Beware of Malawi prophets of doom, Canaan warns

Mzuzu preacher Bentry Canaan Chawinga has asked Malawians to be wary of attention – seeking prophets and their patronising prophecies of doom.

Canan: Beware of false prophets

Canan: Beware of false prophets

Canaan, who Saturday held national emergency prayers for country, has branded as false the rest of the country’s prophets saying they don’t give direction and guidance in their prophecies.

Malawi, believed to be a God-fearing nation, has a bunch of such controversial prophets as Prophet Austin Liabunya and Prophet Kenneth Eagle of the holy Tabernacle Ministries in the capital Lilongwe

Both Liabunya and Eagle recently claimed that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe will not escape this year alive.

But its been a bit of “hit and miss” with these prophets and their prophecies.

Liabunya, for example, made headlines last year when he first president former president Joyce Banda would win elections and then later changed his prediction and successfully predicted that President Peter Mutharika would win the presidential race in the May 20 tripartite elections.

But his prophecy that Hakainde Hichilema would emerge as the new President of Zambia backfired spectacularly when Edgar Lungu won the poll last month.

Canaan of Holy Nature Ministries told Nyasa Times in an interview that as ‘genuine prophets’ they would pray for the country’s problems currently rocking the country.

“We [Holy Nature Ministry] will pray about government, flood victims, homosexuality, protection of albinos and all Malawians,” said Canaan.

He said the rest of the country’s prophets are prophets of doom only interested in bringing about confusion.

Malawi has lately seen an influx of false prophets, he said. “They are false.”

He added: “When God shows you a prophecy He even shows you a solution. He can’t show you a prophecy without solutions. That is why I’m saying they are merely prophets of doom.”

He also lashed at the country’s government saying it was so much interested in getting money from the donors than from upholding the will of God.

“Malawi is no longer a God-fearing nation,” he said. “It is a donor-fearing nation that is ready to accept nasty things such as homosexuality all because of money.”

He said Malawi’s leaders must embrace God and Jesus Christ so that sanity is restored in the country.

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51 thoughts on “Beware of Malawi prophets of doom, Canaan warns”

  1. Very true! Unfortunately most of Malawian prophets do not even know who or what a prophet is all about; why and how a prophet comes into being.Just like many reverend pastors and bishops these prophets are self-made

  2. Mad c says:

    Todays Prophets are greedy.Never believe thoose Prophets akuntherani ntereshede.

  3. yuona says:

    Luke 10 vs 20

  4. ukubingelera says:

    sibiti… dont lie to the people, there were prophets among among the disciples.. Acts 13:1, and Acts 15:32, check and see if these were not prophets. If you dont believe in prophets find another reason not that there were no prophets among the early desciples or christians.

  5. Joseph wowa says:

    The bible says tests all the spirits. That means after the test you see who is right and who is wrong who is true prophet and who is not. We don’t have just to make a conclusion but dot that after you have tested.

  6. odilo gama. says:

    Ngati mukutumikila mulungu wa moyo musawonjezere kapena kuchotsela pazimene mulungu wakutumani.

  7. sabiti says:

    wakeup Mw this not time for prophets Even the desiples didnt dare call themselves prophets where are getting this? Even Jesus said thou shall rise false prophets and those who will strive for their Lord will be called children of God not PROPHETS signs of END of time

  8. aurora says:

    this is so true but did he actuallly mention the two rophets names?heh,they go fightooooooo..tcheyi…



  10. I just hope u too are not simply trying to make your name here. You are right though

  11. B.silota says:

    The true believers worships God in truth and in spirit.If we worship God in truth and in spirit, we can be able to differentiate those who come from God and not. it is true this are evil days as it is written in the bible what is needed is to stand firm. Do not worry about what ever is happening God is above all for he Himself created the universe. what is more important is the salvation of my and your soul by turning away from sin.the more we turn away from sin the more we become friend of God and we are in safe hands.And if we choose to continue sinning then we become a friend of devil who is the father of all lies

  12. Unconcerned says:

    Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision people perish malawians are perishing because of listening to prophecies regarding politics, where is politics come from God or Satan, That’s why even ask those prophets about where we are? where in the Bible is this time found? Where are we heading to? they can’t answer you but development, democracies, women empowerment, feminism, soccer, political leadership they can tell you best. that’s why God say Come out !! lest ye may be partakers of thy sins. LAOS DECIA Revelation 3:14.
    If the world falling apart does the Bible said that it will recover? so why church leaders today are bussy with climate change issues whilst know that the world is falling apart. they are to tell the nation the truth that these thing that we are struggling be restored, BUT BECAUSE THERE IS DONOR MONEY EEISH!!! PASTORS have taken HIV, Climate change, Devlopment etc into the church just for there stomarch. YOU MUST TELL THE TRUTH TO THE NATION

  13. nkunthamasese says:

    only Jesus and Jesus alone is the master.

  14. gere says:

    Malawians so desperate for anyone who van foretell the future that is there has been a boom of prophets who are nothing but conmen making earnings outta ppo’s desperation

  15. Dammie says:

    Eti mpaka anointed Soap! Washing and bathing mpaka zizifuna annointed soap! Kumapeto kwa dziko uku basi! Anointed water, mm tikumwa nazo nyasi tikapanda kuchenjera! The Bible says we should just hear wat they say coz its the world of God and cant be altered and not to follow their ways and acts!!!!!!

  16. Avicenna says:

    Just like how the Holy Bible predicted false prophets shall emerge,its END TIMES!!!!

  17. one malawi one people says:

    many of these so called prophets r just satanic agents using the name of Jesus, its their new way of misleading and weakening Christians while they r getting reach. they want people to forget reading the Holy Bible and praying on their own but dance to their tune of false prophesies. they control pple thru false prophesies hence pano anthu ambiri asiya kupemphera mchoonadi they just rush to churches where they will b told wen they will get rich, wen they b healed(false healing from the devil) but bcoz mmtima mwa anthu otero mumakhala kuti uzimu wafooketsedwa, they fail to understand that they r just being cheated & swindled….inu simukudabwa masiku ano timaona anthu who claim kuti abadwa mwatsopano koma machimo they do it as usual eg oti mmbuyomu amaganiziridwa kuti ngakupha odula ziwalo, uhule, katangale, ….amapezeka kuti its business as usual koma pansi pa pastorship of the so called prophets..chakhumi nkuperekanso molowa mmanja…..munthu if u read the Word of God and live a prayerful like on your own, Mulungu sadikira wina a abwere adzakuyankhule zokhuza moyo wako.vuto ndikusapemphera mwachilungamo koma nkumafuna zabwino zochoka kwa Mulungu, anthu masiku timangofuna kukolora zoti sitinagwirire ntchito moyenera ndiye ulesi wa muubongo tili nawowu a satanic atengerapo mwai, ationonga atibera, ndipo alemera if tikuvutika koma kupsa tikapsera limodzi…..beware!!! YESU sanabwere kudzalalikira za ndalama koma za kutembenuka mtima and kupanga Chifuniro cha Mulungu. as for money, since Genesis the rule is:UDZADYA THUKUTA LAKO, it hasn’t changed!!!

  18. Jeke says:

    No comments on Divine matters. I am scared I simply believe there is true God his name is Jehovah and that the only way to go there is through Jesus Christ and nothing else.

  19. Aneneli onyenga akungototokota za kubooleza koma ine mene ndidziwira Yesu anawuza ophunzira ake kulalika za Ufumu wa Mulungu osati kutibwatika ndi Mabreakthrough.

  20. manjolow says:

    a Malawi – you really want to go to heaven and meet Moses, Joshua, Elisha, Hezekia, Nebukadinezala, Hosea, Yokonia, David, Zakeyo, Yesu, Yohane, Paul, Mlaliki, Mtumiki, Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Solomon, Rute, Nehemiah, Saul, Philipo, Satana et al – hahahahahahahahahah lol!

    Funny – poorest nation in the world and yet you will celebrate in eternity with everyone else. Abraham will not even recognize you – he will say – what the fuck – you are not even a Jew 🙂

  21. ri says:

    iwowanso si a prophet. olo pa false prophet sanafike

  22. Life says:

    Christians are so confused. How can anyone in his right mind call these con men prophets? Does anyone need a PhD to tell that all the so-called prophets are in fact businessmen using the name of God to make money? Any Christian worth the salt knows the bible prophesied (genuine prophecy) false prophets before Jesus comes back. Isn’t there evidence that these people are false? and that all they want is money. Their entire ministry is about Tithing and cheating people that they would get worldly gains if they follow them..why can’t anyone see that the main aim of God is not to gain earthly things but salvation in the hereafter? Jesus never made special water and all these paraphernaria these guys are selling – holly water! shaa! Why are entire so-called ministries based on predicting useless things like election results and death of presidents? These are things that anyone can “prophesize” and have a chance to hit the bulls eye by chance ..useless things. The most disturbing thing is that even very well educated people are following these men – no wonder it is a sign of the end of times. Christians!

  23. Bertha says:

    Za mulungu zimaophysa kupanga comment ngati mapropheti amenewa akutinamiza mulungu wathu akawalanga zawo izo koma vuto akutinamiza nkutibera

  24. Godfrey C says:

    False prohets can be distinguished from the true ones. The Bible warns against following them. Those that do not read the Bible simply follow what comes their way. Thus, they think miracles are the only signs of men of God. Malawians, watch out. What is happening now is a worldwide sign of the Second Coming of Christ. If you knew this, you would avoid joking about it.



  26. jj says:

    The Word of God is the standard for everyone to follow. If you take time to teach people the right things, they won’t believe the false ones. Prophecies will vary according to purposes they serve. Isaiah told King Hezekiah to prepare himself because he would die, was he a prophet of doom? He did not fight the messenger but prayed to God and he lived. Was there any solution or direction in the Hezekiah prophecy? Never bother yourself with a messenger but engage the sender, learn the bible and it shall be well with you.

    To my country with love.

  27. Wailing Soul says:

    To add on to the list of commercial prophets, TB Joshua, Bushiri, Achimolowo, Chris! Its money, money, money! Worshipping fellow humans instead of Jesus Christ Almighty! Open your Eyes!

  28. Atumiki aMulungu muzadziwa bwanji?
    Muzawadziwa ndi malankhulidwe ndi machitidwe awo! Iwo siafuna kutchuka, kuziweluza kuti ali woyela ndiponso kuyika patsogolo ndi kukonda ndalama.

  29. Denkhule says:

    Even Prophet Elisha made a mistake when he was told to choose a king amongst the sons of Jesse. When he saw the fist one on his own he was convinced tha he was the right heir to the throne but God rejected him. So these prophets sometimes are bound to make mistakes if they just come up with their own conclusions without waitin to hear from the Lord. This also goes to all of us when we pray most of us have not waited for answer from God. When we say amen we even forget what was contained in our prayer.

  30. nyayo says:

    Good that you hv known them. Muzipemphera nokha musadalile wina.

  31. Kadakwiza says:

    It is not our side to judge who sin and who don’t. It is Our God’s side to do so. But at the same time, I have not heard that in rich countries prophets exist. In poor countries like our country, Malawi you have a lot of these called prophets. I suggest because there are no jobs, people have no choice but to go for preaching. They start at markets, streets they end up building their own pray houses. Don’t blame them. They are trying to survive. In our country you find someone after graduation, he don’t know what do. No jobs, so others they end up at the immigration office to apply a passport so they can try their luck outside the country. Others are the ones we see they start preaching. After they have nightmare then they start telling us that they had a vision. At the end we got these prophets. If the government can create jobs we will start seeing these so called prophets vanishing. No prophet in Malawi said anything about the devastating floods. They are good at prophecing about the deaths of presidents.

  32. He is strategising to acheive something for his own benefits. Dont forget Kapito about Blantyre water board. What has he achieved? Appointed as Board chair. The same with this one. He wants to be at State house.

  33. zuma says:

    ali ndi charger cha mutu waung’ono andibweleke

  34. concerned citizen says:

    True Prophets cannot be involved in debate or discussions

  35. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Canaan himself seems to have missed it. Apparantly you are saying ills of others and justifying yourself. Why bother answering questions beyond your jurisdiction.

    Tame your tongue brulaza.

  36. Ziliko says:

    Not a God-fearing nation but a Donor-fearing one. Akaka kandiwaza bwanji. A pastor mwaganiza mwakuya ndithu.

  37. special advisor says:

    The word of God says do not despise prophesy, but test its accuracy by the word of God and the Spririt of knowledge. People that don’t read the Bible and do not have the Holy Spirit are vulnerable not only to being misled but also to exploitTion ie to be taken advantage of. And people that do not have genuine faith in God want miracles. I thank God for Sunday School, for religion classes in primary school, for Bible Knowledge in secondary school, for SCOM, for UCC, for TNT/Life Ministry and for my stabdards 1 and 4 teachers for teaching be to be literate. If I miss the way to heaven I have only myself to blame. I am so empowered to make a right decisions and choices that I take responsibility for all the mistakes I make. Hallelujah!

  38. ayaya says:

    There are a few genuine ones and a horde of liars. Last month I encountered one and I told him in the face that you are fake by proving to him his lies. Please watch out

  39. johari says:

    Fake prophets are everywhere. They are usually young, flamboyant and their sermonies are always centred around paying tithes and “sowing seeds” in their churches in return for financial prosperity. This is called gospsel of consumerism. A lot of desperate people are gullible enough to part with their hard earned cash ro these fraudsters and fund their opulent life styles. What a shame!

  40. Nyapapi says:

    Eeeee pali nkhani apa……….. I just believe in Jesus christ who died on the cross 4 me

  41. God knows his prophets lets not judge less we be judged too.

  42. kamau wangenge says:

    nowonder man of God all these symbolises the coming of our Lord.may God bless Malawi,may the Lord protect this country

  43. Abit walusa says:

    Go will tell us the reality of these herbalists.

  44. Modziyekha says:

    Every prophecy there is asolution and every vision there is provision.Nde mah-prophet enawa tizingowakhululukira poti akubwera Yesu atatifela kaye

  45. Bushirambewa says:

    true/not sure/false.=no comment

  46. brutsha says:

    This is not my area of interest. It will take me ages to believe what comes out of their mouths. I read the bible and I know the truth.

  47. Nyamkaka says:

    Don’t worry about these false prophets! They just want money.

  48. George Lihoma. says:

    Wabodzanso nawe. Mungofuna kulemera kwa easy.

  49. James says:

    In this case is the word ‘Prophet Of Doom’ synonimus with ‘false Prophet’? What is the work of a Prophet? And how sure is the Claimant that is a true prophet? Lets not confuse people, with issues that are hard to substanciate.

  50. Lip service says:

    Organize a televised debate so that we hear arguments from your colleagues as well otherwise the altitude showed here indicates that you also have a problem

    1. ujeni says:

      Why debate, are you so ignorance to read, see and umderstand things

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