Birthday turns into death day for Malawi university student

A Blantyre International University fourth year Information Technology student lost his life last Saturday at an upmarket lodge in Blantyre after drowning in a swimming pool.

Mdachi: Birthday death in a pool

Mdachi: Birthday death in a pool

The student Richard Mdachi who went to the lodge with 6 of.his friends to celebrate his 22nd birthday met his fate in very strange circumstances.

Mdachi who was a resident of Blantyre, is believed not have been swimming on the material day but found himself in the pool battling for his life

His friends raised the lodge owners who took him to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

An employee at the lodge said when the boys came at the lodge they were warned not to swim in the pool because the weather was bad.

” The boys assured us that they will not swim. However, they ordered their drinks and were partaking them by the pool side,” said the employee who did not want to be mentioned.

But he wondered when after few hours later Mdachi’s friends came rushing to the lodge’s staff that their friend has drowned in the pool

Blantyre Police confirmed the development but could not give details saying they are still investigating the incident.

Mdachi has since been buried at Chitawira cemetry in Blantyre.

Late last year another University of Malawi student also died by drowning in a swimming pool in the lakeshore district of Mangochi during the annual Lake of Stars music festival.

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56 thoughts on “Birthday turns into death day for Malawi university student”

  1. ochewa says:

    Nyasatimes, pliz try to select ma comments and post those which are educative not ma abuses ayi. Lets put ourselves in the boys relations shoes and feel it muone kuwawa kwake. Pofera salambula komanso tsiku lakufa palibe amalidziwa.

  2. max says:

    Sorry for the family may ALMIGHTY GOD intervene

  3. welbert says:

    Very bad indeed

  4. chosatheka says:


  5. Bwitoto says:

    Ana a masiku ano makani. Matama ndi kukula mtima thooo!. Kukuuzani simumamva. Kodi mumaziona ngati ndani?

  6. buffled says:

    This is strange! What does bad weather mean in a swimming pool? Winds, waves and high tides are causes of reasons in lakes for warning for people not to swim, but not in a swimming pool. Can someone please explain???? Did his friends try CPR or First Aid? These are simple life saving techniques that are taught compulsory from standard three in foreign countries so that people can know what to do in a situation like this. Did his friends perform these? Or do they know how to perform CPR? The Government needs to come up with a programs on Television,radio and make it compulsory in all schools,colleges and home for people to know CPR and First Aid, because the country looses too many lives on simple things, like stroke, heart attack, drowning, burns and excessive bleeding in accidents because people are not trained to handle situations like these before taking the victim to a Hospital. Ministry of health and all readers, this is in your hands, DO SOMETHING PLEASE.

    1. tonde says:

      What is CPR? This is a foreign language to me. Otherwise I subscribe to your views.

      1. Ndiopanyanga says:

        CPR = cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I googled it; you could also have done the same…

  7. steven says:

    Very tragedy,RIP

  8. Modie says:

    Don’t go into the water after consuming alcohol no matter how shallow its a death trap

  9. special advisor says:

    I can feel for the parents. As for those showing callousness by flogging a dead horse, I say think twice and shut up. This is a painful moment. BUT I also want to raise this important issue. Certification of death seems to be done rather too casually. I suspect that some of the people we burry, we burry them alive because of casual certifications. Secondly, I worry that first aid skills are seriously lacking. This can be addressed by public education in life saving skills, training key staff that work in public service institutions, and string up a rapid response team….

    1. freespch says:

      Post mortem a must I suspect foul play

  10. Dawood Zindiksmbani Makungwa says:

    R I P brother.

  11. gwede says:

    Damn! Another funeral, another motherfucker. Lord make way for another straight thug nigga

  12. isis says:

    Rest in peace

  13. cbk says:

    guys atonthozeni ofeledwa,kaya anamwa,kaya knapita anthu kumanda,kaya chani imfa ndi imfa basi.kuweluza nkwamwini wake.

  14. musamude khamzy highway says:


  15. mwiithotho says:

    Kodi sanagwetseredwemo? If they were not swimming. …..

  16. tsukuluza says:

    That’s bad, R.I..P

  17. Martin says:

    R.I.P. Brother

  18. Namalila says:

    Rest In Eternal Peace.

  19. inkosi bangwe says:


  20. Lupanga says:

    RIP but point of correction @ lake of stars it oz an x unima student. Giv fact pls not opiniotions!

  21. Apepe. Zimachitika, aliyense ali ndi tsiku lake

  22. Samuel says:

    May his soul rest in peace! Only God knows.

  23. sad news this boy bought me a laptop through lets do business. MHSRP

  24. North says:


  25. Jentle says:

    Sheeee!!Tsiku lokumbukira kubadwa ndi lovuta ngakhale Farao ndi Herod Agrippa akudziwa chifukwa moyo umadutsa.

  26. soha says:

    All public places has swimming pool you need to employ life guards

  27. Pady Mpale Banda says:

    Kunapita anthu kumanda, who is he? RIP

  28. MF Jones says:

    A simple CPR could have saved this guy.

  29. Pa low says:

    Rest In Peace and condolences to the bereaved family

  30. ayu says:

    my condolences to the bereaved family. However, on religious note, birthday celebrations are not scriptural. the Bible mentions only two events of birthday celebrations, one for Pharaoh and the other for Herod. Note that all these did not believe in the true God. They even persecuted God’s servants. Note also that on these occasions, innocent people lost their lives. On Pharaoh’s birthday celebration, his bread baker was beheaded and on Herod’s birthday celebration, the faithful John the Baptist also lost his precious life. Birthday celebrations are pagan and do not have any link/connection with true Christianity. Same with Christmas, the alleged celebration of Jesus’ birthday. That is not also Christian. I’m not discouraging all those good fellas who celebrate these occasions but just wanted you to know. Once again, my condolences to the bereaved family,

  31. Denkhule says:

    God is never pleased with the death of a sinner. The boy filled his body with liquor. Trully speaking this type of death would have been prevented. Its a big loss to the parents both a child and financilly. Hell awaits all the people who do not repent.

  32. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Can all the city council in the country ban all the Lodges which have mushroomed in all the corners in the cities.
    All houses have turned into lodges killing the businesses for well planned hotels and rest houses. The time they were building those lodges they were being built as dwelling houses , but from nowhere you find that they are being operated as lodges.

  33. sorry. may his soul rest in peace

  34. Naluso says:

    Very tragic and sad moment for the family. May his departed soul rest in eternal peace

  35. the dooms says:

    Let them enjoy in all forms of enjoyments. Veriry I shall take them in their way of enjoyment. Who knows when?how?where?and shall be the cause of his/her death?only almighty Lord knows many yrs he was cerebrating for? 22?alas!!I imagine tht he was making his dairwell by saying goodbye to his friends.veriry!death is sufficient to be a caution. Indeed We all belong to Lord, and to him shall be our return.

  36. kd says:

    mwana osamva afe ndithu ….. Bible limatelo

  37. mwanamlomwe says:

    A wise man learn from his or her friends mistake not his own mistake

  38. mpumulo massa says:

    what a loss!!!!!!!!!!!! ana amasiku ano kusava…..masacheti

  39. Busy brains says:

    Very sad indeed!!! By the way, which is this upmarket lodge if I may ask? Inunso a police stop this nonsense of always saying ” we are (still ) investigating”! Do you have investigators there? Kukupatsani nkhani za a Mwenye za katangale, you just go that specific Mwenye and get something and you close the chapter. Shupit zanu!! Anyway, RIP our would be future IT expert! Pepani kwambiri makolo ake, it’s very very painful to lose a child let alone a grown up child of Richard.

  40. heleba says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  41. Chitseko says:

    So sad.R.I.P

  42. nat turner says:

    With death no one is careful, its just time…RIP

  43. mbwiyache says:

    The guy sadly died on or about 21st Feb, 2015. I find it so insensitive to be making news of his death a week later. You are only tormenting his family and loved ones.

    1. UNGWERU says:

      this is to inform iwe unamva enafe taziwa lero

    2. aDeaconsss says:

      Zoona why report now mukufuna ndani amve poti anthu amva kale, aikanso maliro? Ndipo ku up makert hoteloko akuti it’s the 4th death and the police are still investigating including this one kaya amaliza liti? Ma Cops tithandizeni aMalawi anthu obwera sakutithandiza.Hotel ndiamunthu wakunja. Pliz ma CID pitaninso kumeneko ulesi ayi fufuzani.

  44. UNGWERU says:

    Sad news R.I.P. bro kwathu sipadziko

  45. ubwana ndiunyamata ndiwachabe.anyway RIP

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