Blantyre City clamps down on posters

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has ordered a sweeping removal of existing unpermitted advertisements posters from city utility street poles, walls, trees and any other structure within the commercial capital within 30 days.

Advertisements like this detracts from the built environment and the beauty of the city

Advertisements like this detracts from the built environment and the beauty of the city

 Advertisements like this detracts from the built environment and the beauty of the city

Advertisements like this detracts from the built environment and the beauty of the city

The city authorities have expressed concern of abuse to the City’s environmental guidelines assome residents are fixing such posters using glue and other strong adhesives without first seeking permission from the Council.

BCC acting chief executive officer Alfred Chanza said anyone wishing to place such adverts is required to seek permission from BCC as stated under Section 44 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

“The Council, in line with Section 45 of the Town and Country Planning Act, hereby gives a 30 day notice to all residents of the city to remove all unpermitted advertisements from walls, trees, streetlight poles and any other structure,” he said.

According to Chanza, any new advertisement displayed in contravention of Section 44 of the Town and Country Act will be removed without further notice, and with costs.

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22 thoughts on “Blantyre City clamps down on posters”

  1. Stout says:

    Well done BCC. The laws are there – use them. Next please address the issue of mini bus terminals on our main streets. Nearly all bottle necks are caused by them and they severely affect trafic flow. Busses must stop, pick up and GO. Not stop, manouver and wait.

  2. debwemagix says:

    bravo BCC thats a good idea

  3. debwemagix says:

    good idea bravo BCC

  4. Gimme a breakkkk says:

    Nanga oweta nkhumba mu ma low density area wa mukuti bwa? Tadutsani my Sunny Sude ndi mu Nyambadwe mumve nokha fungo lake. This is pollution and it lowers the value of properties.

  5. No Laughing Matter says:

    Blantyre town planners are all a joke. For 50 years it does not seem we have anyone with brains. You must all resign. There is not one well accessible neighborhood in the city of Blantyre yet you talk of illegal posters. Clean up your house first

  6. KALULU says:

    Good idea

  7. Prison Warden says:

    Beauty of the city. Lol

  8. Tili Chenene says:

    The motive might be questionable but the purpose is excellent. I support the idea. Some adverts are overdue and dirty

  9. Moyenda says:

    Blantyre – National Monument – the sign has also become an archivable monument. Shame.

  10. Malipeya says:


  11. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    A Bwana kubwa a nzida wa Blantyre posteryo siinapange expire? Muyambepo inu ayeni ake kuchotsa zimenezi. Komanso Ma poster ambiri a boma amachititsa manyazi akutha kwambiri muchotsenso kuti ayike Zina. Beautify Malawi.

  12. crazy stuff says:

    Beautifuk city! Look at that rusty board. Just dont make it more ugly with that zungu raising his hand in the air like a nkhumba

  13. CHINJOKA says:

    Kkkkkk owoooo.

  14. Therere says:

    the boards should have time frame, in some cities the boards were erected in 2014 they are still there

  15. Therere says:

    repaint some of boards they look old

  16. mtochi says:

    Anthufe ndife amphawi why kuchulusa malamulo as if we are economically sound?Big economies like RSA posters are there.stupid decision.

  17. malawi says:

    Fantastic By-Laws. Only if we waant our cities to look like cities. Chalamanda umaitha. Ubwere ku LL kuno iwe uthese nyansi timaziona mu LL muno, ngati kuno kulibe Mayor ndi city assembly amwene. Come here in LL on transfer Chalamanda,

  18. wise says:

    Pa thawi yakamuzu Blantyre inalidi city yokongolakwambili kuposa macityenawa koma panopayangozaza ndizifwambazokazokha anthu oyilamulila cityimeneyi ndiakuba osawonakunikila kwa townyi , go to wenela ppl r toileting everywhere the city it smel like hell who ever is incharge of this city he’s full of himself. Bus deport is too old to for us to called a comecial city I wonder how does the president feel as he growup in newyork city. Now u stand there complaining about posters that’s really rudiculous needing money frm posters will not help uplift the Big city we need good development and best plan to upgrade the city. Mkutipangisa manyazi inu acity councel ndalammangodwa mmalo moti zitukule dzikolathu. We need private management to run our citys like other country does not goverment.

  19. johni says:

    But then awa amayika za Bonkie anaonjeza

  20. buyache says:

    Zowonadi koma zikumanyasisa twn.

  21. RayAnne says:

    Order! good job

  22. botomani says:

    Mungonena kuti anthu akulipileni ndalama. Your coffers are dry, why beating about the Bush ?

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