Bilal Trust sources K50m worthy aid material for Malawi needy schools, hospitals

Bilal Trust, an Islamic charitable organization, has sourced school, medical equipment and clothes worth almost K60 million which they are distributing in various schools and hospitals in three districts of Malawi.

Bilal donation in

Bilal donation in

Bilal  charitable donation

Bilal charitable donation

Bilal offloading hospital bed

Bilal offloading hospital bed

The items were sourced from the United Kingdom through a UK based charitable organization National Police Aid and Convoy of Nottinghamshire and the district to benefit are Lilongwe, Salima and Nkhotakota.

According to the Secretary General of the country’s Central Region Bilal Trust Khalid Hussein the items were brought into Malawi through the assistance of local philanthropist and businessman Abdul Master, who is the chairman of Bilal Trust Central Region.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Master said this was part of Bilal Trust social responsibility.

“After the National Police Aid sourced the material they approached us to bring the items here and our task was to meet the transportation and freight costs. The K50 million cost include the materials, transport and freight,” he said.

The items include medical equipment such as ICU stretchers and chairs, household wares such as rolling water containers, school stationary, books, desks and chairs, clothes and toys. The items amounted to three 40 feet containers.

Hussein said the plan is to distribute the items to two District Hospitals in Salima and Nkhotakota and eight schools in each of the two districts and at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Liongwe where four schools are also expected to benefit.

“At the moment we are sorting out the items and we are looking forward to assist even more institutions than what we have planned. The distribution in Salima starts on Wednesday,” he said.

Bilal Trust Central Region Coordinator Nazir Choonara said the institutions that will benefit were chosen since they are the most needy.

He said if all goes well some of the items will also be given to institutions such as SOS and Mother Theresa while Hussein said some of the educational books will be given to schools that follow GSCE syllabus.

“Apart from fictional books we also have educational books but they are based on the UK syllabus and we will identify schools even privately owned which we think can use those books,” said Hussein.

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18 thoughts on “Bilal Trust sources K50m worthy aid material for Malawi needy schools, hospitals”

  1. out says:

    One branch is killing lashing beheading non Moslems. The other is distributing aid to flood victims. Hypocrisy. The idea is to convert people to Islam by the handouts. Condemn the killings.

  2. jonh says:

    thanks on behalf of malawi

  3. mgebegebe says:

    bola osapatsa asilamu okha zinthuzo pogawa

  4. Mashallah may allah bless u

  5. Nyalugwe says:


  6. chembe says:

    A Busy Brain tour comments Just show that uli mgulu lopembedza kapena nditi kugwadila zosema aja..Go to ur church kuli tima idols mmakoma.At times its better to remain quiet if you dont have something to say.Bravo Bilal Trust

  7. PIERRE says:

    Pliz pilizi chonde,all asistanc b taken to disaster prone areas not lilongwe

  8. Malawiano says:

    Well Done Bilal Trust for being the first Organisation to donate to the flood victims, let us pray for this to be a good year for us Malawians as a lot of people’s maize fields / Mundas have been washed away.

  9. sense says:

    Bilal trust have just taken the name. Thanks to dedza welfare trust. The old malawian asians had a heart for us.

  10. Getrude Ishmael says:

    Please be sure to inspect these K60m worth of things because p[people exaggerate the figures kufuna kupungula misonkho. Please people, don’t use this as a chance to take advantage of the destitute. Give with an honest heart and God will replace where you have deducted from. God bless Malawi.

  11. chiwaka says:

    A friend in need is a friend indeed

  12. ANKOLO says:


  13. Busy brains says:

    So are the materials worthy K50m or K60m? Which is which? Anyway, may be the difference is freight cost! Muslim bodies makes a lot of noise! K60m worthy of goods mpakana anthu abooke mmimba? Just go and find out how much worth of goods and projects are being run by CADECOM of the Catholic Church and yet they don’t make any noise! Next time just bring in your expired items and distribute to your fellow muslims.

    1. Mirella K says:

      My friend you are a very pathetic lot that Malawi as a nation doesn’t need at all. Let’s learn to appreciate for the little good things our friends are doing. Bilal Trust has carried out so much devpt activities in this vountry than u can imagin! It has built schools, hospitals and it has assisted the vulnerable in so many ways! CADECOM, a catholic org fine but find out how it gets its money, like any other NGOs in the country, it times often gets finding from USAID, UKAID, IrishAid and so many other donors. Times often, cadecom get contracted by WFP to be among cooperating partners in distributing either food or cash in emergency responses…and I don’t think it will be befitting for it to be making any ‘noise’ everytime it is distributing WFP food anf cash assistance to beneficiaries as you put it!

  14. Nkango says:

    I think I wud personally thank the dedza welfare trust based in uk consisting of ex malawian who were based in dedza late 70 and moved to the uk have donated the donations through bilal trust keep up the good work. Guys

  15. Malawiana says:

    Thats a good and commendable move by the Trust. We hope, though, the items are not the very rejects which are being damped in poor countries to avoid being caught by the tight environmental laws in the UK.

    1. Malawiano says:

      Malawians, I think you should pay more attention to the news. We should be thankful to the Bilal Trust with their tremendous work in assisting poor Malawians who are struggling to even keep a roof above their head. All the crops for the harvest season this year have been destroyed. It is us malawians that are going to suffer. Instead of doing something about it, you are passing comments such as they are bringing rejects. Please go and inspect the goods and see of what quality are there. Instead try donate your own bed to a hospital if you are sleeping on such a premium quality bed. Let us turn to the lord almighty and pray for the victims of this flood.

  16. Piche Yakiti says:

    Way to go Muslims. Amen !!

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