Beyond the reforms in Malawi civil service: Muckraking Extra

Next Wednesday all roads will lead to – and all eyes will be trained on – the Bingu International Conference Centre as President Peter Mutharika unveils the seminal reforms his administration wants to institute in the civil/public service.

President Mutharika with his dutiful Vice-President Saulos Chilima providing a rare glimpse of political leadership to deliver his boss’ vision.

President Mutharika with his dutiful Vice-President Saulos Chilima providing a rare glimpse of political leadership to deliver his boss’ vision.

Peter strategically put his trusty deputy, Saulos Chilima, to front the reforms. Angoni, coming from the results-oriented private sector, was not a bad choice.

I am not sure how the Saulos Commission has gotten around the – if I may be allowed to dub them thus – ‘counter reform’ suggestion to tie some public appointments to the tenure of the presidency. This, if carried through, will certainly defeat the whole essence of public reforms.

Some of these institutions we want to tie to the presidency were created by the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. I am talking about the Malawi Defence Forces, the Malawi Police Service, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation et cetera. These reforms must not begin to make these very important institutions ‘political’ organs rather than organs of the state.

Saulos and his commissioners have been meeting various stake-holders on the proposed reforms. I know any government blue-print has pre-set goals; consultations are there just to perfect them.

But I hope the Saulos Commission has noted the serious reservations the suggestions to attach certain public offices to the president’s tenure attracted.

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29 thoughts on “Beyond the reforms in Malawi civil service: Muckraking Extra”

  1. Bmarket says:

    The function itself, printing a cloth for the function that was used just for two hours means the reform has failed coz there was no need to have a launch and even printing cloth is a waste of resources that would not be spent. There was need for a new approach in launching the reform may be a president talking to the nation on tv without wasting money on fuel printing cloth and time and money wasted in organising the launch. Please it’s useless to waste money on the launch itself, so we can’t change our mindset.

  2. Justice Dzonzi says:

    The problem is the commissioners amangochindanako instead of discussing real changes! Naji Chilima amakonda pa bumbu !

  3. dyton chiwaya says:

    Koma a Malawi the Presidency want to bring reforms and u distorts facts. What has it to do with ill educated Lomwes. For a century nobody has ever thought about it. Harmonising salaries its a good idea. Others seem are from mars. Good deeper mapwiya.

    1. TAWONA BEWULA says:

      Iwe gwape. Dont you know that there iis a syndicate to put lhomwes in strategic positions. Go to MRA and have feel of it.

  4. kachikho says:

    It is madness to tie some very important positions to the tenure of the presidency. This will promote corruption , nepotism , inefficiency and all sorts of ills in the civil service. The reason why the civil service is a shame for the country is due mostly to the fact that most government ministries and departments including statutory corporations are being headed by incompetent people with no experience . Let people get positions on merit that is people with proven record of successful performance

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    By the way, is our president reformed yet? He is too lousy to reform others.

    They say,’If you want to know the condition of the road, ask those who are coming back’

    Apparently, majority of the commission are strangers. And a seminar maybe introducing new forms and not reforming the existing ones.

    Are all Head watchmen invited to attend, sir? It should be inclusive somehow.

  6. john says:

    president peter mutharika may be meaning well with his reform but am afraid the people that surround him force him to endorse things that were not supposed to be endorsed. I have n mind a list of board members. the department of statutory corporation did its job very well and submitted the names to the president. but anthu achipani cha DPP hijacked the list and started including/putting their colonies their such that what was meant to be a lean list ended up being bloated. I have met some of the so-called board members, its pathetic. For example, get a list of board members of NFRA, you will see what I mean. anthu osaphunzira olo “A”, amamina ali komweko, ati ma board members! Eeeeish!

  7. truth says:

    So taxation of leave Grants 4 CHAM employees is within the so talked reforms.our friend from Govt received their LGs without tax deduction.? us 4rm CHAM.Tidana nanu.

  8. tuvitwana says:


  9. M.S says:

    A Chilima kod new salary ya CHAM iyamba liti? Since october kuli zii! Mukutiganizila koma?

  10. Mulomwe says:

    Zoti the reforms must not begin to make these important institutions political organs sindikugwilizananazo chifukwa they are already such considering how appointments a ma CEO amachitikira,ma officers mmene amasunthidwira ndale zikangosintha. Including MRA ndi kwinako.

  11. Malindima says:

    People on those positions filled them on political appointments. It is annoying and costly to see people being fired just because a new President was in power.Let every President bring his own appointees that he will be comfortable with hence I agree with this reform on this one!

  12. Fathara says:

    Surely how can a function as big as national prayers raise K600,000. Mtundu woumira

  13. Aidgate says:

    Reforms with zero-aid budget …….I will wait and see

  14. The Truthful One from the West says:

    As members of the public service reform commission never worked in the public service(except Mangulama who never headed a ministry as PS) this is the same as allowing a person who is not a medical doctor to diagonise diseases and prescribe medicine. These reforms are likely to weaken rather than strengthen the public service. It is political interference that has greatly weakened the public service over the years.

  15. It’s Not Only Teachers But Also Other Ministries like Agriculture Have Not Yet Been Paid, Is This Part Of The Reform?


  17. Fathara says:


    Do you understand the whole notion of reforms?. Reforms essentially are about business unusual. Now with this kind of misguided wisdom that you are myopically advancing forth then call Saulos chilima’s body not reform commission but ” formalization commission. Having two people like you in this country will be the worst thing that will have happened to this country.

  18. Civil Servant says:

    Ralph when I read that recommendation, I realized that we lack seriousness to, for once, do things right in this country. That was by all measure and standard a silly recommendation. What makes it more lugubrious is the fact that such a recommendation comes from a commission headed by none other than a Vice President of a republic.

  19. chakhalira says:

    I agree with Tenthani on that some of these appointments should NOT be attached to political tenure. They end up serving there political masters and not Malawi Nation. For example: The Army Commander, The Police IG, The reserve Bank Governor and The PS of the Office of the President to mention a few. These should be considered on Qualification and Performance ( Professionalism). Let us agree with sober mind that Malawi is NOT progressing because there is too much politics of retaliation and the evil thinking of ” Pulling All to Myself”. It is unfortunate that there are very few Malawians who may agree with this point because of their wrong mind set.

    Did we ever think of how the World Icon ” Nelson Mandera of South Africa” worked with the Mzungu Central Bank Governor and Minister of Finance! Can’t we learn from this man? At least Dr. Muluzi tried his best by working with the Governor from MCP Regime who was let down by his power obsessed Deputy Governor at that time. But he (Muluzi) tried his best. Bravo Dr. Muluzi. This serves continuity of National Plans. A Ndale inu, do things differently sometimes for Malawi’s Progress!!!!!!

  20. boardmember says:

    Immediately u call it the Saulosi Commission then its bound to fail bcoz its been personalized and if DPP does not make it in 2019 the Saulos Commission will also go! By the way Kapito made some right noises in today’s papers on wastage of T and T. I’ve been a board member on several boards, the ex officios usually come to Board meetings chauffer driven, they usually get govt allowances bcoz we have seen that if it is a 2day meeting the driver goes to Mangochi town to book himself lodging while the PS sleeps at the hotel and is given allowances for boarding, meals and T and T. If ACB wants facts I can give them the names.

  21. Daniel Phiri says:

    Creating spaces for lazy and ill educated Lhomwes.

    1. Mulomwe says:

      Gule iwe mumatiopatu

      1. TAWONA BEWULA says:

        Nyapala iwe. Nsete zili thooooo

  22. nyoni says:

    where the hell do u find somebody not paid for 4 Good months lavishing without being paid? Malawi baxi anapita ndi asamunda. new secondary school teachers are not paid up to date and u r paying a deaf ear, time will tell and we will see. consider us please we are starving, achilima panganipo kanthu pliz we r suffering. concerned new recruited secondary teacher

  23. MkutuWester says:

    Tenthani, these positions are already political in their practical analysis, but theoretically thats what you are saying. So, which is better to put things the way they are being articulated on the ground rather than promising people the moon rather than grass. We can agree to disagree on this Ralph”

  24. nyoni says:

    takambani za new recruits, secondary school teachers. tikumva kuwawa kuno am feeling that great pitch of pain

    1. mbwaxe says:

      Kaya boma lilimumanja mwa agalu

      1. zangazokha says:

        Galu wankulu ndiwe mbwaxe

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