Bishop Mtumbuka lectures faithful: ‘Christmas not secular celebration’

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Catholic Diocese of Karonga has said that Christmas, a time Christians set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ “is not a secular celebration.”

Bishop Mtumbuka; Christmas not secular celebration

Bishop Mtumbuka; Christmas not secular celebration

Speaking in his homily during mass at St Joseph the Worker sub-parish, through the diocese’s official radio, Tuntufye FM which Nyasa Times monitored, Mtumbuka called on the faithful in his jurisdiction and others throughout the world that they should “understand the meaning of Christmas and celebrate it is as such.”

He said it was disappointing that many Christians continue to misinterpret the significance of the time.

“To a non-believer Christmas is simply about eating and drinking, but to us it is a time that we reflect on the love of God, and how he humbled himself to redeem us,” said Mtumbuka.

He added: “Most of the times, we belittle this significance. Since we receive a lot of things from the Lord we think this is normal. But it is not. This time should help us reflect on the love of God, and his longing to redeem us all so that when our journey on this world ends we may attain everlasting life.”

The bishop also took time to thank people in all the five parishes of the diocese for being proactive in a number of projects currently underway.

Among others, the diocese, which is only about five years old is yet to finish construction of the cathedral, bishop’s house and caritas offices.

“You’ve been so generous and diligent, and I thank you for that,” he said.

Mtumbuka also hailed staff at Tuntufye FM radio for working round the clock in spreading the good news despite the many challenges they were facing.

Coincidentally, the remarks come when the radio is celebrating its first anniversary this month.

“I’m working tooth and nail so that you’ve all you need so that your work is much easier,” he said.

According to Mtumbuka, the radio, which gets as far as neighbours Tanzania and Zambia, was “receiving overwhelming support.”

He revealed that another transmitter to be installed at Livingstonia had already been purchased to widen the radio’s coverage.

“With the transmitter we hope we will able to meet the requirement of our license which is to broadcast throughout the northern region,” he said.

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15 thoughts on “Bishop Mtumbuka lectures faithful: ‘Christmas not secular celebration’”

  1. Alfred Minjo says:

    Tadziwerengani chizunguchi bwino. Where in this article is said that he is Bishop of Mzuzu diocese? Can you check well what is said in the first paragraph!

  2. Mikayele says:

    Well noted Bishop.Koma are u aware many people are leaving jobs from the Catholic Church because of the mistreat they are receiving.For instance,at ECM,Chris Chisoni is no longer there.Obviously,its because the Church seem to belong to Fr. Chimombo and Martin Njolomole.Anthu amzeru atha ndithu ambuye.Zioneni bwino

  3. Apapa ndiye yalowa secular celebration ngati zafika poti xmas mpakana kuyandikana ndi ziyala!

  4. Mbiri says:

    God bless you Bishop! How I wish all members of the clergy (not only in the Catholic Church) were as truthful as this man. He doesn’t call a spade a big spoon and really brings sanity to the Christian faith…osati zinazi Ayi! Nanga faith leaders mukamatitsogolera ku uchimo….tikathera kuti? God’s Word is one. God cannot say this and mean that. Sin was, is and will always be sin, and the wages of sin is death! Period! If we choose to live in sin…no matter how much we go to church….we are fooling ourselves. Merry Christmas to all….and may the symbolic birth of Christ be a turning point in our lives not just merry-making.

  5. Kudu says:

    I tend to differ with the bishop on existence of his radio. I feel all catholic radios should have been closed and support one Madio Maria to expand its reach and improve its services like language diversity et cetera. As long as these radios depend on people’s goodwill and volunteering, it will always be an uphill battle for the church

  6. Peter says:

    Abishop mtumbuka ndi a ku karonga diocese osati mzuzu diocese.

  7. musisipala says:

    May God bless and grant wisdom to Tuntufye Radio


    Mtumbuka is Bishop for Karonga Diocese not Mzuzu. A Nyasa Mwatani Kodi

  9. ngongoliwa says:

    Ndiyo bishopo uyu.

  10. Koma omwe anasankha kuti Christmas idzipangidwa celebrate pa 25 Dec analakwa ndithu
    kwathu kuno imeneyi ndinthawi yamvura ndiye timakanika kukawutunga Mowa,bola ichimachitika January
    You know what I mean .

  11. mbuya says:

    Christmas is not in scripture! That’s the truth! You can’t bring Christ in such a pagan tradition! Its a secular tradition!

  12. Manuel says:

    But the people are more correct. This day was being cerebrated as a pagan thing even before Jesus was born. It was imposed by the roman emperors’ govt. on christians taking advantage of Jesus’ popularity and influence but they their own gods they cerebrated on the day. I feel sorry for the ignorant listeners/followers(Hosea 4v6)

  13. Koma omwe anasankha kuti Christmas idzipangidwa celebrate pa 25 Dec analakwa ndithu
    kwathu kuno imeneyi ndinthawi yamvura ndiye timakanika kukawutunga Mowa,bola ichimachitika January
    You know what I mean

  14. Wabwino Kamanga says:

    Very great Bishop Mtumbuka,you have the wisdom from God. Keep holding the hands of Christians together to let the cathedral finish in time. Encourage them to deepen up their pockets ( kupeleka molowa manja).Kupeleka ndikwabwino kuposa kulandila, it is when God intervens and rewards them more.

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