Bingu Stadium: Malawi govt to consider recommendations on China-funded facility

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports says it will take on board suggestions that various Government departments have put forward as regards the Bingu National Stadium.

Some of the government officers from different departments gathered outside the newly built Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe (C) Stanley Makuti

Some of the government officers from different departments gathered outside the newly built Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe (C) Stanley Makuti

The newly built Bingu National Stadium as seen from outside (C) Stanley Makuti

The newly built Bingu National Stadium as seen from outside (C) Stanley Makuti

Chief sports officer responsible for infrastructure in the ministry of youth development and sports Joseph Kayamba, Wednesday said this after the ministry officials conducted a special tour at the stadium for the government departments representatives to appreciate the new Bingu National stadium in Lilongwe, which has a space to hold capacity of 41, 100 people.

“We organized this function for these officials to appreciate the features of the new stadium and at the same time for them to take note of any shortfall that may be there so that these defects could be recommended to the contractor for improvement.

“We have received several positive suggestions from the government representatives which we may wish to take into account. Some officials have highlighted on the need of re-working on the VVIP stand and improve on its current design. For example, there is need to include a canopy, space and maybe even some stairways that may lead into the field,”aid Kayamba.

He further said as Bingu National stadium is unique in Malawi, the function today has been of great importance as it has encouraged the ministry to move forward.

Some of the government departments that were represented are the department of Public Events, the Office of the President and Cabinet, State House, Ministry of Information, the Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Defense Forces. -Mana

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20 thoughts on “Bingu Stadium: Malawi govt to consider recommendations on China-funded facility”

  1. Henry says:

    People are dying of hunger but MW is building stadium?
    No Medicines in the Cattlehouses called Hospitals but you are focused on a Stadium?
    Even the new Hospital which just opened can’t find money to operate..
    No roads in the country…
    THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE ARE STUPID…We hope Donors don’t even give them anymore Budgetary support!

  2. Fabiano says:


  3. Fabiano says:

    Place a Police Unit at this stadium.

    As to the Author, we don’t have Ministry of Youth Development and Sports. Youth is under Labour. Are you in Malawi?

  4. Robert bob kamanga says:

    Tanena zowona zenizeni za garaundi ilo kuti ndi la mutundu wa Malawi ndi nthandizo la Chana,Pemene mukunama kuti Bingo,Tidzitero pothenga katundu wadziko?uko ndi kuba kwakukuliu.

  5. Phwado says:

    Silver inaperekedwako kuboma, anayisamala? Look at Rengley Stadium ndowe zokha zokha kikikiiiiii!!!!!!

  6. Manase says:

    Alemekezeke Mulungu pa ntchito inagwirikayi. Tiyeni tinyadire a Malawi coz of did beautiful stadium.

  7. Phwado says:

    I don’t like the name!It reminds me of kamuzu era when everything was in his name.

  8. Migwanya yake ikhale yaku kaning’ina osati apolisi ayi,

  9. Register says:

    Ndikuona kuchedwa pano olo ndili ndi njala, tsiku ndingalione kulowa msanga,nditaonela mpira @ dis stadium, koma enanu ma comment onyozawo muzasiyapo, osayamikapo bwanji?

  10. charles Harrison says:

    Osamatukwana,mukufuna mutchuke?

  11. mogasa chairman says:

    kodi kuno ndikotani? do you mean you didn’t see the blueprints before the project started? ma engineer akuno are really useless mwamva. only good for patching potholes ndithu.

    i know that your simple logic is for ujeni to be coming up and down onto the pitch on 6 july but please chonde, this is a sports arena, paid for by every single tax paying malawian. mukayamba kugumula ndikuwonjezela muthyola chinthu chathuchi. iiiiih! ine ndiye i’ve tried koma ndakulepherani amalawi.

  12. Khima says:

    Abale chonde nthawi imene design ya stadium imabwela simunaone zimenezi…??

  13. khumbila says:

    Osatitu muononge ground labwinoli a nyau inu

  14. golo says:

    since I don’t trust government to handle state-of-the-art facility like this I would wish another entity within government takes over management of this facility not ministry of sports. The ministry of sports should just take a laissez-faire approach and give management to MDF.MDF with their military approach to management will ensure that this facility lasts long.

  15. Danwel says:

    Unless this can be managed by a private company it will be an eye sore sooner than later. Government being what it is does not know how to care for the public properties and this we have seen happen to many of such infrastructures

  16. BANDASLINE says:

    This is ill-timed. Can hungry, poor and sick people go and watch football and other matches at the stadium? This is a sign of the loss of direction by the DPP people have been talking about.

  17. Pitala Paulendo says:

    Sitediyamu mbambande

  18. Kamweta says:


  19. odomondo says:

    Let Malawi Defense Force take full responsibility of looking after this beautiful structure just like dzalanyama forest osati mbuzi izi za police.

  20. Mathews Luscious says:

    ziyambike bax tizimve kukoma zimenezi.

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