Bingu’s death 4 years on, Malawians remember his death quietly

Former head of state Bingu wa Mutharika suddenly died of heart attack four years ago today, April 5, his death put Malawi on huge political cross roads as his party kept the death under lock and key in fear the presidency would slip into the hands of the then deputy.

Bingu wa Mutharika

Bingu wa Mutharika

However, Malawians can hardly remember that this was the day Mutharika passed on except for some posts on social media and a few news items on private radio stations.

The person who took power after his death, Joyce Banda is away in self imposed exile.

Malawians are currently  struggling to make ends meet due to high cost of living due to a fast falling of the economy.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the party Bingu founded after leaving the United Democratic Front in 2005 is back in power after losing it to Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party and at the helm is his brother, Peter, whom he had called from the US to be groomed in order to take over the presidency after his planned retirement in 2014.

DPP publicist Francis Kasaira said the party is consulting with family members on how best to commemorate his death.

“The former president was a family man so the government and party cannot just organise the remembrance events without their authority and guidance,” said Kasaira.

He described the fallen leader as inspirational, saying he had a vision for Malawi and said he was in his own class when it came to planning and implementing development agenda.

Founding president Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda is always remembered on his death anniversary with a memorial event.

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He was no hero by any means, that is why his remains were treated like a road kill by his greedy brother and orppotunistic wife. If he was a hero his remains should have been treated with respect and dignity not doing CPR on a dead body for 3 hours until they broke his ribs, the drama at KIA where the dead body was sitting on the asphalt for hours and flying a partially decomposed body to South Africa……..hero????…….think again don’t use that word loosely folks.

It is a gross overstatement of facts to call Late Bingu Muthalika someone on a class of his on…..a hero or whats over. Some of us are of the view that he was an average president and remember him that: (i) He made Malawians sleep at fuel filling stations after failing to manage the economy.Up to now i fail to appreciate why late Bingu arrogantly failed to understand basic economics then that depreciation of the kwacha was the answer to the ailing economy then.Immediately JB depreciated the kwacha and the floating system we simply never slept at fuel filling stations.His… Read more »

May he burn in hell for his brother’s atrocities and the pain Malawians are going through!!!!


Indeed bingu was,is and will be among the great thinkers/heros of africa for anumber of reasons.oky

Nchanga wa Nchenga, zambia
Nchanga wa Nchenga, zambia

Webster Thom, Bingu Wa Mutharika, aka Daniel Phiri who died in 3 separates days {5 April; 6 Apr and 7 Apr} Its not how one begins but how one ends, though he started well but he ended very bad without, fuel, forex and medicine, what a bad ending and having died 3 different days. Why do you praise people for doing their employed duty? He was borrowing to much frm China becoz he was getting kickbacks from them for bringing their prisoners to Malawi to work. He have bad human rights, let him wrot in mpumulo wa mbatata

jamali white

May hiz soul continue rest in peace!


What kind of vision are we talking about here.bingu was an idiot.he left malawi in a mess and if u remember the time he died there was no fuel and countries had to donate fuel to help with burial.

Mathanyula walephela

Remember him for what??? He is the one who brought this clueless Mathanyula who has brought nothing but misery to all Malawians


we shall always miss Bingu


Bingu was visionary. May his soul rest in eternal peace…

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