Blantyre building owners ignore council directive

Most buildings in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre still stands defiantly despite a red star symbol mark, a sign that the owners are defying the council order to pull them down.

Malawi at 51 , buildings in Limbe

Malawi at 51 , buildings in Limbe

President Mutharika visited Blantyre buildings

President Mutharika visited Blantyre buildings

President Peter Mutharika inaugurated the red star operation in Blantyre that would see some buildings being pulled down completely and others being renovated in a bid to make the city beautiful and meet international standards.

However, two months before the deadline of March, there is little or nothing at all that has been down to demolish or renovate the buildings as ordered by the Blantyre City council.

The scene in Limbe remains the same, an expensive posh vehicle parked before a dilapidated shop and tin like police houses dotting some parts of the city.

Officials from Blantyre City Assembly said resources are being mobilised to start the demolition of houses earmarked for the exercise come March.

They said residents were given enough time to improve their buildings.

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13 thoughts on “Blantyre building owners ignore council directive”

  1. youna says:

    Experiments at work.

  2. Nyenyezi says:

    Agwetse basi nthawi yoseyi anali kuti? nkhani inayamba nthawi ya a Kamuzu alibe chonamizira

  3. GONANI says:

    Blantyre is Bwinja City haven’t you heard? We are tired of seeing this bush city. It is high time the authority got rid of all the ugly buildings in Blantyre and replaced them with beautiful sky scrappers and glorious spacious malls.
    Construction industry is one of the kind that can help to boost the Malawi economy.

  4. Non Investing Investor says:

    TO Frankly Speaking

    Dziko is yours kindly i urge the City Council to demolish all buildings in Blantyre and Limbe i don’t give a flying horse take back your land as the munda it is and build it yourself. Well Done Because i am not building it for you guys to one day say hey get out. (which you all are planning and waiting for) these are all free lease land.

    You think we are BLIND? do you take us for FOOLS ? do you think we sit on top of the food chain and can’t see? Remember the eagle is always on top with keen eyes and ears.

    Yes you don’t need us,you never did and you never have I’ve heard it all before but you need us the most now to build structures so that they can be bought from MHC for peanuts forget about it we shall stand our ground.

  5. I want to encourage the BCC to firm with these actions. Just demolish these buildings. BCC will be under extreme pressure from owners, through court injunctions, cash inducement etc. Please be patriotic just hire a good caterpillar for one month from Barloworld and the job will be done. Do not smile at the owners,

    If they fail to rebuild genuine Malawians are waiting to buy off these plots and develop them for the betterment of their country. So please be bold and not stupid this time !

  6. kukhala says:


  7. Sapitwa says:

    This was not the first time this exercise took place. It also happened in 1988 and the same shops were marked with stars to demolish or improve. 27 years later, the same building remain intact with nothing done.If city kept those records, they have something to also referto. Demolishing can be justified.

  8. Benjones says:

    Ha ha ha wayambaso I knew the people can never rebuild they will find 100excuse to build no Monet yet they have trillions in foreign account. Anyway I’d city of blantyre is serious the must stick to their word.demolish on due date period these people have taken Malawi for granted.let’s see if corruption will play it’s role here.

  9. JOHN says:


  10. Stout says:

    It seems to me a bit like having cosmetic surgery on my nose ignoring the fact that the rest of my body is in need of intensive care. Who cares if the shop fronts are ugly – supply me with the basics of power/water/security and health first. Next fix the schools and transport. I dont really care about facades right now.

  11. Redstar Campaign says:

    Bwanawa ali ndi mbina

  12. Malawi Stars says:

    A yellow start for buildings to be renovated and a red one for those to be demolished please! We, as owners of the buildings have not been communicated as what we should do with our buildings which are all in red stars. If you start your careless demolition exercise, then you should be ready to build us new structures but using your money! Our legal team is ready, so do it and face it.

  13. paul says:

    With the economy in bad shape and the kwacha depreciating so rapidly i doubt if the business community will have the money to demolish and build new buildings.

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