Bisika cleared by Malawi Aids Commission of any wrong doing

National Aids Commission (NAC) executive director Thomas Bisika who was sent on forced leave  last October, to pave way for investigations, has been cleared of any wrong oing according of  the minutes of a NAC Board extraordinary meeting held at Wamkulu Palace in Lilongwe on December 17, 2014.

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Cleared of any wrong doing

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Cleared of any wrong doing

Bisika was suspended in October 2014 pending an independent investigation into the NAC operations.

According to minutes which were quoted in the Daily Times, signed by board chairperson, Mara Kumbweza Banda, indicate the Board considered an Investigative Audit Report on NAC operations conducted by the National Audit Office (Nao) and concluded that the findings, which have not yet been made public, were incomplete and inconclusive.

“As an example, no details of actual Heads of Department interviewed were given although reference has been made to such; reference to unauthorised use of vehicles made while documentary evidence shows such authorisation was granted. Among others, Board was of the view that in a number of areas the Auditors should have engaged the Executive Director and got his feedback on the issues prior to drawing the conclusions made,” the meeting observed.

The Board decided that a disciplinary hearing be constituted either by the Board or Committee of the Board to clear the issues and hear the Executive Director out.

In addition the Board noted that the Auditors had extended their investigations to other areas which were not clearly specified in the original Terms of Reference the meeting also observed.

The Board, however, noted the recommended actions made and would be adhered to such, including disciplinary hearing for the concerned parties.

The minutes also say the Board was concerned with the vacuum at the secretariat due to the continued extended leave of the Executive Director and the fact that all senior positions at Nac are being held in an acting capacity.

It agreed, according to the minutes, to recall Bisika from leave.

When contacted Bisika  insisted that he was on “leave” and had not received any updates on the matter. He  referred the reporter to the Nac Board Chairperson.

When contacted for comments, Kumbweza Banda refused to shed light on the meeting saying the document containing the minutes is confidential only known by her personal assistant and the Chief Secretary to Government.

“I will not respond to this until you give me the name of the person who gave you those minutes,” she said.

In conclusion, Board asked the Chairperson to seek an audience for the Board to meet with the Chief Secretary to discuss the Nac outstanding issues.

Apart from Kumbweza Banda, other members that attended the meeting included Reverend G. Kapuma, Senior Chief Malemia, Senior Chief Makwangwala, Professor John Uta and S.B Chikoti.

The other members present included Secretary for Health Chris Kang’ombe, Mr. Sandikonda representing Secretary Nutrition HIV/Aids and a Mr. Pangani who was representing Secretary Nutrition HIV /Aids.

Former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika appointed Bisika as executive director in September 2010.

Before joining NAC, Bisika worked as health system adviser to the World Health Organisation (WHO) based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Bisika also worked as programme specialist for the United Nations Population Fund.

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28 thoughts on “Bisika cleared by Malawi Aids Commission of any wrong doing”

  1. phoenix rising says:

    Bisika is a kind, brilliant, selfless man. Hehas a lot of goodwill in the HIV community. I glad his name has been cleared, let him return to work, issue and official statement clearing his name for his reputation is worldwide. Musamuphere mwai nyamatayu. He deserves a public apology. Tsono Marriam Mangochi atani for she is technically unemployable. No boss wld hire a backstabbing over ambitious snitch. Kumayiwerenga game madam!

  2. Maliseche says:

    Will Francis Thawani and Owen Banda save whatever remains of their integrity by resigning? I am sure they will. How about Mariam Mangochi who staged a coup d’etat and installed herself as the acting Director for NAC before Dave Kalomba was appointed? There will be drama and music at NAC if Bisika returns. Linje Manyozo wa Mulhakho will be the biggest winner chifukwa yake ndiye ikanatha.

  3. clement says:

    Njiru chifukwa chake umphawi pa Malawi suzatha.Izi mumatsogolera ndinu ati osutsa boma Congress ndi chipani chinatha chija pp.Mumati Muhlako,Beam yagwiratsa ndalama za. NAC koma amphaka inu tsiku lina tidzathibulana pa Malawi mukuonjeza.

  4. Bonzo says:

    Any organization chaired by mara kumbweza is in a mess. Check with manaso where she also chairs. The director was locked out of office. Check with paradizo, some vehicles from nac are used on building projects of the organization. Koma mai awa?? Bisika is innocent ayambe basi.

  5. Gamason says:

    Koma nkhani imeneyi yandisangalatsa kwambiri. NAC yapeza ndala zambiri chibwerereni Bisika ndiye mumafuna mumuchotse. Nsanje lekani a Malawi. Komanso tiyeni tizipanga zachitukuko sikuti tizinyozana pali ma donors angazangotithawa.

  6. Nac family says:

    This is the work of Rev Billy Gama. These are great friends kuyambila kale. I am sure the board was forced to clear Bisika by Billy Gama. He was in Lilongwe almost every week. What is not clear is whether he is back at NAC. I hear he has been going to work with Linje Manyozo at night. Linje is the one spoiling Bisika by telling him lies about other people.

  7. Linthipe says:

    I don’t think Bisika is going back to NAC. Very likely he will be heading to the Embassy or another big job is waiting for him. Ndatukana apa?

  8. Mafana says:

    To be honest I am surprised with Bisika’s patience. He has been so quiet, not like the one I know from Chilunga, he must have grown up. Kunja kumasinthadi munthu but I admire his patience tikanakhala enane bwenzi titabwebwetuka kale. Congrats for being cleared

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Who are the auditors, pls?
    The chair is saying the report was ‘incomplete and inconclusive.’


  10. Malipeya says:


  11. Were says:

    If I were Bisika I could just leave it. Malawi is full of shit and shit people ndipo dzikoli silizatukuka Mpaka kalekale unless titasintha makhalidwe ozelezeka

  12. chigawenga says:

    it is our duty as citizens to solicit the donors to make sure no funds are getting in the hands of these corrupt DPP mafia. It is sad when you wee organizations with good intentions being used to political gains

  13. zingati zanu says:

    Bisika is a vctim of the very internal polics at NAC. Acting positions have to confirmed or else they will continue to create more damage until they got the jobs.Mary Kumbweza Banda do the needful give jobs to those acting and they will be answerable to such conducts. Am dure that is not a huge mountain to climb! Palibepo zanu apa

  14. Capital "G'' says:

    let Bisika come back.he is innocent

  15. apao says:

    He is aman of cad, l salute thisman

  16. Zomba Boys says:

    Ife takondwera kuti mwana wathu kuno alibe mulandu uli wonse ndipo palibe vuto limene lapezeka. Izi sizodabwisa kwa ife. Timamuziwa kuti ndi munthu ozilimbikira and we want him kuno ku Zomba kuti azatifotokozere zowona zake. Koma God is great. I hope he will start getting his salary now tavutika kwambiri kuno chifukwa amatiganizira akabwera kuzacheza.

  17. Grace says:

    ifeyo a NAPHAM, MANET+, MANERELA+ and COLWA tikufuna Bisika abwere basi. A Scout association and MIAA nawonso akugwirizana nafe. We should rebuild NAC righ now and we want no further disturbances there, Zonse zimayenda bwino tinangodabwa kuti a Bisika achosedwa pa mpando. We did not get any explanation from our representative who is also the NAC Board Chairman. Thank god that the board has finally cleared him

  18. Joyce says:

    The Chief Secretary should have been interviewed because NAC is under him. What I know is that the instruction to suspend Bisika came from the Chief Secretary himself and the Board just adopted the instruction wholesale. I will be surprised if President Mutharika will keep this Board after its mandate experies in August. It is even better to dissolve it now,

  19. Maluwa says:

    Kodi chinachitika ndi chani kuti Bisika achitidwe suspend? This is the part that has always been missing. Suddenly the Board suspends its own Executive Director and to explanation is given to the public, Now mukuti sanalakwe and you do not even apologize.

  20. Zabwino says:

    I have known Bisika from Chancellor College. He is very smart and it is not surprising that he has come out clean, He was at African Union as well when I also heard from Dr Mkwezalamba that he was a trusted guy. Nanga kuno ku Malawi bwanji mukufuna kumuyipisira mbili munthu? Tisamayambe ndife a Malawi kufunirana zoyipa, When he left Ethiopia for NAC I knew that he will be a PhD (Pull Him Down) victim. Zowona zake ndizakuti mpando wa ku NAC ndi onona basi.

  21. Yonamu says:

    If I were Bisika I will not remain quiet like this when I am being accused left, right and centre. We want Bisika to say the truth about all this including Beam and Mulhakho. He was a close friend of Bingu wa Mutharika that is why he is quiet we know. Bingu hired Bisika without any interviewed and made Head of NAC. The position was supposed to be given to Bridget Chibwana who passed the interviews but Bingu preferred this Mulhakho member from Zomba.

  22. Tambala says:

    Bisika was cleared a long time ago. I heard this from one of the NAC Board members who attended the meeting. There is only one NAC Board member who is afraid of Bisika because it was rumoured that Bisika will be the next Secretary for Health. The Board should make the full report public including all the minutes. The government should stop taking academics from Universities only to wrongfully accuse them at the end. This happened to Dr Ngalande, Dr Masanjala, Prof Maluwa and Dr Kalindekafe. I will not be surprised if academics start refusing such public appointments. Now we have Dr Ronald Mangani as Secretary to the Treasury. I hope he will not be accused. This is the time for acamemics to speak with one voice. It is only academics from Chancellor College who are being victimized. How about the other Universities?

  23. Nyama says:

    Bisika says he is still on leave and yet he has been recalled by the NAC Board? Does it mean that he does not want to go back? If I were him I could have gone back and not worry about what people have been saying. After all in Malawi we say many things against each other what is important is the the Board has cleared him.

  24. Andrew tandwe says:


  25. liu says:

    What do you expect from insider dealing when the whole board is corrupted . these findings were expected unless they were done by an independent commission..

  26. Kalimbuka says:

    Nkhani tinamva kale ndipo timadabwa kuti nyasatimes yati zii bwanji. A Malawi tisiye kukhomererana. Let us support NAC not kill it

  27. Zozoro says:

    This is a lie.he is still at home not recalled

  28. MCP GVT says:

    NAC IS POLUTED ALREADY. NAC-GATE TO CONTINUE… Donors shld provide funding to organisations working with communities directly & not thru NAC/BEAM.

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