealed about K13 billion was lost from 2012.

About K92 billion was lost from 2005.

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68 thoughts on “Ben Phiri an instant billionaire: Malawi ‘prime minister’ wealth raises eyebrows”

  1. Zili kumeneko says:

    Timva zikapsa…ma cashgate amenewa dyereran..paja nka chain et..mutiuza..

  2. bungu says:

    the problem is that ben and Peter the are some last time the stil 92bn but no body say anything 2 problem is a malawife ndife oputsa why cos pri timapatsa phavu tinazorowera inde bwana basi kuli anthu azenru koma basi nganga ndi mapuya amene anavotela mbava asadandaule just sutip you are

  3. Afumu Phiri says:

    This world full of wonders how come Ben can have such amount of money within one year??????????????? I believe kuseli kuli wina a Malawi azanga pls these pipo ndi mbava, plus judge Kenyata.

  4. ujeni says:

    The first thng a first time visitor to Malawi sees on arrival is the amount of people in our cities who walk with barefeet. Then he/she imagines about the rural districts. Yet we have a mosquito who is a nobody stealing money and throwing it around like pekekani pelekani mxii!


    Musiyeni nthawi yoti asangalale ndimeneyi anazunzika ali ku opposition ndi APM mpaka kuvulazidwa ku Mount Soche. Muli inu mukanatani?

  6. blessing lipengs says:

    2yrs ago I said the curse of poverty on Malawi has not been broken and it will take divine intervention for Malawi to have a political will to
    develop .99% of all African leaders into into politics not to make history by changing humanity ,they are all driven by greedy for self accumulation ,from pastors to
    politicians.the fall of DPP is near again

  7. alekekuba says:

    Koma Allan munthu uyu azamudya wamoyo. Whatever persoanl hatred you have should not be our affair. Can ypu also be transparent enough and let us know how much wealth you accumulated nthawi ya Bingu. Zimawawa akamadya nzako- , zimakokma ukamadya iweyo. Pamene pabedwa ndalamapo iweyo (Allan) upaulule

  8. This is a preliminary report !!!

    We are waiting for the full investigation report. Who interrogated him and what findings are tabled surrounding this matter??

    Ngati ili jealous nde pepani akuchimuna inu, dikirani nthawi yanu !!!

  9. half man half biscuit says:

    Ntata and chiza, constitution yathu imalola kulemera ndipo siinapereke guidance pa cuma cimene munthu angapeze pacaka. Cacikulu ben10 acenjere cifukwa malopa akugwira ntchito usana ndi usiku kuti athane naye. Nonse a dpp mukutumbwa komatu teremu itha osamalidzidwa. Mwaiwala pompano!!! Mwinanso ben10 akudziwa za ulosiwu ncifukwa akudzikundikira cuma mofulumira. Athu ndi maso ndimakutu basi.

  10. political appointments!!!! remember they r shirt lived n anyone found in it tries to maximize its opportunities. but bear in mind that he who hates constructive critism is a fool. pride is colourless and tasteless but it is the first thing that chokes u
    be careful ben phiri your d-day is just around the corner.

  11. Nganali kombweke says:

    Bola kubela ma folinawo kusiyana ndi kubera a malawi osaukafe (cashgate).

  12. nthandalanda says:

    Er!eesh! This DPP govt. NO, This is top much. Plz, check This quickly.

  13. bookwormer says:

    Indeed Ben phiri has wilded so much poor and I overheard him boast to Ceazar Fatchi that the president can not do anything without him. He goes around indian shops demanding bribes so that he connects them to the president. He claims he is the power behind all the appointments and that he made his sister who was Ceasars wife to be making the presidents bed

  14. If there’s evidence ACB should do its job,rumours is the song of jealous people

  15. ujeni says:

    Malawi is a pathetic country it allows stogges to do whatever they want, it allows thugs to do whatever they want and idiotic Malawians clap hands and worship such smelly feaces. Dumbo Lemani was doing the same, hard core corruption while the country is wallowing in abject poverty. Lets alk trekk to South Africa this damn country is lead by thugs.

  16. ujeni says:

    We have done ashering with Ben at Calvery Family Church, he is nowhere near a millionaire, this rags to riches story is total corruption in a failed state. This is worse than cashgate. How can it be, yesterday he was a begger today a billionaire, has he won a lottery kapena.

  17. Kakado says:

    My only worry is the source of information, otherwise Ben will continue to provide the much needed support to the President.

  18. Porty Geoff says:

    The guy is a crook and all this will lead to international donors cutting off funding. As usual it will be the poor that pay. The only thing worse than Ben Phiri is the idiots posting on here to defend his corrupt activities.

  19. Chembinusya says:

    Kikiikikikiki mbava zokhazokha zayamba kunenezana…malopa mbava…mhpwiyo, Ben Phiri nonse akapolo a chuma…kuyamba kumeneko mulangidwa pansi pompano…mphwiyo nde chilango anachiona kale…kupunduka okulakula hehehehe

  20. apundi says says:

    cash gaters, tiye nazoni

  21. Phodogoma says:

    All those who are against Ben are members of MCP. That is the reason why people weresaving their money in pots in their houses during Kamuzu days. As such soon after Muluzi started ruling Malawi, many developments took off.
    Malawiians want their country to develop but they are busy pulling down each other. If Ben has bought two or so buses, how many youths will be employed as crews. Malawi think twice.

  22. VYOTO says:


  23. Jihad John says:

    These people are known thieves. Does it surprise you?

  24. shaaaa! says:


  25. mbawa says:

    What an open intrusion into someones affair
    You were told during campain, please reach out to as many voters as possible so that you could be on the driving seat. You chose to close your ears and continued your tribalistic approach. zotsatira zake ndizimenezi. Look now you only eat Nanje and kumachedwa ndi Amai. hehede. musiyeni nzanu anyambitemo. Ben if i were you I could go ahead to enjoy the fruit of hard core campaining.
    You thought it is easy to go to state house.

  26. Ndatero ine says:

    Zimatero ukakhala uzikweza. God is watching
    1 yr ?
    Anene bwino ,alomwe alomwe
    Dzulo muli lero ndi awa tidziona

  27. kwekwezi says:

    Ben sachokatu olo zitatani. Anthu asanje munya chaka chake ndi chino. iyi ndi nthawi ya ana nawonso adyeko. Allan Ntata bwanji osalimbana ndi azigogo sakufuna kupumawa: achina Henry Mussa, Kaliati, Chaponda, Msaka, Kalilani, Kamphambe – Nkhoma, etc….follow Tembo wa MCP. mmmmh amatero chitani manyazi enanso adyeko kaya.

  28. Truck says:

    That’s why Dziko la Malawi silimatukuka .

  29. Nabanda says:

    zimvere mu mtolo

  30. Kenkkk says:

    I have no problem with getting rich or being rich but it is how you get those riches that worries most people.

    If ben’s deals involve amwenye without any expense on the part of tax payers money and without tax evasions or without breaking the law, then I have no problem with that and let him enjoy his newly accumulated wealth or money.

    Using his position and influence to get himself rich is no sin unless he or his accomplices break the law. That is when the acb and mra will have to show their real balls.

    As for dpp, there goes your future leader after Peter, simply because money talks!!!

  31. ndadabwa says:

    ben phiri akumutuma kuti aziba ndi peter mutharika. musamusiye ameneyo. zokomo kwambiri malopa poulula zoipa. onetsani chi khrisitu chanu

  32. George Lihoma. says:

    A friend of mine’s brother who lives in the USA sent K20,000,000 to this friend of mine hassle free. It was so pathetic for my friend to withdraw K2,000,000 of his sent money in one of the banks in Machinga. Mpaka anatsala pang’ono kummangitsa. Cry My Beloved Country. Hahahahaha.

  33. Alex says:

    These supposed efforts at ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ are all rather futile until the media, journalists and so called ‘civil society’ learn to ask the really hard questions.

    These kind of allegations all get brushed away with ‘they’re just being negative’ or ‘jealous’.

    ‘These are just profits from his hard work and business”

    Of course no one asks why all these politicians and civil servants, and their relatives, so often seem to get successful in their business when they start having connections and influence in government.

    Surely they don’t use their connections and influence to boost their business.

    Does no one think to ask how these ‘business men’ make so many millions and billions when other people in the the market are not so successful?

    How high are their margins? How do the treat their employees? Do they pay their taxes? Surely we can get their tax records and accounts from MRA, which they are obliged to submit by law.

    In the interests of accountability and transparency.

    Of course – we know the answer. The whole government is corrupt from top to bottom.

    The media – more than half of their advertising comes from the government. They’re not going to do anything to endanger one of their main sources of revenue.

    The rest of the Malawians – are you still sleeping?

  34. Joseph says:

    Zopusa basi… Ntata wrote about all this a few weeks ago and all of you were saying he is just a ” disgruntled” whatever whatever. Now Ben is amassing all the worth to sponsor DPP now that Mulli is on the spotlight. Ndalama zonse zija za ma flood zili ndi Ben panopa, ready for 2019 campaign. Munya muwonanso!

  35. the abductor says:

    Mulekeni mwana wabe ndalama. Peter is sleeping and pple have already started looting at his watch, stupid president. My advise to Ben Phiri is that loot as much as you can and externalise your wealth, stupid m,alawians. Make hay whilst the sun still shines my brother

  36. The Most Concerned says:

    Aimangilira apa, nanga ikadya kuti?

  37. BigMan says:

    Nsanje a Malawi. shame

  38. Mubwe says:

    Kodi Mr Mtata, nkhani yache iti yomwe Ben anakulakwirani. The whole NGO to investigate one person. And Why do you want to drag Mr Malopa in these issues. I don’t think Mr Malopa is interested in whatever is between you and Ben. You can do better just to shut your mouth or take your report to ACB or Police. As a Lawyer you should be first to know that all these institutions are there to make sure that there is order in dealing with issues and not the kind of confusion you are trying to cause.

  39. zoona says:

    Zonse ndi nthawi. Aford ikadzalowa m’boma Tom Chiumia will be in Ben Phiri’s shoes. Kkkkk

  40. Mthandeni says:

    Federalism can stop all this shit but the problem is you southerners here you are lamenting about your fellow tribesman simuzatheka inu

  41. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Stealing our wealth from Central region mungapezeko chiyani kumwera – From Ntcheu up Nsanje no mORE MAIZE EVEN IF THEY GIVE YOU MORE COUPPONS BUT YOU BOW DOWN TO CENTRAL REGION TO FEED YOU COME FEDERAL YOU WANA SEE-YOU CRY

  42. Isiah says:

    In due time azakazidyera kumaula Ndalama zimenezi. meanwhile continue gathering the evidence for future use. God’s time is the best time, there ‘s always a time for everything, king Solomon said it all that at the end all is vanity!

  43. Suraj says:

    Watching with keen interest

  44. Kavuluvulu says:

    Balomwe,nchito yawo ndikuba basi.

  45. Ngongoliwa says:


  46. Tomato says:

    Thats the problem of malawi,when someone has bought some thing very expensive the government starts searching him from where he got money,thats why malawi is very poor,people are afraid of government to get rich,

  47. ben says:

    A Malawi mumadana ndi kumva kuti wina akuchita bwino. Kodi mumafuna kuti muzimva kuti Ben Phiri akusauka? What’s wrong with being reach>
    Whatever may be said in praise of poverty but a man cannt lve a complete and satisfying life unless he has everything he needs for his life, now, one to have everything he need for his life, he must have money enought to get all those resources, and to have money enough to buy those resources-one must be rich. SO to be rich is a human right. If you are not rich, you should fight for your rights dont fight Ben.

    1. Kondwani says:

      One must do well in legal sense not illgotten wealth; za magazi, zakuba , let them be clever today to continue looting but ONE DAY Evitevite ekumane na lopwelopwe

  48. Leoplant says:

    individually let’s suppose, ndi inu …jealousy bas…

  49. mulopwana says:

    nde alomwe amenewo.selfishness

  50. Concerned Malawian says:

    its high time this idiot has to be booted out

  51. Achakulume says:

    Mmene yalembeledwa nkhaniyi zingoonesa kuti ti ma jealous tikuonekapo alipo asakuba zikoli mpaka kuchita kumafufuzana ma acc Ben Phiri even though I dont knw you Big up munthu ukakhala ponona gwilisa ntchito mwai umenewo patsogolo usazasauke mufuna asamagule manyumba patsogolo muzizamunena kuti ankangoononga ndlama thats his time inunso yanu izakwana kapena inalipo nde inadusa .Akanakhala nzungu kugula zimenezo panalibe vuto koma just because ndi okuda mpaka nkhan pa internet work up

  52. andrew nkhoma says:


  53. belekiya says:

    Ntata anaona nkhondo

  54. Mulenga says:

    Very good, Ben Phiri. Show them how to make money. Show them that you are the Prime Minister of this country

  55. citizen okwiya says:

    National Bank at it again !!!!
    KYC was just a hoax?

  56. Ambele says:

    Koma Ben anthu mwamuumira mtima everyday Ben Phiri

  57. haga says:

    the report compiled by icat,owned by commando and his friend.who can trust these guys espacially when they writing about ben phiri

  58. chindere says:

    Ben Phiri is naturally a humble person but personally I don’t like his habit of punishing those he does not like at the expense of govt procedures.There are people he destroyed and at nde just at home without being redeployed and if these people sue govt, it will pay heavily just because one Ben Phiri does not like them.He behaves as if is not a fellow Christian at Calvary Family Church

  59. Chisanadzechokuona says:


  60. rock sizer says:

    Nsanje lekani grocery

  61. Akatswiri says:


  62. mtubuka 1 says:

    This is what people wanted when they voted for dpp. Last time they stole 92 billion this time is triple that number and a useless poor voter is asked to walk barefoot to go vote for them every 5years. If there are people who needs to go to hell and burn should be these politicians along with these false prophets in suits who have flooded and renting buildings just to steal from unsuspecting, desperate working women. God will hear us and heal this country and the entire world.

  63. Jelbin mk says:

    This country is really thrown to the dogs who care less about the suffering masses but their own wellbeing,all this is on the head of Maxon Mbendera and that stupid judge Kinyata Nyirenda may the wrath of God who is the overseer of all mankind descend on them without warning.

  64. samson says:

    Ndizoopsatu zimene nanga nthawi yomweyi afufuzidweso

  65. Batman says:

    Nanga Mukhito ndi Chisale

  66. P. Moyo says:

    Koma nde nzanuyu mukumutchukisatu, bola kubela amwenye than kutibela ndalama za msonkho. Vito la amalawi ndi jelous,msiyeni nzanu, akuluakulu okutha ma plan amakonda kukhomelera ana akawaona kuti ali very creative

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